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Margin mugs: A bank paid how much for a 2m Ethernet cable? WTF!

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Re: Bargain

There is a box of cables. It's the less popular ones that cause the bike rides, such as a NUC that needs Micro-HDMI by lunchtime.

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Um, IT people. let's not prolong the "stupid client" mockery too far. If a "bank" or other multinational corporation is running a business that depends on that Ethernet cable, or some other hardware, how much money do you think they want to lose? In my case, such a client may be making $1 million per day. They pay me $1,000 for a morning's work, so if I have to jump on my bike and cycle to the local computer store, that's maybe a 400 quid cable. Better than a $900,000 loss, don't you think ..... ?

Lights, camera, camera, camera, action: iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip biz in new iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip shocker

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Vulture Revulsion Snark

So The Register gets to attend Apple Events now that Steve is gone, but we still get the Schoolboy Snarkie comments that probably caused Jobs' Vulture Revulsion .....

The headline gets the point that chips and power saving yield many benefits and the camera specs are impressive, but the snark sets in suggesting that video makers rent pro cameras instead. Really? How many pro cameras can you put on a table between two people and record both sides of the conversation at once? and stream real time?

The days when tech people had to rely on El Reg for negative comments on Apple are long gone, everyone can do it now. What this viewer at least would prefer is the insightful tech viewpoint .....

Loose tongues and oily seamen: Lost in machine translation yet again

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My Fave

My father visited Egypt, and bought an Arabic phrasebook. My favorite was "if my meal does not arrive within five minutes, I will burn this hotel to the ground".

Japanese fashion puts the oo-er into trousers

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Japanese Fashion? Not at All. This is "True Brit" Design by Kim Jones.

According to The Wiks, KJ is the "designer behind David Beckham's morning suit at Prince Harry's wedding in Windsor". I think "behind DB's suit" means he designed it, rather than anything physical.

Following El Reg's links leads to Uniqlo's site, where スリムテーパードパンツ(カラーブロック)(KJ) [Slim tapered pants (colour block) (KJ)] is offered for ¥999, which is less than a tenner. Lower down, you can see that these pants are part of Kim Jones' collection for GU. The "colour block" is simply a zip fly cover flap. Even if you wanted to, I do not think it would be physically possible to use this flap as a kind of sheath. I would not want to, and do not find the colour contrast attractive, but some people might.

Too many bricks in the wall? Lego slashes inventory

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LEGO Obsession:

I have 5-year old twins. They (especially my son) are obsessed with LEGO, its Disney Sets, and YouTube vids of assembling the Disney Sets. They watch these vids and play with the LEGO on a daly basis.

Chris Gray 1 wrote:

"FAIL ... Do your research ... I know this is a lot of El Reg commentards, but as usual you should do a bit of reseach before mouthing off. ,,, LEGO in general does not make specialty pieces for sets."

If I understand this comment correctly, it is not correct. The Disney character sets include many special pieces and they come in special colours.

So, we have some boxes of regular LEGO pieces and some Disney LEGO sets. Actually, we have just one set, the others are future plans based on KPI's such as reading and writing performance. The Elsa's Magical Ice Palace set has been built and remains as it is, unless I spot a discrepancy between "as-built" and the instructions, when it gets totally dismantled and re-built brick-by-brick. There is however not so much creativity here.

The conventional LEGO parts, however, get dismantled and re-built often, and are used to create imaginative versions of the "wish-list" LEGO sets or even illustrate story themes or abstract concepts in brick form. I would gladly buy more of them if I could find the outlet where LEGO is selling off all of their surplus inventory ....

Well, whad'ya know? 'No evidence' that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

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Not “Tapping” but Boffins Reading DNS Logs

As I noted after Trump's Tweet: It’s not “wires tapped” and Obama wasn’t involved. I think, thanks to something he read on Breitbart, Trump finally learned about a story from Slate in October last year. This was the discovery by anonymous academics and experts looking into the alleged Russian hacking of Democrat emails who found an e-mail server run by the Trump organization that seemed to be set up for direct communication with Alfa Bank in Russia.

Quite separately, there was also the dossier compiled by Brit ex-MI5 spy Christopher Steele, that exposed Russian links to various Trump affiliates, in which the company Alfa Bank featured. This is the basis of the warning that US Security Department and Obama personally relayed to Trump, which Trump made light of.

So, I think what Trump “just found out about” was not “tapping” but reading DNS logs, not by Obama or the Feds but by anonymous experts, and not illegal. All minor distinctions to the old geezer running their country.


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