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AWS adopts home-brewed KVM as new hypervisor


Re: Xen is great

Did you even read the article?

Scotiabank internet whizzkids screw up their HTTPS security certs


Re: It can happen

Why do people keep implying that just because you’re not logging in or doing banking on a website then it implies it doesn’t need https to begin with?

How can you be so wrong I don’t get it...

There are many reasons for using tls aside from just encrypting credentials.

As Troy Hunt has demonstrated on many occasions: there is absolutely no reason why every website should serve all content over https in 2017. It’s free after all (and said AMCE service keeps track of certificate expiary/renewals for you).

Every site from a banks random marketing page through to the blog my sister set up for her kittens should have basic tls. There is no technical reason not to.

Google paying Apple BEEELLIONS to stay search top dog on iDevices, say analysts


Re: DuckDuckGo is the only option if they want to protect privacy

You couldn’t pay me to use DuckDuckGo.

I’m able to find the answer I need 9/10 times on first search with google.

I’ve tried.duckeuckgo many times before but when I do the quality of results I get is poor. Closer to 2/10 searches gIving me the result I need every time.

I put this down to Google’s spying and knowing everything about me along with their enhanced search algorithms and experience as to the reason why this happens.

You’d have to pay me £100s each month to use DDG as the amount of time I’d loose clicking through results/pages and search optimisation can easily get into the £hundreds of lost actual productivity time at my daily rate.

One day a company will be able to figure out the proper values for their entire workforce switching from their search engine of choice and I can reliably predict they will be significant.

No, Apple. A 4G Watch is a really bad idea


Glad I'm not the only one...

who uses the "ping phone" function far more than any app on the watch.

I got an Apple Watch as I'd never owned a watch before so thought why not make my first plunge into the world of watches a digital one. I use it as a watch and to preview notifications so I don't have to get my phone out as often. That's enough for me I don't need it for anything more really nor would I want to!

Oh I do use the exercise/HR tracking features the most when I do go swimming or down the gym. I think that's a pretty neat feature but it's not unique to Apple and unless I'm mistaken can't be enhanced by adding in a LTE modem! The battery life is rubbish on an Apple Watch as it is let's not find pointless ways to drain it further please :)

Mediocre Britain: UK broadband ranked 31st in world for speed


Feels good to be in the 2%

....admittedly I'm on virgins RFoG fttp but that's just a case of switching the R-ONU to a normal ONU (if VM ever decide to go proper gpon) and volia...done.

Not that I care really if it's RFoG or GPON as with DOCISS3.1 we could easily get gigabit+ speeds if they choose to deploy them (and unlike non fttp virgin areas have the bandwidth and optical infra in place to handle it!).

All in a tiny little remote village that got voted in as part of project lightning. Took our Zen 12Mbit line to 300+ overnight for the same cost. Can't complain there.

O2 admits to throttling network bandwidth for EU data roamers


Re: Three Feel At Home..

I travel around Europe a lot for work and noticed the day the EU regs came in three changed their info pages and now describe feel at home as a different service to the non eu countries they allow roaming in (can’t remember the name off the top of my head).

They also allow 4g and tethering now (think there’s a tethering cap) along witn vpn use. It’s an amazing improvement on what we had previously where only social media ran well and id get 0.2mbits max on any other website.

I’m tethering right now in Nuremberg to my iPad watching Netflix with no problem. Got 20Mbits earlier on for a speed test as well. It’s not as perfect or reliable as in the uk but a darn sight better than the feel at home (if all you use at home is social media) that we had before!

Why the Kubernetes Kids can't hurt Bezos' Amazon beast


Re: It's all about Docker

Not anymore I’m afraid....

Kubernetes as a project has long since recognised that docker inc is yearnon year closing up the docker ecosystem.

They’ve been shifting to an OCI model for a long time. They also support rkt as well.

This enables companies to exlmplerely avoid the vendor lock in that docker is slowly becoming bad at.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years k8s by default starts using systemd-containerd with an oci implantation of rkt as it’s default rather than docker and supporting it only for “legacy” reasons.

Talking a bit about vendor lock it it annoys me a bit that the article focused on red hats openshift. For starters openshift is a PaaS as well as a CaaS and is very much vendor lock in in its own form. Sure; if you use openshkft just for containers then that lock-in is minimalised but they change some things in their use of k8s that make your manifests and projects incompatible completely with all the other main vendors.

If you choose to use openshift as a PaaS then you’re locking yourself into 1 vendor.

The article should of mentioned Suse. Their new CaaS Kubernetes product is entirely compatible with opstram and is a serious contender against openshift as well as coreos tectonic and rancher.

It’s also by far the most simple on premise k8s distribution to set up. You can go from nothing to a fully functioning large k8s cluster without doing anything special such as deploying matchbox. It integrates perfectly with your existing infrastructure devices as well (dns/dhcp).

Heck: with openshift you can only deploy it on top of their OpenStack! Who the hell in their right mind would deploy OpenStack if all you wanted was containers???

That’s just for CaaS needs as well.

If we’re talking about PaaS then Suse is launching their cloudfoindry based pass running on top of Kubernetes later this year. Unlike with openshift where you have to trust red hat as the sole developer of openshift with cloud foundry there are many many other different vendors allowing you to make your app development truly portable in case you decide to switch PaaS vendor. Cloud foundry is the way forward in the on premise PaaS world don’t waste (subsfanfional) money on openshift when the alternatives are cheaper, more open, avoid vendor lock in and don’t require you to deploy opensfack as a dependency of your CaaS/PaaS Platform