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Consumer hardware shipments forecast to drop 14% for 2020, but hey, it could be worse, says Gartner


Made in China

I have stopped buying electronics in general because everything is made in china. If they won't build electronics in the US all I can do is stop buying. My TV is over 10 years old, my iphone 6 is over six years old, my macbook pro is 7 years old, and on and on. I only replace electronics when the die. I now spend my money at local restaurants, golf courses, garden center, and other places that keep money in my local economy. Everyone worldwide should do this. Stop the elites from giving away your jobs to China, keep your local economy strong!

We're in a timeline where Dettol maker has to beg folks not to inject cleaning fluid into their veins. Thanks, Trump


No Politics Please

What does this article have to do with IT? Let's not ruin this site with inane political sport. I am so sick of politics, it's ruing discussions about anything these days. You can swing a dead cat without hitting someone with a political opinion nobody wants to hear.

HPE goes on the warpath, attacks AWS over vendor lock-in


He has a point

Many services are only available in a particular cloud. For example code written for AWS lambda only works in AWS. You can't take lambda code and run it in Azure. You need to take some care when going to the cloud. If you run an application in AWS make sure you can do the same in Google and Azure. The more generic you make your environment the more portable it is. This is why many companies still use VMs because they can be run anywhere (AWS, Google, Azure, VMWare, Hyper-V, KVM, etc.). If you run a 'serverless' environment, like most cloud providers recommend, you will get locked in.

Oracle leaves its heart in San Francisco – or it would do if, you know, Oracle had a heart


Vegas Knows how to host a convention

I've been to several EMC World events in Las Vegas and they were all excellent. The Las Vegas hotels know how to work together on an event. The event was run across several hotels, hosting 15,000 attendees, without a hitch. I found there was a lot to do in Vegas and I don't gamble or go to stupid strip clubs. Las Vegas is more affordable and the airport is close the main strip, it's perfect for a convention.

Is your computer doctor secretly a racist? Two US senators want to find out the truth


What a bunch of nonsense

This algorithm has no impact on my life. I go see my doctor, he comes up with a treatment plan, and we move forward. No algorithm needed.

The two Democrats are just trying to stir the identity politics pot. The fact is, each individual is responsible for their own health care. This is all between you and your doctor.

Just a friendly reminder there were no at-the-time classified secrets on Clinton's email server. Yes, the one everyone lost their minds over


Re: Ummm... missed a very big thing there

The other big point is why did she have an email server in the first place? She was supposed to use a secured State Department server. Think about your own job. How would your employer like it if you stop using corp email for business communication and put a linux sendmail server in your basement? You would be told to follow corporate policy or get fired. She had her own email server so she could side step e-discovery by government auditors.

Think your VMware snapshots are all good? Guess again if you're on Windows Server 2019


backup products like VEEAM will not help this

VEEAM uses an API call to quiesce the application running in the VM. If you quiesce an application via local script or VEEAM, the result will be the an inconsistent snapshot. Microsoft will need to fix Windows 2019 so applications can be properly quiesced. It is incorrect to say a third party backup application like VEEAM will fixe the problem, it won't.

Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn


just quit

I have worked at companies where they think they can save a dime with offshore help. I always just quit when they say "we need to you to train these offshore people". I put my resume out and in a couple of months I have a new job. Have some common sense people, if the ship is sinking be the first one to get out. Don't be an idiot trying to find a job when a ton people get laid off and are looking for work at the same time!

Indictment bombshell: 'Kremlin intel agents' hacked, leaked Hillary's emails same day Trump asked Russia for help


poor security

If the russians hacked this in one day, what does that say about Hillary. She sure picked a poor IT firm to setup her server. If the Russians hacked this on one day, so did everyone else.

Big Cable falls into wormhole to alternate universe, sends back blog post about USA's amazing broadband


Draytek Dual band router

I live in Connecticut and my internet has always been terrible. After 20 years I finally bought a dual WAN router. WAN1 uses wireless to a cell tower and WAN2 uses ADSL. Now if one provider goes down I can continue working on the second WAN connection.

I experienced the same BS Jeffery Nonken experienced. I had a DSL outage for 3 Days with Frontier DSL. Customer service was awful. Everyone goes through their service script and nobody really knows how to troubleshoot anything.

Now my internet is up all the time because I have two providers. I'll pay more for internet to save my sanity.


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