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VMware, Citrix to have a crack at desktops on docked smartphones


Remote Desktop

I've been using Microsoft's remote desktop for a few years across a range of android phones and tablets without issue. I don't understand why it hasn't become common place to be able to hook up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and access desktop features - it works great for me.

LG schtum over whether Europeans can get the powerhouse phablet V30


The likes of LG

I really don't understand how a massive firm like LG can get its strategy so wrong.

Customer Service - I've had two LG's with faults (LG G4 - bootloop, LG G5 - GPS radio failure) and the struggle to get these repaired is just ridiculous. It feels like a consumer is dealing with a small independent manufacturer, possibly based in some remote part of the world where English is not even a second language.

Marketing - Instead of getting ahead of the curve and building potential excitement(!) for its unveiling, LG give a bland "no comment" to potential markets for a device. Even HTC get that right (although possibly guilty of over-hype in recent years - A9 anyone?).

There's a struggle to build fans for LG, let alone potential new customers. Many can't see past Apple or Samsung anymore. LG are clearly not going to change this if they don't set their stall out early and market their best phones in the biggest markets.

I've learned the hard way that despite some nice features, a dependable phone is everything.