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£40m wasna enough for ink and toner cartridges in public sector, says Scottish government


So why do people print stuff out still?

No really, surely the Scottish Public sector has better things to spend that money on? Bet they have managed not print anything in the last couple of months without any problems.

Analogue radio given 10-year stay of execution as the UK U-turns on DAB digital future


What a surpirse. It's muppetry.

The Governement missed the DAB boat 20 years ago by allowing new cars to still have analog receivers fitted, if they had made DAB radios compulsory then they would likely be up around the 80% take up mark by now. Typical governement didn't realise 80% of people listen to radios in their cars so that should have been targetted especially as you are looking at a 20 year life cycle for most cars thes days. The fact that you can still buy a new car with an analogue only radio today means we will still have analog radio in 20 years time.

As for quality, as someone who has normal to tone deaf hearing, hearing I can't tell the difference with the compression its all just sound (some may think i am blessed) to me, i only listen to Radio 4 and speech is probably not affected so much as music.

Features vs compatibility: Google Chrome team promises more 'rigour', but what does that mean?


Google, like Microsoft before it, has its own requirements from the browser and thus its own development agenda.

It has shown it cares little for standards unless supporting these enhances itself in someway. Its main aim is domininate and control or destroy any opposition.

However there some that are not rolling over and dying and some that have become the spy in the camp. An enemy within.

KarlKarl, there 300 browsers, but only 5 engines of any signifcance

Gecko (Mozilla), Blink (Chromium), Webkit (Safari, a fork of KHTML), Trident (IE) and EdgeHTML (MS edge)

Trident and EdgeHTML have effectively ceased development, which leaves three.

Sure is wild that Apple, Google app store monopolies are way worse than what Windows got up to, sniffs Microsoft prez


Why does Apple not take 30% of O365 subs?

If Apple can justify charging Hey then they should also take 30% of Microsofts O365 licencing for Excel, word and co.

Can't see the difference myself, oh wait Microsoft is massive and very rich with very good lawyers and can't be bullied, Hey is a tiny minnow and easy to pwn

Australia's Lion brewery hit by second cyber attack as nation staggers under suspected Chinese digital assault


Two questions

Ask yourself two questions

How ready is your company to deal with one let alone two attacks?

How luck do you feel today?

If Fairphone can support a 5-year-old handset, the other vendors could too. Right?


"AOSMark's scoreboard of Android manufacturers by updates served" which complete excludes teh one manufacturer that beats Google.

Also no idea how Samsung managed to score so highly compared to Nokia.

Seems to me teh table is a bad bit of statistics.

Hey is trying a new take on email – but maker complains of 'outrageous' demands after Apple rejects iOS app


Apples % take on sales is extortionate. Far higher than any retailer. Lets be clear on this, they provide nothing for this fee other than access to their customers which is a closed environment that makes it effectively makes their position monopolistic.

Unfortunately no laws on monopolies ever considered this situation.

Google and Apple's stranglehold on the Mobile device markets really needs to be challenged as it is not good for the customers.

It looks like you want to browse the internet with Chrome. Would you like help? Maybe try Edge? Please?


Vivaldi is a Chromium based browser like all the others, thats why you can use extensions from the Chrome store. Firefox, Old edge and IE are pretty much the only non Chromium based browsers you can get.

I do wonder how long MS will put up with Chromium once Google start really embeding their stuff in it and MS have to re-engineer every release to stop it using Google services.

Readers of a certain age will remember GPRS: Old insecure tech from turn of millennium still haunts 5G networks


The reality of putting making things easy for teh customer and short term simplicity over long term security. Oh idiot 5G developers that didn't realise that they woudl have to interact with other Gs.

This should have all been sorted for 4G and there should be no old 2G or 3G around any more and the Government or OFCOM should be sorting this mess out. The statem "In short, 5G security protections only work when 5G is running alone, and we're not likely to get standalone 5G for several years." is so laughable, 2G will still be there in 10 years because the carriers have no reaso to get rid of it and every reason to keep it, especially in rural areas where coverage is poor.

MacOS on Arm talk intensifies: Just weeks from now, Apple to serve up quarantini with Kalamata golive, reportedly


reality of corporate IT

"The corporate cool kids all run macOS, the hipsters all run macOS, the server rooms all run Linux, those just want to get stuff done use Chrome."

The corporate bigwigs and graphics people want expensive Macs despite teh software they use running on windows without any issues and the minions make do with cheap Windows boxes.

Most LOB apps are still Windows only and we have a Purchase Ledger system based on Silverlight which is IE only, so we have a direct app server runing IE for eth Mac users. 98% of our servers run Windows.

In corporate environment Windows devices are far simpler to manage, maintain, Control and secure. MacOS is a finikerty beast that causes issues and does strange things. Macs only work in a corporate environment due to the workarounds and fixes that are being done daily by your invisible IT support team that "no one knows why we pay them so much".

As for Chrome I can't think of a more insecure (it sends all your data to a someone else, surely that is the definition of insecure) browser that eats all the resources on your computer.

$5bn+ sueball bounces into Google's court over claims it continues to track netizens in 'private browsing mode'


Its your choice

If you worry about privacy at all don't use Google anything.

If you don't care then have at whatever you want. Just don't whinge about it later and be aware google makes a lot of money from you and doesn't pay you a penny for it.

After all the excitement of Windows 10 2004, Insider builds go back to square one


Re: Going back to square 1?

Other OSes are freely (or very costly) available, some of which slurp less, some slurp more. Some look like various versions of Windows from 3.1 to Windows 7. Some will even make a stab at looking like DOS if you want to go that far.

Take your pick, I am sure you can find one that fufils your needs. You could even install a copy of Windows 7.

If you really hate windows 10 make the break to something else. No one is forcing you to stay.

REvil ransomware gang publishes 'Elexon staff's passports' after UK electrical middleman shrugs off attack


Rebuild and move on.

"Companies with usable backups may still be willing to pay to prevent their data being published and, even if they are not, the data may be sold to competitors or sold and traded with other criminals."

And if you give these low lives a large wedge you think they won't sell your stolen data any way? Because they are in some way honerable?

No point paying. Tighten security. rebuild your servers. Sacrifice the boardmember who didn't want to fund the extra security to the GDPR gods and move on.

The Register calls for aid, and Microsoft's Rohan Kumar will answer... our questions about SQL Edge and Azure Synapse


So we centralise in the cloud, then decentralise to the edge... then back to the DC. Then the edge. Then back to cloud.......

Does this run on Cisco edge switches?

Can I run my Data Warehouse on it. Will my half arse 3rd party developer (MS Gold Partner) of my LOB support this? No?

So its just another fancy piece of shit with a poncy name that only 1% of the real world will actually use.

If you're appy and you know it: The Huawei P40 Pro conclusively proves that top-notch specs aren't everything


So someone who buys in to Google and its ecosystem in a big way does not like a phone without the Google fix. Big surprise.

Would be interesting to see what an iPhone user thinks of an Android phone without added Google. Yes teh store is an irritation but to be honest that is minor thing and fixable, the App owners don't even need to re-write their apps to work with it, if Huwawi can get some traction in its own market it will happen as who can afford to ignore such a big market, then you will have a credible competitor to Googles control of Android and somewhere for the Google haters to go that is not Apple.

I daresay a Linage port will also turn up soon enough.

The one good thing Trump is good at is shooting himself in the foot.

Tales from the crypt-oh: Nvidia accused of concealing $1bn in coin-mining GPU sales as gaming revenue


South Sea Buble?

Investors looking to cover up their own lazyness. How the hell would Nvidia know what their customers where using the cards for? Do Tescos know what their customers cook with the chicken breast they sell them or B&Q know what their customers paint with the Dulux they buy?

Dumb arse lazy people looking to recover losses from their own stupidity of investing in a company and market they know nothing about that over inflated teh price in the first place.

South Sea Bubble and DotCom bubble spring to mind, you got burnt because you didn't understand what wasd driving the market.

Tough get over it and move on to your next fragile investment suckers.

NHS contact tracing app isn't really anonymous, is riddled with bugs, and is open to abuse. Good thing we're not in the middle of a pandemic, eh?


Do it right from the start

Projects and development are often run to deliver functionality and completion in the shortest cheapest possible way.

Basic security and ongoing and lifecycle mangagability often get in the way and are convieniently ignored or deemed a BAU problem to sorted later.

GDPR, like human rights, are not some inconvienient thing to legislate around, it is there to protect us from them and other careless idiots and should be a core consideration before you even start writing code not some after thought resolved with legal nonesense.

Openreach tells El Reg it'll kill off copper sales in 118 UK locations next year


The reality of FTTP

For those that have yet to experience it, OpenReach's FTTP offering has two cables to the premise and Fibre and and a Copper one in the same bit of cable in the drop line from the pole or the equivilent under ground connection.

Most ISPs will offer either Phone and Broadband or just Broadband, (BT insist on phone and Broadband). So you still have a POTS available and I asume you could if you chose just have that you just wont have the coice of ADSL even if you live 200M away from the exchange and 20/1Mb is ok for you.

Most ISPs do offer range of speeds from 100 up to 300 ( though a 1Gb is available in some areas.

I would assume that the 75% is the proportion of new sales.

This could be an issue for those on lower pay, but in reality when I moved from FTTC to FTTP, I just droped the anytime bit on the phone part and it was actually cheaper to go from 13/0.5 Mb/s to 150/30 Mb/s with BT (24 month discount) than stay with PlusNet (no FTTP offering), Zen had a similar priced Internet only deal available so would likely have gone with them (not known for being cheap but a quality ISP) and we all have mobiles these days anyway.

Sadly, 111 in this story isn't binary. It's decimal. It's the number of security fixes emitted by Microsoft this week


Don't ignore Adobe's incompetance

111 sounds alot but that is in a number of different programes, most of which are quite complex, Adobe managed 36 in two relatively simple applications, but this programming inadquacy seems to have been glossed over by the reporter and should have more scorn aimed at it..

Uncle Sam courting Intel, TSMC to build advanced chip fabs on home soil – report


trust the US?

Why would we trust teh US government when i doubt most the US population trust them. The curent Administration is selfserving in the extreme and cares little about other countries and in pinch would stop exports of chips if it served its own intrest.

They should spread the sites globally so they do not rely on one pparicular region or state.

The point of containers is they aren't VMs, yet Microsoft licenses SQL Server in containers as if they were VMs


MS licencing is just a simple maths problem. depending number of cores in the hosts and how many VMs you run on them dictates wheter you go DC licencing on the hosts, doing so does simplyfy things some what, there are also restrictions relating to EA/SA agreements.

Std and DC versions are near identicle in feature set, there is just teh licence difference and some extra stuff for Hyper-v in DC. for most VMs I would run Std.

For SQL you can limit VMs to certain hosts and only licence those, again very simple, also developer edition is free so if you put all your non=prod systems on that version you run them anywhere.

Also there are free editions of SQL that may be more apropriate for containers.

Oracle you have to licence ever core that exist anywhere in your estate that a vm could potentially move to. (this is for Oracle databases and Java installs on servers if you use Oracle runtimes like SAP does)


Licencing is easy

There three types of licencing,

Microsoft, you have to licence all physiccal cores the software can run on, this can be restriced in software, you just need to prove it.

Oracle, you have to license every physical core that you have in your entire estate that the software is able to to run on or move to even if you would never move it there and we don't care about simplifying your platform management, just pay us all your money just in case you move it to that country over there, oh and did you know it can run on on your edge switches since Cisco added that feature so that is another £1m please..

Open Source, you dont have to licence it, but if if it breaks you will want support and you may have to pay based on every physical core evrywhere in your estate, just in case.

Go on, hit Reply All. We dare you. We double dare you. Because Office 365 will defeat your server-slamming ways


Maybe its just me but a simpler fix would be that if you send an email to x or more people Exchange automatically moves everyones addres to the BCC field so reply all does not work at all, and avoids that social faux pas of forwarding on a mssive list of email addresses to whoever you forward emails to.

Also 5000 maill recipients? How about more than 10?

FYI: Your browser can pick up ultrasonic signals you can't hear, and that sounds like a privacy nightmare to some


The more devices you have that are controlled by a smaller pool of companies the less chance you have of privacy.

The likes of Brave are fighting the good fight (all be it hopeless) but when you look at what Nation states can do in secret, you have to ask what the likes of Google et al can do hidden in plain sight with the ability to influence and control OS and core APIs when they have no commercial interest in limiting the exposure of user information or privacy.

The US government seem toothless in the face of these US based but global companies that are now financially bigger than many countries GDP and have user bases that are vastly bigger than all countries, are we looking at a geographical country trying to limit the power and control of a virtual country? Who is your money on?

After intense scrutiny, Zoom tightens up security with version 5. New features include not, er, spilling video calls to network snoops


The website says the download is 4.6.12 but the file you downlaod reports as

They need to put more effort in to the details.

Are you fixing that switch? Or setting it up as a Minecraft server?


Putting the ability to run containers and VMs on switches? What could possibly go wrong with that?

A hackers delight.

That critical VMware vuln allowed anyone on your network to create new admin users, no creds needed


It is (very?) unique to version 6.7. Something the article studiously or ignorantly fails to mention.

SE's baaaack: Apple flings out iPhone SE 2020, priced at £419


"Punters can also shoot 4K at 60MP."

Assume you mean 60FPS?

We're number two! Microsoft's Edge browser slips past Firefox in latest set of NetMarketShare figures


Re: Default web browser for the win

Server 2016 does not have Edge installed or available to use so if you browse the web from a server (surely not, never do that) you will inevitably use IE.


For years Google forced Chrome installs on everyone who wanted some freeware by paying for it to be included and installed unless you didn't click custom install. They then bulldozed their way in to the smartphone market with Chrome on every Android Device (and no other allowed, something MS was prevented from doing) so have effectively complete control of the market. They also tied all their services to the browsers and made everyone else's browser run like treacle when accessing you tube or gmail, sometimes wilfully in the case of MS, sometimes by not following standards because Google knows best. Yes they had the performance crown for awhile but boy does it use a lot of resources to do it. Google also tracks your every move, in your browser and on the web under the guise of its analytics stats, but basically Google knows more about you than your mother.

Old Edge was bit clunky but for most part was a lithe and solid browser (Google website aside), New edge is resource hungry, has the default Chromium naff settings and layout but is compliant with the Google Web and sends it's data to Microsoft (don't worry Google still tracks you through the websites and probably the browser too knowing them).

What's not to like? Pretty much everything.

No competition. Google is worse than MS were at their peak in early 2000s hopefully Google's fall will be quicker and the fines even bigger and we can go back to fair competition and proper standards.

Not only is Zoom's strong end-to-end encryption not actually end-to-end, its encryption isn't even that strong


"Zoom claims it routed encryption keys via China because it accidentally added Chinese servers "

So they are a bunch of chancers that don't actually know anything about what they are doing but made it really easy to use and got lucky.

Why is ransomware still a thing? One-in-three polled netizens say they would cave to extortion demands


Happirstday of my life...

When my son came over and said his laptop had been encrypted what should he do?

Have got backups of all your course work?

Yes, two copies, on Uni servers and USB drive

Photos and music?

Yes, phone and OneDrive

Ok do a reset on Windows and don't visit that site again, you will need to reinstall and re-download software and games. You good to go?


Oh happy days he was actually listening.All his stuff was OK no course work lost and lesson learned.

VMware plans to give vSphere power to automatically patch everything running in a VM


That's fine until you get appliances like those from Cisco that have to pinned, can't be vMotioned, can't be backed up because you can't snapshot it and are generally still not fit for virtualisation.

Or you have SAP boxes that crumble as soon as think about a reboot or countless other apps that are developed for a world that disappeared 10 years ago.

Basically those of us who live in the real world.

What happens when the maintainer of a JS library downloaded 26m times a week goes to prison for killing someone with a motorbike? Core-js just found out


It Open Source so no worries

As more people use open source and more applications and websites get dependant on what were obscure libraries, the whole single point of failure thing will become more apparent and more likely to break stuff or expose things to a security breach.

Take a look at NTP for a disaster waiting to happen.

You need to have a more formal set up once stuff becomes very important to a lot of people having one block in his shed in the garden as sole maintainer is a bit of a joke.

I would imagine insurance companies may start asking what libraries are in place and what support agreements there for code maintenance.

When the world ends – coronavirus plague, WW3, whatever – all that will be left are cockroaches and Larry Ellison trash talking his rivals


Re: This is Doomsday

Nothing good is ever done in a democracy, because people vote for what they want, not what they need and governments can't think beyond the life of the parliament.

If you want to get shit done that needs to be done, you need a dictatorship backed by lots of people with big guns.

Dictators are in it for life, democracy is too many compromises limited by standing for re-election.


Just in case you might use it....

"When the world ends – coronavirus plague, WW3, whatever – all that will be left are cockroaches and Larry Ellison trash talking his rivals"

And he will likely find a way to to charge you a licence fee for still being alive in his Oracle world. on all the houses that are left just in case you needed shelter for the night.

Thought you were done after Tuesday's 115-fix day? Not yet: Microsoft emits SMBv3 worm-cure crisis patch


What about earlier versions of Windows Server like 1609? This is still a supported version, mainstream till November 2022.

Broken lab equipment led boffins to solve a 58-year-old physics problem by mistake


I do this

Its amazing how much i find out how stuff works after i break something, it is a standard learning methodology in IT.

More than a billion hopelessly vulnerable Android gizmos in the wild that no longer receive security updates – research


Re: In other news...

And it is tablets, especially the cheaper end that are still shipping with 6 even though it is unsupported and will never get any updates.

These are the devices the great unwashed public use for banking and all sorts of financial transactions so it is a sh^t fest waiting to happen.

Techies may think they are sensible and it is all OK but it is the other 99% of the population that have no idea and need protecting from themselves.



An operating system not optimised for updates but to allow the supplier to gather as much information as possible on the user and let OEMs customise it, OEMs with no financial interest in supporting for more than 1 year. Some even selling old kit beyond the support of the version of OS they installed on it.

Why is anyone even slightly surprised.

FCC sucks its teeth, clicks its tongue, says: Yeah, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile US, Verizon gleefully sold your location data. Guess we should fine them?


Does that include anyone from Europe that was roaming on one of these networks?

I am sure the EU GDPR Data peeps would be quite excited about it.

How many times do we have to tell you? A Tesla isn't a self-driving car, say investigators after Apple man's fatal crash


Re: Take a lesson from railways

Docklands Light railway https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Docklands_Light_Railway

mining trains in Australia https://newatlas.com/autonomous-train-australian-outback/51631/


Re: Frankly ...

Unfortunately most UK drivers are pretty inept at joining and leaving a motorway, speeding up to 40 miles an hour to join traffic moving at 60 and then slamming the breaks on at the end of the slip road.

I have seen numerous cars sideways across the front of trucks because of muppet drivers not getting their foot down at busy intersections and match speed of the cars in the lane they are joining

The biggest safety improvement would be an auto join function.


Two things here

"Tesla refused to cooperate with the probe." really are they allowed to do that? US justice seems a little toothless.

Autopilot, given this is the US, surely someone should be suing Tesla for misappropriation of a term, their solution, at best, is advanced cruise control, it most certainly isn't an Autopilot as installed in Aircraft, though I suspect some slimy lawyer would argue the case given the more limited requirements of that device. At the very least Tesla should be sued for over inflation of capabilities.

It does remind me of the story of the person making a cup of tea after activating cruise control in their RV, unsurprisingly it didn't end well. This was mostly urban myth but did actually happen in the UK in 2018 https://www.suffolkgazette.com/news/motorhome-crash/

AMD takes a bite out of Intel's PC market share across Europe amid microprocessor shortages, rising Ryzen


Things that increase cost of ownership and deployment

1. New docking station

2. Different Drivers

3. Different OEM

4. Different OS

These all happen when you change models etc, the cost of changing to a different type of docking station is huge compared to a different type of processor.

Change from Intel Processors to AMD ones makes no difference unless you are big in to vPro.

Images are done for each new device, it make little difference to deployment as long as the drivers are there, same testing same effort.

We support a mix of Dell and Lenovo kit and around 8 or more different laptop models and 4 or 5 different desktop models, adding AMD processors will make little difference

And when did any CIO have any knowledge of the real world at the coal face?

Intel are just deluding themselves.

Oracle staff say Larry Ellison's fundraiser for Trump is against 'company ethics' – Oracle, ethics... what dimension have we fallen into?


I do wonder how this company keeps going.

They shaft their customer (even those that have no wish to be but get caught by swinging Java licencing), they shaft their employees, the belittle everyone and yet Larry keeps getting richer. There is nothing right about it. Or am I missing something like they have a really good product (hidden somewhere I know nothing about)?

'Windows Vista' spotted doing a whoopsie over EE's signage


Ahh the US date format, used by 5% of the worlds population and imposed on the other 95% to confuse and mislead.

Got love uncle Sam.

Google Chrome to block file downloads – from .exe to .txt – over HTTP by default this year. And we're OK with this


Haha...oh they are serious

Coming form a company that sees and records everything a user does this is 1st level hypocrisy.

Google wants to restrict everyone else form knowing what they know so they sell that information for more money.

Android owners – you'll want to get these latest security patches, especially for this nasty Bluetooth hijack flaw


Re: Compulsory maintenance periods

Because Android was designed to destroy Microsoft and no care was given by developer on iterate fast and give OEMs something they can butcher and control, lifecycle management was never a consideration, they are trying to rework it all but they are still in Windows 98 era at the moment as far as OS development is concerned. It should be possible to run vanilla versions of android on anything but the issue is getting the drivers, Android has no distribution method and when have you ever seen android drivers on Quallcom or Broadcom web site let alone any of the others.

Handsets are closed device buy and throw every 12-24 months. That is the market.

Apparently no one wanted Windows 10 on their phone, not enough apps apparently and they didn't steal your information as efficiently, so no money in it.


Samsung J3(2017) up to date as of November 2019, on version 9, no updates available, so no December or January ones. Will possibly get the update in August if at all. But then that is the Android lottery for you.

Wonder when someone will sue a manufacturer for not supplying updates in a timely manner if they get hacked by a known security bug?

The millions on older version won't get anything, May 2019 data (only one I could find) had 60% of devices on version 7 or earlier, and Lenovo still sell the Tab 3 with Android 7 (https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/tablets/android-tablets/tablets-a-series/Lenovo-Tab-7-Essential/p/ZA300158GB) and I am sure many no brand devices have older versions yet.

Still you get what the device manufacture pays for.



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