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Sonos will deny updates to those who snub rewritten privacy terms

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Re: What about upgrading to mark 2.0 oxygen-free copper with gold plated connectors?

Only if he is made of copper and has gold plated connectors.

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Re: Nobody want to just sell you something without spying on you forever

I will NEVER EVER in my lifetime own a network connected "smart" tv (i.e. in home surveillance device)

I get enough of that crap from my phone.

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Re: Meet Mr Three Point Five Millimetre


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Re: Digital bullying

I disagree. LG Music Flow has virtually all the same capability and a few SONOS does not. Like hi-res audio playback and Bluetooth connectivity. My music library is uploaded to Google Play Music and plays back flawlessly. The only real downside is Music Flow failed in the marketplace, so they are discontinued now. But that only means the deals are incredible right now. I have 14 speakers for the price of a Play 5 and a SONOS sub woofer.

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SONOS is overpriced and overrated

Personally, I went with LG Music Flow network connected speakers. I understand SONOS has BIG marketing behind them and so many celebrity endorsements, and their pricing reflects the sizeable ad campaign.

While Music Flow ultimately failed due to its horrendously bad controller app, bad reviews and low ratings, I took a chance on it anyway, partly because I was such a huge fan of my LG G4. Yes, it was really bad and frustrating. But I stuck with it because when it did function properly, the sound was incredible to me. Extremely well balanced for my tastes in music, which leans heavily toward folk, rock, country, jazz, bluegrass, classical and movie score. Genres of music with real instruments and natural sound.

Since Music Flow has been updated to work seamlessly with Google's Chromecast Audio protocol and Google Home app as a controller, the experience is now sublime. I am such a fan of the sound and ease of use of these speakers that I now have 14 of them in my home for a total of 760 watts. I purchased these 14 speakers for roughly the same amount of money that the SONOS Play 5 and the sub woofer would have cost me.

I don't need voice control. I don't have Alexa devices or Google Home devices or any such thing in my home. My Oneplus 3T listens to, records and tracks enough of what I do without extra devices lying around doing the same thing. I need my speakers to play what I want, when I want them to without hassle, without nonsense and that's what I have with Music Flow. I am completely in love with these speakers.

So, if SONOS wants to go the way of Apple and charge ridiculous amounts of money for products that they still own, control and dictate to the end user how the speakers will and will not be used, I say good luck SONOS. I'll be very interested to see how this "Play"s out.