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Foxconn to build 1,500-acre, US$5billion complex in India

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Wondering where the 1500 acres is coming from? Well, the elite have tested the waters and got a vigorous response from the small farmer so a more devious plan was put forward.

India is the second highest exporter of meat. Amazing isnt it. The buffalo provides high protein milk and meat, is the indispensable backbone of of the farm, provides dowry, and keeps itself on top of everything. Send in unscrupulous buyers and hoodwink the farmer out of the only way he can farm. I might add that the long promoted small business for women only supports the idea concept of moving farm families off the desirable land into crowded cities.

US space dirty-tricks spysat spying sat is go for July

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Actually No, I am not delirious with joy

As difficult as it is to believe from our newspapers which I limit to NYT, I suspect that global corporates including European firms have already developed plans to mine the under sea for minerals.........noticed today internet postings of 'rare minerals in scare supply' which of course would indicate that the ruling powers are claiming the necessity of obtaining these 'minerals.'

Joint US/Canada sea exercise lost 4 of its remotes (7 inches) and sent trained dolphins after them. Naturally satellites would be deployed to replace the aging fleet up there and 'beef up' (how I have come to hate that term) our 'defenses.'

Where are the posts for the disappearance of Saturn's cloud layers and the new visitor McNaught?

US Navy dolphins, sea lions hunt rogue robo-subs

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Opposed to use of animals in warfare----

Several months ago an orca at Sea World Florida drowned his trainer, a woman, by pulling her pony tail. This was the 2nd training 'accident', I believe. One suspects that the orca was opposed to his training on the grounds that his 'punishment' involved separation from his female performers. I also suspect the orca is smarter than I am. Or maybe you. Do you think he rationalized that he was too valuable to kill so as long as he kept it 'accidental' in appearance he would be able to drown this individual? Wondering further, I ask if the animal made a moral judgment as to what ever task he was being required to perform, whose refusal led to the 'punishment,' or was it just merely separation anxiety?

I notice that the Navy exercises are using dolphins and am wondering further if the point of the exercise is to determine the obedience of the dolphin rather than their ability? In past training the dolphin were found to lark off if they felt like it. Wonder if obedience has improved at school?

Wonder if the women trainers who will work with the orca in the future will wear bobbed hair?