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Mac OS X Leopard - Time Machine

Paul The Half Swiss

Leopard, Time Machine . . . in all honesty

I'm glad I queued up on the launch day for the sheer occassion of it all. That I wanted to pick up a multi-user version of Leopard was a by-product. Had it been cheaper on Amazon, perhaps I'd have merely been an onlooker that day but that's besides the point . . .

Am I happy with Leopard, is the question a lot of Mac users are asking. A lot will lie to themselves with their answer. I'm not UNhappy, but I'm not sure I wasn't happier with 10.4.10 - don't get me wrong, it's doing what I want it to do and Time Machine is lovely. But, like anything, there are niggles with it being a new operating system. Some are due to incompatible software (Skype anyone???) whilst others are simply learning curves for the user - try doing a CTRL-Right Arrow within Excel to reach the end of the data range whilst Spaces is active!

The fact is, Leopard is going to be better when it reaches 10.5.2 and whether you upgrade now or later is simply down to one question . . . do you want to go through a little bit of an uncomfortable patch to be one step ahead of the game in three months time?

I've upgraded two of our three Macs . . . the MacBook Pro is staying on Tiger for now, thank you very much! Best of both worlds for me!

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone

Paul The Half Swiss

Let people download the movie all they like . . .

. . . I have a cinema pass, £10.99 a month and I get to see all the films I like on the big screen, with the best audio you can get, exactly as the director intended it.

On top of that, if people want to download a version recorded on a mobile phone with crappy sound and shaky video by the 110,000 then that means I don't have to put up with a load of idiots who think it's funny to throw popcorn around, laugh uncontrollably at each others jokes told too loudly to one another, put their feet up on the seat in front, rock or jiggle causing the whole row of seats to vibrate, fewer mobile phones being left on (let alone ANSWERED) during the show . . .

And if you think I'm naive in thinking that's the only type of pirate out there, let them download Screeners or Airline DVD copies, with perfect sound and vision too to watch on their 17" monitor and 20cm high speakers . . . something tells me that a cinema screen and cinema sound still kicks the ass of whatever they are using. I'm getting a good deal and if piracy means these dumbass jerks stay out AND make them think they are getting a good deal out of it, thus making my £10.99 even BETTER spent and worthwhile well that suits me down to the ground. Download away, spotty little monkey . . . and get the hell out of my cinema!