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BT: UK.gov ruling on Huawei will cost us half a billion pounds over next 5 years


Politics at their finest

The joys of being a toady to the US government. The evidence in the wild is that Huawei has some sloppy processes and sometimes misses best practices, but the supposed 'smoking gun' is the founder has ties to the Chinese Communist Party, eg the government. The Americans don't seem to care about open malfeasance or anything else on their own turf as long as those dollars keep flowing, but let a competing system have a go? Not on to them and the long arm of the US will do whatever it takes to keep its vassals in line. If the US is not at the helm it will change the rules in whatever way is required to put the competition out of business. Been there, seen that in other high tech industries.

Oracle demands $12K from network biz that doesn't use its software


Oracle is well known to send out the license police every time their profit softens. It is what they are as a company and reflective of the modern lack of civility and integrity in dealings with others.

Official: Microsoft will take an axe to Skype for Business Online. Teams is your new normal


Re: Skype for Business

MS learned how to use the same name for differing products from the US government. I have an adobe form from Treasury that has to be signed, sealed, and uploaded every year. They changed it 3 years ago and the old form no longer worked but the error was not very useful until one went back to the web site and found the small print about not reusing the 'old' downloaded form. The new form has the same download link, the same version, the same instructions, the same examples, and the same dates. I suggested they should update the version number or at least the date and would have spent my time better talking to a stone.

It is life under overpaid overemployed geniuses.

HPE unveils Primera storage tech, vows 100% availability – anyone fancy breaking, er, putting that to the test?


A few years ago a salesman bragged data loss on his product was impossible. I asked him if his company would sign a contract giving me control of the company if we had data loss on his product. Never heard back from him or the company.

Frontiersman Cray snags $50m storage contract for 'largest single filesystem'


Supercomputer Shmoopercomputer. These are almost a joke because there is only so much parallelism in the universe of modelling. To quote an old colleague, I can vectorize the code (problem) to 99%, I can parallelize the code to 99%, but I cannot do both at the same time so all those processors and GPUs reflect prurient interests for the buyers and sellers, and serious challenges for the users.

Conclusion, these so-called supercomputers are essentially big, fancy time sharing systems where the application could be equally served by smaller systems, and the workload by a number of smaller systems. As for the huge file system(s)? Where is my data, how did it get there, and how do I get it back - need another few thousand processors for that :D ?

Large Redmond Collider: CERN reveals plan to shift from Microsoft to open-source code after tenfold license fee hike


Microsoft has long been envious of Oracle and their license police where anytime revenue and profit needs a kick up the Oracle (and now Microsoft?) license T&C change or customers get audited to be sure every last seat is accounted for at the highest per dollar cost possible. Hitting non-commercial institutions because they can is what they do these days. Capitalism at its finest where there is no common good, just dividends and bonuses in play. They could gradually kill their customer base and survive on Xboxes. (/snark)

Cray's found a super scooper, $1.3bn's gonna buy you. HPE's the one


Cray Inc is not really Cray Research. After the SGI takeover Cray 'assets' (ie much of what was left of Cray Research) was sold to Tera Computer who then changed their name to Cray Inc and moved 'HQ' from Minneapolis and Chippewa Falls to Seattle. It has been a long windy road for the Crayons who persevered.

Heard the one where the boss calls in an Oracle consultant who couldn't fix the database?


The Hot Shot Database Team

3 fine high priced consultants from the sub-continent were doing some database development. They would 'put data in the database' and then demonstrate 'retrieving data from the database'. Management was impressed by the speed of their database implementation, until it was rebooted and for some reason every time the system was rebooted the previous session's data disappeared. A mere hack of a programmer on-staff realised the hot shots did not know the difference between putting data on the stack as compared to storing it in the database. The hot shots were not sacked and the staffer got no recognition.

Australia blocks Huawei, ZTE from 5G rollout


Back in the 1980's I knew some Americans who made sure exported US equipment was 'suitably equipped' for the destination market. All had very high security clearances and 'special talents'. The company they worked for has long since been assimilated by a large defence company. Then there was also CoCom that kept American technology in and sometimes better foreign technology out, of the US. I presume that work continues under new generations and descriptions. But look over there at China and Huawei, scary, eh? All the way with the USA? Argh!

Australia on the cusp of showing the world how to break encryption


Re: Idiots

I don't think Australia is on Trump's pg ignorance bandwagon, the Australian conservatives originated it and Trump is only copying it as best he can.

Search for the illustrious George Brandis trying to answer what metadata is. Pathetic does not do justice. It has not gotten any better since.

IBM turnover shrinks $28bn in 6 years but execs laugh all the way to the bank


Re: Myopic?

IBM good with software? They 'donated' their OS to Japan Inc decades ago, and set Japan Inc back a decade by doing so. There are many governments around the world who signed big contracts with IBM only to be embarrassed by the incompetence delivered. IBM points to government trail bosses, but governments hired IBM to get it done and they did not know how or could not execute. Industry? They would never admit how bad it could be. I once visited a major 'IBM supported site' as a privileged guest and was invited into all sorts of meetings - until the weekly pow wow with IBM when I was asked to leave the room. Enough written?

nbn™ CEO pleads with staff to control costs in ‘seeya later’ letter


Reckon he is a best mate with Sol Trujillo? Grabbing the money and running is what their ilk is best at.

Transport for NSW scrambles to patch servers missing fixes released in 2007


IBM has more ownership of failures across government than any single company has a right to own, yet instead of being barred they keep getting contracts. Therein lies the problem - procurement failures. You cannot blame your customer for your own failures that you should have had the capability of working out prior to the fail - unless you did not understand your own business vis a vis the customer requirement.

Wi-Fi Alliance allegedly axed army reservist for being called up. Now the Empire strikes back


There is a certain amount of karma that America's failure to enact workers rights gives cause for confrontational situations such as this when one loses his position. There is often no due process or fairness required, just a kick out the door with 2 weeks pay.

If you have rights in the US it is because you have a contract or a union has one on your behalf. It is rarely because you have legislated anything. Without that the employer can fly lose and fast if s/he wants.

A computer file system shouldn't lose data, right? Tell that to Apple


Decades ago I proposed an inexhaustible file system. It was based on the premise of (write, data) without any pesky (write, data, status) worries. The data always went into its repository with 100% reliability. Looks like the idea might have been stolen by Apple. I am contacting my lawyer.

Anti-missile missile misses again, US military mum on meaning of mess


Re: Kim Jong-un

As I reply it appears 6 American republicans have shown their dislike for the obvious.

US Senators force vote on Ctrl-Z'ing America's net neutrality death


America, where everything has a price and selling is job 1 through 1,000. Watching commercials on TV is the hard sell. "Medicine One is new. It treats mental illness and stupidity. See your doctor and ask if it is right he/she prescribe it for you!" It is a socially failed experiment no matter how many billionaires it makes through lop sided taxes.

US Congress seizes net neutrality, stuffs it into a bipartisan black hole


I am aghast! Does this mean politicians worry about votes? When did this start? Is this heralding the end of governments and politicians as we know them?

Ex-Microsoft intern claimed one of her fellow temps raped her. Her bosses hired him


Without reference to the case in point, how many companies have ever freely said they don't give a stuff about sexual harassment, rape, or anything else they should have a moral compass about. They are always 100% concerned and proactive according to them, except when they are not.

5 reasons why America's Ctrl-Z on net neutrality rules is a GOOD thing


He is one with the Donald, the best Donald there is. Need more be written?


Re: @Bob Dole ... WTF? Well put

NN is preferencing certain streams, not about data being free in a plan. You can have your free data and I can have my paid data at the same throughput rate. NN is when you throttle my bandwidth to favour yours.


Re: Socket Protectors

Do you mean they are not really 'power points'? !?!

Kaspersky dragged into US govt's trashcan as weaponized blockchain agile devops mulled


The USA under Trump has found a new level of self indulging foolishness that attracts its core support base who are mostly sans filaments, let alone being dim bulbs. Donald Trump is the best Donald there is.

nbn™ chair Ziggy Switkowski says HFC remediation mess is business as usual


Ziggy oversaw Telstra losing its grip. For him it is business as usual because he does not comprehend how a technically underpinned business needs to operate. As for him being a Liberal Stooge, what is new? He was, is, and always will be, and is at least as (in)competent and arrogant as any of them.

Windows Update borks elderly printers in typical Patch Tuesday style



I have an older Canon scanner. After XP Canon abandoned the drivers that Win7 refused to load, and arrogantly told me I needed a new scanner. Google discovered another model's scanner driver worked for my scan ner just fine on Win7 and now Win10 although I have to manually select-load it. What a great business IT has become. Microsoft is just one of the group.

ATO, Dept of Immigration wrist-slapped for failing security audit, again


My guess is restricting admin privileges enough to pass an audit. It is the only choice that involves little work. Patches do over some users because patches break or change things. Whinging about loss of admin privilege or slower turnaround for resolving simple problems is less onerous than having something fall over.

Windows Fall Creators Update is here: What do you want first – bad news or good news?


Re: Start menu

Control AND annual subscription fees!

Outlook, Office 2007 slowly taken behind the shed, shots heard


They lost me after 2002, that is pretty similar to LibreOffice :)

Australian PM Turnbull's AU$1.1bn 'Ideas boom' revealed as a bust


This would be a surprise because? This could be one of their best efforts, even falling flat on its face.

Australia commits to establish space agency with no budget, plan, name, deadline …


Re: How difficult can this be?

When you are a government without a plan, no policy beyond a dollar in a pocket, no clue, struggling to spell s.c.i.e.n.c.e, and their only capability is answering Dorothy Dix's in question time, stardust and BS seem better than their typical day, Some voters might believe, but those with functioning brains understand it for what it is (not).

HP users moaning over 10-minute login lag during 'Win 10 update'


Windows complexity reminds one of 100% of all government employees having to agree on what to order for lunch, and from where. Their management seems to think the more complex the better. I see Windows is an Intel-Microsoft arrangement to force everyone to buy newer more power computers every few years, just to run Windows.

Australians still buy 100,000 feature phones a quarter


You should encourage her to use it to make sure it keeps working. My partner's dual SIM smart phone went dead when Optus turned off the 2G and she didn't notice for 3 weeks! One or the other SIM would work, but not both at the same time. A vendor version Android upgrade fixed it, and she suddenly got lots of weeks and days old messages :D

nbn™ cracks the $1bn revenue barrier, cracks whip on tardy retailers


What a self serving arrogant clown. He reflects those who appointed him. The business model is as faulty as the preponderance of not fit for purpose technologies. NBN gets guaranteed revenue and the RSPs take all the risk while the customers just suck it up. Does it ever get better even in a ponzi scheme?

F-35 firmware patches to be rolled out 'like iPhone updates'


When an update fails the pilot can just call 1-800-OH-SH1T. "Thank you for calling. Your call is very important but we are experiencing a higher than normal volume of calls. Please visit our web site or stay on the line to talk to a support representative. You are number 137 in the queue."


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