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Talk about unintended consequences: GDPR is an identity thief's dream ticket to Europeans' data


Best Internet Troll Ever

GDPR is the best Internet troll move ever, bar none. It costs Billions to enforce and wreaks havoc on all businesses trying to deal with the law. It may end a lot of businesses in the EU that have to determine how to respond to the law, or forego doing business in the EU altogether. It is so little understood that businesses dealing with compliance are open to these shenanigans. How do you expect people to verify the requests exactly? How does the requester prove identity to the business? The best response for non EU black hats might be to request removal of the identify information for business directors and CEOs in the EU. Would be funny to see such silliness played out there in the land of unintended consequences. Another fine mess herein enacted into law. About as reasonable as the Brexit mess; people seem willing to drive over a cliff rather than think things through and be reasonable. I blame climate change and the growth of idiocracy through media, but neither compares with the ability of persons to suspend disbelief and buy into the latest fad of pure horse manure. Expect that at this rate, people will soon drink mercury again to cure what ails them, and eat lead paint to add minerals to their diet. We've lost the idea of progress in favor of the flavor of stupidity of the month.

Sacked NCC Group grad trainee emailed 300 coworkers about Kali Linux VM 'playing up'


old tricks

Worked at an antivrius company back in the 90's and we would send the newbie the file "rabbit.exe" to test to see if they would open it. It would turn up the speaker and shout "Hey everybody, look at me! I looking at porn over here!" Much amusement was had at the expense of the quickly learning colleague. We also had an online patrol searching through the news groups back in the day for new viruses, worms and trojans. Used to tell them they had a rough time looking at porn all night.

Does my boom look big in this? New universe measurements bewilder boffins


Re: Breath in, breath out

Time is only an illusion that keeps everything from happening all at once.

Want to get around app whitelists by pretending to be Microsoft? Of course you can...


Re: Bore off

David Allan Coe wants his picture back. He may be a scruffy mutt, but he'll let you know how he feels about that job.


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