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Call of Duty: Hierachical storage management biz runs its last campaign

The 13th Duke of Wybourne

One line says it all

"Although we saw some pockets of opportunities, we concluded that the market was well covered by several existing software products."

And there's your problem right there.

But surely they would have known this BEFORE they set up the company?

Britons ambivalent about driverless car tech, survey finds

The 13th Duke of Wybourne

Integrated transport system

Gimme an app. I tell it where I am, where I wanna go to and it gives me a choice about how I get there, the time it take and at what cost. e.g Pick me up in a driverless car, take me to the train station, the app has booked my train ticket. at the destination train station another driverless car is waiting to take me to my final destination. If there's a problem, traffic jam, cancelled train etc, the app reroutes in realtime, gives me other choices and costs and we can chose one of those. At the end of journey it gives me one bill.

Nimbus Data becomes OEM supplier of high-capacity SSD tech

The 13th Duke of Wybourne

The question you should be asking is ....

What's the lead time? Cos if past experiences are anything to go by, you be waiting a very long time before you can use an array built on this technology.


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