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Erase 2017 from your brain. Face ID never happened. The Notch is an illusion

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Re: The notch fades after a few days

What a bag of shit.... all that do you can look unique? As soon as they have the technology they will get rid of that stupid bezel and mugs like you will all say how great and innovative they are

Breakfast at Jeffrey's: UK CEO admits Voda 'slightly lost its mojo'

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Worst. company. Ever

Over billed me each month and 2 years on and didn't bother refunding all my money... I'll never Join them again

Watchdog slams HMRC, Amazon over 'dismal' response to UK biz hurt by online VAT fraud

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Re: Simplify taxes and make fair

What a pile of balls

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Re: "Fulfilment centres" physically based in the UK

Customs get stock that is under declared and if you live / trade outside of the U.K. With stock in a fulfillment centre you have to pay VAT as there is no threshold.

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That's the point... if there not VAT registered you will get nothing, worse still many traders will share the same Bogus VAT number.... my business went from employing 5 people to only having one in the space of 6 months, I sent details to HMRC about the evaders and 2 years later nothing has changed.

Google has some sort of plan for not favouring its own shopping service

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Does the same apply to Amazon

Traders on Amazon will tell you that their listing are vanishing before their very eyes and being replaced by FBA ones. Traders are having to pay a fee and having there listing being crowded out by the ever growing Prime Free Delivery orders. These are seldom good deals and buyers are being duped into this. Surely the EU will have to investigate this, seeing how big Amazon has become?


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