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Exploding Flash catalogue rocks Dutch e-commerce site


Made me laugh

don't speak the language to understand the message at the end but that was funny :)

Smith says answer to knife crime is through the arch window


"and to stop younger children becoming familiar with knives in the first place"

what will they cut their food with?

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York


@hate-slurs - appropriate

if they were both black, then her calling him a nigger would have been fine as apparently they're alowed to call each other that its just others that aren't

take some Jackie Chan + Chris Rock film (no idea what it was) they walk into a bar Chris say "yo my nigger", gets a handshake type thing, Jackie copies and gets a dirty look

so far as I'm concerned no word should be censored if its use is appropriate to the situation, and as she was deliberately insulting him HE was supposed to be offended, so using a word that may be offensive is appropriate and therefore should not be censored

the songs been played for 20 years why all of a sudden does it need censoring?

(C)Rap music is much more offensive to anyone with any taste and all "lyrics" should be censored form that so people can enjoy what's very occasionally a good tune spoilt by some talentless ex/soontobe-con talking about drugs sex and violence

MIA in Iowa - personal data on 3m UK driving test candidates

Black Helicopters

hang on

it went missing in May, its now December why has it taken 7 months for us to find out?

I think if it wasn't for the recent publicised losses we wouldn't even have heard about this one

Mother launches attack on epilepsy inducing video games



all they need do is put an epilepsy warning on? this may trigger etc

might as well add may contain nuts aswell just incase people try eating the manuals or something

Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites



"can be provided with their new passwords over the phone"

doesn't that sound like they're storing unencrypted passwords still?

please please tell me that they're generating new ones over the phone and not storing them unencrypted again

Beer makes people have sex with you

Thumb Down


I quit drinking :(

Daft users and insecure web apps dominate threat index


Better security

A more secure approach would be

Step 1: Remove unnecessary internet access from users

the fact is most users have no need to access the internet, and without access can't get their systems infected apart from through email viruses or trojans

Step 2: Disallow external mailing unless required for the job

if they cant mail anyone outside the company or receive emails from outside, they cant leek passwords or get infected from outside

Step 3: Train users that have internet access and email to be safe on line and understand how to use a computer

Step 4: shoot the ones that leek info/ get infected systems

they clearly didn't learn anything in their training and hopefully you cought them before they breed

Step 5: don't use web apps, anything thas accessible on the internet can be assumed to be insecure

Step 6: sod it, live in a cave with no power your data and computer will be secure then :)

Half of computer users are Wi-Fi thieves



of what? the 10% maybe 5% of actualy internet users that visit the sophos website because they're interested in security and are willing to do a stupid survey?

so by my estimates that makes it 2.5-5% of internet users, and that's probably an over estimate!

oh n I read the article, why is it hackers that are using someone else's bandwidth, even mislabeling a cracker inplies theres something to break into, its like breaking and entering a house when the doors wide open, its just entering, if anything they should be labelled as freeloaders.

anyway back to hacking wide open wi-fi points to download my plans for world domination

Boffins dredge up oldest living animal


shouldnt the title be...

Boffins dig up oldest living animal and kill it

Flaming kamikaze squirrel torches car


did anyone

film it?

Public tracks down Gordon Bennett


dogs bollocks?

if :- is the dogs bollocks would that make :-) a dick head and happy about it? and what about :-o

I'll leave other interpretations up to peoples imaginations ;-)

No-humping 20mph limit for London


what if

you break the 20mph limit on your bike?

and anyway I didn't think the speed in london or any big city ever got above 10mph why do they need to enforce 20mph limits?

McDonald's goes McWireless



now I can go for a burger and surf the web

none of that having to get some pesky exercise to get from fast food outlet to nearest wifi point

but that said its McDonalds, not some up market eatery, it'll be full of fat ugly blokes looking at porn within a week of starting, oh and they'll probably share it all with a the annoying brats that eat there.

on the other hand whos going to take a laptop or have any expensive electronics in a McDonalds for the chavs to through milkshake or mayonnaise over? and with wifi access will it really be what it looks like?

So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?


whats the IT angle?

well where is it on this story?

sorry couldn't resist :)

my quite sensible rule, make all comments humorous or informative

Amazon opens DRM-free music store


uk price

"Songs are available for $0.89 per song, or $6 to $10 for an album."

so when it hits the uk that'll be

Songs are available for £0.89 per song, or £6 to £10 for an album.

if not more, seems to be how it normally works, they just swap the symbol rather than using exchange rates

US teacher fired for non-literal bible reading



I love reading the comments here

always funny

having not read the bible, when exactly was Jesus declared God? from what little I was taught he was his son, a bit like Hercules only Jesus didn't go around with his sidekick beating up 'bad' guys

Jehova, isn't that spelt with an I?

Wouldn't it be nice if the Gods could just come down on their lightning bolts and declare to the world that they exist, stop all the petty squabbling over who worships the real god and how it should be done. No one would have to believe in the gods because we'd all know they're real. Well that's not going to happen now is it because all the true god's are dead because no one actually worships them they worship books, statues or one of the gods prophets.

If you worship the flying spaghetti monster, does that mean you cant eat spaghetti? or is it like that bread wafer thing catholic's eat at mass?

As for taking the bible literally, surely everyone knows all religions were created by wise men looking to control their 'tribe', and the wise men made up stories to explain what they didn't really understand. 'Lies to children' I think these are called

Blind Judo master floors tobacco stealing skinhead


Serves him right

and I also second Jason's HAHA

Religious hatred a crime from October, but exemptions are wide



why do we need laws that specify religion or race?

surely stirring up aggression and hatred against anyone no matter what or who they are should be the crime

why is "I hate x becasue he's different" any different to "I hate x becasue he's <insert race/religion/sexuality>"

and is "lets kill all left handers" any different to "lets kill all <insert race/religion/sexuality>"?

I don't see why they should be making up laws and acts or whatever they are to cover specific things when they could have 1 general law that simply says something like "Stirring up and inciting hatred or violence against a person or group is wrong and should be punished" religion race whatever shouldn't come into it.

hmm I wonder

"Hate those that made these laws necessary, and beat the living daylights out of them" would that be OK as its not racist or religiously motivated?

Anyway lets all be friends and if you don't like someone's differences be nice n leave them alone

unless it the government, in which case burn them out! ;)

Church hall bans 'unchristian' yoga for nippers


RE: PraiseMoves

OMG can't believe I read half that to find out what it is. She really has it in for yoga, makes it out to be allowing satan in rather than just relaxing your mind and body

That woman went from hippy yoga teacher to Christian fundamentalist!

back on topic, I agree its up to the church what it allows in its halls, but it should have given a proper reason early on rather than just say no you cant do that and give no reason

that said yoga for babies just is silly, stress relieving exercise for kids that don't know what stress is

Pee-powered battery unveiled


toilet humour

so you put your NoPoPo (charged with wee) in your Wii

next they'll be releasing boogrool a bag to keep them in that's also flushable...

Northrop enters US Army monster raygun lorry race



So the laser protects the troops from the bombs who's gonna protect the troops from the laser? especially when all that nice dangerous toxic fuels released by "friendly fire"


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