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Slacking off? ICO probe throws up concerns over instant messaging


just having a chat about...

This is the issue in a nutshell. Why has nobody else, had the sense to frame it this way?

It's a chat style conversation, for the purpose of "chatting", just enabling it to be a little further apart, or with the ability to add sound and images, accurately send web-links, etc.

In the context of recording or auditing; it should not be considered any different. If a verbal discussion is "official" - It's called a meeting, and it has minutes/transcript. If it's a chat with your colleague about if you want to sneak out for a beer tonight, but hey, can you send me those reports after lunch please (but I'm just informally asking). Then it's just a chat - and most morking environments would not record every spoken word...and it would not enter official record. The fact that this just happens to have a capacity for recording; does not mean it should be recorded.

I think somewhere along the line of implementation; this logic, has been forgotten. The initial statement; that any official outcome of discussion should be recorded conventionally, hold true. It's not valid until it enters an audited channel (email, paper, etc). Turning the chat into an audited channel is as good as burning the whole point....Instant messaging has just become pointless and died.

When we speak outside of official occasions (meetings). Do we speak in contract? Of course not. We speak from mind. This comes close to wanting to audit peoples minds...It's unethical and an unrealistic expectation.