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Web-enabled vibrator class action put to bed


Re: Users e-mails?

I downloaded the app.

I didn't provide my email directly, it is part of my Apple ID and when I download any app, the developer gets that information to create an account. The vibrator was made to be controlled remotely, by a partner who received an invitation on their phone, from my phone. Without an account, how would remote access be granted?

And this article leaves out what I (and the judge) think is most egregious- they were also monitoring the users BODY TEMPERATURE (a secret "feature" that we weren't told about), and correlating that to vibration time and intensity. They weren't monitoring our product use, they were monitoring our orgasms! And THAT was associated with our email addresses.

But I get it, you wouldn't use the cloud to store photos, and you wouldn't use an interesting new sex toy. I wouldn't be the least surprised if you hadn't heard about this toy before, as you're so obviously not the target market. Should we also get off your lawn?