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Microsoft's Cloud PCs debut – priced between $20 and $158 a month


I must be past it…..

For ten years I managed (hands on) IT for an SME with 125 employees spread across all continents…. They would use RDC to a pair of terminal servers (only for redundancy) to run MS Dynamics Nav and CRM plus Office. Worked a treat…. Always!

Oh… and the users all had MacBook Pros…

Moving to a company with 3 million users worldwide it was nice slim HP laptops plus the revelation that is Windows DA! Perfection!!

When your that big you test the cloud stuff a bit, confirm what everybody suspected and just carry on doing it properly-like us pros used to be proud of doing!

If at first you don't succeed: Engineers power up the computers of NASA's monster SLS core stage once again


Re: 2H10?

We've noticed you often launch at this time of day so decided to install updates a few hours after boot time This can be adjusted in Settings.

Look out! its Clippy!!!!!!

OVH says burned data centre’s UPS, batteries, fuses in the hands of insurers and police


Ahhh big UPS's....

this has reminded me of the huge shiny 'whole server room' ups i had installed years ago to protect some early cryptography providing servers... it was a beaut with full Quatermass style switches to take loads on/offline

The installers (nameless to protect the innocent) did a great job, did a demo of full power failure mode and left

Strangely we then experienced outages EVERY night!! the servers would all die at around 5am and spring back alive at 7am?!?!? puzzling...

Turns out the numpty installers had pinched the new power feed for the system from a 'spare' breaker they happened upon... not noticing the timer right next to it in the dist box labelled 'Air-con system'

power was being killed each weekday at 7pm but the big old ups did its thing until dying at around 5am.... then at 7am the timer kicked the mains on and off it went again!

If Daddy doesn't want me to touch the buttons, why did they make them so colourful?


Reminds me...

of the Saturday overtime I scored back in the 80s....

I had the job of marking walkways through the office and workshops using striped tape on the floors so went into the empty office taking my Wife to help out.... and she brought our well behaved dog.

All went way to smoothly, job done without the usual domestic dissagreements, dog mooched around before settling by my desk until we all left.

When I got to work on the Monday morning I encountered a lot of giggling and back slapping from the staff which confused me until I heard about the enormous pile of stinking turd left under the MD's desk over the weekend!!!

My old dog! Legend!!

HPE's Black Thursday: Staff face pay cuts or the ax, office closures to save $1bn+ after coronavirus slams IT titan


Welcome to the 'New Normal'!

and may your Deity help you if you don't have the right paperwork to show you have antibodies......

Short of tech talent to deal with novel coronavirus surge? Let us help – with free job ads on The Register


What a brilliant idea!

As a 'resting' contractor with a wealth of experience to offer I will be keeping an eye out for anything available in the Herts area

HMRC accused of not understanding its own IR35 tax reforms ahead of private sector rollout


Did Dave Grohl have a mystical insight about the future of CEST? reference line three here froma Contractor anthem....

In time our soul untold

I'm just another soul for sale, oh well

The page is out of print

We are not permanent

We're temporary, temporary

Same old story

Creepy tech tycoons Zuck and Musk clash over AI doomsday


On the Eighth Day.....

Machine just got upset...a problem Zuck had not forseen as yet......

Always listen to what Hazel O'Connor told us back in the day!