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Negative Trustpilot review of law firm Summerfield Browne cost aggrieved Briton £28k

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I know of a law firm who would be glad to take his case

It is called Summerfield Browne solicitors, they do excellent work.

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Have you checked their trustpilot page? The reviews there leave no room for doubt, utter carnage!

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He's not alone

Look here https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.summerfieldbrowne.com?stars=1

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The man who seeks Summerfield Browne for advice has a bunch of fools...

...a bunch of fools and jackasses as advisers.


Top engineer who stole trade secrets from Google's self-driving division pardoned on Trump's last day as president

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Wait, a second idiot (not liberal) just came to salvage my poll

Two idiots (not liberals) in my poll to find how many idiots are on here, perhaps my poll can still be salvaged, things are starting to look nice.

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I'm doing a poll too, I need to know how many idiots (not liberals) are on here

Finally, after much trying I just found my first subject, thanks for helping me.

It would be nice if everyone could be as helpful as you but i'm having no such luck, a poll with one idiot alone is not what I had in mind, I fear I will have to cancel it.

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Justice for sale

In this day and age everything is for sale so why should justice be an exception?

Malwarebytes says its Office 365, Azure tenancies invaded by SolarWinds hackers, insists its tools are still safe to use

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"Securing Azure AD is challenging"

I'd say securing it is close to impossible. With so many serious technical vulnerabilities lurking in that platform and an effective method put in place by M$ legal team to shift M$' blame away from them and put it fully on your shoulders, there is little hope you can make it secure. That task is too huge, you won't have the resources.

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Allegating that a documented vulnerability is not a vulnerability, pretty clever trick

Very powerful indeed!

M$ employs some of the best minds in legal services, it causes me no surprise when people like that come up with such powerful statements.


MediaTek's latest Dimensity phone chippery is 25 per cent faster than its predecessor, supports 200MP cameras

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Being lossless is easy when you start with having nothing to lose

Smartphone pictures are commonly and utterly worthless, you can simply wipe them all away in one single lossless "delete all" operation. The perfect lossless operation, you lose nothing by doing it.

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Pictures started to look like "art," I love the euphemism, it's so polite

Most people would have said that the pictures started to look like shite, that would have been rude albeit entirely appropriate. I very much prefer your way of putting it. Kudos to you!

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More pixels doesn't mean better pictures, for that you also need talent

To get better pictures you need talent and a bigger image sensor, that and semi half decent lenses too. You know, the kind of problems that all smartphones will always struggle with, problems that no amount of trickery will ever be able to solve.

Microsoft claims to have 200 million education users as it pushes new hardware and updated Classroom Pen

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Get them while they are vulnerable, make sure they will always stay dependent on you

Put mechanisms in place that ensure you will be able to keep extracting massive rents from them for the rest of their lives. Mold their minds in the direction you choose, make them accept peacefully their position of serfdom to you as the natural order of things.

This is Digital Feudalism being established, this is part of a social reengineering effort that aims to establish a new caste system, a system where those children will occupy the lowest rank.

Facebook tells Portuguese court that a biz called Oink And Stuff makes profile-harvesting browser extensions

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In the first place faecebook is a form of malware too, albeit an accepted form of malware

Faecebook does harm to people and to society, people who willingly choose to be on faecebook have tacitly accepted to be victims of that kind of malware that faecebook provides to society.

The malware that oink provides does not differ much from the malware faecebook provides, if one is allowed the the other should be allowed too, the facts should by themselves be more than enough to render the whole case moot, malware of that kind is legit on faecebook because people have accepetd to be spyed on.

The malware oink provides does not differ from the malware faecebook provides, if faecebok are alowed to do it then oink should be allowed too.

Watchdog urges Tesla to recall 158,000 Model S, X cars to fix knackered NAND flash that borks safety features

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Some of them have two motors

All of them have 4 wheels though.

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Make it $1000++++

Infotainment systems can be very expensive.

SolarWinds malware was sneaked out of the firm's Orion build environment 6 months before anyone realised it was there – report

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You mean SolarWinds did no hash checking to guarantee the integrity of their code?


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Weak security by SolarWinds, the article says it "included a hash verification check"

to ensure the injected malicious code “is compatible with a known source file."

The minimum that could have occurred is one of two possible scenarios:

1) SolarWinds were using a weak hash function, one that the hackers could exploit;

2) The hash function was strong but the hackers had someone inside who edited the format (by unnoticeable removal/addition of whitespace) of a source file in such a way that its function and visuals remained unaltered but the hash sum changed to a value that fitted the hackers' needs.

Either that or something much worse.

Apologies for the wait, we're overwhelmed. Yes, this is the hospital. You need to what?! Do a software licence audit?

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Oracle loves to be a butcher

Tirelessly and relentlessly operating its butchery business from sunrise to past sunset and well into late hours. Everyday. No days off!

JetBrains' build automation software eyed as possible enabler of SolarWinds hack

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So, in Luxembourg no one who matters is a customer of SolarWinds

That's good to know, this is what I should expect from people who hire no one but the best.

I praise them for their prescience.

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This is what happens when you opt to use overcomplicated setups, now pay the price

You lose visibility, errors start popping everywhere and you can't see them all because they are so many and everything is so opaque.

When it inevitably breaks don't blame your poor judgement, it is so much easier to put the blame on someone else.

This better not be a cruel prank: Microsoft promises 99.99% uptime for Azure Active Directory from 1 April

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Plausible deniability, business savvy at m$ is as high as ever

When it fails they can always pretend their promise was just an april fools joke and m$ cannot be held accountable for damages caused.

M$ has chosen the safe route, again. Very clever!

Facebook appeals ruling that it stole tech. So, Italian judge issues new judgment: Pay 10 times the original fine

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Zuck is a moral pauper with lots of money

A rich guy with an impoverished spirit, a moral destitute.

About $15m in advertising booked to appear on millions of smart TVs was never seen by anyone, says Oracle

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Oh no, this is bad!

This is bad. This is so bad...

Say it ain't so!

We're not saying this is how SolarWinds was backdoored, but its FTP password 'leaked on GitHub in plaintext'

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Pasw0rd?? Who would use that, that's foolish!

Pa55w0rd is much safer, I use it everywhere. Only a fool would use Pasw0rd.

SolarWinds: Hey, only as many as 18,000 customers installed backdoored software linked to US govt hacks

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Breaking defenses is much easier than building them

Your defenses may be built by rockstar ninja technical geniuses but if you complicate it too much, piling cruft on top of cruft, you will be increasing the surface area for attack and at some point that surface area will be so large that any sufficiently committed average skill hacker (malicious or not) will find a way in.

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Shit happens when you insist in overcomplicating things

Keep piling cruft on top of cruft, hoping your problems somehow get magically solved, and you get shit.

That's the sad state of the computer defense industry, pilling cruft on top of cruft and then... pile more cruft on top of it all.

Backdoored SolarWinds software, linked to US govt hacks, in wide use throughout the British public sector

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An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world will be blind

But since, apparently, Britain has already committed to retaliation then they better do it properly.

World beating retaliation is in order, anything short of that will not do.

Useful quantum computers will be impossible without error correction. Good thing these folks are working on it

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Just keep adding stuff to it and you will end up with a classical contraption not a quantum one

Basically each additional step you take to make your quantum contraption work properly is a step that makes it more classical, less quantum.

I guess nature is trying to tell us something, something very important. If only we would listen.

If were wise I would not put too much faith in those efforts.

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There are no basics of quantum error correction

Conjectures is all we have now.

Hopefully, someday, there will be.

Or not.

Apple's M1: the fastest and bestest ever silicon = revolution? Nah, there's far more interesting stuff happening in tech that matters to everyone

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Why does it hurt you so much, you're not an apple shareholder are you?

Every time I see someone making a big emotional investment in an industrial corporation that only exists to turn a profit I wonder why. Why did it all have to go so wrong?

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I fear that too much shiny is taking a toll on some people's attention span.

He just that article, look at this:

"The real problems - the interesting problems - in computing are never solved by an SoC. The real problems - the interesting problems - are moving data, not doing sums in a CPU."

See? I know, it's Shocking, isn't it.

Boffins from China push quantum computing envelope for 'supremacy' in emerging photon field

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China is a manufactured monoculture

The communist party regime rulers see china as a monoculture, all diversity is to be suppressed. Of the ancient chinese nationalities none are left today, Tibet and several others will join them soon.

That's hardly news to anyone who's not in china, why do I have to explain it to you? Are you in china?

Why did Apple hamstring camera repairs on standard iPhone 12 but leave Pro Max module swappable? asks engineering group

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apple phone cameras produce shots that mimic those taken on professional malfunctioning kit

I think i can agree with that.

Cleverly used pseudo AI and AI fakery can fool some, especially those who are eager to be fooled.

Apple Arm Macs ship, don't expect all open-source apps to work without emulation – here's what you need to know

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The surveillance is done for the users own good

Apple has its users best interests in mind, keeping the users protected and away from undesirable influence is top of mind at apple, by keeping them permanently under surveillance apple is able to ensure that they do not stray from the pack and get lost.

Apple's privacy pledges: We sent dev checks over plain HTTP, logged IP addresses. We bypass firewall apps

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This is all about security!

Security of income, that is.

Heavy-duty case closed: Peli tried to steal peli.co.uk from rightful owner, says Nominet

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Not odd at all

Don't lie to the arbitrator, she might not like that and then rule against you.

Cutting the ties: European hosting provider OVHCloud to offer Google Anthos, no Google account needed

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Blanket IP banning is lazy

Blanket IP banning is easy and indeed it is safe because if people cannot access your service then they can do no harm to it. The blanket ban approach may work well for some local sites but if that is not your case then it will work against you.

Blanket IP banning worked well 10 years ago but not anymore, things have changed, a lot, these days you'll find malicious bots sharing IP addresses with legitimate users and unless your case is very specific I'm sure you don't want to ban those legitimate users.

Blanket IP banning is bad, laziness is bad.

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Suggestion #1: Ask google

from there work your way up.

Need more?

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It's all about doing the job properly

Nothing fancy really. If you are not willing to put up the work then you will never be able to do the job properly.

I am assuming you want to do it properly, of course.

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Almost 2021 and still...

we can easily find alleged professionals who can't do it any better than block entire IP ranges that are shared by many users, most of the affected users being perfectly legitimate, doing nothing wrong.

With almost everyone running massively shared IP infrastructures these days this cannot be good, applying a brain dead solution is not the right thing to do.

Apple now Arm'd to the teeth: MacBook Air and Pro, Mac mini to be powered by custom M1 chips rather than Intel

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Yeah, but can it run Crysis?

Oh, it can??

OK, I concede defeat. But I still think it's kind of... Oh, nevermind...

Network driver issue shaves 12 more hours off Microsoft's '365' infrastructure, and yeah, it was Exchange Online again

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Fascinating, never thought of it that way...

but now that you mention it, it does make sense.

Thanks for the instructive post, I will never watch fireworks again without also thinking of those wise words I've just read.

GitHub warns devs face ban if they fork DMCA'd YouTube download tool... while hinting how to beat the RIAA

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Not anymore

The hose came in just handy.

AI in the enterprise: Prepare to be disappointed – oversold but under appreciated, it can help... just not too much

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Re: NI?

Natural Intelligence

Facebook accused of trying to bypass GDPR, slurp domain owners' personal Whois info via an obscure process

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Obeying the law is too much work for faecebook, what lazy bastards they are.

Obeying the law is for losers not for them. Faecebook is above all that.

Ex-Dell distributor in Lebanon ignored ban on suing US tech giant. Now four directors have been sentenced to prison in the UK

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I suppose Lebanese people don't care much about british court rulings

The way things are going I suspect not many people in the world would care about them either. I certainly would not.

Elon Musk shows world that he is truly awful at something

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He's preparing to give Opera a try

Given his immense talent I can already anticipate the headlines.

something like this: 'Elon "pedo guy" Musk moves fast and breaks Giuseppe Verdi's legacy'

or: 'Elon "pedo guy" Musk disrupts Giuseppe Verdi's legacy.'

or worse: 'Elon "pedo guy" Musk murders La Traviata'

Is everything OK over there, Britain? Have you tried turning the UK off and on again? ISPs, financial orgs fall over in Freaky Friday of outages

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Computer knows nothing

Whatever it says... it does not matter.