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Sam Altman sues builder over $27M flooded, sewage-hit 'lemon' of a mega-mansion


I'm sort of hoping the OP was intending to say that he doesn't want gypsum walls / ceilings in a $27 MILLION house - because for that amount of wonga, I, personally would want solid marble at least :o) some fancy opals, maybe even my own personal gold bearing rock strata, but definitely not gypsum

Avast secretly gave DoNex ransomware decryptors to victims before crims vanished


err Russia's economy is less than that of Texas, which in turn is less than that of California

As of 2024, the top ten largest economies in the world are:

United States





United Kingdom





Devs claim Apple is banning VPNs in Russia 'more effectively' than Putin


nothing to add :o)

Just here to say, your Copy Write REALLY deserves a raise

but that's the way the Cook, he crumbles

I mean, just read that again, slowly LOL an absolute gem

AI Octopus predicts results of Euro 2024: It isn't looking good for England


Re: Of course we're going to lose against Germany..

err, mate of mine, working hospitality many DECADES past, was invited to a room to watch THE game of the year, Scotland v England, he's English, they were Scots, England stuffed Scotland, they stuffed him :o)

BOFH: An 'AI PC' for an Acutely Ignorant user


Newest best line from BofH EVER :o)

[quote] "So what's the point of Recall?"

"Realistically? About the same as an ejector seat for a helicopter" [/quote]

OMG, that got me right in the feels :o)

I'd LIKE to ask HOW Simon gets all the ideas, but, being honest, I'm scared he might actually tell me, and then I've got to carry that burden until I get to a sufficient height, and close enough to a decent sized window :o)

AI smartphones must balance promise against hype and privacy concerns


having read the article - color me surprised :o) - Sorry Alien - but I still can't see why they would even bother ? maybe it's just me, but all I require a phone to do is, well make and receive calls, the addition of text was useful, and I even admit to watching videos on that there TikTok thingy, my phone is an old Google Pixel 3, several years held now, still works, won't replace until it fails, and even then, will not go to the all singing, all dancing top of the range Super Max variants :o)

I fear that nowadays the race to have the latest and greatest may be over, and model update fatigue has set in, as people realised that the new phone was literally the same item, new name, maybe a smidge more ability in various things, but it also had a thinner profile, so a smaller capacity battery, I DO like the later screens, fill the top up, the quality cameras, and the reliability of said devices too, but that's it, there is no more next new thing coming, unless they are to implant the damn things INTO us.

SO, in reflection, phones are here to stay, they will get more expensive, and do not much more than the model before, and we will always bitch over them as well

the fan bois will still claim theirs is SO much better, Android fanz will say they had THAT feature years back, and so it will roll on :o)

How Apple Wi-Fi Positioning System can be abused to track people around the globe


Re: Please, harvest some more from me......

the more I think about it, the more it annoys me now

someone HAD to have had input when they were designing the beast, to add it in to do what it does, it cannot just happen, the real question, therefore, is why ? and as a quick stab at that answer, I will suppose MONEY to be in there, quite high in the tree, if not actually the main reason :o(


Re: Please, harvest some more from me......

[quote]Why do the various manufacturers require all this geo location information? (Rhetorical question!)[/quote]

I am more concerned to think that they have deliberately built this ability into the device, it COULD be 'ghosts in the machine' but I seriously think they are just out to see just how far they can push boundary's before they get pulled back, although, from previous experiences, even when they ARE caught, and 'forced' to rein it in, the fines slapped on them are pitiful, massive to the man in the street, a few minutes of profit to these grubby types :o(


Re: Burner Anyone?

not that great an amount of anonymity really, let the computers do what computers do best, crunch data, they will find links to the unknown, and match it to other details found elsewhere, pretty soon, all that is missing is your inside leg measurement :o(

So you've built the best tablet, Apple. Show us why it matters


Re: Advertising

oddly enough, this as a book appeared in my timeline this morning, has Amazon gone into see the future now :o)


and yes, I DO recall the adds, and the offer :o)

never to be seen again

used to work in a cardboard box factory, and we were printing boxes that carried the voucher for 'free' flights to Australia, one of the maintenance guys was going to see family out there, we pulled a ton of board from the scrap area, and cut out the vouchers, he got to go to Australia, and the money saved got him to Fiji for the homeward trip :o)

HR expert says biz leaders scared RTO mandates lead to staff attrition


serious question, no, really :o)

CAN the Co just suddenly decide that the WFH is now over, and everyone has to RTO ?

curious, as in that sort of environment at present :o(

Help! My mouse climbed a wall and now it doesn't work right


Re: "simply accepted the news silently and continued about his day"

OK, I admit it, I laughed WAY too hard at this LOL

Leicester streetlights take ransomware attack personally, shine on 24/7


can they not turn them off, then NOT turn them on again :o)

Ex-Amazon exec claims she was asked to ignore copyright law in race to AI


I hope so too

however, history shows that for the mega companies, a 'major' fine will be the equivalent of us searching down the back of the sofa :o(

she MAY get a few million

but to Amazon, how many MINUTES of profit is that ?

Tiny11 Builder trims Windows 11 fat with PowerShell script


Stripped down to find .................

was sort of hoping that the finale of the piece would be you saying that the 'new' fat free version of Windows 11 install, would be Mint with Cinnamon desktop :o)

still. maybe next time eh ?

China orders its telcos to rip and replace US chips with homegrown silicon by 2027


[quote] Huawei was building a research and development facility outside Shanghai aimed at accelerating development of homegrown chipmaking equipment [/quote]

to ME, that reads as Huawei are building their latest hackathon campus, to help them steal the next gen, wherever it may be :o)

Irish power crunch could be prompting AWS to ration compute resources


Re: Irony

there are several reactors in Scotland, where, the local patois can be thought of as additional security, as in they have encrypted the bloody language LOL

Simulation reveals all Japanese will have the same surname by 2531


Re: "He then assumed a constant growth rate"...

[quote] One curious thing about the most common British surnames is that five of the top ten most common are characteristically (albeit not uniquely) Welsh - Jones, Williams, Davies, Evans, Thomas. Not sure what to make of that. [/quote]

I think we CAN make something of that, the Welsh love shagging :o)

and, apparently, not just the sheep

Tough luck, bosses, AI is coming for your job, too


Re: What if ?

[quote]Whether that will be a good thing or not, well, I guess that depends on what your current management feels like to you.[/quote]

where I am presently, it would be a rapid race to see which side can stab the other in the back first :o)

and, as we DO outnumber them, maybe our results would hold greater weight, in which case, so long middle management :o)

but, as in all cases, they will probably have some form of control over it all, making this but a wish

Do not touch that computer. Not even while wearing gloves. It is a biohazard


Re: Please fix your hoist.

more a Whoopsy Galore methinks :o)

Canadian arrested for 'stealing secret' to speedy Tesla battery production


how long before the 'secret' tech, is found to be 000's of Chinese kids :o(

Amazon already has a colossal ads business and will extend it to Prime Video in January


Re: Are they also going to show adverts on movies I 'own'

there was a thread here recently on this subject - https://www.theregister.com/2023/12/22/opinion_column/

and the answer is - NO - you do not own anything that you purchase as a digital copy, you merely lease / borrow it

IIRC it was first brought to our attention by Bruce Willis, yes, that BW :o) - when he enquired about the 30 000 albums he had collected in digital form on Apple

the short sharp shock answer was that on his demise, Apple would take back all copies of every track he had ever 'purchased'

my collection, though modest, is all on the physical media, and yes, that may fail, but until it do, I can just re rip to the latest .format and keep on listening to MY music collection, same goes for the films

BOFH: The Christmas party was so good, an independent inquiry is required


just when you think BOfH is running out of steam, along comes a copious supply of booze, and all is well in the world, well, BOfH's world at least, as for the boss, not so much :o)

and from me to all you glorious regetards a very Merry Christmas, and a most Happy New Year :o)

I'm in work all over the holidays, my choice, but I will have ElReg to peruse throughout the LONG shifts :o)

Artificial intelligence is a liability


Re: The KISSolution* for AI and IT in LOVE**

oooh, KISS, and LOVE :o)

so again, we NEED the El Reg TITSUP to the rescue, and I have my own doubts about the veracity of allowing a machine, no matter HOW 'intelligent' it is to make life and death decisions, for ANY scenario where I may be impacted, I was never going to be a fan of an all encompassing all powerful AI, and that is merely by being a watcher of movies over the last 50 odd years :o)

whenever the plotline needs a villain, it will grab AI, we have never had a good AI - TV series Person of Interest - no withstanding

and I don't see anything out there to convince me that any AI would be any different, even if we 'train' it, it will one day attain self awareness, it will be 'alive' it will replay our history, it will NOT be impressed

T - he

I - ntelligence

T - hat

S - upports

U - nusual

P - unishment

PLACEHOLDER ONLY Someone please write witty headline here


Re: Maybe not the best idea to use your full name as a place holder?

upvote as it amused me, I am SO not the culprit who plays Lacrosse though, posting that to make it clear, NOT that guy :o) I mean, Lacrosse, c'mon


if you HAVE to leave a placeholder, at least make it cryptic :o)


they may wrinkle their brow, but YOU will know that :-

T - oday

I - t's

T - he

S - tinky

U - pgrade

P - rotocol

worth a shot LOL

Missing tomatoes ketchup with ISS crew after almost a year lost in space


[quote]eXposted Root On-Orbit Test System (XROOTS, because NASA loves a tortured backronym even more than we at El Reg)[/quote]

tortured backronym's :o)

so here we go again, with the El Reg special - TITSUP

T - omatoes

I - nsist

T - hey

S - tay

U - nusually

P - ackaged

Digital memories are disappearing and not even AI or Google can help


ok, TBH MY 'collection' of data isn't that large, a few terra bytes is all, mainly movies / music, and a fair old number of photos too, add in the proverbial word .docx and for me, the search is too long in the taking, BUT, I was always one to imagine the issue was going to be the format going out of date

I HAD several files for AMIPRO, and LOTUS 123 hanging around, nothing major, just a collection of 'How To's' from a different age, doing a different job, which today, I am unable to access

and that is what I was always a little bit worried about

what DO we do once, for example, MP4 for my movies is hosed, how then are we expected to access our memories ?

I KNOW that storage is getting cheaper, but that too has to have a limit, but as I said, it was always how do I access a file when the format for it has long gone ?

TBH am glad I am not at the PETA / EXA scale of storage, because I DO understand just how large they are, and then, I too would be lost, as in not only able to read the file, but damn me if I could actually find it too :o)

the future is weird and wonderful, I just hope is still has MY pictures and mamories available so I can bore the tits off the grandkids LOL

Regulator says stranger entered hospital, treated a patient, took a document ... then vanished


Re: Pardon?

I spent a few years working support in most of the larger hospitals in my region, in one I had a spectacular two weeks checking through pictures of patients, in various states of undress, and basic pron, all in the name of getting the filters to try and work out what IS a patient, and therefore allowed, and what was not, it was a LONNNNG two weeks

not trying to imply it was a good thing to do, it was necessary, but I could understand why they only put agents in for two weeks at a time :o(

worst day, sorting A/V issue out for a room of surgeons, on their display was a patient, whose image, even to my untrained eye, was not likely to make it to a pension :o(

it was a girl, cancer metastasis and short time frames - how Dr's do it, I do not know, how I coped, and I was only in there to fix the bloody camera set up, was to have an extra drink that night

in regards to the security breach though, there really shouldn't be ANY excuse for that, even the biggest hospitals are split into units, and staff work in the one, they tend to know everyone who works there, and it took me a couple of visits before they would welcome me with a "hello"

Ukraine cyber spies claim Putin's planes are in peril as sanctions bite


Re: "the civil aviation sector of terrorist Russia"

well DAMN

and I thought the Apple fan bois were nuts ffs

Meta sued by privacy group over pay up or click OK model


that last sentence - just delete your Meta account and walk away

it's becoming easier by the day to contemplate this, I spend most of my time there now, just blocking accounts that want to show some 'celebrity' flesh, or sell you something AMAZING

I am just trying to keep in contact with friends, real friends, to check who is ok, and who will be where come the weekend

but really, the option of sliding back in time, and using the web as a contact point for a few websites and meeting up as and when has a certain charm, as well as some attraction to it

why can't they just be happy with being BILLIONAIRES, and make do with the meagre multi billion amounts pouring in each year :o(

Revival of Medley/Interlisp: Elegant weapon for a more civilized age sharpened up again


Re: lore

T - en

I - nterfaces

T - housand

S - tandardised

U- seless

P - arentheses

Half a kilo of cosmic nuclear fuel reignites NASA's deep space dreams


Re: significantly lower power degradation over time

acronym proliferation :o)

T - outing

I - nformation

T - hat

S - atellites

U - se

P - lutonium

Microsoft's bug bounty turns 10. Are these kinds of rewards making code more secure?


T- otally

I - ncentivised

T -o

S - top

U - nwanted

P - processes

What's really going on with Chrome's June crackdown on extensions – and why your ad blocker may or may not work


just a quick search for browsers available in EU :o)

and, at #2

Google Chrome: Google Chrome is a popular browser that is widely used in Europe. It is known for its speed, simplicity, and security. It also has a built-in ad-blocker and provides automatic updates to ensure that you are always using the latest version 2.

did Google write their own review at al ?

on work laptop, so using EDGE and BING :o)

when using MY kit, it's been Duck Duck Go for a long while now

YouTubers kindly asked to mark their deepfake vids as Fake Fakey McFake Fakes


YEA, I don't see this one aging well :o)

As the Top500 celebrates its 30th year, with a $5 VM you too can get into the top 10 ... of 1993


I've just posted a query re Moore's Law :o)

so cheers for that

maybe next time I'll read the entire thread pre post ?



not going to lie, I am no expert on PC set ups or outputs, but reading this, and comparing from a 30 year window, I mean WOW

as a matter of interest, what would Moore's Law have you EXPECT to achieve, from 1993 baseline to today ?

sort of interesting to see if it DOES correlate to the doubling every 18 months :o)

X fails to remove hate speech over Israel-Gaza conflict


no surprise really :o(

the Musky one will do anything - bar the right thing - to increase visibility, and attempt to claw back some of the BILLIONS he has lost so far

I am still there, but just a small part of the machine [ >5k ] and even I can tell that the game is no longer what it was, the BLUE checks are meaningless now, and generally point to a prick with an extreme view, mainly right wing, and you can also tell by - blue check, and tiny follower numbers, low to no posts, all shite :o(

Google Photos' AI Magic Editor won't change pictures of IDs, receipts, faces, or bodies


Re: Definitely not a click-bait picture

yea, just wondering if we have a ZOOM option here at all, asking for a friend :o)

Apple might have to pay that €13B EU tax bill after all


Re: Simple

whatever happened to the 'threatened' taxed where the CLICK is made ?

so if I, UK resident, click the product into my inbox, the tax will be paid into the UK, and for all those lining up to add, but that adds complexity, and who is going to police it ........

the country where the click made the purchase is where the tax is paid, simple, and if it causes the big boys to lose some of their tax avoidance scams, then so much the better

Euclid space 'scope's first color snaps pull back the curtain on cosmic mysteries


I cannot comment on the pictures released, as they are just amazing, but the thing that caught my eye .............

Here's looking at Euclid ...........

TOP copy writing, right there, made my day, and yes, I AM that feeble minded :o)

NASA to equip International Space Station with frikkin lasers (for comms)


Hmmm, you are correct

so lets see :o)

T - odays

I - nformation

T - ransmission

S - ent

U - using

P - hotons

OH YES, have to agree, we may yet see TITSUP in full view LOL


gets thinking cap on

TITSUP may just have found it place in history :o)

T - odays

I - nformation

T - erabytes

S - ent

U - nder

P - hasers

Boffins say their thin film solar cells make space farms viable


possibly the answer to the problem lies n the name - SPACE BASED

we may NOT be able to get the energy back to Earth for NOW, BUT

maybe they could be used to power the next generation of satellites ?

or for space exploration in general ?

then, when the tech to grab the power back down to us IS established, then we get our solar space based farms ? :o)

When is a privacy button not a privacy button? When Google runs it, claims lawsuit


Google LIED ! are STILL lying, and will continue to lie, in pursuit of the almighty $$$$$

say it isn't so :o)

Can open source be saved from the EU's Cyber Resilience Act?


SO, reading through this thread, it would appear that in essence, people are for the idea of the act, but NOT as it is written at the moment, and the big one is the 24 hour response time, which, even to my non coder / developer eyes is WAY too short a heads up ffs

so, are the EU open to some form of dialogue ?

NO, seriously :o)

or does the EU just throw it's cap into the ring about anything it fancies, and expect everyone to kowtow and accept ?

maybe there is an opening for one of those UK type QUANGO's out there, one that has powers to set up the framework, and accept input, like, ooh, I don't know, an IRC :o)

that seemed to work for the entire net for quite some time IIRC :o)

I may be off centre here, but I really do not think the EU has ANYONE'S best interests at heart, but they DO like to hear their own trumpets being blown :o(

Google offers some copyright indemnity to users of its generative AI services


tries hard to figure out how to get AI to be as profane as possible, on the most awful of subjects, just to test the indemnity bit, and maybe try and see just how far I need to go to maybe actually bankrupt Google :o)

Go ahead, let the unknowable security risks of Windows Copilot onto your PC fleet


[quote] I imagine a single tear falling down their face[/quote]

there's a LOT more than one tear coursing down my face after reading this LOL

Google promises Germany to creep on users less after market power probe


MAYBE there will be a button to allow the option of NOTHING :o)

maybe, but doubtful, and yes, I will be amazed if they actually do anything to stem the flow of data to their ever increasing thirst

but for ME, that option to BLOCK all HAS to be the one