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Death Becomes It: Who put the Blue in the Blue Screen of Death?

R Valentine

MS support

I was on a lengthy (10.5 hours) conference call with Microsoft support for a Windows NT 4 server and told the tech what he had just asked us to do with the server resulted in a 'blue screen of death' to which he, quite huffily, replied: 'We don't call it that!'. My response to him: 'Fine; you know what I'm talking about.'

Trump's gone quiet, Parler nuked, Twitter protest never happened: There's an eerie calm – but at what cost?

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Very well put!

Spot on! Thanks.

Mark Zuckerberg did everything in his power to avoid Facebook becoming the next MySpace – but forgot one crucial detail…

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Spot on, but

I completely agree with Mr McCarthy, but think this ought to be labelled an editorial.

What the Dell? Customer passwords reset after miscreants break into Big Mike's IT emporium

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Dell weakened security

Unfortunately, Dell changed the password parameters and provided incomplete instructions on the web page for changing passwords: special characters previously accepted are now rejected WITHOUT PROPER EXPLANATION — the page simply repeats the same incomplete instructions. Dell has also shortened the maximum length of passwords — a major security failing. It took me two days and three people to be able to get into my Dell Premiere Account.

Question: How fast is the Windows 10 October 2018 Update rolling out? Answer: Not very

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Weirdness with pinging

I have a single PC with v. 1809 for testing and am experiencing one odd issue: I can ping the test PC when it first boots, but after about a minute, the PC stops replying to pings. If I keep a continuous ping from boot-up, the replies are solid. But if I stop pinging for a minute or so, all attempts at pinging result in 'destination host unreachable'. I have all the File and Print Sharing rules enabled/permitted with the exception of Echo Request - ICMPv6 (we don't use IPv6 on our network).

I've searched the Web, but found no other reports.

A curious tale of the priest, the broker, the hacked newswires, and $100m of insider trades

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Not a priest

I don't think Evangelical Baptist Churches have priests. Pastors, ministers, clergy, yes. But never priests.

Unloved Microsoft Edge is much improved – but will anyone use it?

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Will Edge be able to save a web page? Last time I used it, it could not and MS help said to open the web page in IE and save it!