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Complete with keyboard and actual, literal, 'physical' escape key: Apple emits new 16" $2.4k+ MacBook Pro


Re: But...

He's probably holding it wrong.

Google boss Pichai unbothered as 'Other Bets' nears billion-dollar cash sink in Q3 results


Re: But...

That should rather be one of the many reasons to avoid HMRC and related "services" hoisted upon you by Her Majesty. Sadly, you do not have such choice as a subject to the crown. Have a look at what the taxes are being used for and weep.

A History of (Computer) Violence: Wait. Before you whack it again, try caressing the mouse


Re: Whacksing benefits

Brother MFC-L2712DN. A surprisingly good printer for the price tag.

Forget DeepFakes. This robo-Rembrandt with AI for brains is not bad at knocking off paintings


Re: Do you like our painting?

Must be expensive.

Russian rocket goes BOOM again – this time with a crew on it


Re: Space Shuttle

>that happens when you let beancounters running the shop

No, that happens when the typical US managerial approach "don't fix anything that isn't broken, don't improve anything that works" is applied. They will keep the designated path right until they hit a wall.

The strife of Brian: Why doomed Intel boss's ex86 may not be the real reason for his hasty exit


Re: Intel is a great company, some innovation would perhaps help it doing better

Intel CPUs are internally nothing like the original x86 architecture since...well... Pentium Pro, probably. All legacy support is done in microcode now.

Learn client-server C programming – with this free tutorial from the CIA


Re: A Lack of Intelligence is Proven in Programs Targeted for Infiltration rather than Initiation

I seem to have missed the usual "HyperRadioProActive NEUKlearer CyberIntelAgent" something. Is this the real amanfromMars?

Your top five dreadful people the Google manifesto has pulled out of the woodwork


Not anonymous

... and I sincerely hope my sarcasm detector has been damaged by just the first page of this personal diatribe.

Hollywood offers Daniel Craig $150m to (slash wrists) play James Bond


Jude Law

See title. Elegant, menacing, good actor, although not a Scot.

Security gurus deliver coup de grace to US govt's encryption backdoor demands


Re: Is this a good analogy?

It either is right, or the Fourth and Fifth are not worth the paper they've been printed on. You choose.

Égalité, Fraternité - Oui, peut-etre. Liberté? NON, French speedcam Facebookers told


Re: Freedom != Do whatever you want

How do I injure anyone (including me) by going over the speed limit on an empty motorway during the wee small hours after midnight? Legit question, I really can't see the damage to society.


Re: I just can't be arsed anymore!

I commute almost 2 hours every day, and actually regularly travel long distance (400km) to the onsite office - say once or twice a week. We have GPS loggers in company cars, and we get the report at the end of each month. During an average month I spend around ~100 hours behind the wheel on work-related trips. I have found out that during the daily commute there's not much to be gained by speeding (extreme speeding yields "time savings" to the order of 5 minutes - totally not worth it). On the other hand, the long-distance weekly travel is mainly a highway route, moderate speeding there can easily shave HALF an hour off each trip, saving me six to eight hours monthly. That's one night's worth of sleep, or two afternoons with kids.

I have absolutely no problem sticking to the limit inside cities, and actually go a lot less in some places. What I DO have a problem with, on the other hand, are speed traps on motorways, where there's negligible risk in speeding to all participants (see Germany etc...). And what really triggers me is the stupid laws - I could live without radar detectors, almost noone uses those anyway. But why do I have to cripple my satnav to make it legal to drive through stupid fucked-up places like France?

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Bryndzové halušky


Re: Bryndza

And let's not forget the unforgettable czech delicacy - syrečky (olomoucké tvarůžky for some):


Actually very nice and not THAT smelly (comparable to gorgonzola, but a bit "cleaner" smell). Be prepared to let them ripen a bit:-)

Almost no fat and full of protein. Best served on freshly baked bread with butter, with a pinch of salt and pepper on top.

Rich techbro CEOs told to sleep rough before slamming the poor


Re: A night, a week?

Yeah.... nah. There's a tiny bit of difference between multi-million publicly funded failed projects (i.e. funded with the money TAKEN from you, over which you don't have any governance anymore) and employing someone to do something useful for you (i.e. entering a voluntary, mutually beneficial, two-sided contract).


Re: A night, a week?

I actually have had to be in a similar position for a good few years (my eyes are still watering at all the missed opportunities), and my arse is fine without my head in it, thank you. What I'd describe as retarded though is taking loans to fill up the tank for a 50 mile commute, and then not having 50 pences to afford something to eat.

Also how does one "steal from the public purse", doing a job that someone is willing to pay for?


Re: As someone whom lives near Silicon Valley...

Yes and no, but you got me wrong. What I tried to suggest was that instead of marxist finger-pointing a stake-burning, one should actually DO something about the situation he finds himself in. And by that I mean trying to secure additional income, using whatever opportunities arise.

First, if I don't have the money to pay the rent, I have to move somewhere cheaper; and no, don't even try to tell me that "somewhere cheaper" means "the other coast", North Korea, or under the bridge.

Second, if I don't make enough to make ends meet, then I have to either get a better job (you know, Silicon Valley style), or, use what is available and change my career completely. If you see "filthy rich six-figure fat bastard", you also see a lot of money for his expenses. It's this money that is used to create jobs and pay people for doing useful work, and ultimately to reduce the "income imbalance". See the six-figure salary not as a problem, but as a solution.

The yuppy CEO and his salary IS NOT the cause of poorer people's low income, as the commentard above me tried to suggest. Granted, not everyone can afford to buy or develop property. But actually building a nice house using your own hands is not that difficult and/or expensive, and you do usually get advance payment. My comment was all about that mindset. And thank you in advance for another hundred downwotes, you commie barstewards:-)


Re: As someone whom lives near Silicon Valley...

When the rents go obscene, you should be buying/building new accomodation to get rich quick, not whine about income inequality. Rest assured that the jobs you mentioned, supposedly "beneath me, the rich fuck" actually are REDUCING the income inequality by redistributing the "six-figure salary" among the "all you poor people". That also means that "all you poor folks" can not get "priced right the fuck out" of the area, because sooner or later someone needs to get these jobs done, and pays more to get you to do it even with the not insignificant travel expense. Or, you know, someone could actually start a business doing those "beneath me" jobs in the area, employing some people and actually reducing the income inequality even more. Way to phrase your argument BTW.

Blockbuster book lays out the first 20 years of the Smartphone Wars


Re: And I say there screwed by Symbian

Slightly OT: That is all very nice, actually very valid points. But then you remember that the guys at Opera did the Symbian/Nokia thing just a year ago: "Let's see, we got arguably the best browser on the market, with a low-percentage but solidly rising usage, I suggest we scrap it and build a crippled Chromium skin." We'll soon see how that plays out. And I don't think it will be anything like the time Samsung told itself "fsck the tv sets, let's start making mobile handsets".

Tech talk bloke compares girlfriend to irritating Java tool – did he deserve flames?


Re: He is giving a talk about mavern

Really? You just said that negative stereotypes make bad jokes? Do you realize that the overwhelming majority of jokes are based on stereotypes?

Tech that we want (but they never seem to give us)


Ok, some already mentioned the easy ones:

+1 for longer mobile battery life

+1 for 4:3 aspect ratio displays sporting higher resolutions (it's really sad when your 15-year-old "SXGA+" 1400x1024 HP laptop has a better screen than 90% of current production)

- native 3D acceleration support in virtual machines

And some also mentioned the sci-fi fantasy ones:

+1 for Star Trek-style transporters

+1 for antigravity space-lifts

+1 for workable, "portable" fusion

And of course my own "close to real" wishlist:

- "rectenna" style solar cells and LEDs (not going to happen anytime soon)

- photosynthesis-style methanol/ethanol/....ol backyard air fuel synthesis, in a self-contained commercial unit - there actually is at least one company which tried to generate funding / scam enough money from unsuspecting geezers to realize this

- GMO algae/moss/plants for slow Mars terraforming

So, just how do you say 'the mutt's nuts' in French?



The literal translation to Czech would be something like "psí koule", pronounced like [psee cole-eh] - literally dog's balls). This has however the unfortunate negative connotation in some colloquial contexts (and is not used frequently in Czech in and of itself).

To describe something good and staying in the testicular context, you would say that "<...> má koule" [mah cole-eh], lit. <something> has balls. The primary meaning is that the so-described something/someone has a strong, outstanding, positive characteristic, mainly used as a synonym for bravery (same as in English, i.e. someone can have balls), but can also be used to mean strong taste etc. (for example a meal, a drink or a music piece can "have balls" in Czech).

To express that something posesses a unique, excellent quality, bestowed upon it by its creator, you'd say it's "hrozně dobrý" (awfully good), "kurva pěkný" ([an expletive meaning "a prostitute" used as a superlative for the next word] nice) or "boží" (godly).

Exotic physics takes an arrow to the knee with new ATLAS results


Well this is really quantum mechanics put to the extreme. So no hope here, actually:-)

You've been arrested for computer crime: Here's what happens next


Re: A weakness in the forensic tools

Using ReiserFS is an admission of guilt in and of itself;-) The CPS would no doubt construe that when they catch you using a filesystem developed by a convicted murderer.


Re: Question.

The answer is, of course, a loud and resounding yes.


Re: Or, to put it a bit less eloquently,

I agree, up to a point. Remember that we're talking about an innocent (i.e. not guilty) person under investigation. That investigation can drag on for years.

Black Helicopters

Or, to put it a bit less eloquently,

if you get v&, you are pretty well fscked no matter what. You have almost no rights, and the few rights that remain are designed to be, can be and will be used against you.

God forbid you are innocent, because then they will get you either on encryption or non-cooperation. And of course in the "course of justice" your life is pretty much destroyed. Your kit is confiscated and will be returned damaged and/or incomplete some time in the future. You cannot do your job, because you have restricted computer access restraint placed upon you.

Welcome to the free world.

FIERY DEATH awaits all who stroke mobes mid-flight? Nope, says FAA


Re: Statistical analysis, probability, and data sets

Bollocks - I have clocked over a hundred flights across the northeastern quartersphere, and on every single one of those flights I have heard SMS beeps during landing from baggage compartments and pockets of people who forgot to switch the damn buggers off before take-off. Is that enough for a statistic?

Boffins explain LED inefficiencies


Re: So use a few more LEDs running at lower current?

They're not - at least not for the intended application (and that is solid state lasers). They're currently well over 3 magnitudes below the required power output.

Satanic Renault takes hapless French bloke on 200km/h joyride


One question though...

What is wrong with going over the speed limit on a highway? Last time i checked, the speed of sound was considerably higher than that to allow the "thundering at 160 km/h" connotation. 200 km/h is nothing to sneer at in traffic, sure, but also very manageable in a modern car on a good highway. Which has been also noted in the article - the poor bloke managed to drive for quite a distance with no serious trouble (apart from sitting in a car from hell, going "over 9000" km/h, unable to stop or decelerate, just waiting to smash somewhere at high speed).

You'll be on a list 3 hrs after you start downloading from pirates - study


Re: Not hard to get around...

It is actually illegal in some jurisdictions (UK included) to not hand over your password when asked nicely by the authorities. That also includes the "crime" of "forgetting" your password. 1984 indeed.

Boffin's bot spots red light jumpers before they kill


Well... for your police state maybe...

Sometimes, a situation occurs at the traffic light that it's safer to "run red" than to brake and decelerate rapidly. For example, frost on the road and higher-speed heavy traffic. Would you want to levy fines for a markedly safer driving?

Russian computer programmer buries himself alive


Just one thing...

"Oblast" means district in russian. So Amur Oblast district is something like "LCD display". Yes yes, aready going, just need to get my undertaker's jacket.

Collisions at LHC! Tevatron record to be broken soon?


RE: colliding "velocities"

Actually, 900GeV is really right. GeV is not a velocity unit, it is an energy unit actually (equivalent to Joules after the division by elementary charge). When colliding head on, the energies of the particles would add up - it's the same as the car analogy, not using speed but rather kinetic energy (E = 1/2mv^2). So the mass as well as the velocity of the particle matter in these calculations. On the other hand, it's true that the velocities would add up only to the total possible by relativity velocity equations.

eV (electron-volts) are used for the unit because Joules are suitable for much bigger objects than elementary particles (18 orders of magnitude larger). Useful for car collisions and electricity consumption, but too large for single protons;-)

900GeV is only about 1.4 * 10^-7 Joules. For comparison, 9mm semi-auto pistol bullet has a muzzle energy of about 600 Joules, and a Porsche sports car doing 200km/h on a highway has a kinetic energy of about 0.5 Giga-Joules (or, in CERN-units, 3.2 * 10^15 TeV). Take that LHC:-)!

Microsoft unveils Windows 7 free upgrades and discounts


whoa whoa.....

Here's one for ya: exactly HOW do you actually access the internet to , ummm, i dunno, DOWNLOAD a bloody browser without the bloody browser? Or is it me and the "no-IE8" actually means that they just haven't put the shortcut on the desktop? I suppose I could use the classic telnet client tricks for something like "Lynx" emulation, or just try to input the address to the "address bar" of the "Windows Explorer".

Feds file new felonies against alleged Palin hacker

Paris Hilton

@anon 11:43

You must be new here...

US Navy orders new electric hyper-kill railgun

Thumb Up

RE: just a question

The "flames and other symptoms" is really just air, bits of the projectile and chunks of the barrel turned into plasma and expanding through the barrel. The electromagnetic hell which occurs in the "barrel" at the time of shooting causes this. Ever saw an arc welder in action? Related principle, same effect, yet no gunpowder either. Try to imagine a 64GigaJoule arc welder, trying to weld two rails few cm apart, separated by an iron slug and held firmly in place by the gun harness, back together. In a few nanoseconds.

BitTorrent net meltdown delayed


RE: How about this

"Everyone runs Torrents over uTP and then all ISP's can just throttle that (or block it completely) and that will kill off P2P without ISP's having to invest in vast sums of money for auto-traffic shapers."

Well, from the looks of it, uTP is nothing more than an application layer over UDP, good luck blocking that (along with all the VoIP, WoW, streaming and such).

New NASA nuclear Mars rover hits budget, time problems


Lemme see...

"... will be looking for signs of life... " by blasting the surveyed area with rocket exhaust, grinding and crushing some rocks and subsequently zapping anything that moves with a frikkin' laser? Ahh... those life-finding missions....

Democratic rep fathered alleged Palin hacker


Also, equal protection under the law?

Have you ever seen anyone other than Rep viceprez candidate, who, having her email account hacked in, is being helped by various federal agencies in finding the perp? Some are more equal than others it seems.

AT&T lifts (deleted) page from Google EULA


RE: Not too good & others:

Follow these easy steps next time pls:

1) Read the frist!!1! paragraph and get outraged @ writer's ignorance.

2) Read the second paragraph and get ashamed of your own.

3) THEN post a comment.

4) Sit back and relax.

How can I run Windows apps on a Linux Acer Aspire One?


Not that easy

Short answer? First, you probably won't be able to run AutoCAD on Linux, and second, there's a linux version of Thunderbird, no hacks needed (at least not the extraordinary ones:-]). Visit the Mozilla Thunderbird download page http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/thunderbird/all.html and pick up the linux version. Be sure to have the requirements installed (GTK libs etc.).

As for the .exe problem, try wine. It's a fairly capable windows emulator for linux. You just *might* be able to run CAD on it, but i strongly doubt it. Another option is installing some kind of a virtual machine software (VMWare comes to mind), buy yourself a copy of Windows and install that on the virtual machine. But that kind of defeats the purpose of having linux in the first place...

Customers give Dell the finger over keyboard screw-up


RE: Big Al

Yes, I can see your pain, being in the middle of Prague and all... but I have disposed of this problem by using a "czech QWERTY" layout instead. So when switching to czech (being a programmer, I don't type accented symbols very much at all), I don't have to re-train my brain to the goddamn awful QWERTZ layout.

QWERTZ btw comes unto us from the beloved country of Germany, among other fantastic things like latex use in movies and big beautiful blonde women eating bratwursts. Meh. Mine's the zellow one with y's and z's all mixed up.


"The Z has to be between the A and S... look on ANY other keyboard"

Yeah... any other keyboard... like those fine AZERTY jobbies?

Mine's the french-typing one.

Brown opts for morality over science on 'lethal skunk'


OK, couldn't resist: Why do you even smoke that shit?

I mean, is it really necessary to get wasted every Friday evening, and continue being FUBAR through the whole weekend? (and not just from skunk). Helluva lot of fun to have, certainly. Meh.

...mine's the DEA labelled one.

US navy electro-cannon test successful


old tech, actually

I know of a project like this in late 90's, developed for czech army at CTU FEE Prague. They got to Mach 5 or so muzzle velocity, the supervising officer was VERY pleased, and decided to move the project to military development facility. The gun was able to fire about two times, before the "barrel" (two rails, actually - hence the "railgun" moniker:-)) fused together.

The "flame" (flash) is actually plasma emission, aka lightning; the gun works by two means - mainly Lorentz force induced by a spike current in the rails pulling the slug, and a plasma discharge (a small lightning, actually) induced by an artificial short circuit (very thin wire between the rails, which at the time of "firing" vaporizes instantly and induces a lightning arc) behind the slug.

It is called it "plasma cannon". And the tech is already nearing battlefield deployment, the USofA being the obvious technology leaders.

Spanish TV turns Wiki-hoaxer


RE: Erm

to Simon Ball: they were not objecting until after it passed through the parliament. It is a standard procedure here, so to say, to give a sh*t about laws until it's too late to change them (or too late to bribe and/or talk one's way out of punishment). And when politicians saw the loud opposing minority, they decided to score some points and turned around too.

And I'm not saying the law should be changed (at least, not this way), I'm all for harsher fines and repercussions. The other way ("laissez-faire") didn't obviously work out, and frankly, with czech people, never will.

Ok, i'll get my coat, then.


Re: Motoring offences

>Only in Spain do you get road traffic deaths figures published on TV *every >weekend*.

Not only in Spain. Here in the Czech Republic it is really very similar.

"Points system" was enacted almost precisely a year ago, and the situation is already much worse than before. The totals are shown in monday morning news - usually more than 10 deaths - and those numbers are for the weekend ONLY. Week stats are not shown, possibly because the numbers would be frighteningly high. Suffice to say that for the first seven months of 2007, there were already 612 deaths. That means more than 0.01% of the whole 10M or so of people in Czech Rep. die every year on the roads.

This situation stems from two facts: first, there's inherent disrespect of all "seemingly stupid" (read: correcting our already mad behavior) laws in the czech society, and second, the new "points system law" got VERY severe beating from all sides and parties - drivers (OMG the fines are way too high!!), policemen (OMG so much more work!!!), parliament (if the drivers don't like it, and everyone drives, we don't like it too; never mind the fact that MP's seem also to strangely like drunk driving), government (OMG, some brownie points in this definitely, let's thrash it too). All this has made the new law nothing but a piece of toilet paper (used).