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Virgin Media dishes out free bandwidth boost

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I canceled my VM account

I cancelled my VM after the speed upgrade to 20mb, Being as they couldn't provide me with a quality 10mb service I usually got 400-500k download speeds max,

They then put my price upto £37 at the start of the 20mb upgrade even though Stourbridge was at the end of the speed increase schedule and not due for 4 months later!

from paying £75 per month with VM for phone and XL broadband, I now pay £36 for BT and 24mb Broadband from BE there.

Even only syncing at 14mb on my modem I still see higher sppeds than I ever got on the 20mb VM package and for less than half the price, now I have downloads at upto 1.4mb and a 100k upload instead of 40k on VM

Doctor Who to meet self in Children in Need special

Paul Warren

The 3rd best Doctor !

Sounds great the Baker era was just coming to an end when I started watching Doctor Who as a child, Davidson was my Doctor and I thought him to be excellent, Tom rules and will always be "Doctor Who", with Tennent 2nd and Davidson 3rd!!

I know this has been done before the 3 Doctors, the 5 Doctors and the 2 Doctors, So why not again now? The 2 Doctors with Troughton and Colin Baker was in the 80's 20 years after Troughtons time in the tardis, He had aged so why not for Davidson?