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House key copied from photo


Why go to all that effort ??

Why bother with all this photo nonsense, 95% of domestic barrel locks can be opened using the 'bump-key' method....

BT preps 2000 per cent evening call price hike


Better get down to specsavers ???

I can see the call set-up fee mentioned in the linked pdf - but can't see anything about the 1.5 p per minute ??

Has my eye sight got worse due to all the 'working from home' I'm doing ??

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone


its not rocket science....

How did they trace him ???

Easy, his Ip address would have been logged and they would go to the ISP/Telco and get the MSISDN from the logs...

Overpriced food ???

Simple take your own food and drink !! When was the last time your bag was searched when you visited the cinema ??

Trailers adverts too long ???

Once again, simple.... don't bother entering your 'screen' until 20/25 mins after the film porogramme starts. I often have to do this with my 4 year old sone, as he gets bored by the adverts etc.. and wouldn't manage to watch the main feature other wise.

I do actually agree with the fact that the picture/sound quality of cinemas has been surpassed by the Home cinema set-up. The sound in a theatre is 'aimed' towards the general audience, whereas most home cinema owners configure there set-up towards their arm chair or sofa, providing a much focused experience.