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USB supreme court backs Apple in Palm Pre kerfuffle

Matthew Morrison

@ Andrew Johnston 1

You know, Amazon's MP3 service supplies a program that automatically imports your purchase into iTunes for you.

BlackBerries outselling Apple iPhones

Matthew Morrison

@ Stewart Midwinter

That's a pretty silly attitude your carrier is taking - here in the UK the O2 network allowed you to end your existing contract with them early if you took out a new iPhone contract. I had thought that would be the standard but obviously not!

Jedi officers enlist with Scottish police

Matthew Morrison

"We're keepers of the peace ...

... not soldiers."

Blizzard: Game designers aren't Shakespeare

Matthew Morrison
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"just watch kids play it, and they're just mashing the button. They don't want to read anything"

And this is your justification for not bothering to write flavour text?

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

Matthew Morrison
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I'm disappointed in you lot

Oh wow, so someone who is blatantly not incredibly PC-savvy got confused by the differences in operating systems. And this makes her an idiot? The level of vitriol here just makes me sad for her and for all of us.

Brit porn filter censors 13 years of net history

Matthew Morrison
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@Alex Wright

I'm with ID Net myself - they make a point of stating they don't and will not throttle P2P apps. I asked them about whether they were considering Phorm back during that media storm and the response was basically 'over our dead bodies'. Good stuff.

Donkeys refuse fodder as US election tension rises

Matthew Morrison

Hey Webster ...

... pics or STFU.

The True Confessions of an Election Official

Matthew Morrison
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Nice work, Pete.

Good to know that some people can still find it within themselves to look beyond petty procedural niggles to the overarching principles behind them.

Apple under the gun to master the iPhone's 'second album'

Matthew Morrison

Opera Mobile

I had Opera Mobile on a P880, P910 and P990 - it actually went BACKWARDS in terms of usability and at its height was never as smooth to operate as Mobile Safari (though the ability to save files onto memory stick was nice).

Blue-laser alternative to Blu-ray, HD DVD launched

Matthew Morrison

@ Shabble

The section you quoted is clearly referring to India, Shabble, where the piece claims computer ownership is small. The changes you note may perhaps increase popularity here, but doesn't affect the validity of the quoted statement.

O2 sweetens its iPhone deals

Matthew Morrison
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@ Ian F

VOIP is one of the restricted data classes in O2's terms and conditions - they reserve the right to throttle or disconnect your data flow if they spot you using it.

O2 misses iPhone targets

Matthew Morrison

@ Alastair Dodd

It's not too bad a plan really - at least O2 have decent coverage in Northern Ireland, unlike some of the other networks.

Supersonic stealth jumpjet rolls off production line

Matthew Morrison

RE: It Isn't WWII Any More

@ John Griffiths - to be fair John, the Phantom programme, albeit late on, highlighted that we hadn't quite reached the era of doing without a relatively cheap 'n' cheerful back-up weapon just yet.

Employee sacked for texting in sick

Matthew Morrison

Sicklines and Voice

@ Steve Taylor - I'll bet quite a bit of money that 'voice' is not strictly specified in the policy handbook.

As for 'sickline', it is as Ross has said, but it's also very popular in Northern Ireland, where it's often shortened to just 'getting a line'.

Testers give iPhone virtual keyboard the thumbs down

Matthew Morrison
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Oh dear me.

I have to say that I've had no real trouble with the iPhone's virtual keyboard so far.

First GPL lawsuit in US settles out of court

Matthew Morrison

@ Wrong conclusion, mates!

Not really. Lawyers like precedents as proof of that particular contract/licence etc. being supported by the judiciary. Reaching a settlement just means that the defending party has decided it would be cheaper and easier to settle than to have to drag the whole thing through the courts, wasting time that they could be selling licensed items and making the profits thereon.

Hundreds for chop as Tiscali launches Pipex jobs purge

Matthew Morrison

Heading for IDNet

I've been a reasonably happy customer with Pipex for just over two years, but after having a fairly nasty time contacting their customer support about a year ago the acquisition has given me fears that this will start up again.

Rang for my MAC code yesterday and I have to admit that the staff were polite and pretty fast, but too late now. IDNet here I come!

Cadbury bows to 'bring back Wispa' net campaign

Matthew Morrison

RE: Pretzel Flipz

Oh god. Pretzel Flipz were pure heaven. I used to foist packets and packets of them onto my studenty mates.