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Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook


What user's OS (or profession) has to do with the whole story? You guys love clever article titles, but this time I believe you outdid yourself. This is a story of a guy who didn't quite understand a new app (and he didn't have to, in a few minutes time), the guy who installed it failed to help him familiarize with it properly and then a supporting unit head didn't even try to help for two weeks. Complete failure of the IT unit, manager and Newt alike. At least that's what I see there. Not to mention that we professionals in various fields don't make public the countless similar stories we could share, just to brag or because someone has threatened us. Shit easily happens and next time Newt may find himself in the other position in front of a doctor, a traffic policeman, the teacher of his kids or anything.


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