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Apple seeks patent for devices with roll-up displays – iRoll?


Re: Nokia

Don't know about Nokia but Samsung most definitely did. I saw it in the early 2010's. Oppo have also shown one, pre covid from memory. I have also seen a roll up display phone from another manufacturer recently.

Samsung profits and sales slump, hopes for a jump start from cars


"Struggling giant" only makes a $35B profit. Struggling? Really? I expect better from el Reg.....

200MP smartphone and first premium PC spearhead Samsung's pro push


Re: Only just got an S22 think I'll wait for the S24

Ummm they have released a new Galaxy S series flagship every 12 months since the S1. Hardly a surprise.

Qualcomm under fire for 'anticompetitive' patent shenanigans causing pricey UK smartphones


Correct ror their flagships. A mixture of MTK, Qualcomm and Unisoc/Spreadtrumfir the others . And Apple used Intel modems up until a couple of years ago

Checkmate, Qualcomm: Apple in billion-dollar bid to gobble Intel’s 5G modem blueprints, staff – new claim


Re: Is it worth the cost ?

Fastest means feck all in cellular baseband design. It the squillions if other things that matter and take time and money. Lots of it. Much lots.


Re: Good Luck with That

Except for maybe Samsung who have launched commercial products already. And Huawei HiSilicon. And in 2020 maybe Mediatek. Spreadtrum not far behind that. There are others as well.

Sueballs flying over Facebook's Android app data slurping


Re: I'm shocked, shocked to the very core.

It does on some devices - facebook get the device manufacturer to load a few apps in system/priv that run as system services from the time you first start your device, regardless as to whether you have signed into facebook or even have a fadcebook account.

Following flat financials, Telstra pins hopes on NBN renegotiation


Re: A wireless future?

Rubbish - the 5G "non-standalone" specs are pretty much done and will be finalized before year end. First commercial deployments of 5G will start from 2018.