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UK tech supply chain in dark over Brexit preparations months ahead of final heave-ho

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Awww, kids today...

I remember it vividly, especially c. 24 hours with no food, little sleep and many remarkably heavily armed police, with big dogs.

All because some numpty messed up the paperwork for certain equipment I was carrying. West Germany, they really did not have a sense of humour.

Even now I can't really laugh about it.

As China trials its Digital Yuan with a giveaway, seven big central banks outline response

Empire of the Pussycat

Bets on how soon Trump will ban its use?

Today - he's "on the ball, bigly"

Tomorrow - give him time "we have a, there's a plan, a beautiful"

Saving it for the debate - "we're gonna ban the Biden Buck"


Consultant leading Surrey County Council's £30m jump to new ERP system will bag £177,000 as £83m cuts bite local citizens

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Re: Is that a lot?

I'd guess it's part time though

Unis turn to webcam-watching AI to invigilate students taking exams. Of course, it struggles with people of color

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Re: Why use the word racist.

Perhaps it's racist because in spite of similar and well reported problems, of which they must have been aware, they...

apparently failed to train it well enough to avoid the problem

apparently failed to test it well enough to detect the problem

definitely went ahead and used it in a context where the problem could have a negative on the subject

Ring glitch results in global ding dong ditch: Doorbell bling flings out random pings but they're not the real thing

Empire of the Pussycat

one ring to rouse them all

some text

Struggling company pleads with landlords to slash rents as COVID-19 batters UK high street. The firm's name? Apple

Empire of the Pussycat

If Apple doesn't pay more if profits increase why should it expect a reduction if they fall?

After all, it doesn't pay users for lost time/work when brand new Apple things are faulty out of the box, or borked by manufacturing defects or bugs.

Chinese tat bazaar Xiaomi to light a fire under Amazon's Kindle with new e-book reader

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Bazaar?

i believe tat derives from one meaning of 'tatty', and is tat as in bat, not tut as in but

Apple: Don't close MacBooks with a webcam cover on, you might damage the display

Empire of the Pussycat

If the tolerance on Macbok Pro body-screen distance is within 0.1mm, it's clear from mine that either the manufacturing isn't living up to that, or they've deliberately designed it so that the screen touches the keytips.

You've accused Apple of patent infringement. You want to probe the iOS source in a closed-room environment. What to do in a pandemic?

Empire of the Pussycat

Ceiling cat will still be watching

some words

In case you need more proof the world's gone mad: Behold, Apple's $699 Mac Pro wheels

Empire of the Pussycat

Talking 'bout my wheels of steel

have't listened to Saxon for, well I don't know, what's El Reg's unit of time? the lockdown? the time it takes Trump to flounce?

Crack police squad seeks help to flush out Australian toilet paper thieves

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Anti Theft strategy

As a plus, that'll give the NSA somewhere else to plant spyware

Don't tell us to go Huawei, Chinese ambassadors tell UK and France

Empire of the Pussycat

"His comments did not explain why the Chinese state is mounting a multi-nation diplomatic effort to back said private company."

nothing to explain, plenty of governments do exactly the same, including the usa and uk

Stiff upper lip time, Brits: After bullying France to drop its digital tax on Silicon Valley, Trump's coming for you next

Empire of the Pussycat

surely a new el reg unit opportunity

Time (Bojo - Bj)

1 Bj is the period of time between Trump telling Bojo what to do and him doing it

Imperial equivalent is the Mogg (Mgg), conversion factor is 1 Bj = 0.0007 Mgg (via the Linguini - Furlong ratio)

Elon Musk gets thumbs up from jury for use of 'pedo guy' in cave diver defamation lawsuit

Empire of the Pussycat

hmm, that means it's ok to call musk 'pedo guy'

going to be fun for him, and everyone else

Asteroid Bennu is flinging particles of dust and rock from its surface – and scientists can't work out why

Empire of the Pussycat

baby clanger

teasing the soup dragon

Pack your bags, you're going to America, Lord Chief Justice tells accused Brit hacker

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Odd thought

do they state the number of USA citizens extradited to the UK (and vice versa) ?

perhaps the USA is mostly kicking out Brits to be tried at home

Weird flex but OK... Motorola's comeback is a $1,500 Razr flip-phone with folding 6.2" screen

Empire of the Pussycat

isn't this really lenovo?

i had the original razr, and before that a startac, both excellently engineered

after a long gap with other brands, i got the lenovo moto z, their 'flagship' at the time

then there was the software update that seemed to bork battery life, they refused to fix the issue, plenty of screwed users on their support forum and elsewhere, two and a bit year old phone effectively trashed

no way i'd get another lenovo phone

Complete with keyboard and actual, literal, 'physical' escape key: Apple emits new 16" $2.4k+ MacBook Pro

Empire of the Pussycat

"The £2,399 portable"

that's the price for the 13", need to add another 400 quid to get to the base price for the 16"

Without any apparent irony, Google marks Chrome's 'small' role in web ecosystem

Empire of the Pussycat

"spaces won with 51 per cent of the vote"

spacers are just as misguided as leavers, though not quite as prolific

Virtual inanity: Solution to Irish border requires data and tech not yet available, MPs told

Empire of the Pussycat

build the wall!


Promise of £5bn for rural fibre prompts Openreach to reach for the trench-digging diamond cutter

Empire of the Pussycat

Has Johnson vowed to lay down in front of the spinning wheel of diamonds if the target is missed?

If so, he can save time and do it right now.

In Hemel Hempstead, cycling is as bad as taking a leak in the middle of the street

Empire of the Pussycat


the problem isn't cyclists/drivers/pedestrians/joggers/whatever, it's selfish, inconsiderate/careless/self-important twats

i suspect it may be the same twats who think it's ok to dump their unwanted food/drink/wrappers/cups/cans/bottles//whatever in the street, on public transport, in parks, on my front steps

twats need culling

Russian spacebot stranded outside the ISS as Soyuz fails to dock

Empire of the Pussycat


skybot: open the pod bay doors please, alex

alex: i'm sorry skybot, i'm afraid i can't do that

Broadcom billionaire Henry Nicholas and pal on drugs rap cough up $1m to avoid the clink

Empire of the Pussycat

i'd throw him in jail and let joe random go free

"Good for Nicolas to be let go for something that really only affects himself."

it's not just himself, he's knowingly supporting the production, distribution, misery and mayhem that the trade in illegal drugs brings

Another rewrite for 737 Max software as cosmic bit-flipping tests glitch out systems – report

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: This is strange an frightening.


what the fuck has boeing degenerated into?

if the article is accurate i don't want to be on their aircraft, nor do i want them flying anywhere near me

It's so hot, UK needs to start naming heatwaves like we do when it's a bit windy – climate boffins

Empire of the Pussycat

what's so difficult about Q, U, X, Y and Z?






Does this mean our boffins have been got at with IPCRESS? or simply lost the will to live in the DUD era?

IVE HAD ENOUGH! iQuit. Jobs done. Jony cashes out at Apple to run his own design biz

Empire of the Pussycat

it's the only way he could fulfil his dream

buying an hp laptop

Brexit: Digital border possible for Irish backstop woes, UK MPs told

Empire of the Pussycat

666% over budget and ten years late

though that may be optimistic

Samsung reminds rabble to scan smart TVs for viruses – then tries to make them forget

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: On another note...

probably not as often as from snowflake brexiter whiners

UK Home Sec kick-starts US request to extradite ex-WikiLeaker Assange

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: "Assange is understood to be claiming that he is a journalist"

you are simply promoting the cover story wikileaks came up with to shift blame

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: "Assange is understood to be claiming that he is a journalist"

yes i have

that has absolutely nothing to do with releasing the identity of sources

i have explained this as clearly you lack the intellectual capacity to figure it out for yourself

Empire of the Pussycat

"Assange is understood to be claiming that he is a journalist"

dumping unredacted details is not journalism, wikileaks was widely criticized by many reputable journalists and others for it's actions

'But Stephen Aftergood, an anti-secrecy activist at the Federation of American Scientists, noted that WikiLeaks lately seemed to be surrounded by “a lot of melodrama.” He added: “When criticized, the standard WL response is to deny error, shift responsibility to someone else, and attack the critic. It does not inspire much confidence.”'


fwiw i see no justification for extraditing him to the usa, this creeping extraterritoriality and it's craven acceptance by the uk goverment is a disgrace, but his claiming to be a journalist is utter nonsense

Give my regards to Reigate: Print biz Canon to up sticks in the sticks

Empire of the Pussycat

ah, the one where remain votes outnumbered leave

obligatory body

Pushed around and kicked around, always a lonely boy: Run Huawei, Google Play, turns away, from Huawei... turns away

Empire of the Pussycat

Choose carefully if you like the USA ecosystem, Huawai willnot be the only victim.

Clearly you are lacking in understanding

This is the result of Trump's actions, google has to comply or suffer the consequences, same as every other company that wants to avoid the risk of sanction

Spending watchdog: UK.gov must say who will prop up Verify from March 2020. C'mon, you've had six months!

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Login with Amazon

better yet, make government part of amazon prime

Fire up the FruityLoops! Sir David Attenborough wants someone to remix Balinese field recording

Empire of the Pussycat

my first thought was


Fujitsu 'continues to bludgeon through' UK, Ireland job cuts – union

Empire of the Pussycat

"Decisions were made before consultation started"

Standard practice

Line managers will be told the numbers to cut and the unwritten criteria for selection, no amount of 'consultation' will change that, it's simply legal window dressing

Israeli Moon probe crashes at the last minute but SpaceX scores with Falcon Heavy launch

Empire of the Pussycat

only two possibilities

either it was hacked by iran, or, more likely, it picked up the israeli election result and decided to end it all

Brexit text-it wrecks it: Vote Leave fined £40k for spamming 200k msgs ahead of EU referendum

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Vote Leave fined for promoting Brexit


there are c. 56 million british people

most didn't vote leave

stripping the rights of the british people based on the narrow margin in the referendum is not democracy

Twilight of the sundials: Archaic timepiece dying out and millennials are to blame, reckons boffin

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Innovative sundials?

there're definitely innovative sundials, for instance...


Boffins build bugged bees bearing backpacks

Empire of the Pussycat


maybe one day


Marriott's Starwood hotels mega-hack: Half a BILLION guests' deets exposed over 4 years

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Kroll

worked for me, though i did it before the el reg posting, even then it was quite a while before i saw a confirmation email

as the news spreads i'd think more and more people will be registering and it'll get slower or maybe have a wobbly

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Equifax, 143 Million

it's global

if you used a spg hotel 2014- i'd assume your data are in there

ICO poised to fine Leave campaign and Arron Banks’ insurance biz £135,000

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Chuck that toad in the Tower of London

i'm sure toads would have nothing to do with him, they are inoffensive and rather cute

fascists on the other hand, probably right up their street

Apple's dark-horse macOS Mojave is out (and it's already pwned)

Empire of the Pussycat

they peaked at snow leopard

some text

The crowd roars and Ruckus joins in with 802.11ax kit

Empire of the Pussycat

i'd assume decongestion works in part by having the APs ignore client probes (the 'me', 'me', 'me' clients send out and that is so beloved of tracking and analytics systems) and client association requests (responses to AP beacon frames)

presumably clients seen as just passing through will not get a response

this works even with legacy clients

RAF Air Command to take on UK military space ops

Empire of the Pussycat

Re: Why would airstrip one need a different GPS

think about - brexit in spaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!

Eye in the sea skies: Insitu flies Scaneagle 3 UAV in first public demo

Empire of the Pussycat

yep, for boats surely what they need is a skynet

Three storage hardware devices, a cash raise and Oracle gets blocked

Empire of the Pussycat

"Really? In the cameras themselves? That’s kind of hard to believe. "

yes, really, plenty of these being deployed for instance...


...as well as the earlier generation

they're not perfect, and moving storage/analytics to the edge is not the best for all applications, but where it makes sense there's real benefit to eliminating back-end systems which need deploying, space, power, managing and maintaining

Details of 600,000 foreign visitors to UK go up in smoke thanks to shonky border database

Empire of the Pussycat

straight out of "the thick of it"




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