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Wikipedia self-flagellates over vanishing 'farmsex'




There is no possible way to provide any individual with the sum total of current human medical practice.

You ever had to fix a computer before? Ever had to look up the details of how to do it at castlecops or someplace?

The human body is just the tiniest bit more complex than that. Doctors have to look things up all the time, but those that I've worked with have used online resources as a reference on the details of something they were already passing familiar with, as opposed to new research. Besides, maybe he looked it up to get an idea what it was, then went to find Gray's or something.

Still, methinks you need more snopes in your diet.

Unrelatedly, I'd like to note that at whatever point I catch one of my kids reading about zoophilia on wikipedia, the moment after I get through "persuading" them not to do it again, I'm going to ... ah, you know, I think I'd rather not have that in e-print. But let's just say that the alien icon in this case might be taken as a clue, if you probe what I'm saying there, Jimbo.

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008



"the very universe from which Blizzard aped most of WoW's ideas"

I read somewhere that the original Warcraft was designed as a Warhammer game. When GW didn't want it, Blizzard rebranded it to sell for themselves.

I can't find a statement to support that on wikipedia, so maybe it is true...

I can tell you why /I/ still play WoW: I like the continuity of the characters I've created there. Someone is going to have to come up with something pretty compelling to get me and my brother to start over in /their/ game.

Smut pop-up teacher case finally resolved with misdemeanor plea


The first thing we do ...

According to Alex's latest blog entry, the later prosecutor now admits that the computer may not have been examined properly by the local police.

And they think they may still have had a case.

Which is a bunch of bluster, imo - if they were confident of a conviction, wouldn't they have gone to trial?


"For some reason, this case caught the media's attention." Yeah, because you people are a bunch of idiots who know nothing about technology or justice.

Nuke boffins plan Penguin petaflop cluster



Hopefully Blizzard will license this technology and thus resolve the queue problems ...

'Overplayed' privacy concerns rile Symantec boss


@ Jaowon

Please see PG's latest rant:


Then come back and tell us how you feel about privacy.

And it shouldn't matter WHY you need privacy - if only a few people have some level of anonymity, then Those Who Want To Know Things will know whom to target.

Too, the faster we relinquish our privacy, the sooner the gov't will have more complete control over us. Y'might watch Equilibrium sometime. As commentary, the movie is pure hyperbole, but it makes the point of security vs privacy very clearly, I think.

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins


Ninja assassin(s)

If you'd said a lone ninja, I'd have voted that way. But everyone knows that ninjas in groups always lose.

Firefox-Google marriage on shaky ground?


Ad Block - not just for Ads anymore!

I install Firefox and Adblock for most all of my clients. IE and Windows are full enough of holes that this is one less vector for infection.

Blocking ads is merely a bonus.

Sensible, practical anti-terror tech shocker



@ Alex and Jasmine


So you know what the fiddly bits in a scientific paper are for then? I'll expect a brief in the morning, as what he put in he brackets means as much to me.

Oh, what's that, you can not write a brief up because you don't know what it says because he censored it? And he didn't include a link that you might click on to get more informa... oh there it is!

You two may be even stupider than the people who complain there's no IT angle. How long have you people been reading El Reg, anyway?


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