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NHS: Thanks for the free work, Linux nerds, now face our trademark cops

Simon Lacey

I'm possibly missing something, but sounds to me like someone has decided to put some software together for someone else, and that someone else didn't ask for it, doesn't want it, and would like them to stop using their name.

Crooks are using proxy servers to build more convincing phishing sites – new claim

Simon Lacey

All most phishing sites/mails need is someone that can speak English.

Almost entire EU now violating Brussels cookie privacy law

Simon Lacey

I'm probably mistaken

But don't most modern browsers allow you to block cookies by default, requiring user confirmation to allow them? If so, what is Vaizey asking for?

'Larry and Sergey's HTML5 balls drained my resources'

Simon Lacey


Because of the omnibar in chrome, I only ever visit the google homepage when someone points out there is something fun to see. Likewise the search box on Opera/IE/FF.

Coin-sized nuclear isotope battery minted

Simon Lacey

re: what's the use case?

"by the way, what do you Brits call Popsicles?"

'Ice lolly' or just 'lolly'. In a bizarre case of coin related symmetry, 'lolly' was once a popular colloquialism for 'money'.

Blighty customers see some Windows 7 prices halved

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That was essentially the circa £120 option from my original comment. Just seems odd to me that the only available OEM or Upgrade path essentially involves me buying my current OS again :).

I probably wouldn't have given it another thought normally, but seeing Apple be so reasonable with the upgrade price from Leopard to Snow Leopard, and the somewhat overriding feeling that Win 7 is essentially what Vista should've been...

Simon Lacey


I've not seen any upgrade or OEM prices for the UK anywhere yet. To upgrade my Vista Ultimate, I seem to currently be stuck with paying either £199+ for Windows 7 Ultimate (full) or spending circa-£120 for Vista Ultimate 64bit OEM with Windows 7 Ultimate voucher.

All seems a little odd. Did I miss an announcement?

Somerset County Council to review 'shambolic' SAP system

Simon Lacey


And software? In Somerset? It's all lies I tell you!

Facebook battles Google over access to user data

Simon Lacey

Facebook and user privacy

I'll write the comment when I've picked myself back up off the floor :)

Only Ubuntu left standing, as Flash vuln fells Vista in Pwn2Own hacking contest

Simon Lacey


"As of today, since the Vista and Ubuntu laptops are still standing unscathed, we are now opening up the scope beyond just default installed applications on those laptops; any popular 3rd party application (as deemed "popular" by the judges) can now be installed on the laptops for a prize of $5,000 upon a successful compromise."

"7:30pm PST Update - Vista Laptop was Won!: Congratulations to Shane Macaulay from Security Objectives - he has just won the Fujitsu U810 laptop running Vista Ultimate SP1 after it was installed with the latest version of Adobe Flash."

I appreciate it's a popular plugin, but I can't help feeling it's a little unfair to blame an OS for the lack of security in a third party application that wasn't installed by default.

And @Andy Worth, Adobe acquired Macromedia 3 years ago.

Mesh Ultimate Q8 Tri-SLI gaming PC

Simon Lacey

RE: Cheaper

You're missing monitor, speakers, keyboard/mouse, OS, as well as the Blu-Ray. Granted, you may already have those, but should factor them in for fairness of comparison. Could easily become £2500-2600 for a box that is retailing for £2900 inclusive. If you've got that kind of money to spend on a gaming pc, then it may just be worth it to avoid the hassle of a self build.

Europe finally granted Xbox price cut

Simon Lacey

RE: What's an elite got?

"Introducing Xbox 360™ Elite, the premier Xbox 360 console package that includes a massive 120GB hard drive, a HDMI port, and HDMI cable, all wrapped up with a premium black finish. Xbox 360 Elite also includes a black wireless controller and black Xbox LIVE® headset."

Premium packages are also available in HDMI form in the States.