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Patch Tuesday update triggered Skype outage

Pete Rutherford

Corporate theory might have a grain of truth

I used to work for a UK company with a US parent. It was policy for ALL pc's to be left on at night so that patches could be sent down by the US admins. Change control was done in the US. The size of the US parent meant they had advance notice of the patches from M$ and would tailor them to suit the apps we used. Server patching was manual and via SMS. Given that we had something like 1.3 million users worldwide, it was easy to create a problem with a bad patch. Although not the same, a virus attack from elsewhere in the world meant 40 people manually patching every office machine in one night - about 2000 machines. Repat that throughout a global network and there might be some truth behind Skype's statement.

We didn't allow Skype but it's on the record that US Robotics do. I wonder how many machines they have on line at any one time...


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