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ZTE Nubia Z20: It's £499. It's a great phone. Buy it. Or don't. We don't care


You forgot to mention the 8k video camera ability. Ask them about the "Pro" video camera 8kp30 software update they promised since the last two phones? Still waiting.

The safest place to save your files is somewhere nobody will ever look


Re: I'd be surprised if anyone *hadn't* hit this...

Lol! I thought this might be about somebody hiding their files in a sealed USB up their but, maybe to get around the us seize and copy laws at airports. That would be an interesting one to explain to security after they scan you.

What's up at Microsoft this week? Windows 10 builds of course, Skype screen sharing... zzzzz... New Flight Simulator?!


I hope they have cured the update filling up 32GB laptops. I have one here I haven't gone though all the elaborate tricks to stop it being bricked and to squeeze the update on in more than a year. Fucking ass holes!

Nvidia 'brings CUDA to Arm' – Translation: We're still doing a thing we've already done but now doing more of it


Of course does the writer knows they are getting ready for a transition to high performance ARM systems?

A controller RISC-V core was put onto Nvidia GPU's years ago. I hope they can replace arm in their current chips with RISC-V.

Years ago I asked them to do a 1kw home super computer using up to 80 or so of their ARM chips with cuda support, that's 640 arms with an array of cuda cores. But I didn't hear anything back, maybe they have something better planned? Still, doing a stripped down computational version of their chips, with a few full chips for interfacing, could raise that to 1000 or less Arms with vast cuda array and a vast VR world computer server, feeding up to 100 people. I guess their busy doing something to advance their place in gaming. Put 10 of these together you might just handle 1000 people, enough for gamers in a small city to stream to VR games.

Why are fervid Googlers making ad-blocker-breaking changes to Chrome? Because they created a monster – and are fighting to secure it


Things done wrong through these API's are crimes done on other people's property, and in other countries. Enabling these things is collusion. Things won't really change until criminal sentences start being handed out. Handed out by bucket loads for all historical crimes. That compensation be seized at that time across employees according to their culpability... This including des collusion by investors and shareholders...

We could say, that 10-90% of your time spent on the internet productively is wasted by illegitimate schemes of damage such as these. That is amount peelr year of damage costs, no company can afford.

Companies should only make money in legitimate ways. All this stuff needs to be closed down. If they can't make enough money in non targeted advertising (not harassing people, but having advertising either in general, or related to the content being viewed) they should charge for services, or give up.

All advertising should be optional. They should not force people to watch advertising, that is Slavery, or Steal their privacy, that is Theft and Stalking. These are crimes. What a person does on their machine is their right and ownership, beyond others control, except Legally. Prosecution rather then subversion and illegal or unwarranted control, is the desired way of addressing people doing wrongs on their machines.

Contracts forcing people to share information unwarrantedly, are unfair contracts under contract law, and challengeable to be changed. Unreasonable contracts forcing people are Slavery, and coercion. Those forcing such contracts, and writing them, should be prosecuted under the Criminal law, as well as the civil.

Api's that enable explicitly bad behaviour require their use by others to address such behavior. But would we need such API's if they were not available! Api system should be by privilege only to the sole benefit of the user owner. The user who uses has ownership of their privacy, the user that's owns, has ownership of the system, but the system intellectual property owner has rights to his/her intellectual property's secrecy, but no right to trade secret as revealed. Designing a system like this protects people from harm.

To protect people, they further need to put in options for things like add blocking, and to nominate optional services to carry this out, by blocking rather then substituting, on a permission by permission grant basis. That user privacy is not shared, that information fed back about page exploits is truly anonyminised with untraceability in a fashion better than Tor. That the company providing security options, or any app, has no idea what the user is doing, except that the user pays money, and even that should be anonymisable. That no manufacturer's account is required to download and use apps on a device, only payment, which maybe tied to a device and transferred.

You can 100% not rely on an app store to handle security. App behaviour after installation can be used to circumnavigate security. You can see funny business in relying on app sutures to protect privacy.

That all apps are required to operate with whatever permissions the users decides to give them, without harassing users for permission, or be removed from stores. If denial of a permission makes an app unusable, it is up to the owner. That maximum permission auto granted for an App, is the minimum for that app type. That the users preferences for apps, app types and apps, further automatically restricts this. That the user has manual overrides for general, app types and individual apps, where they may with user verification, increase or further decrease app permissions live (I have been trying to get them to do these things for years, since the first time I suggested user definable permissions which latter became the user definable permissions we have had). Permissions are to be fine grained, including firewall like permissions. Permissions are not to be used to hide further permissions underneath them, as is now done, where it appears you give little permission, but in reality covertly a lot, even undefined to the user. Such covert behaviour is to be regarded as illegal subversion in order to make a illegal gain to privacy or stalking.

Security should identify file and data patterns acceptable, and repair, wipe and or replace as necessary (I have been trying to get them to do that too). This will remove injected code, and hopefully injected data, and corruption.

All apps and components are to sandboxed in such a way, that they are the only things in their address spaces.

Android clampdown on calls and texts access trashes bunch of apps


Re: When enough apps abuse it...

Lol! And of course, why wouldn't they be trying to deliberately milk every piece of information out of your kid to sell? I somehow think it's deliberate. These things are bloated slow the machine down and jam up limited memory space. 5+ low permission paid apps, or one honking spyware enabled app is the same space. You might even have the case of evey one dollar they get out of data mining your privacy, they are costing you a hundred dollars+ in damages which you could sue them first in a class action.. If you are rich, that could be 100k-1million+. Bring the app market back into proper way to make a living.


Draconian, Draconian! Google forcing people to share their contacts with unrelated programs was Draconian, this is the opposite, for us!

But look at that permissions list I asked them to put in. Lots of permissions, but not really. Each of those permissions allow them to access far too much, and just no permissions to OK has too Mich, like full network access. You read down there like an 1984's big brothers shopping list. Why does a screen saver need access to your call logs, storage, microphone etc etc. This is not the fine practical auto control I asked them. They should only be allowing permissions that specifically target expected legitimate functionality, or they get chucked off the playstore. The user should verify each, and the program may explain why its needed and provide an unobtrusive alert light and behind the scenes system for the user to enable or getting authentic Detailed easily understandable reasons why needed, and what each does, or get chucked of the playstore, and if they ask again for permission except when somebody dies something that requires it, they get chucked off the play store, and their whole company staff has to register, to detect if they are going else where to try it under a new company, and chuck them off the play store.

Montezuma's Revenge can finally be laid to rest as Uber AI researchers crack the classic game


Re: Dan's, Uber comment.

"Look there's a river, I should take a short cut through there. I'll figure out if bridges are important afterwards".

Exposed: Lazy Android mobe makers couldn't care less about security


BTW, what, do you mean there are actual updates for my Hauweies!


Re: The issue if Google. No one else.

You do realise that it is supposed to be opensource and customisable? So, the manufacturer becomes responsible, and Google can only do so much before they could land up compromising a custom installation, even compromise security.

So, yes, a better way would be optimal. Such as isolating security. Manufacturers use either Google's or others, security code, and the provider of the code provide updates to it. Outside security, the manufacturers customise. It allows common open security initiatives to exist besides android initiatives.

Seagate's lightbulb moment: Make read-write heads operate independently


Re: Spinning rust

Also, you can crack open drive and repair it and do data recovery.


What! Multiple heads in a drive. I thought of that decades back. Why aren't I a billionaire.

Lol. :) You should have seen my finale solution. I wanted to use drives as RAM.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro: The unfashionable estate car wants to go to town


Work phone.

Ok, let's get down to brass tacks. What encoder, data rate, frame rate, and pixel format does it use? If you want to do video journalism or other video related work, most phones are woeful for this. But in these sorts of reviews the video camera statistics are left off, but this is one of the biggest areas of workhorse improvements left. 10-12 bits 4:2:2 200mb/s+ h264 are more quality settings, instead we are fortunate to get 100mb/s. If you look at the sample photos from GSMarena, you see smudged details in low light shots (a real journalistic credentials test). (LG and LG made pixel phone tends to do best, but still far from the more useful spec quoted). Dual hot swappable storage cards are best too.

Work horse, bah.

Intel drags Xeon Phi Knights Hill chips out back... two shots heard


So no Phi cross over? What is Intel going do about the x86? A company that thought more was more not less performance, and wasn't going be strong armed into a more lean architecture.

Well, the solution is to use use existing binary translation software like used to run x86 binaries on Arm or other, and design a better processor ISA, and one that its own translation modules perform best at, then you don't need x86 (Oh, that part's happened already).

$10bn Oracle v Google copyright jury verdict: Google wins, Java APIs in Android are Fair Use


When designing my own OS decades ago, I decided I was going to protect it by claiming copyright on its API, but that protection should only be used to limit people from making a fully compatible product. Using the API to communicate with my product was fair use of course. It was based on principles in my writing of identifying and protecting "where the value lays" in copyright law. The product is not it's API's, the value of the product lays in it's limited version of functionality, which it is sold on, and should be protected. This even goes into something that copies the unique, non trivial, no cosmetic, functionality of a complete product, but not necessarily with the same code (sort of like a rationalised computerised version of the squint test). Sort of between literary copyright and patents. It also does not cover the fair use of data organisation in user files (a provision for fair use and fair competition). If copyright had been implemented in this way, it would have resolved a lot of issues and litegation. It is basically, you can compete, but only on fair terms.


Re: I haven't downvoted a post in a long time...

Second Java? Ohh, we already have it, that's Java script isn't it?

I know it is an old article but seeing some of the stuff written here. Having eyed Java in past as a possible development platform for new devices, I must say, from what I have read, it does seem to be in need of a major overhaul to strip out grabage and redo things with old java programs put in a comparability mode. It comes a time in certain development, to absndone the old and make something new (running the old through a comparability mode). This means also redoing the language and API's into something better, which is not Java. Java scripting to webassembly with desktop API support, is something simpler to use, but I don't think it is anywhere near what needs to replace Java. But Java had a whole infrastructure around it, including a phone API set eventually, that didn't take off. A lot of stuff to chuck away, or a lot of stuff to pick from as API structures to rework for a new language.

BTW, it's not Android, though android attempts to implement through it's linux core what should have always been in Java.

Wait, did Oracle tip off world to Google's creepy always-on location tracking in Android?


Really, then what about my mobiles wifi turning on and off everytime I turn my cellular data on (or was that start the phone. Will have to look at that again). Seems a lot happening.

Crypto-jackers enlist Google Tag Manager to smuggle alt-coin miners


Doesn't seem like a tag dues it. Time to put these criminals in gaol, and kill tags on sight, and have a block switch. But dues the co-ooted internet operate that way these days?

Permissionless data slurping: Why Google's latest bombshell matters


I was on a website the other day, and was required to fill out and excessive firm on a contact page. I noticed Google Android chrome form data had my complete address data for every feild. Now, the only way it could have gotten that data, in my opinion, is through my mail in Gmail or by snopping on wifi hotspots, as I am pretty certain I never have put it online (deliberately). Maybe it could have been picked up at the newspaper when I sent a letter in. I also thought I disabled firm data or something. IT'S NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS and CREEPY.

We need to be in a hot continuous war path. It doesn't matter if you can't put Google in gaol, you can put all the individuals responsible in gaol, and seize all their assets in compensation, issue international arrest warrants further all of them (I imagine Russia and China would consider this). That would likely stop a lot of things stone dead. Governments are able to put sanctions and seizure, and restrictions of access on what ever company is involved, and nation. There is the ability to act, but the voters will is needed. The actions of the American political system is opening itself up to promoting left wing parties over there. The more the situation gets out of control, the more people defect to alternative parties, and it happens in avelanches. The tea party will look like a tea party when suddenly disgruntled people decide to suddenly vote for something new.

Real Security:

Below is real security provisioning, and which can be implemented under existing laws, and by design in operating systems and app stores:

....But security is so frustrating, I'm not a security expert, and a lot of things I don't know about, but what I do know from when I was designing my own OS decades ago, is do it right the first time and NOTHING leaks. Developers are their own enemy, and should be sued under class action for negligently making code where that is proven. In the end of thousands, or even millions, of class actions, we should have better developers. This also includes any leak, spy, mal ware in it, which should also attract compulsory gaol terms for intended acts (meaning the compulsory gaol terms passes down the chain to the collusion of perpetrators (so that innocent developers don't get nicked for the actions of others on their code).

What is needed, is complete automatic privacy for every user, without harrassment (as another compulsory gaol term crime). Harrassment obviously to any reasonable person, is asking for permissions more than once at install and at use. A function/permission list function being maintained where the user can go and look and select new "temporary" and switch on and off permissions as they wish, and a resolve issue button that takes them their, when the requested function does not work because of an expressly needed to actually do such a function permission problem. That permissions be required to be limited in breadth to those actually needed to expressly perform the express function expressly intended (no going and snooping more than intended. Like in storage). That it be an offence to ask for permissions unrelated to the express functionality of the program as expressly overtly expressed to the user (think about that one). That there is no stalking (tracking) physically, between sites, or between organisations in sites, or inside pages in a sites, or potentially, even non aggregate tracking between pages even (however, exception be made for browser local history and forwards and backwards functions). That all handoffs between sites be push orientated from the users direction and possibly involving user's central repositories (like password manager at Google) but in a non tracking way. Maybe then app stores can make money by charging and making software worth something again. All crimes are to be counted under treason and espionage laws, because they do cover spying on government organisations and contractors and individuals involved, and under business espionage as they do cover business organisations, their contractors and individuals working for them. Thanks for existing laws.

Let jurisdictions, spruik that.

What hubris, that these people think that they should do more than present non tracking/ed ads based purely on content on the page visited/app used, the country, state or region somebody anonymously is being served too, or general ad. No tracking at all is needed. The user should be able to nominate a region or block region information. Ads are actually much more interesting and enjoyable without tracking I find. They should only see it has to deliver something to such and such a region and not who or where, the browser/system should protect the anominity by regulating the access according to the users sole wishes. This even can use a tor like infrastructure service with virtual session ID lasting the life of the online session, with gaps of X seconds between sessions and sites to stop people gaming the system with repeated virtual visits, with reports sent to authorities and IP time information, that somebody is trying to defraud an advertiser. Sites will have to get back to actually selling advertising space like all other media. None of this illegal spying to make a dwindling buck, which the the people doing it make hefty income from rather than the average sites themselves, who are actually doing most of the work. The day of a painful, for users, free ride must end. I don't care if I have to pay a cent per hundred pages visited, it is out of control frankly, in my opinion illegal stuff going on now that should be stopped.

OnePlus 5T is like the little sister you always feared was the favourite


Ok, but what Sony sensor does it have, and what 4k video modes does it have, and what data rates? This is where Oneplus can really make some easy points. Most phones are really constricted. You can offer the highest data rates, full manual and temporary push auto settings, 4:2:2 10-12 (the best Sony sensors support this bit depth) hdr video and dci-p3 or rec2020 colour support, maybe even 50/60fps 4k or 6k modes. The chipsets usually have limited encoding support, but there is nothing to stop somebody getting a raw sensor frame and compressing it to a professional format (using GPU and other hardware accelerators). Cineform 4:2:2, 4:4:4 codec is now open sourced. All they need to do is put in encoder plug in (and streamlined storage system support, allowing destination and striping between any card, and any storage in any interface, like usb) for users to install encoders. A configurable on screen interface and control wysiwyg editor with USB and bt support would help things, or working opencamera to do these things. This would make nearly every current android phone on the market look dull, except for the Red Hydrogen of course. Just look at the top LG, and realise it could be much better.

User experience test tools: A privacy accident waiting to happen



It is pretty simple. It is stalking, it is cyber espionage, it is spying, it is cohesion. It is time for courts to start applying existing laws on the actions and intent they were made to govern, irrespective of the technology used. To use contract law as well, to strike down unreasonable and illegal contracts (very illegal). The days of hiding behind a new technology, trying to confuse the issues by so, and trying to set up lasting invalid precidents to change the law and legal culture, has to end. All these subversuins must be struck down as subversions, and things interpreted by the intent and actions of the old laws. Somebody doing a crime remotely Acronis a border, is exactly the same as somebody standing at a border and reaching across to do the crime. Or somebody sending a package by mail to another company. Or somebody following somebody else all day recording what they are doing for bad purposes. Or demanding compliance and leverage on unreasonable terms (unbeknown to you) to carry out some service (instead of making an honest living by charging a small fee). Etc, etc, and so forth.

Time to start suing them in class action, left, right and centre, and to offer perpetual class actions for non compliance concerning old or new plaintiffs.

Q: Why are you running in the office? A: This is my password for El Reg


This sort of thing was discovered years ago. Not new.

How can airlines stop hackers pwning planes over the air? And don't say 'regular patches'


Re: Mountain out of a molehill

Well, the people wanting to hack one your on may have have just increased?

Do they still hand out the Darwin reward. Doesn't this man watch American movies and TV?


Cut a long story short. Keep he plane's sysyem a closed system off wireless and the internet. Have consumers net services system completely seperate and incompatible. Doesn't anybody watch Battle Star Galactica??

WikiLeaks is wiki-leaked. And it's still not even a proper wiki anyway


Re: Twitter DM

"unredacted" that is.

Whatever happened to the feature where you annexure in the first 10 minutes, it's gone?


Re: Twitter DM

That story. Did Assange dump the files interacted first, or was it the newspaper that did it?

Was any direct deaths shown?

I however, have a completely different view on how to handle these issues to Assange, more collaborative, more Obama like.


Re: Leakedleaks.

The language actually spoke about Assange in the third person, so that is why I asked if somebody was going rouge there. My headache has cleared up, but I'm not going back over the article to understand who write what. I understand he is in bad health, which tends to make you go off your game, but seriously, this is bad stuff for him.

I may fully agree with his concerns as to his deportation and the secret US Court hearings concerning Wikileaks etc. I may agree that what he is accused of and what has been withdrawn is a voluntary greyish moral area, and something the reporting of had a bit of a contorted path (though if Hillary was involved in getting them to turn up together and pursue this, I don't know). I also agree a limited amount with his view to expose bad corruption innthe past. But with Snowdon stuck in Russia and him in the Peruvian embassy, having a Russian hand up your ass, and most Russians, and really bad country's people's, too frightened to leak, is pretty awkward. The US, however, is leading the way in leak related democratic reforms, or has a chance to, inorder to show those other countries how it is done.


I'm confused. I've got a headache. But, is Assange running Wikileaks, or is somebody going freelance there? What about journalistic investigations into fake news, Russian meddling into the American election, half the speeches? Ambassador? How embarrassing, I hope he wasn't one of my students.

This stuff doesn't help the cause of his cause.

Android at 10: How Google won the smartphone wars


A massive European anti-trust suite where they gonover Android with a fine tooth comb to tell them what they cannabis can't do with users data and what services they must offer for the user to get to and manage they're data. That would make them very um happy, so to speak. Followed by regulatory split up of the OS and products from the advertising and data sales, and one another in the States. That's what NORMALLY should happen in such a case, apart from criminal and cival actions.

Can you get from 'dog' to 'car' with one pixel? Japanese AI boffins can


Real AI

Ohhhh, is that a yellow Labrador up there. Idiots. I know what the issue is, free-floating datasets. I don't know if they have figured out how neural nets work (hint, good reason to avoid using it until you know what's happening. Anybody seen this in science fiction movies?).

Now, in normal intelligence, data in anchored and crossed linked between these anchored points, represented by structures in the brain. In a niave neural mesh there is none of these structures. So, it should be possible to change one value and have that change produce a wider change, as has happened here. The AI understands niavely the data as a blob, and the blob can change and free form move around under influence. Hence, the data is not really a horse or a car as we understand it. It maybe start as image 1 and image 2. Over time with training it may have parts that are an identifiable subset which it can identify with, in broad terms. The sets are not set in stone, like visual and category systems, and therefore be malleable. The rules themselves are malleabile, as they have no bounds. You are dealing with something more open than a 1.5 year old, even if you can train them up to a 6 year olds level, some simple coaxing produces undesirable outcomes.

In the human brain, you have various systems by to anchored to. The visual system, at a low level (I have experienced this) understand images as various geometric shapes, and builds up on top of that, and fills in with shade, and texture and detail. All these things might have it's own unique physical anchored point to form a category that can be cross linked with others, and also hierarchy link along with others. The strength of the bonds forms shapes, structures, and structure links/pathways into different systems in the brain. A single point change to an image does not result in the object changing category usually, only changes in detail in related categories. The mind has proof from multiple anchored category information that it is a car, and remains a car. You would have to retrain (brainwash basically) to convince somebody it isn't a car. The brain sees the shape sub-characteristics, and functional mechanics, which proves it is a car or a dog. A single pixel may change but the mind sees a bonnet, windows, doors roof, wheel to turn, and eye, snout like dog, head like dog, legs to move and tail to wag, like a dog, and it's probably a dog, that has a funny looking pixel (in this case, car with funny looking pixel). This is because the category sets are boundaried and anchored and cross linked ("reminds me of..". To get this happening in computer terms, there needs to be logical reality based seperate systems to anchor, sets and hierarchical data subsets, and discrete seperate spaces/anchor sets. This can be done in software.

This comes from some stuff I've come up with unrelated to AI, and some AI stuff I came up with in primary school to emulate the human mind. My proposed model of human thought also has match subsequent research.

The above will probably help. As I said to an article about Google claiming there search AI is up to the level of a 6 year old, in recent years my search results look like they were given by a six year old. So, the industry needs the help I fear.

'We've nothing to hide': Kaspersky Lab offers to open up source code


So, what about if they hide a bit of extra binary in all the hundreds of megabytes that sent control to something else? Opensource doesn't mean it is the same code as the binary you have, just that it should be. You need to open source the tool chain setup, so that the video can be shown to compile to the exact same binary (then look for tricky things and bus that result in control being able to be obtained). But in that case, what you could do is compromise the tool in order to do it without detection, and so on.

DNA as storage? Old and boring. Boffins now chaining monomers


Not just the durability under use and speed, but what about archive durability, meet Mold.

This storage is far too big. DNA sounded wow, because it sounded like a biological cross over, very excitingly fashionable, although it suited biological environments better, with low durability and write issues in organisms. But even this new more exciting technology is not enough. By the time they sort out the issues sufficiently, we may be into better technology again. Anybody remember racetrack memory, it hadn't won the race yet. We can store on atomic level at least. The whole universe was said to be able to fit into a thimble.

ARM chip OG Steve Furber: Turing missed the mark on human intelligence


Well, somebody beat me to my multi million processor setup. He is barking up the wrong tree with Arm, the leaders in low energy processing is green array chips. They are the ones to work with. My own stuff is unaffordable for me to do. But, why the arm processors when talking about neural networks? (It's after 3am here and I am finding it hard to read). Neural networks are largery less useful for general processing as general purpose processors are for AI. Networks are good for recognition, and the braunbsliws down in variouse thinking that a GP processor could emulate. As far as following a list of instructions compared to a GP processor, how quick can you follow instructions? So, brains are even slower. So, a reduced recognition environment (like a virtual text world) is more doable for a general purpose computer then.yje real world. But in a way, he is on a right path, it is how you use those 1 million processes. I've come up with a comventional.scheme, but it had occured to me a similar scheme based on intelligence data, could also be done similarly. Say, he creates a personality with such a system, let's call it moron, as the article alleges it will only have a small faction I'd the human brain. It obviously then, must either run out of capacity and have to recycle memory, or be dumberer (of course I'm being satirical, in the fashion of the register writers here) The issue is, when they make it into a personality, and declare it to then be a living being, what are they going do as the arm Chios break down and loose memory and function, and who is going okay the electricity bill, or does this machine have to hit the streets looking furnace job? :)

Google isn't saying Microsoft security sucks but Chrome for Windows has its own antivirus


At long last. I've been suggesting these things to them for years to deal with dns unlocker attacks. They could add a user controlled noscript feature, with auto blacklist, and suggested whitelist.

But, what about android, chrome code using Chrome to spy on people (same code used to force dns unlocker over the top of pages from sites like tomahardware, Whirlpool.net, and background hidden processes hiding out like system processes (which it doesn't really even show you the foreground ones now).

Android chrome, and android low local serviceability, has been the weak link. Android chrome, like many android browsers, and android productivity and utility apps, offer you little control or features, incase something goes wrong, or to organise, do more business like, and backup user fata locally. If somebody comes along with their phone to me and asks if I can help them easily, what can I do but burn and reset or root and go through a lot of effort.

Samsung rings death knell for disk, gears up for QLC flash production


Isn't it the case that floating gates in multiple level flash are very unreliable leading to corruption over time from drift? So, what we need is better archive storage disks.

MH370 final report: Aussies still don’t know where it crashed or why


Re: If you found the plane it wouldn't bring the people back.

Well, if you find areas in the Indian ocean blacked out in satelite images, or reduced in resolution compared to others.

Google touts Babel Fish-esque in-ear real-time translators. And the usual computer stuff


No delete here?

Nadella says senior management pay now linked to improving gender diversity


This area is so wrong. Work actually depends on merit, suitability, performance and availability etc. Sure, you make some concessions for diversity, but on the average there are just areas where women or men perform better. To hire past this is just plain sexism.

Now, what he said to start with, male or female, if you fight and go on in the workplace, you are not really happy promotional material. Now, even in wage negotiation there are tricks. In male testosterone dominated professions, testosterone leads to submission and dominance srtuctures in chain of command. If you have a ignoramus, knuckle dragger, thug, you are in trouble. However, some psychological research in the 1980's finally got away from fanciful research onto some concrete stuff, instead of trying to prove whatever colorful idea they wanted to justify their beliefs. They found if women spoke to men contentiously in the study (classic feminism) men would get their backs up and resist. But if they spoke calmly, gently/softly (maybe also assertively, I forget) the men were far more likely to agree. Which was pretty obviouse, but not to everyone by the looks of it. Whiny little voices are grating, male or female. I heard a football player talking on the TV today in his whiny little voice, and it was so grating, it was like I could not do any work at all. Imagine that nagging, it is sort of fighting territory among males. Among certain technical males (see below) it actually produces pain due to medical issues, and they can find female voices too penetrating for work. If that suits your high performance work force, then you have issues. Another illustration, I have a freind, she is very testosterone dominant, and a real handful otherwise. I use exactly the same technique as above on her, with great success, otherwise she gets into dominance fighting mood. For short periods she goes into submissive estrogen dominance (note estrogen is produced from testosterone, as is DHT, the so called extra aggressive form of testosterone. So, it is possible to be high in all three by the looks of it. So, upside down triangular upper body shape is from testosterone, pear lower body shape estrogen I think. This is only one of a number of axis's of human personality). On either side, you have to learn to deal with what you have got in yourself, and deal with other people.

So, the tech industry itself has bigger issues than above. The tech industry draws very heavily on autism spectrum disorder Asperger's people, not the most imaginative or touchy feely, understand your feelings etc. They have greater technical ability, can be associated with being socially withdrawn, less interpersonal ability, inflexible, distinct thoughts of the way things are done, internalisation and developing self hypothesis of the world around them and how it works. Because of this, they may reach very bad conclusions and need freinds to talk with and reflect with, growing up and on the way, in order to check their understanding. There are a number of times less females with aspergers than males, but people with aspergers are prime people to hire in technical industries due to performance. Now, when you combine this with interest and aptitude of women to seek his type of work, along with comittment, maternity (it would be truelly sexist to leave it out) and all the other things, it is truely unethical to demand a 50/50 employment split in particular areas like that. Now, the truth is, that the exec jobs are probably less on the Asperger's side, but you still get the other issues. Here is the cruncher on these high commitment jobs, it is like the committment of a woman raising a family, you have to be available 24 hours a day as needed, and work longer hours, there is not time for another family (so, you have a partner looking after it). It does not leave the time for women to devote the time and raise the family (the normal work market is already producing huge issues) and many women want to do this. So, the point is that diversity will help decisions be more balance, as well as learning respect for each other, and there are naturally talented competitive females to hire as well. See, a job may strongly, or less so, favour one sex over another, but strongly or not there are still people in the other group that have more ability than their peers who would make great employees in the job. So, we can expect a job to suit between 0-100% of either group. It's not sexism, but practicality. However, wouldn't any boss that demands a 50/50 split to the detriment of the company be at risk of shareholder class action over potential looses?

The real issue is certain women, like some men, do not respect how other women work. What happens when you get high testosterone women who think, like men, that they should be top, but also all other women need this and should think like them, especially, in their eyes, those pesky little lowly house wives (thus transfering their desires onto them). Thankfully that obnoxious viewpoint seems to be less these days, but at the same time, women in sports and excercise has increased testosterone.

A finale area is concentration of benefit, and productivity. You can do a job that does not produce much or concentrate much benefit, and not get much pay. You can do a job where you are responsible for 10-1 million times more productivity and benefit, and get paid more (and hopefully not one of those sevices jobs which is just unproductive money leeching). Men tend to do and invent these sorts of jobs, like it is their children.

US yanks staff from Cuban embassy over sonic death ray fears


We had a expert on abc24 here the other day saying they don't exist etc. Appalling television, yes, yes, and no, no to the truth. Also, I've just read a Popular Mechanics article that claims experts are claiming it is outside of physics. So, I'll give the ABC24 expert a little slack. But rather than be skeptics following what others tell you, it is better to actually look into things. Being outside physics is likely not the reason things are happening to people, and the US is pulling staff out. I'll give an example of technologies and what might be happening below.


There were testing on sonic weapons I think going back 1960's or earlier, to some extent. Even a few shows on TV used the notion as part of stories, probably inspired by these tests. Mission impossible, or the Avengers, might have been two shows with it.

By the late 80's or 90's they had narrow beam sonic devices, and by the 2009 Sasers. The narrow beam, I read in New Scientist, the reviewer could walk across the room accross from the device and only hear the beam in a foot radius (I think this might have been the diameter of the device). Latter it came to the point that they could cross over ultra sonic beams to produce pure sound of the frequency difference, at a place in 3D space, for use in Music concerts. A TV soundbar was put forwards that bounced beams onto walls to use as speakers.

Note here, this unusually simplistic page on sonic W, which leaves out a lot of the time line, but still mentions active weapons:



Now, that is the official stuff we know about. I've had freinds in intelligence that reported stuff that shouldn't have existed many decades ago. The subject of sonic weapons never came up, I think. But just because we don't see things out there, doesn't mean they don't exist. The blind man asleep that waking, says to himself that he doesn't want to open his eyes, because he sees everything. He indeed sees all he has experienced, but misses the rest of the world. Real science is about looking for what is really possible.

Now, going back in time, well this stuff seems to go back thousands of years, so just recent centuries instead. Vibrational resonance of energy with structures, and in this case sound. An notion in alternative science, and real science, that you can match up a frequency to a physical structure to maximise some effect. Also nuclear reactions using sound waves in liquid. Conversely, it should be possibe to set up pressure waves electromagentically. If you look at that popping laser 3D space laser projector in Japan, you see how this is illustratively possible.

So, somebody can point a narrow beam of sound at your room only, and even at you, not disturbing your neighbours much. It can follow you head around. Setting it up right, it can proppergate straight through the outside of the building (glass is a good bet) and use it as a relay. Likely, this might be tested while you are out with a laser through a window to record effect and audible noise on you and your neighbours. Using two overlapping beams, you can produce a desired affect on it in the target volume (body). Now, alternatively, you can use lasers etc, at low enough frequencies they can pass through and the cross beam may produce audible sensations. Etc. Yes, physics does allow a lot, if you think like an engineer, rather than a skeptic.

It is likely, apart from individuals, that a state actor with ready cover in Cuba might be responsible (not Cuban themselves).

Musk: Come ride my Big F**king Rocket to Mars


I imagine if they kept the landing platform outside the 13 mile limit, it might be easier to do, but what about weather. A storm front starting up has to be planned for in landing. Playing it safe can mean chunks of time lost and delays.

Now, he said the ride will be as smooth as silk? What does he mean? The film footage of people leaving the atmosphere I've seen is far from smooth. Does he think he has an em drive, but he hasn't contacted somebody?

Java security plagued by crappy docs, complex APIs, bad advice


This is surprising why. I am among professionals, and it is surprising the way they think. Even the engineers I have to squint the proverbial eye and look hard at them, to see if they are right. I know three international engineers each with good reputation and while I would trust them to do a good job, but feel like their minds are sponge. So even among engineers there are great and otherwise engineers. The problem these days are there a lot of not so great people becoming computer programmers, games maybe to blame. Engineers a bit tougher, you do stuff wrong, people die etc. With application programmers you do stuff wrong, it can cause angst to millions of users and waste so much of their time, it is like lifetimes wasted. But as not many people die from the application bug, it slips people's attention of the absurdity of costing $100's millions dollers of peoples 'lives' on a ten million net profit application. By application I should just say consumer side stuff, including OS's, and not really mission critical stuff. Where are the good people getting sucked up to, higher paid not so productive jobs.

Now, you come along to these professionals, and they give you their 'opinion', based on their experiences and peer impression (a sort of peer pressure I am describing). So, why be surprised when it doesn't turn out right. Much like a doctor that thinks it shines out of his side of the profession, very incomplete competency, but enough to bamboozle other incompetents, and psychologically make the opinion giver feel good, with mistakes transfered to the patient as the source of issues rather than face up to them. But they lack real ability to look into things and think of better solutions. They have formalised memory structures (opinions based on etc) but are not so good at generating new information. It is not as they testify in court, that they did all they knew too, they should know to do more to achieve better (meaning, get off the backside to look into things and establish trurhful extent of certainty). Not being a raving skeptic instead, who just grabs onto things that bolsters his objective, from other people unable to properly analyse them (thinking the sun shines from their crowd and their ideology). (if you see fancy bow ties and suites in an interview, be..warned. There seems to be a certain low grade intellectual psychology at work in these people). Memory of knowledge is not everything, but knowing what to do with it, to also properly understand it. Called wisdom)...

So, you ask people, and you get in a mirror dully, a part answer that somewhat answers it.

Now, I've said this to forum moderators before. What is needed, is to start a wiki of structure knowledge and solutions. Rate the solutions and rate for correctness and issues. Then, when somebody looks up a problem, and then the solution, they have it not only clearly laid out, they have the weight of knowledge of how good and how bad it is, and wherever it just is outdated or should be left alone. Combined with a multiple level programming course, people can find their way around with minimal forum time wasted. It takes time, and people to systematically analyse things and old posts.

IKEA flat-packs TaskRabbit to crack assembly code


And the reason you want to pay a lot for flatpak you have to pay to get somebody else to assemble?


Hey, can I have a Sig that says:

"Can't we have headlines that actually tells us what the articles are about, or a serious viewing mode, where each author is responsible for supplying a serious title, or get fired?" everytime I post, so I don't have to repeat myself?

EasyJet: We'll have electric airliners within the next decade


Re: Glad to see everyone else is already making the same lame 'joke'...

I think I saw one on one of those arcrash investigation shows. But, now, in some country, they are also trying to cut back fuel reserves to make more money.


Hmm have a look at waveplate motors, over 90% efficient. You could use that to produce electricity from fuel. Turbine engines, I think can also go way efficient. I've looked into ideas for electric aircraft before. Energy density of batteries is the big issue. Even silicon nanowire with 10x the capacity of lithium ion is only a fraction.the capacity. In Cars the drive chain and motor produces major looses, so putting electric motors at the wheels is a major advantage. But on jets, the turbine by passes this already.

The big advantage is the electric version is probably much cheaper to maintain and build for short hauls.

So, starting with a hybrid until a suitable battery alternative is probably better.

Twitter: We also made a shedload of cash from Russia's trolling during US White House race


It is about the trend to private governance of our lives, vetting, making choices for us and controlling us, for their commercial/ideological advantage. Our only choice is whom we can get away with, to controll us. Bleak. And private government has been tightening the noose so that there is less and less individual freedom of choice. Look at what happened in Venezuela, where the water governance was sold to a private foreign company. Who then proceeded to find creative innovative ways to tax the people, charging them for water that rained on their properties (I think that included houses and apartments). The maximum money you can get from a scheme is the maximum you can exploit, to the point that people have no real options, except to work and pay, modern day slavery. Not to work, and not to have things to pay, also becomes a debt. This is because the real reason is to keep maximising benefit flowing upwards from real productivity further down.

In Venezuela's case, the private sector had set up treaties where they demanded compensation for loss of the reclaimed water rights. Another old example was Haiti, where it was liberated from slavery but then taxed for the losses for a very very very long time. So, people there, maybe from kidnap, were taxed over this time, for reclaiming their freedom, without compensation. But the chain of kidnappers were not arrested or shot, but compensated under more forced conditions on the victims.

If you think real governments are neglectful, private government are so neglectful they tend towards downright treasoness.

In this case a company should report international espionage, and if they can clearly afford it, stamp it out with or without government help.

Now, the US's current issues are at a certain persons feet, if she hadn't insisted on being president, and rolling over Bernie Sanders, people in power might have chosen a different opponent. When somebody's country men and that country's greatest enemy, would rather support somebody they don't like than you, what does that say?


Hey, can I have a Sig that says:

"Can't we have headlines that actually tells us what the articles are about, or a serious viewing mode, where each author is responsible for supplying a serious title, or get fired?" everytime I post, so I don't have to repeat myself?



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