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Poetic justice: Mum funnels £100 into claw machine to win single Dumbo teddy for her kid


Re: Is this really IT news worthy?

IT? Yes, because the dial that they altered would have changed a setting on some form of micro-processor. They're certainly not mechanical anymore ..

News? Maybe not.

RIP: Microsoft finally pulls plug on last XP survivor... POSReady 2009


So, the last supported version of XP has been withdrawn? What about all those cashpoints that still run XP in the UK ..

UK rail lines blocked by unexpected Windows dialog box


Why does the Twitter poster exclaim like it is preventing him from doing his job? Given that he works in Healthcare I'm guessing he was just a passenger and those screens aren't designed for passenger use ..

(Doesn't mean it wasn't an issue for someone else of course)

Five things you need to know about Microsoft's looming Windows 10 Spring Creators Update


Re: Long File Paths ?!

Windows isn't the only file system that couldn't handle long file names, both Linux and macOS have limits - although longer than Windows. That's why you have to chose to turn the feature on, as you might start saving files that other people can't open on other platforms (including Windows 7).

If you really want to take advantage of it, just set it via GP.

RIP... almost: Brit high street gadget shack Maplin Electronics


Re: Edinburgh Woolen Mill

EWM were previously owned by Rutland, before being sold off to another investment group. Probably an attempt to call in a favour.

That microchipped e-passport you've got? US border cops still can't verify the data in it


Re: I have the answer

That wasn't the problem though, they can already read all the data - they just can't verify that it is correct :)



This is why you can't use ePassport Gates in the US unless you've previously been through immigration control at least once, using the same passport.

They verify the data the first time (although verify basically means checking you match the passport and it looks legit) and then the eGates will accept you on the next visit.

Long haul flights on a one-aisle plane? Airbus thinks you’re up for it


Re: How bad does it have to get?

Delta only have a 49% share in Virgin, but have had that from almost Day 1.

Virgin have just sold over 30% of its stake to Air France-KLM though, giving Delta the controlling majority.

Good lord, Kodak's stock is up 120 per cent. How? New film? Oh. It launched a crypto-coin


Forget the Coin

Everyone is getting hung up on the cryptocurrency bit, it's probably almost a certain that Kodak only bothered with that bit to generate some headlines. They could accept $ on the KodakOne site, but none of the press would have paid any attention.

The significant part is using blockchain, which was originally intended for all sorts of digital transactions but has only really been used for "bitcoin" transactions so far. The whole point is every new block in the chain is so secure, its link to the previous block (the last step in the transaction) is almost 100% guaranteed.

I have stolen this quote, but this sums it up (from the Harvard Business Review) "an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way". This is quite an exciting development in digital rights management, and if it ensures the photographer gets paid for there work then I can't see why it wouldn't take off.

Wannabe W1 DOW-er faked car crash to track down reg plate's owner


Because in the UK

a) It is possible to self-insure, but as it's so expensive its only done by businesses

b) You may be trying to settle without the use of an insurer.

A better question, as mentioned by other people, would be "what is the crime reference number".

Someone told Google to nuke links to mean reviews of disgraced telco True Telecom


True Telecom went into Administration on the 3rd of November, so I guess it doesn't really matter anymore.

Although, if you do a quick Google for True Telecom, I still get an article from ISPReview ("Ofcom UK Accuses Broadband ISP True Telecom of Slamming.." and "True Telecom in Dartford fined £85,000 for making nuisance calls over.." published on Kent Online so I'm not entirely sure the takedown requests were either actioned, or made any difference given the other numerous bad reviews available.

Ofcom lifts sword, eyes up BT's duct and pole rental costs


Re: @Lee D - Broadband Only Lines

This raises an interesting point, surely if there has been an issue which meant you had to contact customer services in the first place, that's a problem whether they were good to deal with or not?

By comparison, I never once had to contact Sky during my 4 or so years with them, and I've not (yet) had to contact PlusNet in the 2 years since I switched. The fact I've not had to have any contact with them because nothing has gone wrong should trump good customer service?

There may not be a correct answer to this, by the way, it was just an alternate way of looking at it.


Re: Broadband Only Lines

Trouble is, A&A charge quite a bit more than your average ISP - so even though you're only paying £10 for your copper pair, the total bill is still £45 a month on the cheapest tariff (Home 1).

I pay £15 less for unlimited downloads and it even includes a phone service, whether I want one or not.


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