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Wasn't too hard, was it? UK has made 'significant progress' in spy control


Re: I'm sure Joseph Cannataci had a nice expensive lunch in Cheltenham.....

@David 164: Ah yes, the Russians are coming. Well, maybe you didn't quite mean that. But, leaving aside Saudi Arabia chairing the UN Human Rights Council, surely those who are with us are for the most part not against us, or something ?

Google weeps as its home state of California passes its own GDPR


Re: 49 to go

@bombastic bob

Two things:

1. When people start shouting at me – capitals, asterisks &c, I generally go away until they stop. You may want to consider bombasting a bit more subtly.

2. a) You do not explain why a tax increase on gasoline /increased car reg fees was bad, so little sympathy for you railing against an unidentified scarecrow called “the left” (to which so many of your readers will belong).

b) Quite what is wrong with people not using plastic bags is unclear – seems to me that was the point of the legislation: or do you feel the carts are getting a raw deal ?

c) Why do you want to put orcas on display ?

d) You ask that we stop feeling and start thinking: physician, heal thyself ?

That’s all for now – have, what I believe you Americans call, a good one.

Whois? Whowas. So what's next for ICANN and its vast database of domain-name owners?


Re: Personal vs business

@DropBear: "websites with a (more or less) genuine business behind them look perfectly legitimate right up until you attempt to find ANY kind of contact information "

er, yes. Like my bank, or trying to find who to call at Dell, especially in France (I don't even have a Dell, was for a client)

Chief EU negotiator tells UK to let souped-up data adequacy dream die


Re: The more I listen to the EU...

@Walter Bishop - re @msknight's comment: As a fervent remain voter, I have upvoted you, because you are perfectly correct: E~U arrogance (esp, German and Juncker) and the immigrant issues had a lot to do with why people voted leave. I just think that they should not have been the overriding issues.


Re: The more I listen to the EU...

@Anonymous Coward

' "For the record, I was a remain voter until I heard Junker start talking " - i have yet to believe this statement

Why ?'

- because everyone knows that Junker is an incompetent lying weasel, like so many poly-ticks gents, and he is just one of the crosses we have to bear in this imperfect world, where the EU itself is thoroughly unsatisfactory, and yet about a million times better than any other grouping around.

Doc 'Cluetrain' Searls' privacy engine project is just the ticket for IEEE


Re: Which do I trust more?

Find it hard to understand why Musk's generous offer was not immediately lost in gales of laughter throughout the world

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened


Re: Changing my name to Cassandra

And new technology calls all in doubt

Cambridge Analytica dismantled for good? Nope: It just changed its name to Emerdata


Re: Cambridge Anal. plugged once and for all? Maybe not

In fact the new name is just as bad as the old (cf. The Reg's tweet): 'emmerder' means to annoy or to land someone in the shit

What Israel's crack majority-women Unit 8200 hackers can teach tech about diversity


Re: Military operation


I agree Hamas is disreputable to the point of being wicked. I also think that the present rulers of Israel are similar. This is not a venue for political argument, despite the difficulty of keeping politics out of anything, the more so given the topic of the present article. But you present such a one-sided view of the situation of the Palestinians, confined to just your view of Hamas, that one is inclined to think you are closed to any alternative views on anything.

UK data watchdog's inaugural tech strategy was written with... *drumroll* Word 2010


Re: Really?

@Christian Berger

Yup, Word pretty terrible - but it does things that LibreOffice won't / can't.

(embarrassed occasional user of Word 2003, having removed W2010 from every machine I own)

So what happened with the patent judge and the Euro Patent Office?


Re: People need to go, yet the flawed system remains...


a) your rather discursive, not to say meandering, objections do not really stand up here, as the people criticizing Battistelli have also offered various suggestions on how the organization could work better.

b) "many involved secretly lung for" ?

US domestic, er, foreign spying bill progresses through Congress


Re: North Amerikorea

@DeKrow: I have downrated your post on the grounds of unintelligibility

French activists storm Paris Apple Store over EU tax dispute


Re: Theft or not

@Big John: Your request is a reasonable one. I will spare you the thousands of US accountants and investment analysts who have commented on this, and the economists (who do not just include Stiglitz and Krugman): her is a reference: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/these-companies-may-enjoy-a-windfall-under-trumps-tax-plan-2017-09-29


Re: Theft or not

@cirby: Part of your explanation is a bit confused - e.g. "A majority of those companies don't pay taxes because they're basically placeholders", where you seem to be including a lot of zombie companies s if they were real; and you do not seem to have a clear view of the PME structure in the US.

But I cannot understand people voting you down just on that account: are there a lot of idiots here opposed to spelling out that companies shield taxes from profits ? Because they do it themselves, perhaps ?


Re: It's a tradition...

@ardj: Sorry, Montpellier of course


Re: It's a tradition...


It is odd to see someone decrying tax evasion and supporting the ridiculous Micron’s reforms which encourage it and reward those who practise it. Your lazy analysis of the industrial and social problems in both France and Germany is thoroughly ill-informed, but just to give two points: German wages have stagnated since the Hartz “reforms” (which did actually tackle some weaknesses in labour markets and the benefits system), and inequality has not improved, but the changes were not the reason for the economic recovery, though helping slightly to bring down unemployment and prevent excess early retirement. What brought about the change were: the change in German business style, adapting to globalization, outsourcing and building extensive supply chains, continued wage restraint cooperation between unions and management, the end of the building slump – and massive worldwide economic growth.

In France, just to give one instance: this year, INSEE showed that wage costs were not the main obstacle to employment, but lack of skilled workers. Regulations –of all kinds, not just HR ones – and economic uncertainty were the others cited, though an equal number said there were no barriers or that the question was meaningless. (Note de conjuncture, April 2017


Re: It's a tradition...

I am not in the tech industry, so maybe you know something I don't. But the main reason I have seen for companies to move outside France is not that they are all fainéants, workshy scroungers, but the state administration morass, so that it is very hard to get a decision. And on the other hand there are quite a few successful start-ups - look at the Montpellies nexus for instance.

Twitter's blue tick rule changes may lower the sueball barrier



Best laugh I've had today - thanks

Forget One Windows, Microsoft says it's time to modernize your apps


Re: Modernise apps?

Agree, except that "modernize" happens to be the UK English spelling as well (it's the French who write "moderniser"). Cf. OED and Fowler(sub -ize): 'the suffix itself, whatever the element to which it is added, is in origin the Greek "-izein", Latin "izare; &, as the pronunciation is also with z, there is no reason why in English the special French spelling should be followed, in opposition to that which is at once etymological and phonetic.' (He goes on to instance some exceptions e.g. surprise, and remarks that the difficulty of remembering these is probably why there is confusion.)

¡Dios mío! Spain blocks DNS to hush Catalonian independence vote sites


As I understand it, the reason there is such support for independence now in Catalunya is that the People's Party in 2011 stopped an earlier enlargement of home rule, by petitioning the Constitutional Court to block the statue already endorsed by parliaments in Madrid and Barcelona. In other words, this who;e thing was caused by Sr Rajoy, and he has only himself to blame if he has provoked the Catalan people: it is certainly not a question of Constitutional principle, but a straightforward political argument.

EU's tech giant tax plan moves forward


Re: And in DC the US Treasury is not happy


Any snide reference to the Laffer curve suggests that one does not understand what it is: do read the Wikipedia article on it (which is quite good - and you will be delighted to learn that among those who have studied it, there is fairly broad agreement that a revenue maximizing tax rate might be around 70%, so some way to go yet).

As for your proposition that governments will continue to take ever more tax, you seem to be living in the fantasy world of barter that you attribute to the former USSR (yes there was some barter; no it was not universal).

Do you seriously believe that shareholders are punished by having to pay tax ?


Re: Unfairness is the problem, not the human nature

@anonymous coward:This is an extremely muddled comment (leaving aside the grammar and spelling). There are a good many EU start-ups, the problem is not the EU but the oligopolistic behaviour of the your beloved AWS et al, who suppress competition - as you indicate with Skype.

And why are you against taxing foreign companies ?

This is not up to your usual standarrd

Oracle throws weight behind draft US law to curtail web sexploitation


@iOS6 user: so you think Oracle's main source of income is sex trafficking ?


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