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Coming soon: The Church of Googlology?

Joseph Zygnerski
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They missed a couple

Just got an e-mail from www.beontopranking-google.com, a rather dodgy-seeming link directory.

And, shouldn't it be: goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle



both of which are available (or seem to be)

You'll learn to love mobile TV

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Mobile TV is great

I love watching TV shows or Japanese animation on my Zune. As long as the picture quality is good, the subtitles are readable and I don't miss any of the action (sometimes shows like Torchwood come out too dark). Admittedly, I have a commute of about an hour each way.

And I have walked down the street trying to catch the last few minutes of an episode of Torchwood, because I'm not as likely to put it on when I get home. Haven't walked into anything yet.

I can't see watching it on my phone, though, unless phone/mp3 player integration gets better.

Oldham murders owl with whalesong

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Target practice?

Putting the owl in the middle there (as that woman suggests) doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Then it'll just look like an owl being used for target practice.

Hardly the message they want to convey, I think.

(New) dirt-cheap bots attack Hotmail Captchas

Joseph Zygnerski

Computers are just machines

I've been told that computers can distinguish between patterns very well, but have trouble telling the difference between, say, a puppy and a kitten (they're anatomically very similar).

Instead of words, present the user with a picture of a puppy or a kitten and ask them to identify it. Or a smiling face and a sad face.

(did I choose the happy icon or the sad one?)

Boffin builds sex-selecting email analysis software

Joseph Zygnerski

Such tools exist

They're just not that accurate. I remember pasting pieces of text into one of these things years ago and having different ones come up different genders.

People say Google will buy Skype and Expedia and, and, and, and

Joseph Zygnerski

Re: Here we go....

"So I guess that's it then, Google is going to rule the world."

I, for one, welcome our new googley overlords.

BOFH: Vampires!

Joseph Zygnerski

IT people are vampires?

I'm sure that must be the moral of the story.

And someone could surely form an entire doctoral career around trying to decipher amanfromMars's comments. I'm sure there must be a deeper meaning in them.

Microsoft turns to Zune for mobile game edge

Joseph Zygnerski

insert title here

Honestly, what the Zune really needs is games, and a decent document viewer (I have some vague idea that the ipod has one of those).

Even my cheap 2GB bootleg mp3 player had tetris and a dinky .txt file viewer. Shame that my Zune doesn't

Mozilla opens the doors on Messaging subsidiary

Joseph Zygnerski

Calendar in Thunderbird

There's a great calendar in Thunderbird, it's one of the major plugins/extensions.

Unfortunately, my job uses MS Exchange (which, of course, only works in Outlook). Otherwise I'd have switched to Thunderbird when Outlook crashed on me last year instead of getting the damned thing back up and running.

P2P uploader hoaxes leading BitTorrent blog

Joseph Zygnerski

Fan blog or news organization?

Who's to blame here? The "fan blog" who says "hmm, look what I saw, wonder what it means" (and yes, I did read his whole post), or the people who took the story and said "hey, look what happened!"?

I think the lesson here is: don't spread other people's musings and call them facts.

Billg quits Facebook

Joseph Zygnerski

Really fake friends

With so many TV shows and the like getting into social networking, I can actually say that a couple of my online friends aren't fake, they're fictional. The fake ones I always reject (as they're usually spammers).

Remembering the Coleco Adam

Joseph Zygnerski

I remember the ColecoVision

The first game system that I remember was our ColecoVision (still stuffed in a box in our basement somewhere). The best part was the expansion module that let you play Atari games. Coming out with the Adam really took down a good company.

Online advertiser pays $200,000 for deceptive claims

Joseph Zygnerski

@ Savvy users dont see this kind of ads :)

Not true. Some do see them, or at least hear them.

There's a site called freelaptopnation that's been advertising on the radio in NYC for a while. They offer a free laptop to anyone who goes to their site. I checked them out a couple of times, but was immediately put off by their criteria for getting this "free" machine.

When every store you hear a commercial for has a website as well, it makes sense that every website you visit will start to advertise *outside* of the web.

Google approaching world domination

Joseph Zygnerski

Google, come run my life

I, for one, welcome our new Googly overlords.

American Jezebel solicited 'freelance' hit men on Craigslist

Joseph Zygnerski

reminds me of another story...

I just read the other day about a woman who contacted a company called "Guns for Hire" looking to have husband killed. Turned out that they staged gunfights for movies.

Commuter jetpacks offered: $100k, August delivery

Joseph Zygnerski

I knew that this technology existed...

I also heard that only around 2 people in the world could actually pilot the things. It's supposed to be incredibly difficult. And, of course there's the idea of strapping about a hundred pounds of rocket fuel to you back and lighting it.

I *really* don't think this is a good idea.

Swedes to probe cow-belch threat to planet

Joseph Zygnerski

@ Melissa

"Instead of using this money for something useful like finding out if they can change the diet of the cattle to reduce emissions they are wasting it on yet another study that shows that cattle produce greenhouse gasses."

Since they're researching how different diets affect the levels of methane the cows produce, I think they are probably looking for something just like that.

The purpose of the study seems to be to find how much gas these cows produce and why, not if they produce any at all.

US Army proto-Dalek combat robots enter testing

Joseph Zygnerski

@ Buzz-Saw Balls

They were called "Toclafane" (I did have to look that up). A bit like Imperial probe droids. And they had bits of people in them, too, so not quite a match.

Though, with all the cloning going on, how long till we stick people brains inside our robots. Seems to be progressing faster than AI....

Mine's the one that looks like a pepper-shaker, thanks. Saves me from having to catch the bus...

LG laptop goes up in flames

Joseph Zygnerski

This laptop will self-destruct in seven seconds...

This "unnamed" reporter is obviously some sort of spy. Either that, or he got his laptop mixed up with that of a good old fashioned secret agent.

He must've slept through the warning that all self-destructing spy devices are required to give.

My coat and bag, please. No need for hat or gloves today, as it's quite nice out.

Systemax saves CompUSA from knacker's yard

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Maybe not a bad idea

The CompUSA name has recognition. If run well, people will forget that it went under once before. And Systemax already has their own stores and brand name to go to. If all else fails, they can change the names on the physical stores.

Network down? Must be New Year's Eve gunfire

Joseph Zygnerski

Pesky racoons

My co-workers and I have been joking that network slowdowns and outages at work were caused by a raccoon stuck in the server.

Looks like one did cause a bit of damage.

Lindsay Lohan crowned 2007's worst actress

Joseph Zygnerski

Re: Transformers second best film of year?!?

Not the best movie, but the one most worth the price of admission (and I want to know where people are seeing a movie for only $10).

I'm happy that I saw Transformers in the theaters. It was entertaining, fun, and good on a big screen. Not the best movie of the year, but worth the price of a theater ticket.

Now RIAA says copying your own CDs is illegal

Joseph Zygnerski

I can see the next lawsuit

"Man sued for listening to music: RIAA claims 'unlawful distribution' of sound waves"

Are we to be sued for ripping CDs to put on our computers and mp3 players? I wouldn't be surprised if they tried.

Wal-Mart cans video download service

Joseph Zygnerski

@At least they're offering refunds

No, the article says they are NOT offering refunds.

Hard to refund a download. It's not like you can give it back.

Feel the burn: in the aftermath of year's biggest hype

Joseph Zygnerski

And also

I expected Wikipedia to get a mention. I know you can't go over everything that happened, but I thought they had an eventful year, what with secret mailing lists and criminal charges exposed.

Tekken set to kick big screen ass

Joseph Zygnerski

Plenty of plot

Tekken actually has more plot than a game like Street Fighter (as much as I love SF). I think one of the problems is that these games have so many characters that they need to stick them all into the movie, even if they have to stick them into the wrong spots. If they can streamline the plot and write a movie around it, they'll do well.

Of course, sometimes they just decide to write whatever the hell they want. That's probably the number one problem.

MoD sorts out 'turkey' helicopters for Xmas

Joseph Zygnerski

So basically:

Step one: Design something to custom specifications and have it built for you

Step two: Decide that what you've just had built is completely unusable (or, apparently, that you can't tell if it's usable, which is even worse)

Step three: Try to blame it on the manufacturer

This is incredibly stupid and irresponsible, especially since these helicopter are needed to save lives. I hope they're being put to some kind of good use here and not just being wasted.

Microsoft to eBay name for $1m

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Aren't there more...professional ways of auctioning off your company's name? This seems to have a lot of PR stuntness to it.

Mother launches attack on epilepsy inducing video games

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A great idea

As someone who suffers from seizures (though not ones triggered by flashing lights and such), I think this is a good idea. As the article says, TV tests for it, so why not video games, especially since people tend to be much closer to the screen when they look at them.

Nokia sees a good future for Nokia

Joseph Zygnerski

They better lay off the pills...

So, Nokia sees the future looking like a Nokia commercial? Because I swear I could see it in my head, all those carefully chosen people swapping content in a carefully choreographed way to carefully orchestrated music.

See myself doing it? Not at all.

LiveJournal flogged to Russians

Joseph Zygnerski


I noticed some changes on LiveJournal recently, perhaps this is the cause.

BOFH: Friday madness

Joseph Zygnerski

Why, oh why?

Only 12:55 in NY. Almost half the day to go before I head to the pub.

Holy pancake appears on eBay

Joseph Zygnerski

Holy shit?

If we get actual holy shit on eBay, I'm seceding from the human race.

Docklands train runs off without operator

Joseph Zygnerski

Computerized trains

We have them in the NYC subways (and have had for a few years), except people complained that they didn't like the idea of a computer driving their train.

So they put the motormen back.

Strange, because they never eliminated the conductor (yes, we just call them conductors...and passengers), so there was always a person on board.

Virtual! stripper! game! targets! Yahoo!

Joseph Zygnerski

Get rid of the letters, then

I've been told that it's nigh impossible for a computer to tell the difference between a kitten and a puppy. Maybe we should move away from typing in letters to picking if a pic is of a kitten or a puppy.

I look forward to the game wherein you have to identify kittens and puppies to get the stripper to take her clothes off...

Schoolkid chipping trial 'a success'

Joseph Zygnerski

Re: Why stop there?

Blowing the kids' heads off is going too far. A strong electrical shock that persists until they get their butts to school seems more reasonable (and, unfortunately, more realistic).

The big question to me is: how accurate is this tracking? Can it just tell if the kids are at school, or can it tell *where* they are at school. Because 50 kids in the coatroom would raise a few red flags (and if it can track them down accurately, admins/teachers can nab them easily when they want them).

BOFH: You think you know a guy...

Joseph Zygnerski

First computer

My first computer was a TRS-80 (the portable one that looked like a small box with a tiny non-flip screen - the Wikipedia article is no help). My mother used to program little games in BASIC on it. Later on we got an Apple II.

I actually used the same TSR-80 in college for taking notes in classes. Unfortunately, it broke and we must have gotten rid of it.

Ninja she-devils rob Pennsylvania gas station

Joseph Zygnerski

A lot of that going around

There has also been a "Ninja Burglar" terrorizing New York. He dresses in black, carries nunchuku, and robs homes while people are there.

Judge parks 172mph Porsche driver for 10 weeks

Joseph Zygnerski

Only £474?

I found that kind of surprising. I understand it's for "costs," but in the US, there'd probably be some short jail time, a ban, AND a huge fine (as well as possibly some community service). Could be because the US is a very money-centric society. I think it's related to our propensity for lawsuits.

BOFH: Building changes

Joseph Zygnerski

Episode 30 is lost?

I can't understand why everyone has trouble finding the "lost" episode 30. It's there every time I look at the BOFH page. Didn't we go through this with 29 as well?

Boffins unveil sharpest ever stellar snaps

Joseph Zygnerski

"Boffins" is

a term that means nothing to Americans.

As for the actual subject of article, it's very interesting, though it reminded me very much of what one does with a digital camera, that is, takes a lot of pictures in the hopes that one comes out right. They just have the technology to take more pictures than a human could ever possibly take.

Girls prefer pink: official

Joseph Zygnerski


There should be a caveat: "the Register does not endorse this study, only reports on it."

Or, really, we should just all keep that in mind.