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Introducing EE4J – Java EE's fling with the Eclipse Foundation


New name, EE4J sucks

I hate the new name, not so catchy for new enterprise Java comers. And it's too "denominational" (eclipse enterprise). Seems like I'm hearing a new Java library for logging. They should've consulted the community before assigning a new name. The name plays a significant role in drawing more developers and organization in using the the platform. I suggest Java Cloud Edition (Java CE). It follows the naming pattern of Java SE, and the late Java EE. It stresses "Cloud", where I believe enterprise Java is heading. Microservices is the thing for today, for the future, and for enterprise Java.

Get out your specs: Java EE's headed to the Eclipse Foundation


Java CE - Java Cloud Edition

Sounds more modern and catchy, especially for folks working on microservices, which I believe the direction Java EE is going, especially now that they could merge Microprofile into it.