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The Day Netflix Blocked My VPN is the world's new most-hated show


Banning VPN

The above step from NETFLIX banning users that are using VPN is a not a good step. Whats wrong in it? If people are using VPN to access a restricted region on the show of their show it will gradually increase the viewership in all. It could be used in so many ways many content could be pushed to people according to their needs. NETFLIX is missing this thing that it is already a huge brand around the globe, banning people from using VPN to access the regions won't do any good to them. There are numerous websites like https://www.bestvpn.co/ which provide vpns with amazing deals. Netflix can cash this also with VPN providers. It just need a different angle to look from. it would be win win situation for them.

Defend yourself against ISP tracking in an Trump-era free-for-all


Experience with Pure VPN

This article is surely an alarming situation for all the Internet Users, their personal info and all other details related to them are being watched, sold, being used in many ways.It was main concern for me also few months back as I don't want to share details be it with Banks, Office or ISP. I researched about the ways to secure the data and found multiple options among which using VPN was recommended to be the most effective one, did the research again about the best available options for VPN that would be more effective and cheap, so took a step and started using pure vpn. Its effective and cheap in my point of view and also from feedback of its users

Looking for another smartphone recommendation


I would prefer to buy a Samsung Galaxy Series as it has lots of varieties which makes it user friendly.

Discrimination in the workplace?


I would like to share my experience related to Discrimination at Workplace.

My first job was in an IT trading company (won't disclose the name) after completing my graduation in Marketing field as a MTO Sales. Here let me mention that in interviews that I gave for this job i clearly mentioned that I would be persuading my studies and would be going for Masters (MBA) later that year, they were ok with it. In starting few months passed everything went normal and i was treated totally like no one by the senior Sales Persons. But my supervisor was supportive so I managed to bear it. But later that year when I was in 7th Month of this Job I took admission in Masters. Studies started and i noticed a huge change in my supervisor's behavior with me. He used to scold me make personal insulting jokes on me in front of whole floor. When I used to ask that can I come with you people for lunch he used to say i don't have space in my car to take you with me (there was always capacity of one person). Few weeks passed and as my probation period came to end he said i would make you permanent but he didn't and one day he told me to come into his room and and said whether to choose studies or this job. I was like WTH i told you I will pursue my studies and you guys were ok with that.

Well i then resigned from that job and continued my studies.

Up till now I am not able to figure it out that before i started my Masters everything was ok but suddenly with the start of Master's program everything turned upside down.

Weird interview questions


As a Marketing Graduate the weirdest and the sickest question that I faced in giving interviews while I was searching for job was "WHY MARKETING? and SELL US THIS PEN". It made the whole interview so boring for me that I memorized the answer and gave the same answer to every person who asked me these questions specifically.

FAIL - the most incompetent IT pros


The biggest IT fail of co-worker I would like to highlight is that he was almost done with his MBA, working with me in Software House and he didn't even knew how to "COPY AND PASTE ON EXCEL SHEET".

IT Got me depressed


IT got you depressed ?

You should have explored more options in IT Industry as this the FASTEST growing industry around the globe. I am not saying you haven't explored it but according to me and with general perspective view IT industry has so many opportunities to be explored and researched upon. You should explore and research the new phases of IT.

Training puppies.


Training the dogs is a wonderful experience as well as challenging ... but once they are trained your life becomes so easy.

Jokes of no more than 2 lines


My wife said that she would let me hang out with other girls.

Music and relationships


Wow, interesting question.

Well me and my partner have separate playlists, to be specific playlists depending on our moods also (party,relax,long drives)

Lenovo or HP Laptop


I would recommend HP over Lenovo, HP has proven its worth in the market and still proving it by dominating in the most markets of the world.

If you could force an honest answer from a tech company what would it be?


The only question that I would ask will be to Apple Inc.

-> Why you keep flattening your IPhone with every coming year, why don't you just change the shape ?


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