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Creator of spec for melting RTX 4090 cables urges Nvidia, others to 'ensure user safety'

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Some Credit Should Be Given To Gamers Nexus

Steve over at the Gamers Nexus youtube channel needs to be given some credit I think for this.

They did quite a thorough dive into the cause of the issue, and their video on it makes for quite interesting watching... Literally the day or two after it was posted... nVidia point to it and say 'yeah, that's exactly what we found too'

Given near nVidia's silence on the subject up to that point, I was half expecting them to try and blame the user... when that's not the whole problem at all.

Crappy design decisions, allow the card to be powered without the connector properly inserted and with such a small connector, and inadequate 'clip' it was a problem waiting to happen... and shows that quality testing was also inadequate.

Musk: Twitter will have 1 billion monthly users inside 18 months

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Re: One billion users?

Everyone I know, either doesn't use twitter, never has and those few that did... Have moved to mastodon already. Even a few of the anti twitter people are trying it.

As for ole Musky... given that about 80% of his own followers are already bots (did he hire a bot farm to boost his own numbers, because it's exactly the kind of thing he'd do?) is he going to allow rampant bot use on the site to achieve that claim.

Twitter is suffering from mad bro disease. Open thinking can build it back better

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Mastodon is already better

Joined Mastodon a couple of weeks ago, I'm already having far more interaction with other users and gained more followers that I ever had on twatter.

The birdsite would have died 6yrs ago if not for the shitshow that was the trump presidency... That cockwomble literally saved the platform for 4yrs as people flocked in to see what insanity, bullshit and propaganda he would spew forth from his face hole.

It's been heading back down the drain ever since... Now that muskrat has taken over... he's trying to do the same thing.

People are flocking back to the platform again... not to use it as such, but to be witness to the car crash as it circles the drain.

Muskrat is CEO of at least 4 or 5 companies... and the only take away from that anyone should have.... is that CEO's are basically worthless and do very little.

Billionaire meltdown is the new must watch sport... c'mon Zuckerdroid... you're next... please be next.

Twitter engineer calls out Elon Musk for technical BS in unusual career move

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Re: Long weight

When I got sent for a long weight as an engineering apprentice, I came back a few mins later and then disappeared back to the stores shortly afterwards.

That's where my supervisor found me drinking a cup of tea and chatting with the stores guys.

When asked what I thought I was doing... I told him that they didn't have any long weights, so I thought 2 short ones would suffice.

They had to get creative with their attempts at pranks after that.... 99% of them failed.

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Re: The Hospital versions..

Don't forget to pick up a couple of sky hooks whilst your getting the rest

Twitter, Musk, and a week of bad decisions it seems

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Re: Close it Down and Get Out Quick

For 44 billion, surely you could have created something new from the ground up and offered to start paying content creators to use it... which will pull in users and advertisers.

I think he's just going full on cartoon villain from some 9th rate kids movie... one where the bad guy gets defeated by a couple of 9yr olds.

First kayne offs his career and and now muskrat is going 'here... hold my beer'

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Re: Close it Down and Get Out Quick

Sean Bean... or is it pronounced Sean Bean... or even Sean Bean, maybe even Sean Bean?

Some of you right now are muttering Shorn Born, Seen Been or Seen Born in your heads... the rest are sitting there with a confused look on their faces.

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Re: "turning Twitter into a fee-speech platform"

He's never wanted 'free speech' for anyone but himself... and in his mind... 'free speech' means being able to say and do anything you want free from the consequences of your own actions.

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Re: Publicity isn't always good

Additionally... you don't try to pick a fight with a senator who's on the Communication, Media % Broadband subcommittee, the subcommittee on consumer protection, product safety and data security... and the subcommittee on space & science... oh... and to round that off... the subcommittee on surface transportation, maritime, freight and ports.

Nor should you introduce a system that allows rampant impersonation for just $8 a month that allows people to wipe 6 billion of of a pharmacuticals company, and tank the stock of a military contractor.

It's a car crash... except rather than people being warned to avoid the area because of the rubber neckers slowing down to take a look... people are driving in from all over the country because it could be a chance to witness a moment in history...

Where were you when muskrat crashed twitter... front and centre tweeting as @LockheedMartini and @NestleDeathCult

Go ahead, be rude. You don't know it now, but it will cost you $350,000

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Re: You get what you order

My golden rule for any company is simple

'The true measure of any company is what they do when the screw something up'

Ordering and delivering something is NOT good service, it's the absolute bare minimum of the consumer contract you and they entered into. It's what you have paid them to do.

When a product is damaged, or faulty or breaks within the warranty period... that's where you will find out exactly what kind of company they are.

A satisfied customer will tell perhaps a handful of people... a dissatisfied one will shout it from the rooftops, post it all across social media... and call out their bullshit.

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Re: You get what you order

The simplest way to deal with amazon is

A: Never ordered from 3rd party sellers

B: If it breaks inside the warranty and they're giving you issues... order a replacement through a friend, or alt account and then send it back as faulty.

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Re: You get what you order

Currently going through this with AA insurance here in the UK.

Bought a house, as we went round doing some basic maintenance and making sure all of the windows worked properly... cleaning the rails, hinges and lubricating them... I opened one window and the top hinge snapped.

Couldn't close the window... called the emergency help line as it's part of our insurance and an insecure window... is a problem.

They sent some one out... well... they said they would. They never bothered to turn up the first day, but did the second. So this insecure window has been open for 3 days.

He figures out what hinges are required and makes some notes, manages to pull the window partly back into the frame so it can be locked, but there's still a huge gap around the top half that letting in rain and win and leaking all of the heat out of my office.

A few days go by... I get a call from the emergency cover firm that came out... the AA are refusing to cover the cost of the hinge and replacement. It's literally a £10 part and they come in pairs.

I contact the AA... this is where the fun starts. It's 90 mins on hold to actually speak to some one and they then pass me to some one else... Another 45 mins on hold before I get hung up on.

The next day I try again... 114 mins on hold... until I realise that they've actually gone home and just left customers on the phone waiting.

I try again... 60 mins on hold and I have to hang up as my lunch is over.

I fire of a very stern complaint.

They ignore the complaint for weeks and then say they've passed it to AXA (who own the AA) and we've heard nothing since... 6-7 weeks ago.

Meanwhile I had the window repaired myself at a cost of £180

I cancelled my AA breakdown cover and told them why... I'm in the process of cancelling my AA home insurance and switching to another company... those two things alone are going to cost them over £400 over the next 12 months.

But it's actually going to cost them a lot more... because I will NEVER use them or their parent company ever again... I have a very long memory, I've boycotted companies for decades as a result of their shitty attitudes and incompetence.

Try to save themselves £180.... so far it's cost you more than twice that and over the coming years... 100X more.

I'm happy paying Twitter eight bucks a month because price isn't the same as value

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Wooooosh.... that's the sound of the sarcasm going over peoples head

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Just make the poster pay a fee to begin with... if you want to post lies it costs 100x as much as truth... Because we know Muskrat isn't going to tackle the spread of bullshit and lies on the platform... because he'd have to stop posting about 75%

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Re: Oh, we know the value.

So the person who created and paid for a fake Nintendo account that got verified pretty much immediately without being checked for authenticity... is an anomaly and isn't going to be a perfect example of why this is a shitty idea from a shitty human being who'll always shit on everyone else with no regard to any morals, ethics, or even laws.

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Most of the 'funny stuff' is lifted from comedians and other places and presented as their own idea/words... Not to say there can't be the odd bit of originality, but I've seen stuff posted on there from many comedians without any kind of attribution.

Microsoft's $69B deal to buy Activision Blizzard under investigation by EU regulators

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Consumers are more loyal to the platform than they are to the game... If you take away one of the games... the % of people who will change platforms is tiny compared to the lost sales.

Musk sells $3.95 billion in Tesla shares, paid eleven times more for Twitter

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I'm Shocked... Well, actually not shocked at all

The userbase is declining... well, if you will insist on banning everyone who hurts your feelings... I imagine there's gonna be about... (looks up Muskrats follower count) about 114k users left.

Intel's top-spec Raptor Canyon NUC can double as a 700+W space heater

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I too use my PC's as heaters

I know it's not efficient... But I have 2 systems running in my office... both churn out a fairly decent amount of warmth... and if I keep the window and door closed. It's enough to make about a 2-3ºC difference in ambient temps... Maybe a little more if I'm pushing the systems a little harder... Well, one of them if I'm doing a bit of gaming... the mediaserver is actually an underclocked and undervolted Ryzen 2600X but with 7 rather large HDD's in along with some chunky 200m noctuas and a few 140mm corsair ML fans.... no RGB lighting of course.

Seeing as they're running all day anyway, I might as well make use of the extra warmth... one system runs 24/7 the other for about 14hrs a day. The more time I spend in the office, the less time the heating needs to be on in the rest of the house.

That's kinda important at this time of year, in this current energy crisis... and just booked to have a 4kw solar system with 8kwh batteries installed in the new year.

Parody Elon Musk Twitter accounts will be suspended immediately, says Elon Musk

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Re: Free Speech!

Muskrat is not a Bond villain... they had a plan and the ability to carry that plan to fruition... they didn't rely on other people to come up with ideas and then steal them and market them as their own.

He's more like one of those B-movie type villains from a kids movie... one that's so inept he gets beaten by a couple of 9yr olds

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Re: I've managed without Twitter this far

Unless they are Eon or The AA... who I've been calling utterly incompetent for the last 6 weeks over their failure to do simple things... as well as ignoring complaints.

If Eon haven't sorted it by next week... it's getting submitted to the regulator... they're no better than thieving scum who are literally trying to steal from us after they screwed up and have admitted it was their mistake.

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Re: I've managed without Twitter this far

I always preferred resins, found them more mellow and easier to use

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Re: I've managed without Twitter this far

The last date I went on a few years ago (not the current partner) asked me ' how long I took to masturbate.

I replied between 1-2hrs.

She was shocked... and kinda speechless right up the point I finished the sentence.

'Because it can take that long to find the right bit of porn'

She didn't get the joke... and I didn't ask for a 2nd date.

I'll be honest... ease of access to internet porn has kinda ruined my enjoyment of porn.

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I used to use twatter

I think I created an account about 10-11yrs ago... used it for a few weeks. Mainly to communicate with an ex who used it as her preferred platform. But I quickly grew tired of the toxicity and stopped using it around the same time I deleted my facebook account in early 2012.

I picked it up again, briefly about 3yrs later... again to communicate with said ex... and dropped it once more shortly after.

I again picked it up in 2018... guess why?

But it was at a strange time, I was suffering from a medical condition that led to a B12 deficiency... which can have some quite severe side effects if not kept in check... and I wasn't keeping it in check having skipped my blood tests and boosters for about 7-8 months. I was also dealing with the recent high functioning autism diagnosis... and was a little odd and angry.

Basically... made an arse of myself... tried to apologise and explain but ghosted... figured the ex would never speak to me again and deleted my account entirely as she was the singular reason I used it, just to catch up and check in every few yrs.

Kinda never want to go back... but created an account recently just to tweet at a few companies who were dicking us around and ignoring complaints... looks like they ignore twitter too... So off to the regulator it is next week.

Signed up to mastadon the other day... awaiting approval as apparantly there's been a huge influx.

I also used diaspora about 4 or 5 yrs ago... but it never really appealed to me... was a bunch of displaced G+ people who didn't want to use facebook either... But as with all cliques.... power goes to a few peoples heads and you'd end up with people making complaints about posts where you simple stated 'I don't like cats'.. because some precious little fuckwit couldn't bear the thought of anyone having such a hideous opinion... but the crazy part of that story... was that I actually got a talking to from one of the mods/admins about it, she even stated I'd done nothing wrong but she wanted a chat.

I used the old Stephen Fry response to people being offended...

“It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what."

Not used it again.

The boss worked in a fishbowl, so office tricks were a treat

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Re: To be

My first job as an apprentice engineer after school... they tried a few of those on me without any success... Long weights... line manager came looking for me after I came back and said they didn't have any and then disappeared down there again 10 mins later for a cup of tea with the stores guys... when he asked what I thought I was doing... I replied... they didn't have any long weights, so I thought two short ones would do instead.

They tried 'sky hooks' and I laughed at them... then they sent me down for some Shell No 13 'pneumatic oil'... which back then... didn't exist and I only heard 'shell No 13'... apparantly they did actually use a 'Shell No 12' oil... stores took pity on me and offered a cup of tea... and that's where my line manager found me... again.

They stopped trying after that.

But when I went to another dept for a few months... they got me good. Sent me down to the other end of the huge site (about 2/3 of a mile from one end to the other) lugging a massive cart to pick up a crate... Something about '2 parstels for a 209 compressor)... I had no clue... just was told to go somewhere and pick something up and did so... I was the apprentice, I got the grunt work.

So I lugged this huge crate back on a hand cart for 2/3 of a mile... and they ask if I checked it.... 'I don;t even know what the fuck it is, how am I supposed to know if it's what you need, or in the right condition?' was my response.

Handed me a crowbar... told me to check it.

What I found.... several breeze blocks... the ones with 2 square holes in them... and a note that said '2 Post Holes for a 209 Compressor'

had to laugh at that one... they learned I wasn't easy to fool with the usual pranks and came up with something better.

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Re: Does this count?

Even these days, some people can't handle the fact that women like sex too, and will initiate things... subconscious misogyny by proxy perhaps.

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Re: Does this count?

Congrats on being judgemental without having the facts... thought I'd share the story just for you.

1: had a fling with a woman at the place I worked... I knew she 'had' been seeing some one, didn't know who, just that it had ended because he wouldn't leave his wife. It lasted a couple of weeks.

2: A couple of months later, he leaves his wife and shacks up with her.

3: he was an utter incompetent cockwomble, his only skill was creating division amongst the team to distract from how useless he was.

4: He was a liar and a cheat (not just with his wife), he altered paperwork submitted by others, removed booked holidays, was a male misandrist who seemed to hate other men and tried to promote an 18yr old with huge tits over the far more experienced person who had already been marked for the position through experience and seniority. He sabotaged job applications that people made to other depts and had complaints made against him, whilst encouraging everyone else to try and make complaints against everyone else.... for stupid things like a person eating a bag of crisps whilst waiting for a kettle to boil to make cups of tea for the team....

5: On the day I'd had enough and quit, he still tried to cause drama and made all sorts of outrageous claims so that HR in the end decided to let me leave that day, with full pay for the entire 2 month notice I gave.

6: He approached me in the foyer of the building as I was saying goodbye to some people and with the smuggest look on his face... held out his hand and wished me well... along with the 'no hard feelings' bollocks.

7: That's when I grabbed his hand very firmly... pulled him towards me a little and quietly said 'Of course not... and I'm sorry I shagged your mistress' with a huge shit eating grin on my face.

8: That's when he went purple and decided to take a swing at me... in front of witnesses.... it was barely a glancing blow to my shoulder... but damage done to himself.

9: That's when I asked the receptionist if she'd care to call the police... and I popped back upstairs to talk to HR.

10: Guess what happened to him?

11: Guess who tried to brush it off until I actually spoke to the police and guess who tried to force staff into not being a witness after they had already spoken to the police.... I guess shitty behaviour was just normal in that company.

12: Guess who tried to convince me to return to the job... taking over one of the teams... but after promoting the other shitty person who made a complaint about the one eating crisps whilst making cups of tea... into his role.

Rather than treating anyone like a 'piece of meat' as you ignorantly claimed... I'm damn fucking proud of my petty act of revenge that saw a shitty person get some karma.

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Does this count?

Would sleeping with the mistress of your utter cockwomble of a boss count as a prank?

Especially if you told them about it on the day you quit?

Because... do I have a story for you.

BOFH: I know of a small biz that could deliver nothing for a fraction of the cost

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+1 for the username... also, Mr Flibble is very angry about who's going to clean up the mess

Twitter's most valuable users are ghosting the platform

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Unless you're using a decent web browser and script/tracking/ad blocking plugins...

Also.. if you browse your own 'front page' sort by 'new' and you see none of the pushed posts/subreddit stuff at all.

CEO told to die in a car crash after firing engineers who had two full-time jobs

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Re: managed to fully automate their job and hadn't told anyone about it

I've done this a little myself... cannot and will not divulge more... but the 30hrs a week I am contracted for, takes me about 15-18hrs on average. I even make sure that I do around 5% (random figure between 2-10%) more work than I'm required to, so that they just think I'm a very hard worker who goes the extra mile.

I hardly even play games anymore... I'm too busy with bits of DIY in between bouts of work on the house we bought last month. Trying to find contractors, accepting deliveries.

I'm not taking on another job in my free time... it's MY free time and I'll enjoy it.

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Only 2?

When I was younger, and before I ever entered the world of IT employment (was just a tinkerer), I worked 5 part time jobs. All of them between 3 and 8hrs a week. I was theatre manager at a local community arts project, manager at a youth club along with music rehearsal spaces, a youth worker on 2 projects and assistant manager at a childrens after school centre (full time during holidays).

Cops swoop after crooks use wireless keyfob hack to steal cars

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Back in the later half of the 90's when I learned to drive, I had one that went over the handbrake and around the gearstick, and another that was put through the steering wheel.

Then one day, the key to the handbrake one fell of my keyring due to a crappy ring that bent or got snagged.

I could remove the steering wheel one... thankfully, It was parked close enough to my ground floor flat to be able to run an extention and get my grinder out.

Unfortunately... I lived just 200 yards from the main police station in the city... and cars would often go past the block, as well as beat officers walking past.

Cue a car passing by... stopping and backing up... and two large officers getting out to enquire what I was doing.... in a car park next to the city centre, with doors wide open, music blaring... and sparks flying out one door.

Once I'd told them, and proved ownership of said vehicle... they chuckled and let me carry on.

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Re: Progress of car security

I had a friend who'd had a new alarm system installed... remote engine start and anti car jacking and so forth.

Well... he was showing it off to us one day, and lifted the bonnet to show us some mods he'd done.

The wind blew the drivers door shut and because the anti jacking was enabled... locked the car... with his keys in the ignition.

He was 70 miles from home...

Had to call out the AA, who had a good chuckle, instered an inflatable back into the frameless window and B pillar, to create just enough of a gap to thread a hooked wire into the car to pull the door release.

I've still got the pictures of him at work with my friend looking on sheepishly... and the rest of us with huge shit eating grins on our faces.

He disabled the anti car jacking mode after that.

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Re: Progress of car security

My first car was a Vauxhall Cavalier... A 1983 1.6L that I owned around 1995.

The door handles kept breaking, as did the window winders... So I was always at the local scrap yard looking for spares.

One day the key broke... and because of a break in a few months earlier... I'd had to replace the ignition barrel... Which meant I had 2 keys, one for the doors, one for the ignition.

I tried the ignition key in the door lock, and it opened.

As a curious little bugger... I tried other items... all of them worked.

The final item I tried to unlock the car... an ice cream lollypop stick.

It worked.

Artist formerly known as Kanye reveals Parler trick: Buying the far-right haven

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Will he split the users?

Given how much racism and bigotry there is on the platform already...I wonder how the white supremacists will react to their fave platform being 'owned' by a black man.

Musk says Starlink will keep providing free service to Ukraine

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Oh look, it's a Narcissist acting like a Narcissist

Currently the worlds second biggest narcissist is having a tantrum because he got called out by the people for his whiny, pathetic, please worship me bullshit.

A quick timeline of last week....

1: Wanted to stop funding starlink for Ukraine

2: Posted poll on twitter asking people to vote on 'peace' options that included ceding territory to Putin, did not include driving Nazi Russia out of Ukraine

3: Got annoyed that people didn't vote the way he wanted them to and called him on his bullshit

4: Tweeted that it's unfair that companies get billions in subsidies and tax breaks and that spacex has to fund starlink for Ukraine... whilst his companies like SpaceX and Tesla get billions in subsidies and tax breaks.

5: Finally had enough of people calling him out and hurting his fragile ego

6: Decides he is going to carry on funding starlink for Ukraine and desperately posts for attention

7: Waits to see if people will start loving him again instead of despising him for the toxic, waste of air that he is

Meanwhile... the BBC is about to start airing some kind of Muskrat propaganda program worshipping the ground he walks on... instead of doing an expose on him.

Nvidia admits mistake, 'unlaunches' 12GB RTX 4080

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Called it a 4070... I may have been wrong

I've been calling it a 4070 ever since the announcement... but there's actually an argument that it's a 4060 really.

When you look at things like the CUDA core count... the 12GB 4080 had 46% of cores as the 4090.... so did the 3060 compared to the 3090. The 3070 actually had more like 58% of the cuda cores against the 3090.

It'll be back shortly... as a 4070, they'll probably knock $100 of the MSRP which is suicide for a xx70 class card at $799... and leaves such a massive gap between the xx70 & xx80 class... that I can't see how they'll maintain the price of the higher cards now.

Massive blunder on their part... such greed and short-sightedness has led them down this path... they still think there's a shortage and a cryptoboom... or are banking on another one coming along shortly.

Time for AMD to shine and not try to jack up their prices... if they can compete with RDNA3 within 5% on average of the 40 series... at a similar price to their last gen... they can do to nvidia what they've been doing to intel.

As for intel... they're targeting that lower to mid range market... sure they're not competing with nvidia at all except on price... and if you're interested in playing older games.... not worth it. But if you want to make use of AV1 encoding/decoding... right now, an ARC GPU even as a secondary card to compliment your existing one... could be the right call to make and save a lot of money.

Uber, Lyft stock decimated as US aims to classify gig workers as staff

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Re: Lot of AC posting going on here.

Maybe they finally got that single brain cell hooked up to a blockchain, and can finally share the 'load' instead of waiting for their turn to use it.

The Dogs Meevonks Silver badge


They plan to feast on the carcasses of the poverty stricken that will die because of their delusions of grandeur.

The Dogs Meevonks Silver badge

100% Agree

It's time the 'gig economy' was eradicated entirely, along with 'zero hrs' contracts... they only exist to punish those most desperate for an income, by denying them their rights and a living wage.

Back in the 90's, I worked 5 part time jobs in my late teens and twenties... didn't earn a huge amount of money and probably still only worked an average of 30-35hrs a week... But I had better rights then than these people do now... and I probably earned more too.

The new GPU world order is beginning to take shape

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Picked up a 6900XT back in June for £785 and then sold my 5700XT for £150 to a friend (£100 below avg prices at the time)... So a 6900XT for £635 was a great deal... I got it from Amazon warehouse deals and the only issue was a slightly damaged open box... Contents were mint and unopened.

Sure, if I'd waited I could have saved some more money... But I'd already been waiting nearly 2yrs to replace the old card that I got for less £80 than MSRP new... and that was fine for 1080p 100fps gaming, but I now had a 165hx 1440p HDR monitor... and wanted to push it further.

Tried raytracing and wasn't hugely impressed... Far more impressed with FSR 2.0 and am using it on almost every game now... 1080p to 1440p, maxing out settings and getting well over 100fps on every new game released in the last year that I've tried... and maxing out monitor in a lot more.

Happy with the purchase... and it cost a lot less than a 4070... sorry... shitty 4080 will

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It's worth considering a budget ARC GPU as a secondary card just for the onboard AVI encoding/decoding as even the lowest spec cards have it.

it's locked behind the 40xx series paywall on nVidia cards... no idea about AMD as yet.

So if you are any kind of content creator, streamer and any related fields that require excellent hardware encoding/decoding abilities... It makes far better sense to go ARC and keep an existing card than it does to fork out for anything from nVidia anymore.

PayPal decides fining people $2,500 for 'misinformation' wasn't a great idea

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Stopped using Paypal years ago after they allowed fraud

Used to use paypal a lot, especially for buying things from overseas so as not to give out CC information.

Had lots of items that failed to ever show up, and had refunds from all of them...

Then I made the mistake of ordering something a little larger and more expensive from ali-express.... arrived missing a load of parts. Seller refused to respond. Ali-express dealt with the issue by ordering the seller to refund me... seller ignored them.

Submitted to paypal, provided all of the info from ali-express proving they found in my favour... Paypal instead listened to the lies of the seller and found in their favour.

I ended up doing a chargeback through my bank to recover the funds... paypal put my account into a -£££ state and suspend it... Start making demands of the money... I tell them to shove it.

Not heard from them since, refuse to use paypal ever again... and once I make a stand like that on something. I never back down. I still hold grudges against companies from 20yrs ago and will never give them a penny of my money ever again... nVidia, Bensons for Beds, Ebuyer, EA, Ubisoft to name just a few.... all of them are worthless companies... and because of their shitty attitudes and basic failures to deal with problems they caused... It's cost them 100 times more in lost sales than it would have if they just fixed their fuck ups.

Currently having to deal with Eon and AA Insurance over basic uselessness and ineptitude... Eon have basically stolen over £800 from us, complaint filed and currently being ignored. Whilst the AA are failing to fix an emergency repair that they agreed to fix, sent out an engineer to secure and are now failing to authorise the actual repair and they can't even answer a phone... Seriously... I spent 80 mins on hold to them just yesterday and they fuckers went home and left me on hold... 3.55hrs on hold so far and I've spoken to 2 people and one of those for about 30 seconds who 'transferred' me to some one else who never picked up.

But hey... at least they 'have' a number you can call... unlike paypal who make it even more impossible to deal with issues.

Fuck em... fuck em all.

Consolidation looms for UK broadband providers

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Still waiting here

My house I sold 6 months ago, wasn't due to get FTTP until at least 2026, it did have virgin but their service was atrocious and when I was on a 100Mb service, it was as low as 172Kb and the average was about 18Mb... (not a typo) due to their oversubscribing pipes and actively degrading the service of anyone who 'dared' to use a VPN. I ended up getting out of that contract early without penalty as well as having refunds.

Moved back in with family for a while, and they do have FTTP in their road... but not worth signing up for a new contract for 6 months, as we are literally moving again in 2 days... Movers packing the house tomorrow.

New house is still only FTTC but at least close enough to get close to the upper limit with a guaranteed 59Mb limit from the ISP... Openreach claim FTTP is coming in 2025 to that street.

Also... everything is moving to VOIP... no one is actually doing landlines at all anymore... and if you don;t have a mobile, or live anywhere with a decent signal... or have any kind of medical device that communicates over a landline. They simply won't offer you a service at all.

I'd love a gigabit connection... I'm wiring the new house with cat6 to all bedrooms and lounge at the same time as running new aerial cabling, and getting a new switch with 2.5Gb as my server and main rig have onboard 2.5... streaming from my mediaserver around the house is an issue if I have to use wifi from the server, to the access point and then out over wifi to devices... it just gets swamped streaming 4k media at far higher bitrates than anything any streaming service offers.... 10x better in most cases... hence the need for 2.5Gb

Billionaire CEO tells Googlers 'we shouldn’t always equate fun with money'

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Man with too much money fails to understand money

I'm always amused when some rich twonk, tries to tell those without excessive amounts of money that it's not the answer to everything.

They're right... money cannot buy happiness... it just buys you access to the things that can make you happy... It buys you time to pursue your passions, it makes those passions affordable.

It can't buy you a happy marriage... can it... ole musky... can it Bezos the clown...

In short... fuck these arseclowns and their utter failure to understand their privileged elitism.

Amazon accused of singling out, harassing union organizers

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Re: The Commons

I think you're in a massage parlour, not an amazon warehouse

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Re: In todays headlines..

I'll get my coat... I grabbed yours too. :)

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Re: In todays headlines..

Here's the first one I found from the economic policy institute,,, literally the first item at the top of the search page.


A quick breakdown.... in case you don't want to read... or can't read... or can read and can't comprehend.

Unionised workers (across all spectrums) earn on avg 11.2% more than non union workers.

Black unionised workers earn on avg 13.7% more than non union ones.

Hispanic unionised workers earn 20.1% more than non union ones.

White unionised workers earn on avg 8.1% more than non union ones (because they're already paid more than POC due to the inherent bias and racism in society as a whole)

94%% of unionised workers have better access to employer sponsored healthcare

91% of unionised workers have access to paid sick leave compared to 73%% of non union workers.

But sure... you keep spouting your anti union bull... you're either ignorant of the facts or a shill for some company trying to stop people standing up for themselves... or a basic white male who doesn't understand that he's already in a position of privilege vs his non white co-workers.

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Re: In todays headlines..

Found the Amazon employee, or at the least the person who's swallowed the anti uinion garbage hook, line, sinker, rod and copy of angling times.

On average, unionised workers earn up to 15% more than non union workers do. They have better benefits and working conditions.

This costs a measly portion of that extra pay... say about 1% of it.

But you carry on believing the lies that companies try to spread, they don't want workers to have rights, they don't workers to have better pay, or breaks, or health plans... it affects the billions of dollars in profits they earn every year. They'll lie, cheat, steal and do anything to intimidate gullible works into believing that only they know what's best for their slaves... I mean employees... and what they want is... literal slaves.