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Here's who thinks AI chatbots will eventually be smart enough to be your coworker


Re: Things AI will never be able to do

"* have an affair with the boss"

Just wait till robotics, AI and RealDoll (tm) team up. There's no problem that IT can't make more interesting.


Re: Even better

What are they checking for?



"I think it's people who've been stealing robots' jobs..."

Never have I heard more chilling words spoken.

Microsoft fixes Copilot multi-monitor issues in Windows 11 update


Re: Have they fixed notepad yet?

I have long long ago replaced Notepad with Notepad++

Plugins such as TextFX alone make it great along side macros. I definitely don't use it to its full potential but I can see how others would get some decent mileage out of it.

UK immigration rules hit science just as it rejoins €100B Horizon program


Re: My twopenn'orth (if inflation hasn't already increased it to thruppence)

No need to apologise. It was spot on.


They could start by closing some of the tax loopholes and recouping lost covid cash given to the likes of certain peers in the HoL who shall remain nameless.

Maybe bung an import tax on Dyson wares just for shits n giggles.


Of course they didn't. Sunackered is in 'Presidential' mode issuing decrees and bleating about how wonderful he is to have slowed the acceleration of prices to merely more than double the maximum.

The only potential tinfoil lining here is with all this look-at-me posturing he may well be angling for an election sooner rather than later.

Share your 2024 tech forecasts (wrong answers only) to win a terrible sweater



Musk, in a Green fuelled haze buys a robotics firm and when he's sober tries to justify it by stuffing AI into a walking machine. Alas the AI has been trained on twitterx and immediately tries to tear itself apart shortly after dismantling the data centres twitterx is run from.

Taxing times: UK missed out on £1.75B because of digitization delays


Re: > The stupidity of

Perhaps have the *actual* best and brightest planning instead of populist types voted in on the strength of the emotion they can evoke. Or at the very least people bright enough to know they don't have the answers and will convene a broad base strategy team to address the interconnected fundamentals and dependencies.

Or ya know, nip down the pub and scribble it all on the back of a fag packet like we're currently doing.


Re: "digitization delays"

Alas, when they shoot themselves in the foot they shoot the rest of us in the foot too.


Re: Digital tax?

As evidenced from the Covid enquiry, politicians and in particular the current clutch, do not do joined up thinking when it comes to strategic planning and in some instances are just too dense to get it.

Why would we think planning around digital technologies be any better?

OpenAI meltdown: How could Microsoft have let this happen after betting so many billions?


Re: But ironically...

I rather thought their 49% stake gave them that already. Yes yes, its not total control, but it is a significant voice.

What's really going on with Chrome's June crackdown on extensions – and why your ad blocker may or may not work


You may also wish to check out https://www.startpage.com/ as another alt to DDG or EvilCorp.


My adblocker works...

...because I would never ever use chrome on my personal computer(s).

If you choose to use chrome, assume you're for sale to googles customers. I really don't get why people have trouble understanding this.

Google dragged to UK watchdog over Chrome's upcoming IP address cloaking


Re: Child protection

They don't need to advocate for that. The Government is trying to do that for them.

Apple might have to pay that €13B EU tax bill after all


£13B ?

No worries. That'll be covered by raising the price 1% on their M3 stock. And the fanbois will pay cheerfully.

YouTube cares less for your privacy than its revenues


Re: Chrome

My usual response to people showing me something being preceded with adverts is to crack my knuckles and declare in a Scottish accent.

"Adverts? How quaint".

It took seven years but over-40s fired by HP win $18m settlement


Re: The a-holes with the most money win again

Note to self. Don't buy HP stuff.

King Charles III signs off on UK Online Safety Act, with unenforceable spying clause

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*slow clap clap clap*

Utter bollocks.


Millions of smart meters will brick it when 2G and 3G turns off


Re: No corruption here.

"building up credit in the summer"

I spent more this summer due to keeping the Aircon on most days. So err yeah...


Re: No corruption here.

The same fuckers who don't need to think about the cost of turning things on.

Web Summit CEO's comments on Israeli conflict 'war crimes' sparks boycott


Re: Removing the head avoids collateral damage/saves the body from suffering pain. Lesson #1

UK Gov. PLC is/has flogged hundreds of millions of £££ of arms to Israel. This goes a long way to explain why they're so big on supporting the committing of said heinous acts.


Money talks.

Doom developer John Carmack thinks artificial general intelligence is doable by 2030


"The training is limited to the sheer number of GPUs you can afford to buy and house in a single location..."

I'm waiting for someone to figure out how to make an AI that runs over a distributed mesh, similar in notion to SETI/BOINC. A truly nebulous and massively complex AI entity may be possible then. We could call it Skynet ;)

Nvidia boss tells Israeli staff Mellanox founder's daughter was killed in festival massacre


Re: The thing people forget is...

"...the reason this mess happened is that Palestine"

You need to go back a lot further. Start with World War 1 and work you way forward from there.

'Small monthly payment' only thing that stands between X and bot chaos, says Musk


Are you talking about all the flogged off utilities and rail systems of the UK?

Go ahead, let the unknowable security risks of Windows Copilot onto your PC fleet


"Come on, let's take a walk..."

Indeed. Time to invoke the 'Old Yeller' protocol.



Big Chat. Windows Edge. Windows Co-Pilot. A list of things that will never be used/enabled/installed on my machine given the choice.

Not given the choice I think it'd be curtains for M$, which is a real ball-ache.

Not even the ghost of obsolescence can coerce users onto Windows 11


Re: Advert

Curiously, when in London, I frequently see 'The Metro' and quite a few people seem to take one. I'll usually peruse one if left on a seat near me.

I suppose a lack of battery and signal leaves a small niche in the world for analogue methods.

FTC: Please stop falling for social media scams, you've given crooks at least $650M so far this year


Last I checked Thatcherism was still alive and well doing the rounds in todays Tory party. That and Trumpism.

Microsoft CEO whinges about Google's default search deals


Re: The pot calls the kettle black?!

Yes but they use their teeth.


Whats good for the goose...

...it good for the gander no? Nefarious means? Anyone remember DoubleSpace? These Microshaft goons have been up to no good for decades and the likes of google are no different.

The fact is anyone who knows what these behemoths are like try to avoid their advert engines as much as possible.

Always on the Horizon, UK must wait for megabucks EU science deal

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Rishi Sunak fails...

...you could have just ended the article there really.

Amazon has more than half of all Arm server CPUs in the world


Re: So, used by nobody?

So just most of the planet then.

Producers allegedly sought rights to replicate extras using AI, forever, for just $200


Re: Good lord

This would mark the moment I'd boycott all producers of such a monstrosity.

Brits negotiating draft deal to rejoin EU's $100B blockbuster science programme


Re: Some balance?

Also known as pro-sanity...

Virgin Galactic flies final test before opening for business


A fad if they don't rethink

If they don't pile it high and sell it low, they'll have a few of the 0.1%ers having a go but they'll get bored real quick.

Nvidia's RTX 4060 and 4060TI are actually priced like mid-tier cards



First things first. Exchange the dollar symbol to get UK RRP and then bung £100 mark up to get the minimum offered by the usual cabal of retailers.

RTX 2080 still going strong but I'm giving serious consideration to the other teams top card right now...

Microsoft will upgrade Windows 10 21H2 users whether they like it or not

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I've run out of ways to hax0r the gui

First they forced the start bar to be at the bottom, now I can no longer edit the registry to re-add the explorer ribbon. They've infected the start menu with bing.

Maybe its time to admit defeat and switch to some flavour of nix.

Any recommendations?

UK emergency services take DIY approach amid 12-year wait for comms upgrade



A little over £1B per annum is not staggering when it comes to government projects. That's money lost down the back of the sofa or given away to their mates in PPE scams.

Microsoft scrambles to fix Windows 11 'aCropalypse' privacy-battering bug


Re: aCropalyse

Why do you want to take away our only source of joy! Coming up with pun-worthy and pithy project/cockup names is literally half the fun for me.

Bitcoin mining rig found stashed in school crawlspace


Re: Accounting control

A new an exciting avenue for AI. Catching dodgy leccy thieves!


Re: Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Bit of a derogatory generalisation if you ask me. The security chaps where I work are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, one of whom left a while back was a doctor in training. None of them are 'overmuscled dimwits'.

Patch Tuesday update is causing some Windows 10 systems to blue screen


Re: This is one reason...

Have you discovered a new kind of geekery akin to train spotting. Reading old T&C's from wayback machine.

I'll get my duffle coat.


Re: Ploy to make you upgrade to Win 11

Where there's a will, there's a hack.


Inadequate IT partly to blame for NHS doctors losing 13.5 million working hours


That is a fundamental process failure and one which should have been identified and fixed by the seemingly endless supply of middle management types in the NHS. It's literally their job to make everyone elses jobs easier.

Look like Bane, spend like Batman with Dyson's $949 headphones


Google Glass 2.0

Alas Dyson doesn't rhyme with 'Asshole'.


Re: What?

I'm feeling a deep Cyberpunk vibe, perhaps they're a fan of CD Projekt?

Windows 11 still not winning the OS popularity contest


I too needed the AMD nested virtualisation and only really exited Win10 because of this needed feature. If it wasn't for M$ dragging it feet on nested virtualisation I'd have stuck with Win10.

WSL is ok from the small amount of playing about I've done with it, so too for WSA which works sort-of but is very limited in supported apps thus far.

There are a few glaring UI bugs and niggles in Win11 which they need to fix.

Doctors call for greater scrutiny of bidders for platform that pools UK's health info


Well...black helicopters and friends of Tories.

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back


Re: 15 thumbs up & 44 thumbs down

Freedom of expression includes the freedom to keep ones gob shut.