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Click here to see the New Zealand livestream mass-murder vid! This is the internet Facebook, YouTube, Twitter built!


Cure for the Incurable

I appreciate all the solutions offered here, but most are out of my realm of influence.

I do know that I can keep a watchful eye for that person who is desperately in need of something I can give.

I can't cure 'Crazy', but maybe by giving of myself to someone other than 'myself', I can possibly keep their insanity from leaving the ground level. Use my influence to keep that person in need in the world with consequences before they reach the level of where the only thing that is important is being 'noticed'.

Is it insane to search social media for people who are lonely?

On the first day of Christmas, Microsoft gave to me... an emergency out-of-band security patch for IE


Christmas IT Cover songs (Yankovich-like)

Love the article title cover song. We should have more!

The Reg is the perfect venue for hosting a Christmas Songs Cover event. Sorta like....'Jingle Bells, Excel Cells, Coding all the way......". (i forget the rest of the traditional song, but you know what i mean.).

Monkey selfie case settles for a quarter of future royalties


Re: Doctor Syntax

Forget signing "a release for that selfie".

How the heck did Naruto sign all those selfies sold on Slater's website?

Was his signature consistent throughout?

Could a Signature Expert, recognized by the Court, verify authenticity without a doubt?

Were they signed in poop?


Re: This story really is comedy gold...

you did it again! thanks! I'm now with tears.


Re: I don't understand

that brings up a good point.

Who owns the copyright for that book of Shakespearean poetry written by that roomful of one-thousand typewriting monkeys ?


Re: Don't get it why

tirgra 07, you made my day with your comment ! thanks


Repulsed by adjective 'nonhuman'

I have not read the 90+ comments already posted in response to this article, but I will. I would like to post my immediate thoughts now, while they are still fresh in my mind and my emotional state is at a peak of repulsion.

I can only assume most of the 90+ comments are in the scope of societal rights for animals and the activist people that passionately support these self imposed rights. I have nothing to say on the efforts of PETA and other organizations who selflessly seek to carry out our (all peoples) God given responsibility to care for all His creatures.

The thing that blows my mind is the novel use of the adjective "nonhuman" with the word "animal" !

It seems to imply that 'Humans' are 'animals'. We are NOT!

I fear the coupling of these two words marks the beginning of a 'blurred' boundary between Man and the rest of God's creations. When we (all people) accept the needless construction of words to convey a literal distinction, we must use great caution. Even more so, when the chosen construction can be grammatically correct, therefore more easily accepted as 'truth'. This "acceptance" grows stronger as time goes on until, what was harmlessly accepted in context, is harmfully accepted alongside other slightly related 'Lies'.

Case in point - The acceptance of the word "gender" as a replacement for the word "sex". The word 'gender' was accepted in society probably because people were offended by the immoral "gutter-minded' thought implied by the word "sex" (verb, not noun). Which, by the way is an incorrect connotation of the word 'sex'. Sex (verb, not noun) is a beautiful act of procreation, between two people (not animals) of the opposite 'sex' (noun, not verb), male and female. The word 'gender' has its origin in the word 'genus' from biological genes that define the specific boundary between male and female. Today we accept the word 'gender' as a blurred non-specific personal definition that any person is free to choose based on his/her 'feelings'. Today, society accepts a biological male to qualify his 'gender' as a female and make lawful use of female restrooms, clothing, motherhood, etc. All because this male person 'feels' more feminine, despite his anatomical structure (based on his genes).

Even though the word 'gender' truthfully should describe a person's genes, we (all people) have harmlessly accepted the incorrect use, which has resulted in a harmful application and corruption of truths.

By the way, I like smiley monkey pictures.


Take that, gender pay gap! Atos to offshore hundreds of BBC roles


Re: I have always supposed the idea of the BBC, but...

It is backwards in the U.S., but in a sense, the same.

All private companies are run by the Government (the "State"), as they are all subject to the heavy Federal and State regulations/laws which are established to protect the commonwealth (me). This is true, BUT the caveat in this truth....the private companies run the Government! Those big hitters with the cash are the ones that dictate (heavily influence) which regulation/laws are written. Hence, the only thing being 'protected' is the private company 'bottom-line'.

Thanks from across the pond for the different perspective.

(By the way, my wife works for ATOS here in Texas.)