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Apple's 3G iPhone to launch 11 July

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@Mike Richards

There is no GPS on the unit, it uses Mobile towers and mapped wi-fi hotspots.

Gotta get one.

Aussie laser-pointer dazzle attacks on airliners: Bad



what about giving the two pilots a nice pair of mirrored raybans for their decent, unless we want to go lashing 14 year old into prison that is, but last i checked being a stupid little muppet wasn't an offence.

Google claims 'non-existent' Android beats everything but the Jesus Phone



the same thing that stops them doing in in most distros, the fact thats its open and armys of little linux warriors will be scouring the code....all the time.

Apple optimistic it will sell 10 million iPhones by year's end

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Do o2 Ireland

Even have an Edge network?? last I heard that old outdated infrastructure was only supported by Metoir…if I was Apple I wouldn’t count on Ireland for building their shipped unit number

Iran fires rocket 'into space', plans satellite for '09


@ captain kangaroo

"why are the US so obsessed with Iran?"

Repeat after me....Oil and control of supply.

Nokia N82 smartphone



They can't just go drop the price of the N95 so the N82 is their more affordable consumer model...targeting different demographics and the like.

NASA to beam Beatles song into deep space



Surely this has got to be the ultimate in illegal file sharing??

Oz organ recipient changes blood group


Doubt the occam's razor theory

reasons being....a liver transplant requires between 6 and10 units of red blood cells which would have to have matched her previously confirmed blood type or else there would have been all kinds of complications due to mismatched blood, its also not the responsibility of only one person to check the blood match (would you trust one person to do that with all the Muppets in the world today?) so the blood was certainly confirmed before they went pumping 10 units of it into her during the procedure

Dell XPS M1330 laptop

Gates Horns

No Xp is a pain but drivers are availible,


some on Dell Up your sales and stop being Microsofts b1t(H!

From water wheels to the Google brain


Remind me again

Out of curiosity what are those among us who are hearing impaired meant to do when they see an interesting looking title and are unable to enjoy said advertised piece of biased journalism because it’s in an aural format?

'Death Star' galaxy blasts neighbour


@Geoff Thompson

LGs' are a Reg Unit of distance! (Boiled of coruse)



possibly, see what we're up to with our active SETI doohikie and jump back 1.4 billion years to test the weapon and let us see the effects....its elaborate but possible I guess if its a civilisation like The Culture…


@ Chris

cause the images we're seeing happened 1.4billion years ago, given that Chandra is about 1.3244e+18 LGs away.

Acquittal of US man who viewed abuse images overturned


@ Everyone

How about you all try reading an article before rushing in to post a comment? First Line First paragraph "A man who admitted using his computer to view pornographic images of child abuse” he SAID he used his PC to look for and view images of children being raped (and in the process increased the demand for fresh images), just cause he didn’t chose to save them that’s OK?

UniquePhone answers sceptics with video


I don't get

Why readers really give a crap about a substandard piece or expensive outdated technology being unlocked?!?! Get a nice 3G phone and listen to music on your ipods like normal people!!!

Dolphins abandon Bay of Biscay


So long...

And thanks for all the fish.


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