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'Cloned' CGI faces mimic people 'better than skilled actors'


Fake video footage ?

So now we can make videos of people saying and doing stuff that never really happened?

And don't tell me - they started working on this just after Schwarzenegger's 'The Running Man' came out?

Minister trashes ex-spook chief's liberty warning


McNultyism - the new McCarthyism ?

It sounds to me as though she should be locked up or deported

in line with the new Government approach to 'anti-democratic'

views revealed on Panorama.

Kaminsky (finally) reveals gaping hole in internet


Scruples ?

>if a less scrupulous person had stumbled on the bug first

You assume they didn't ???

No-humping 20mph limit for London


Wireless cameras...

... I forsee a burgeoning industry creating in-car wireless jamming devices :)

Sensible, practical anti-terror tech shocker


Too Dumb ?

I like reading El Reg. You've been my daily squeeze for ages. The irreverent 'squeal Neocon/RIAA-piggy squeal' type of articles you carry make me chuckle.

I do like to have a bit of news content in my editorial every now and again though to be honest. You know, if I feel just a little bit more informed about the world around me it makes me feel I've done something almost worthwhile spending my time here.

Once your contributors start censoring their own reporting on the basis the readers won't understand the more complicated stuff [yes I know it was all meant in fun] I start to worry that maybe you guys are taking things a little too far....

(And lets not even get started on those God-awful advertorials you keep carrying. Maybe you could flag them with some secret-sign for the RSS community?)


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