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You've heard of the cost-of-living crisis, now get ready for the cost-of-working crisis


noticed a few things here about letting employer pay for heating in the office ............

I work nights, few on few off, the office is over hours commute away, the office owners power heating OFF at each day around 17:30, the 000's of users are all gone, and for nights is literally just a handful of people in the entire place

at weekends - we cover them based on our rota - heating is off from 17:30 Friday to 05:30 Monday

SO to summarise, I drive to work, it USED to cost around £200 pound to do the 4 blocks, allowing a bit to get to shops etc

NOW it costs me almost £400 to do the same miles :O

overview on pay, I USED to have around £400 after paying bills to pay £200 fuel - £200 food - £200 credit card - and yes, that is correct, I had to pay to CC and then take it all back to keep myself fed :(

NOW - energy for my TINY little house has gone from £120 PCM to over £250 PCM

I have NO idea how I will be able to get to work should they demand we go back in. I am at an age where retirement is in the not-too-distant future, when my savings over 50 years' work will be put to use, sadly already massacred to help me out NOW :(

TL/DR - PRE C19, I was in office, we didn't know better

and TBH, I HATED WFH when it started, had to re arrange the entire house to suit it, but NOW, will not go back to OFFICE work ever, IF they insist, I am leaving, I may still need to go into an office, but it WILL be closer, it WILL be on a contract for a decent, or at least better rate, and I will await retirement with equal amounts of joy and trepidation :(

should have added - and of course there has been ZERO wage rise to accommodate the new prices :(

FCC floats 'five-year rule' for hoovering up space junk


quick overview on whether this will become the new reality :-

Will it cost the launch teams / owners MORE $$$

if YES - then the odds of it being taken up are slim

if NO - then the odds of it being taken up are slim

the reality is that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

applies up there as much as down here

and even though we are talking about stuff that IS actually broken, safe to say, if it adds to costs, it will stay as is :o(

Xcel smart thermostat users lose their cool after power company locks them out


Re: Wait, what?

Quick n DIRTY way to convert deg F to Deg C

take the temp in F - say 86

take away 30 = 56

now half that 56/2 = 28 C

it is NOT exact, but it IS close enough, and easy to recall

and yes, it works in reverse

28 x 2 = 56 + 30 = 86

NASA selects 'full force' for probe into UFOs


Re: "no other agency is trusted as much by the public as us"

working for peanuts eh ?


I rest my case


Re: 100k a year?

shh, it's a secret

it'll be done off book, all black

you don't really think they pay $32 000 for a hammer do you :o)

gotta save some $$ somewhere for when they are really required


Re: assistant deputy associate administrator for research

Librarians flunky ?

I have had a word with the librarian, he wasn't too happy with all of this palaver, and is a little bit put off really, saying he is more than capable of doing what is necessary without assistance.

actually, he said OOK, but, you get the gist :o)

That was fast: MetaGuard emerges as an 'incognito mode' for the metaverse


Blimey, when they offered you the RED or BLUE pill, did you go all XKCD on their ass ? :o)



" As a bonus I won't have to put up with motion sickness, wearing heavy goggles or being molested by teen pervs. "

Wait, what ! .....

err, exactly HOW heavy are these goggles, and how bad is the motion sickness likely to be ?

asking for a friend obs :o)

Nuclear power is the climate superhero too nervous to wear its cape


Re: Volcanoes ?

and then it 'subducts' the waste straight into a volcano and spews all the sh1t right back at us :o)

and yea, fast in geological terms is still glacial in the speed section


lots of viewpoints here, mainly PRO Nukes, so go us :o)

have worked in Nuclear industry, at a very LOW level of responsibility, and safety has ALWAYS been the #1 thing they are always bashing an about, it has to be said, that some energy producing types are NOT so careful with their waste / process / personnel

it is 'just' going to need that ONE invention that will help to propel nuclear into the forefront of energy production, AND help to give it a much needed fillip in the positive news story too

in that vein, I give you the TITSUP for Nuclear :o)

T - he

I - nvention

T - hat

S - aves

U - ranium

P - ower

Wave of corruption claims crash into China's chip Big Fund


colour me surprised, that people, when presented with almost unlimited amounts of money, cannot keep their hands off the pile ffs

nothing particularly special or different about this, a story as old as money itself really :o(

maybe our only real hope is the one we see in most Sci Fi feature films / series, where the citizens all function / work WITHOUT money ?

it could work, SHOULD work, we used to be a collective society, and we would give of our labour for a share of the bounty as it were

or, we would arrange to swap goods which we had determined to be of equal value ?

but who am I kidding, whilst we have billionaires around, they awill never allow such a thing, imagine the problems THEY would have if we could ALL get the same service ?

starting to get maudlin now ffs, maybe go watch some Star Trek to cheer me up :o)

This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15


Re: We've Probably All Come Across This

you are Sir Terry Pratchett, and I claim my £5 :o)

Don't dive head first into that crypto pool, FBI warns


I used to think that the old maxim of "there's one born every minute" was a tad harsh, seems possible it was actually WELL under the actual head count ffs :o(

but the other maxim of a fool and his money, still holds true :o(

Big Tech bosses call for computer science to be taught in all US schools


naïvely, I would have hoped we would already be teaching this as a basic subject, along with the three R's Reading Writing Arithmetic

but no, we have PC's EVERYWHERE today, they are a part of everything we do and touch, and it still isn't a core subject

shame on us really :o(

Wash your mouth out with shape-shifting metal


Engineers have developed a way to electromagnetically control iron oxide nanoparticles to clean plaque on human teeth................

now that's a bit of a mouthful

I'm still contemplating going over to charcoal 'enhanced' paste

Totaled Tesla goes up in flames three weeks after crash


sadly India disagrees :o(



further to this

India has had a disaster of this issue already

100 EV's caught fire in a charging area in Delhi

although their local Fire Dept say it is already under control ...........................



seem to recall that for EV's the 'agreed' solution was for scrapyards to have a skip / container of sufficient size available that was filled with water and said burning car could be dropped in there and left for a week or three

same goes for firefighters, they attend the fire, and once under control - for a set amount of control - remove / recover the vehicle to a scrapyard that has the container available for use

again, this is only going to get worse as more and more EV's are on the roads, we need to sort a 'universal' fix for this issue before we got to the scenario of a traffic jam of cars going up in a wildfire, so firefighters will have other worries, and scrappers will only have the one 'dock' to drop the car into ?

Crypto market crashes on Celsius freeze, inflation news


Re: Tulip bulbs

I do believe he said you were to INGEST single malt, a FAR better way to do it :o)

Woman accused of killing boyfriend after tracking him down with Apple AirTag


we are used to seeing / hearing how people can make certain things do as they wish, with a bit of 'persuasion'

but for the Air Tag, it appears that the ability to use it for nefarious purposes are hard baked right in there :o(

maybe Apple WILL get some court cases brought against it, and maybe they DO deserve to be held accountable

but that was one particularly spiteful female, who really does deserve some serious alone time in jail

Google offers $118m to settle gender discrimination lawsuit


We are absolutely committed to paying, hiring and leveling all employees fairly and equally

hmmmmmmmmm - of course you are, and that's why you just paid out over $100 000 000 to get this to go away

IBM finally shutters Russian operations, lays off staff


TBH, surprised they were still there in any fashion, but good for them to maintain pay for their employees for as long as they have, no matter how the war in Ukraine turns out, Russia will NEVER be a world player in my lifetime, they seem to have screwed the pooch on this good style

it may NOT be the ordinary Russian people who are to blame, but they are the ones who will bear the brunt

and also, sadly, it seems more and more that there are those in the populace who not only believe the stories they are fed, but are actively encouraging their offspring to do as they wish whilst they are in Ukraine :o(

sad times all round

Original killer PC spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 now runs on Linux natively


What Ormandy has managed to do is to build a tool to convert this ancient COFF-format object file into Linux's ELF format. He has called the tool coffsyrup

COFFSYRUP :o) - something tells me that this particular genius of the ancient software is a repressed copy writer, and once he saw COFF format, he went ALL IN

Elon Musk flogs $8.4bn of Tesla shares amid Twitter offer drama


Re: Irony

errr, that particular brand of fuck wittery was the preserve of the far right cretins

even going so far, in one instance, as to demand that a native American Indian 'went back to where they belonged'

obviously this one was based IN the USofA :o)


Re: Irony

obligatory Terry Pratchett quote needs to be marked up as such, you knows the rules :o)

“Ankh-Morpork had dallied with many forms of government and had ended up with that form of democracy known as One Man, One Vote. The Patrician was the Man; he had the Vote.”

Facebook's Meta, tracking code, and the student financial aid website



FaceBook / Meta whatever, are STILL up to their old tricks of slurping up ALL data no matter what, EVEN, in this instance, if there is no discernible use for it, because it MIGHT be useful in the future ......................

colour me surprised that the biggest thieves of data are still stealing data

it appears that any form of a fiscal penalty is pointless, as FB does make a fair amount of money from this, and ANY fine is merely the work of a few MINUTES to cover ...........

so yea, maybe @Pascal Monett has a point, and they really DO require a damn good thrashing

can't hurt, well, not US anyway, might even help to focus their minds too

Elon Musk set to buy Twitter in $44b deal, promises stuff


the Musky one HAS said he sees the Twitter future as one where you PAY to be a part of it ...........

if, as you state, it LOST $5 BILLION last year

and, it has 300 MILLION users, then at approx $3 per user per annum will generate $1 BILLION income, so say he ups that to around the $20 per YEAR / annum, it will now cover costs, but only costs as they stand NOW, who knows what else he has in mind, and whether they will ever bear fruit

personally, I believe he will just feck around with it, money means nothing to him, he has more than anyone ever in the history of mankind ffs

he offered to solve WORLD hunger if the UN could provide detailed plan of how they would achieve that, the UN provided said plans, the Musky one did NOT give the $$, and that was at a far lower cost of IIRC $25 BILLION

I DO use Twitter, small account few 000's of followers, but as a free toy, it is there to play with, if it goes to a pay to use, bearing in mind that this would be the FIRST major social site to do so, you would really need to examine if you wish to pay, even a nominal sum, just to play ?

also wondering about how he would actually go about implementing his idea of 'Free Speech' ?

will he go the 4CHAN route with all the goodness THAT option provided us with over the years

or does he envision a return to the great FLAME wars of IRC of yore ?

for me though, the temptation would be to remain, mainly so I can call him a cnut on a daily basis, because, you know, freedom of speech

Twitter faces existential threat from world's richest techbro


Re: Do what?

and as always there is XKCD .............

and as always, I forget to attach the bloody link FML :o)



Re: Do what?

Twitter did not censor tRump, he broke the rules, he signed up and accepted the TOS, and then blatantly ignored them, Free Speech is there to stop GOVERNMENT from blocking your point of view, Twitter is a PRIVATE Co, they set their rules, you follow them, you remain on their servers.

to watch him implode once he was denied access to 'his' service was amusing, but the reality IS that as a PRIVATE Co, Twitter followed their own rules, and, like so many others before him, it removed them for the site.

At what point WOULD you think to remove him then ?

how bad would it have to get ?

he actively planned to subvert the democratic process, to try and remain in power, where he only appeared to be looking for love from those much richer than he is, looking at a several TRILLION $ tax break to MILLIONAIRES - so yea, tell me again how he was censored, he always has 'Truth' Social doesn't he ?

and as always, there is XKCD to check to get a proper understanding of the issue

Google funds first sub cable to cross Pacific from Japan to Canada


" the cable will have a total capacity of 240 terabits per second. "

yet in MY part of the world, and I am also near to the exchange ffs, I am 'lucky' to get 20Mbps ..........................

Microsoft datacenter to heat homes in Finland


it's Finland

their idea of Summer, is still a touch cooler than our winter

but at least it is a step, admittedly a small one, but one step anyway, imagine ANY Co doing this 20 years ago ..................

China launches test satellites for orbiting broadband service


kind of hard to get the extension leads up to that altitude IIRC :o)

Amazon Alexa can be hijacked via commands from own speaker


Re: Only one valid command

wasn't there an unveiling of the first voice activated PC back in the day, the crowd assembled in the auditorium, the PC was set up and shown to the throng, and before anyone could say anything else - FORMAT C - came out of the ether, and before they could assess WTF was happening, someone else shouted - YES - and the whole shebang came to an inglorious halt

I remember those days with a smile, life really was so much simpler then

IT advice fuelled by beer is the best IT advice of all, right?


Re: Full Story?

of the Pointy Headed type naturally

Concern over growing reach of proprietary firmware BLOBs


now Moore's law that the PC would double in power every 18 months is well established

but is there a corollary from that to use that would be along the lines of - as the power of the PC doubles, the complexity and number of levels of control will also increase, doubled if you are lucky ? :o(

I REALLY miss my little old 486dx2 66MHz beast, and almost getting nostalgic for Windows 3.1 as well ffs, even though I swapped it for W95 without so much as a backwards glance :o)

ARPANET pioneer Jack Haverty says the internet was never finished


OF COURSE it will work great with pregnant sheep, it's TUPPERWARE ..............


not sorry

I'll get me coat :o)

Comparing the descendants of Mandrake and Mandriva Linux


Mandrake and Mandriva

Bit of a wander down memory lane here :o)

first attempt at installing Linux many years back, did NOT go well ffs LOL

fell away for a while, until I finally got Ubuntu to load, and managed to post on an IT forum that I WAS AN IT GOD :o)

but was actually checking through my old system discs, as I no longer 'need' them, still 'want' them though, and was just fondling the Mandrake CD, wondering if I have any spare space to actually try and load the swine up, and make it do my bidding

probably not, to either, no space, and quite possibly no chance of making it work either LOL

Mandrake Soft 9.2 as it happens, and FECK ME, I have CD 2, but not the first one, all these years of holding onto it JUST IN CASE LOL

Facebook exposes 'god mode' token that could siphon data


Re: Simple Solution

may work for us, that is, we the people inside the game, but for THEM ...........

where the latest update is not even known, let alone understood, it just sort of happened, I didn't do nuffin .....

so yea, WE may be able to find other avenues to explore and keep ourselves both busy AND productive, but there is a VAST unwashed army out there to whom FB accessed via Chrome is THE WAY

Gawd, I'm getting old

bring back IE6 ffs

at least then EVERYONE could experience the experience LOL

Users sound off as new Google Workspace for Education storage limits near


I have one of those Google phones :o)

and my pictures get pulled to their servers, and I cannot find a way to drag ALL of them off, and load them to my own home storage. I do NOT wish to do them one at a feckin time ffs. Maybe hoping some here will know what buttons to push ?

any or anyones buttons tbh :o)

but back to the issue in hand, and I agree, no one was ever going to offer unlimited for ever ......

and why TF are universities trying to do it as a one off plan ?

do it the proper way, hybrid, put it all on local resources, have local admin, so you can go shout shouty stuff at them when things don't work as you thought it should .......

and then drop the essential* stuff, onto cloud in a backup / recovery option

*essential by definition may vary dependant on which side of the tech business you are form

Google's DeepMind says its AI coding bot is 'competitive' with humans


Did anyone else notice ..........

Designing an appropriate algorithm, along the lines of the TRANSFORMER-based architectures :EEK:

so THAT'S where they came from

and, even after reading from coders saying this is a good thing to remove the worst and automate the low level stuff, I REALLY can't help but think that ALL the bad Sci-Fi end of the world / mechanical overlord movies HAD to have started somewhere, and may, just maybe this was that first step ....................

You geeks have inherited the Earth, but what are you going to do with it?


Re: What do we do? More or less what today's lords demand from us

maybe more of a Disc Worlder methinks :o)

obligatory Terry Pratchett reference, to be used whenever

Test this new Linux kernel – but don’t forget Christmas or that you have a family, says Linus Torvalds


Not been a Penguinista for a few years now, I work with Windows, and have MS at home too, so my only concession is a laptop dual booting with Kali and Mint, but that being said, there is STILL that little tingle down the neck, knowing the next RC is about to drop, and I have NO idea why ffs :o)

I am NO Linux Guru, nor even a Windows one truth be told, but it's just nice to hear the 'alternative' OS is still alive and kicking, long may it do so

Newly discovered millipede earns its name by being the first to walk on one thousand legs


found in Oz, quele surprise ffs

discovered the millipede 60 metres underground in the Eastern Goldfields Province of south and central-eastern Australia.

will they ever find something cuddly and sweet down there, and DON'T bring the glory of Kylie into this :o)

OR them bloody koalas

Sun sets on superjumbo: Last Airbus A380 rolls off the production line


Re: They only made 251 ?

T - rust

I - ts

T - urning

S - wiftly

U - nder

P - ower

East Londoners nicked under Computer Misuse Act after NHS vaccine passport app sprouted clump of fake entries


and the integrity of the NHS systems remains robust

err, I have nothing

apart from an extended TITSUP AND DOWN

T - he

I - ntegrity

T - hat

S - ystems

U - sually

P - refer

A - nd

N - eed

D - oes

D - epend

O - n

W - eak

N - etworks

Server errors plague app used by Tesla drivers to unlock their MuskMobiles



could be just me, BUT

do we REALLY need our CAR ffs, to be calling home for EVERYTHING ?

and does the Musky one REALLY need all that data ?

got to say, for ME, I prefer the old style, key / fob access, and NO data leak worries

but as we all know nowadays, if there's data, someone will want it, and monetize it, won't be that long before it gets weaponized, and I DON'T mean blowing us to bits, it just needs to deny access / deny usage / deny us what is ours, and possibly use the data to cause issues further down the line

we already got FB, sorry, mean META :o) with their loose ideas of morality and safekeeping

why can't we just have a car, that does what cars do, gets us from A to B ?

or is that just too much to ask ? :o(

AWS still growing like a weed but Amazon's retail empire hit by soaring labour, supply chain costs


SO, COVID DOES have a Silver lining :o)

it really started to impact our operations and cost structure in Q3.

It has led to wage increases and sign-on incentives, as companies compete for workers

they are equating improved wages, and conditions as a BAD thing ffs

the sooner we get around to controlling these behemoths, the better .....

and I AM aware that 'controlling' may well make things worse, but right now, the way they behave is completely wrong :o(

Chinese developers rebel against long working hours with crowdsourced tell-all on employers


But China is not a workers' paradise

It is going to take a generation or three to get to the levels of 'freedom' we in the west take for granted

China wants it all, and until recently they had the chance to get there, but increased production, goes hand in hand with increased awareness, so making it harder for the CCP to keep things like what the west are doing FOR their workforce a secret, it WILL change, just don't expect to see anything really dramatic until this generation of leaders is dead and buried, and a newer, younger, more 'aware' leadership take their place, China is a massive market, all on its own, but it is NOT large enough to maintain anything like a market leading profile on that market alone.

They HAVE to sort out the conundrum of the disparity of the present, if they have any chance of being relevant in the future.

And yes, I AM aware we are not always the best example to point to, but we DO have some freedoms we take for granted, that China's workforce WILL desire / require

User locked out of Microsoft account by MFA bug, complains of customer-hostile support


Re: A genuine IT Professional would ...

T he



S upporting

U s

P rofessionals

worth a punt, we always need a good old TITSUP in a thread :o)

Windows 11 in detail: Incremental upgrade spoilt by onerous system requirements and usability mis-steps


MS 11 = ?

and again, not ONE sign of a good old fashioned TITSUP, so let me make the thread better :o)


I s

T he

S ystem

U sers

P refer

I, for one, do not go along with the every other release a dud, no matter HOW close the curve lies to the apparent truth, but again, I, for one, was happy with W10, no, seriously, stop tittering at the back, it worked, it is basically as easy to get around from a 2nd 3rd line perspective as everything since 2k / XP and I also believed the bollox given out that MS would never release a new OS, just release 'upgrades' as and when needed / necessary

not sure if I will get W11 just yet, but if it's available as a FREE 'upgrade' may well be enticed in :o)



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