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eBay forces Aussies to use Paypal


Protection isnt high on Ebays priority.

Making the maximim of profit is.

Otherwise, features like " do not allow users to bid if they are registered in a country I dont ship to", would be recommended defaults for basic users.

Also, I havent found a way to blacklist a user from bidding/buying by account. ( ie restricting someone thats scammed you before to not bid on new items listed )

Ebay are struggling to get round the people that are 'playing' the rules and getting away with murder. In the process of this, they are narrowing the accepted field.

As with everything in life, the safer something becomes, the less fun it is!


Amazon.........anyone used Google Base?

Just tried sticking a couple of bits on there, They're on , but god knows where!


Its a creeping canker. PenguinBay needed.,

Ebay has a monopoly on the internet auction sites.

Even selling cars it can compare with Autotrader for adverts.

Somebody find an alternative auction site that is struggling, but being fair, and lets all just use that one instead.

Lets face it, its us, the geeks and the nerds, that made Google & Ebay the successes they are.

Geeks of the world unite, create a linux-philosophy 'Ebay-competitor' with a community behind it and let Ebay shove it where the sun dont shine!

Telcos yank FBI wiretaps


They're just not listening to us.....

yes they are ,

oh ...... actually no they're not.

Viking ship resurfaces under Merseyside boozer


I <hic> Shtill cant remember where I left the boat! <hic>

I pity the poor Viking, coming back after a hard days pillaging and losing his boat, only to find someones built 'Ye Olde Pub ' in its place.

US special forces buy electric stealth golf carts


Comes with Optional Portable recharge or Solar.

I can just see the advertising :

And for Night ops, these ultra silent buggys come with not One but Two covert pedalling machines, which at an estimated cycle rate of 10km an hour will provide a full recarge in about 6 hours.!! And you can plug your Sat phone in to charge as well ( recharge time increased to 8 hours if this option is used!)

For Daytime recharge, just unfold the 15 m2 solar panel, and a full recharge will be yours in just 2 hours ( camaflage depending) *

* no responsibility is taken for your discovery by enemy elements should they detect your panels during this time.

Virgin rocket-ship terminal revealed


It may look clean and shiny now......

Give it a week and it will look more like Mos Isley.

Light sabre on cargo manifest for next Shuttle mission


Thats no ordinary prop.

This is a covert exercise to test a fully functioning LightSaber in Zero-G conditions, under the cover of 'plain sight' camoflage. What other rational reason could there be!

Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone


Sad as it may be, yup the N91 or N93 would happily do this

Make your arm ache though, holding it in the same position for an hour and a half!