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Junior minister says gov.UK considering facial recognition to verify age of p0rn-watchers


Verily, this is a vexatious view vacantly voiced.


Sysadmin shut down server, it went ‘Clunk!’ but the app kept running


Re: "so when the power returns your server will power up."

Not if it's a Gigabyte H61M-USBV3 -- this POS mboard gets stuck in a BIOS reboot loop if you try to boot it with any external USB hard drives plugged in... I've had to make a midnight drive some 200 miles home, in the middle of the week, to pull two cables and reboot, else it would have been rebooting/powering the drives/failing for ten days before I was "due" home again.

Look how modern we are! UK network Three to kill off 3G-only phones


Three... as in "if you can't a get 4G or 3G connection, you're free of the convenience of using your phone". Basically, don't consider streaming music in the countryside if you're on Three, because your reception will be bouncing around like a toddler on a trampoline. 2G is better than no G, and now the provider with the worst reception coverage across the country is going to make a bad situation worse.

Sarahah anonymous feedback app told: 'You're riddled with web app flaws'


Re: While I'm here - Sarahah?

Sontar-hah! Sontar-hah!

'Don't Google Google, Googling Google is wrong', says Google


Obligatory IT Crowd link…


Never Google Google…


A proposal…

If from now on we have to use "search with Google", which is a bit of a mouthful, we could replace this with an acronym, which can then be verbified, eg: "I don't know what this word means, I'll just SWiG it", or "has someone got a moment to SWiG for the nearest pizza joint?"