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Wolfram Alpha - a new kind of Fail

Stephen Greenham


The coolest thing I found it could do is calculate the mass of 1mol of herion in KG and then say how large a size cube that amount of heroin would be....

I laughed...

Which is the best Linux for laptops?

Stephen Greenham


Try sabayon linux....... it rocks on any system....


Need a new duster? Avoid Woolies

Stephen Greenham
Paris Hilton

Misread that one...

You know you're too big a computer geek when you read the title of this story as "Need a new Cluster? Avoid Woolies".

Amazon punts grot flicks to hardcore Natalie Portman fans

Stephen Greenham

Age Rating

V for vendetta is an amazing movie. But isn't it a 15?

Does that not mean that anyone under 18 who may have bought this movie just got reccomended porn.

And why would anyone buy it when it can be found so feely on the net.