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AMD trumpets HDTV-on-PC chip


meh title

'...Never Twice the Same Color, Something Essentially Contrary to the American Method, and Picture Always Lousy...'

You cynical b@st'rds :-P

Man gets life for killing game-obsessed partner



Goes to show how addiction can be bad for your health....

Anyone notice the age difference?

Discovery docks with ISS


Poor Bat

I suppose it got toasted...

Still it good that the shuttle launched successfully.

World of Warcraft: 'The crack cocaine of the computer world'


Online games.....

Reminds me of many wasted hours on Evercrack during my sixth form years. The granddad of the MMORPG it was very addictiive. Fortunately I had a gf who promptly saved me from it. That and only having a very small budget; I couldn't afford it. Hoorah for poverty.

The problem comes when people start prefering to live in artificial world instead of the real one.

I watched it destroy one of my best friends it wasn't pretty.

Judge buries bogus malware-protection gang



I think, the 216 is meant to seem more legitimate than a 'arbitary round number'.

In many ways, scareware is worse than malware, it has taken a long time to get average joe to take their compy's security seriously; many still remain ignorant. Those who now do, get shafted if they don't know where or who to look for a legitimate service. Its the same psychology as phishing. Dupe the weakest link, the human.

Hope the defendants go to prision.

Queen's speech targets bankers, unemployed, and immigrants



They probably used the word customers because travellers could have racial/cultural inferences. We can't have the government's border department seemingly targeting Blighty's pikey population'.

Judge says tech-addled jurors undermine justice


Fair Comment to be honest

I don't agree with short attention spans thing... Shiney thing! Wait what as I saying..Oh the corruption of cases by jury members turning Inspector Clumbo is a valid point.

The whole point is the jury is to make their decisions based upon the evidence presented by both Defence and the Prosecution which is in turned produce by people who do if for a living. Police, forensics et al.

The whole point is that a jury is supposed to be completly unbiased until they have heard this evidence presented by either side.

Maybe we need robot juries? Or people who are insulated from the outside world.

Lords to attack UK.gov failings on internet security

Thumb Down

Software Developer Liability?

Every application is as imperfect as the imperfect technology/framework that the imperfect developer implements them with.

Peekaboo pledges pole-dance kit for Wii


For gods sake think of children...

And there was me thinking the Wii was aimed at the family orientated casual gaming market.

You can see the Daily Mail headline now: "Seven year old wants to learn to bump and grind, immigrants,teenage mums and cannabis blamed"

Wonder when a company will go whole hog and release a groin attachment such as one featured in Red Dwarf.

British youths think Churchill went to moon



30 Decades? A decade being ten years...so three hundred years ago? My word you learned of WWII before it happened and you didn't warn us it was coming?! You must have a good anti-aging cream... J/K ;-)

As for the Churchill moon mess up, is it really relevant at age four? Didn't learn in education about the 'war' until secondary school. Well I knew before that as I watched documentaries and learned about it from grandparents etc. How many children today have grandparents who served, probably not many.


What I find shocking is certain friends who are now qualified teachers generally don't know a great deal outside their own bit of the curriculum. Huge amounts of general ignorance going around. One friend was stumped when a primary age child asked where clouds came from...

TV-Links man: 'I'm no master criminal'


Hasn't broken the law...

I would like to mention that this chap hasn't broken the law in anyway.

Section 92 is very clear that: (Thanks Reg)

"A person does not commit an offence under this section unless- (a) the goods are goods in respect of which the trade mark is registered, or (b) the trade mark has a reputation in the United Kingdom and the use of the sign takes or would take unfair advantage of, or is or would be detrimental to, the distinctive character or the repute of the trade mark."

This law that FACT claimed he has broken doesn't apply to context in which it was used. For instance links to sites aren't goods; if it were the case, Google would be guilty of it by indexing sites.

Bottom line - they couldn't couldn't arrest him for intellectual property or copyright breach and tried to bend a trademark law to fit the situation.

Facebookers bring HSBC to its knees


@Jason Harvey


I'm a Computer Science student, I could not go to university without an interest free overdraft. Its part of the uni process to get you by. Before you ask yes - I do have a part time job.

Unfortunately if your parents earn too much to qualify for a larger loan/government help with fees, but not enough that they can actually help you out, you need your overdraft to live. My student loan barely covers my rent let alone any fees. Just glad I got in before they introduced top-up fees. When I graduate I'll owe £14,000 in Student Loans and around £1500 from my overdraft.

I think Facebook is a good way to organise lots of people quickly as you can reach them on mass.


Boy racer cuffed for 140mph YouTube jaunt



Do you have to stupe to a discussing your penis? Maybe it is, but to mention it in that manner would suggest your mental age is below ten. Its inappropriate - its a tech site, the article is about a pleb speeding and posting himself doing it on youtube..

Anyways whether or not an Escort can do the speed is immaterial, its whether the video can be used as evidence. He could just say he faked it...They would have to prove otherwise. As its his video, that would be difficult. They would have to find witnesses etc...

Europe finally granted Xbox price cut



This is my first post,

The Elite comes with a bigger HD as standard(120 gb) it also comes equiped with a HDMI port. It also uses fab 65nm instead the 90nm on its cpu so it runs cooler and uses less power. Both good things....

Finally it is also black not white.

The cheaper models are rumored to get that HDMI and new fab process soon.

On the xbox game question, its to force everyone to get the new console. The 360 has almost been out two years so most game publishers and software houses are now only developing for the later technology. It won't be long before production reduces for the PS2.

Hope that helps