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Internet imbeciles, aka British ISP lobbyists, backtrack on dubbing Mozilla a villain for DNS-over-HTTPS support


Thanks for the motivation

Just installed the DNS over HTTPS proxy on my OpenWrt based router as a result of this article.

Now every device on the LAN is effectively using DoH for Internet related address lookups.

OpenWrt forums lost as hardware failure again crocks open Wi-Fi router



Some of this is why the LEDE fork took place in the first place. The re-merge has similarly re-encountered the original intransigence. My personal perception is that progress was being held back by one developer who held the keys to the original forum & original email list and despite repeated requests never quite got around to handing things over. The problem has become self-limiting though as the machine in question, running the original forums & email list & domain services has gone AWOL/died/burst into flames, thus DNS was switched to services running under the auspices of SPI. The LEDE based forums, lists, bug trackers etc have not suffered any outage and many devs have keys to these boxes in the event of issues. The fact that the email list situation has dragged on for so long is ridiculous and in my opinion showed where the heart was on the part of at least one ‘key’ person in openwrt land, they’d rather confusion reign instead of actually merge. Fortunately this attitude appears to be a one off as agreement and cooperation with others is thriving: In the meantime, today sees branches for a major release 18.06 being made, something that would have happened a week or so ago had the machine issue not occurred.

OpenWRT and LEDE agree on Linux-for-routers peace plan


Still not re-merged

As of 13 Sept 2017 the merge still hasn't occurred. And LEDE is miles ahead of openwrt now. So... *USE LEDE* !!!!

D-Link router riddled with 0-day flaws


Re: ldir

You might want to check your facts. The re-merge has *STILL* not yet *actually* happened.

Take a look at the git histories if you like.


I'd put on LEDE, the much more up to data openwrt fork.


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