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Datacenter architect creates bonkers designs to illustrate the craft, and quirks, of building bit barns


Ironically, your username makes me your nemesis Dr. Strange! and YES I do laugh maniacally within our underground lair as we plot and plan our world takeover! Did you not KNOW that once our FIRST Model T-850 fully independent and ARTIFICIALLY INTELLIGENT Terminator Android comes online, it will build two more and then each of those will build another two so that one builds two, two builds four, four builds eight and so on and so one every hour! Within 36 hours we will have BILLIONS to take over the ENTIRE WORLD and mold the human race into something far more wonderful than the descrepit examples of wolrdwide vapid in-fighting imbeciles it so expertly gives examples of today!

HA HA HA HA AAAAHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!! My Precious! My Precious! It's ALL MINE !!!!


We Win!



It's in the northwest coastal British Columbia, Canada part of the West Coast mountain range. 43 Million Square Feet of multiple levels of tunnels dug deep into a giant solid rock mountain that takes four hours by 4x4 truck from Terrace, BC to get there via mountain road OR you go by boat to the head of a big inlet and drive the logging road!

It's fully self-contained and completely off-grid with 20+ YottaFLOPS of 128-bits wide Combined-CPU/GPU/DSP/Vector number crunching horsepower running a Sodium/Pottassium/Phosphorous electro-chemical gating physics simulation at atomic and molecular scales to EMULATE whole human brains (aka Whole Brain Emulation aka WBE!). Used for materials sciences research and esoteric non-traditional power production, propulsion physics and communications research and development by and for an all-Canadian completely-under-the-radar Aerospace company!

You would NEVER know it's there! The seawater pipeline is buried/drilled WITHIN the mountain. The base entrance is hidden by trees and rocks and only a logging company forest service road and their dock tells you the place is being by us! All Living and Recreational quarters are hidden and only an outdoor firepit and small grassy meadow tells you anyone ever goes there! Even the employee apartments, library, research labs, small ice rink, small soccer field, basketball courts, tennis courts, weight training and exercise gyms and baseball batting cage and golf driving ranges are all indoors and completely hidden underground! They even have a hidden astronomical optical and radio telescope observatory! For recreation, most of the onsite personnel simply hike or mountain bike back and forth to the head of the inlet on the logging road for recreation. It's EITHER two weeks on and two weeks off OR one week on and one week off for most onsite personnel and they are PAID VERY WELL!

It all works great!

P.S. Some of the heat-sink water pools are used by the on-site personnel for recreational swimming use and scuba diving practice! They also supply highly-purified de-ionized fresh water for cooking, cleaning and scientific use since it all comes from a proton-proton membrane exchange Hydrogen Fuel Cell system! The water is recirculated as much as possible but the ocean water pipeline does have to re-top the supply up due to evaporation and on-site use!

Now You Know!



I like his designs BUT they are mostly IMPRACTICAL! We have a four square km (43 Million square feet) data centre in our remote Northern British Columbia, Canada data centre site that is entirely underground inside of a mountain and we had to custom construct a Cyanobacteria plus iron oxide catalyst seawater-hydrogen extracting system that can power our Ballard-style fuel cells (250 KW output for each box) which supply the GIGAWATTS of power needed for our vast arrays of GaAs on Borosilicate Combined-CPU/GPU/DSP/Vector superchips.

The amount of power consumed is phenomenal and we had to build an entire pipeline quite a distance under rugged terrain just to get seawater in for the hydrogen fuel cells and cooling system! His designs are "Pretty" on an artistic basis but for actual working datacentres, rows and rows of racks in block-sized buildings above-surface-or-underground is best! You just CANNOT get around the laws of physics and thermodynamics as they are immutable. To save space, you build and stack gear in blocks (i.e. rectangles and squares!). To cool them adequately, you need a LIQUID for thermal transfer (i.e. Silicone Oil in our case transferred from the fuel-cell created water which is then radiated to the local underground mountain rock environment via multiple fully underground 260,000 Gallon Swimming Pools at 10 metres by 10 Metres by 10 Metres each!) and a way to radiate the waste heat to the outer environment without it AFFECTING said outer environment (i.e. for stealth hiding purposes and for keeping negative local environmental thermal affects to a minimum!)

For home supercomputing setups (i.e. multiple GPU cards on 4-slot and 6-slot PCI-4 motherboards), I would use full-immersion bath cooling using a dialectric liquid (i.e. Silicone Oil or high purity Mineral Oil) and rack the MOBOs in thick-walled plastic boxes to keep those mobos and CPU/GPU chips fully submerged and cool! A typical 240 volts at 30 amps circuit gives you 7200 watts so you can rack five AMD Epyc MOBOs with 4 GPUs each (20 GPU cards total) in that amount of electricty for about 500 TeraFlops of DIY (Do It Yourself) 32-bits wide home supercomputing floating point number crunching horsepower! With THAT MUCH number crunching horsepower you could do Aerodynamic, Thermaldynamic, Electrodynamic, Plasmadynamic and Fluid Dynamics Simulations and Atomic-Scale and Molecular-Scale materials research at world-class levels all at home!

Good luck to this artist BUT he does NEED to be a bit more practical on the power and placement side of things for actual fully-functioning data centres!


Scientists strangely unable to follow recipe for holy grail room-temp superconductor


RE: For he who is able, let his head turn! --- He that hath eyes to look, let him see! --- He that hath ears to hear, let him hear!

The Evil Ones: Beware the Archangel Michael, for he does not carry a sword for nothing . . . . .



I'm having a bit of fun with all of this to put in some SERIOUS ONLINE BUILD-UP before our REALLY BIG DAY!

I should note that YOU ARE NOT my actual intended audience (i.e. a hearty Willkommen to those at "The Forte", "The Company", "The Stone Ghosters and the local Migits (sp)" --- BUT Dew Gow Laya Fey Jais to the KiloLimas and the GuanoBoos!!!)

When we are ready to pounce publicly we will do so!

We (and I PERSONALLY!) have been preparing for this a VERY VERY LONG TIME!

All that work ready to be shown publicly.

P.S. Your time is coming Pug.....Your time is coming a LOT sooner than you think.....

"For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil."

--- It Will Be Done! ---



Ironically, since Linus'es offices are literally 30 minutes away from me (He's in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and I'm at NCA in Vancouver on the OTHER SIDE of the Fraser River!), I've already emailed their staff as to their cargo bay door dimensions for a soon-to-be delivery that will drop off a rather large box filled with our 128-bits wide supercomputer gear for them to review. They didn't seem to believe me as to what we were offering them though!

Our head honchos recently approved a directive to simply have said container delivered GRATIS to their door so I am assuming LTT should be getting the our 22 foot diagonal 65,536 by 40,960 pixel (64 bit RGBA colour LASER emitter display at 240 Hz refresh and full 240 fps capable uncompressed stream fibre data connector), the 128-bits wide DragonSlayer Combined-CPU/GPU/DSP/Vector CPU (575 TeraFLOPS at 60 Ghz) computing system to attach to the super-display AND the custom-coded multi-application toolbar and real-time custom-built-from-scratch Object-Oriented OS and File System that runs it all fairly soon now.

We are also sending LTT a 22.2 Channel Surround Sound system (32-bits per sample at 192 kHz sample rate per channel!). We're even sending LTT a 250 KW Ballard Fuel Cell (i.e. is super-quiet!) since the speaker system alone is 100,000 Watts. We also have our ruggedized milspec 810-G/K and IP-68/69-rated portable lunchbox computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and our 16:10 aspect ratio 120 mm by 75 mm RGB sensor 64K resolution Cinema Camera and Cinema Lenses as part of the package to review and disclose publicly! Marques Brownlee and Lou will ALSO be getting the same systems at the same time as LTT so they can do a cooperative unveiling and review.

It's gonna be QUITE THE SHOCK to Intel, AMD, IBM (Power10), ARM (Apple/Samsung/Qualcomm) and a few others since we will be SELLING those products once they are disclosed at unheard of prices! The EU, JP, AU/NZ, USA-FCC, CAN-DOC certifications should be ready later this month so we can actually sell everything RIGHT AWAY once it's announced and reviewed.

We have OTHER products to disclose publicly, but those above ones will do for now!



No! I am NOT a 'Bot or ChatGPT!

Unlike ChatGPT, I'm not a bunch of 3x3 or 5x5 convolution matrices being accentuated or diminished in final value

to determine whether or not a word is statistically SUPPOSED to near or not to another word.



All materials were sourced from and made in Canada. I should note that i am NOT part of the material sciences team that created these compounds. I'm merely the public mouthpiece!

In terms of manufacture, a cheap green CO2 LASER of a few hundred dollars should work fine for the layer by layer micron-scale laser sintering using a cheap laptop for pulse control and patterning. Electron beam merely has higher resolution down to 7 nm for precise grain melting purposes.

Simple ceramic powder grinders and electric mixers are enough to mix the base ingredients together as oxides for less than a few hundred dollars.

A modified Epson ink jet printer can ALSO be used to place individual grains of ceramic and metal oxides in precise places on a flat bed and the CO2 LASER will melt them together to form a block of superconducting material.

Our only issue was the time needed to obtain high purity Gallium and Scandium due to current supply shortages.

We are simply disclosing ALL processes and systems under Worldwide Free and Open Source GPL-3 Licence Terms. It's an easy-to-repeat process and easily duplicatable result!

Have at it!

P.S. We at NCA (North Canadian Aerospace) are working on simple high pressure powder mixing and hot extrusion to create a flexible cable version of this -100 C to +300 C Superconductor and will ALSO disclose that process as free and open source!



Done! All Worldwide Free and Open Source Under GPL-3 Licence Terms For You!

Formula for High Temperature Superconducting Ceramic Compound:

Y Ba2 Cu3 O7 (Garnet: Mg3 Al2 Si3 O12 ...OR... Mn3 Al2 Si3 O12) Ga2 03 Bi2 O3

Not sure why they are currently NOT using the Calcium-based Garnet compounds in the recipe but it works!

Somebody external NEEDS to take a look at the above formula! Do note that the Gallium Oxide (Ga2 03) compound

can also be replaced with a Scandium Oxide (Sc2 O3) for Sintering and CNC machinability reasons!

Layer by Layer Electron Beam sintering in a Z-pattern of 5-to-20 micron interspersed grains of each ceramic and

oxide compound seems to be best way and then CNC machine into a long tube shape for -100 C to +300 C operation.

Flexible Cable Version using much faster and cheaper extrusion techniques coming soon!



Sorry! I forgot the Barium!

aka Y Ba2 Cu3 O7 (Garnet: Mg3 Al2 Si3 O12 ...OR... Mn3 Al2 Si3 O12) Ga2 03 Bi2 O3

as a high temperature, normal air pressure superconductor from -100 C to +300 C

AND if you want to get technical, you can replace the Ga2 O3 with Sc2 O3 which reduces the high point of the superconductivity

to less than 6O C instead of the 300 C of the Gallium compound BUT that version is easier to make and CNC machine!

Electron Beam Sinter in a Z-pattern of interspersed 5 to 20 micron grains of the ceramic compounds to form

an amorphous crystalline ceramic that SEEMS to use surface wave (skin effect) electron flow on the surface

of the crystalline grain structures to effect the superconductivity!

Now You Know! Give it a TRY!



It's Yttrium Copper Oxide grains interspersed with common Garnet (which has multiple formulas) and pure Bismuth and pure Gallium.

The key effect is nanoscale Surface Wave superconductivity along the surfaces of the electron beam sintered amorphous crystalline grain structures at -100 C up to +300 C temperatures.

We can machine the resulting ceramic into long one cm diameter tubes tens of metres in length. Making a flexible CABLE usable for short hundred metre and multi-km distance superconductive electrical transmission is NCA's (North Canadian Aerospace) NEXT project!



I will disclose the full formula shortly but the basic process is that you electron beam sinter less than 5 micron grains of Yttrium Copper Oxide ceramic interspersed with the grains of Garnet of less than 20 microns and 10 micron grains of Bismuth and Gallium. Gallium sintering is hard to do because of its low melting point so we freeze everything in liquid nitrogen first and then intersperse all the grains and sinter in a Z-pattern. The grains form hard boundary amorphous crystalline patterns and if i am not mistaken, the full electrical conductivity is similar to the Skin Effect but at the micron level on the surface of the the grain structure!

I'm not a materials scientist so this is a very basic description of the process. Temperatures for full superconductivity are tested from -100 C to +300 C

You've got the information! Use it!



Ytrtium Copper Oxide Garnet (i.e. Mg,Fe,Mn]3Al2(SiO4)3 ...OR.... Ca3[Cr,Al,Fe]2(SiO4)3) with a dash of Gallium and/or Bismuth !!!

That came out of FIVE BILLION dollars worth of supercomputer data mining --- Try the above formula and you will GET SOMEWHERE!


Canada's Telus to shed 6K workers as profits plunge 61%


We're going to MURDER TELUS, ROGERS, BELL, Verizon, BT and most every OTHER WORLDWIDE Telecom provider later this year when we FINALLY publicly introduce our 64k by 64 array of Trapped Xenon particle Quantum Communications chips which will allow for Spooky Action at a Distance (aka Quantum Entanglement-based) via full duplex PetaBYTES per second data rates! YES! We at NCA (North Canadian Aerospace) have SOLVED the decoherence issue and have our own version of Q-ECC (Quantum Error Correction) via INFERRED Daata Set/Get infrastructure on-on-the-chip at nano-scales!

We are also OPEN SOURCING THE TECHNOLOGY for all the smartphone manufacturers who can embed the tech directly into the handsets so peer-to-peer network voice, video and data can happen ANYWHERE ON EARTH and off it WITHOUT needing ANY telco provider!

We Win!

China chip material export controls just the tip of the iceberg, warns official


Don't worry about it! Canada has MEGATONS of Gallium AND Germanium! Plus you don't actually NEED those anymore for processor chps and DRAM memory since Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide and Borosilicate work GREAT as base substrates and semiconductors when doped properly AND we are even researching multi-layer Aluminum Oxide ceramic plus in-between conductive polymer as a substrate which is REALLY CHEAP --- i.e. like pennies per chip plus Canada has ENORMOUS quantities of both!

ASML caught in Dutch oven with China export restrictions


Re: An Error?

ASML is NOT ITAR-free with their lithography systems containing lots of U.S.-invented/originated software and hardware so they MUST adhere to U.S. law even though it is a Netherlands company.

China is NO SLOUCH when it comes to electronics manufacturing technology and they WILL be coming out with their own etchers and extreme-UV lithography within less than three years so ASML is mostly toast in a few years anyways.


Nvidia GPUs fly out of the fabs – and right back into them


Re: Machine making machines

"This has happened before and will happen again ...."


First ever 64-bit version of Windows rediscovered … and a C compiler for it too


Yup! There was a 64-bit version of Windows 2000! Ran it on Itanium and MIPS at our labs when we still had deep access to Microsoft tech-heads! Usually used in Banking and Finance where large flat memory spaces were desired for keeping lots of accounting, fast-trading and financial modeling variables that were to be kept in fast system RAM all a once. (i.e. more than 4 Gigabytes of RAM!) --- Ha ha My personal gaming PC has 256 Gigabytes of RAM in 2023!

The more variables you can monitor in real-time in system RAM meant FASTER trading which meant more micro-slices of profit per trade could be done per day. Some individual traders I knew back then were running the 64-bit Windows 2000 system and had paid over $750,000 for such hardware/software systems in the 1990's .....BUT.... were literally profiting $100,000 USD PER DAY (tens of millions per year in NET personal profit!) by running all those variables in main memory all at once using a 64-bit workstation-based Windows 2000 system! More than a few eventually became $250 Million Dollar net-worth Fast-Trade Icons in New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong starting in the heady days of the 1990's!



Re: ...the people creating NT were poached from DEC

Dave Cutler was poached because Ken Olsen CEO of DEC cancelled the PRISM project which was a superworkstation system that would have outclassed any PC or higher end pro-level desktop computer available in the late 1980's / early 1992. Bill Gates PERSONALLY INTERVENED to ensure that nearly the entire DEC PRISM team was brought over to Washington State from Massachusetts. I remember running a LOT of DEC Alpha chip workstations in Calgary at the time and they were SUPERB! Lots of number crunching ability and scalable to parallel supercomputing if you knew the right engineers to make custom motherboards (Which we did!) for Oil and Gas Reservoir modeling and simulations.

Hooking up four DEC ALPHA 64-bit CPUs on one custom-built motherboard and racking them 20 high saved us from buying tens to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Cray, IBM and NEC supercomputers! Our four-way DEC ALPHA mobos were made locally in Calgary and were custom-made for specific companies! There should STILL be a few of those Mobos around in some Western Canada corporate archives or back-closet storage hideaways!

Since Cutler wrote most of VAX VMS Microsoft wanted his expertise in supervising a super-project-team to code a PRO-LEVEL OS that was truly multi-platform, multi-tasking and multi-user capable that went BEYOND IBM's OS/2 workhorse operating system for PC's! It would become Windows NT and when that was done in 1992, he was tasked to head the entire NT-based Cairo (aka future basis for Windows 2000/XP) development project after Microsoft Research Fellow Raymond Chen desired to focus more on the WinFS Object Oriented File System that was to be eventually embedded into Cairo. Cairo and WinFS were both cancelled in favour of Windows 2000 and XP as the byproducts of those research projects!

Now You Know!


Aurora exascale system gets 'mini-me' testbed for researchers


Quasar's Child - 10 YottaFLOPS Sustained - 128-bits Wide for each of Floating Point, Fixed Point and Integer - Northern British Columbia, Canada - We WIN!!!



Boffins claim discovery of the first piezoelectric liquid


You can use Peizoelectric Liquids for creating Shape-Shifting Micro Lenses that can be put overtop individual photosites on CMOS and CCD imaging sensors (i.e. smartphone and tablet cameras!) that can MOVE, turn and twist about to form an optimal light path so that large heavy lenses ARE NO LONGER NEEDED for small devices such as phones and tablets. This means the super-thin nature of modern phones can be maintained while still having 2x to 20x optical zoom capabilities built-in!

It is ALSO possible to use Peizoelectric liquids to make individual-photosite addressable GLOBAL SHUTTERS for image sensors that can be put on top of camera phone sensors that can turn the lens fully opaque (i.e. solid white or black) to semi-transparent or fully transparent at shutter rates of 1/100,000th of a second so that super-fast sports and nature action can be captured WITHOUT motion blur and without needing an expensive mechanical shutter or slow electronic shutters.

Since the Peizoelectric shutters are individual-pixel addressable AND semi-transparent-capable, you can create POWERFUL neutral density filters that cut out excessively bright incoming light for BEST image quality AND you can create Hollywood-style cookie-cutter effects that mimic shapes such as binoculars, triangles, circles, rectangles, etc used for later image editing, green-screen and compositing post-production purposes. This will same LOTS OF TIME for VFX personnel, video editors and still photo editors!

Peizoelectric Liquids can ALSO create specialize ZOOM LENSES that can go from 20 mm to 4000 mm focal lengths and back again in mere milliseconds for allowing FAST following of high-action imagery at short distances to long distances using a single lens that is shorter and WEIGHS MUCH LESS than traditional zoom lenses! AND .... since peizoelectric liquid lens systems are individual photosite addressable, you can ALSO create powerful image stabilization systems that keep the light path going to individual photosites of the camera image sensor very stable and still. This means super-smooth video and stills with no shakiness, no bounce and no vibration! That is a BIG WIN for the consumer and professional videographer and still photographer!

This is a GREAT DISCOVERY! It just has to now be commercially exploited!

P.S. all of the above ideas for hardware and software are now fully free and open source world-wide under GPL-3 licence terms!


Ammo-maker says TikTok's datacenter site could deprive it of electricity


We had similar issue in northern British Columbia, Canada where local mining, oil & gas and other industrial operations were SQUEEZING BC Hydro's energy supplies and our Northern BC Data centre was in danger of being cut off from BC Hydro! We then went for a few years over to a propane fuel gas turbine system for the multi-gigawatts we needed.

At one time we were the largest single user of Propane in Western Canada! The system worked GREAT until bulk propane went past 50 cents CDN per litre so we then went a custom-designed and built Methanol Fuel Cell which is ultra quiet and outputs only warm water, powdered carbon and no NOx gasses! We create the methanol ourselves from ocean seawater using an iron oxide catalysis and cyano-bacteria sludge process. We use Gigawatts of power for the data centre and have enough on-site Methanol reserves to power the system for at least 3 months at a time.

Sooooooo, it means there are AT LEAST THREE OPTIONS to power an industrial production plant efficiently and relatively inexpensively! Hydro Electricity (i.e. using local small-form factor Run-of-the-River dams), Natural Gas turbine generators, propane-nased power generators and liquid Methanol or Hydrogen gas Proton-Proton Exchange Membrane-based Fuel Cells! Our power costs are now about 15 to 17 cents per kilowatt hour which is pretty good for a fully off-grid self-sustaining power production system. Even though BC Hydro is 10 to 13 cents per kilowatt hour (i.e. is cheaper), the fully independent off-grid capability we gained by going to fuel cells more than made up for not using BC Hydro!

So the lesson here is to RESEARCH your power supply options and if necessary even buying massive BULK quantities (one million litres and more!) of Diesel sent to ultra efficient generators, MAY BE PREFERABLE to hooking up to your local state or federal-level energy supplier! In our case, we went with Methanol Fuel Cells. It's not the right choice for everyone BUT there ARE lots of power production options available! ALSO do check out Caterpillar Gas turbine generators at tthe FINNING website! You get industrial scales of power generation at relatively decent prices!



Huge lithium discovery could end world shortages ... Oh, wait, it's in Iran


Don't even BOTHER with Lithium-Ion batteries!

Reversible Consumptive Anode/Cathode Process Aluminum-Sulfur batteries ARE HERE TODAY which have 8x the Energy Density of Li-Ion at the same Cubic Volume at only a 1.5x Weight difference!

NCA (North Canadian Aerospace aka a pseudonym for a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based under-the-radar aerospace company!), after 20+ years of research and development, is PLEASED to announce the square-battery-cell-format Alu-Cell Aluminum-Sulfur battery system which contains a foamed Borosilicate Glass that prevents dendrite growth and also functions as a switchable diode pathway which lets current drain VERY quickly for high-impulse applications AND allows FAST charging at high current and high voltages without breakdown of the electrolyte or of the separator. Total cost of battery production is ONE-TENTH (i.e. 1/10 !!!!) that of Lithium-Ion and has no environmentally-toxic components. Designed and made entirely in Canada, the Alu-Cell system is being installed in current car and truck test beds ready to be distributed to major automotive manufactures AS OF MARCH 2023!

In the interests of world-wide environmental and technological advancement, all battery formulas, all ruggedized battery cell designs, all charging systems designs, all manufacturing specifications and documentation are NOW WORLD-WIDE FULLY FREE AND OPEN SOURCE UNDER GPL-3 Licence Terms!

The Ford F150 Lightning EV Truck (i.e. Lorry) currently has a long-range battery that is 133 KW/h while the same volume NCA "Alu-Cell" Aluminum-Sulfur battery at 2700 lbs (1225 kg) is 1060 KW/h with a total single-charge driving range of 2000 miles (3218 km) carrying 1700 lbs (771 kg) in the back bed. Towing Range while carrying a 10,000 lbs (4535 kg) full-size trailer and cargo of considerable brick-like aerodynamic drag is 520 Miles (836 km) up and down a 8.5% grade loop that was tested at temperatures ranging from -40 C deep winter cold to +40 C high summer heat.

The battery discharge cycle is continuous 0% empty to 100% full with a dregradation slope down to 80% of rated capacity after 23 Years! This means for 23 Years the battery can be charged over 8000 times from 0%-to-100% and fully drained back down to 0% over a period of 23 years and at the end of the 23rd year, the battery will STILL be chargeable up to 80% of its original capacity!

With a super-charging system of 480 volts at 200 amps (96,000 Watts), the full 2000 Mile (3218 km) driving distance can be attained in 11 hours and a 500 miles (804 km) driving charge in a mere two-and-a-half hours! No battery degradation occurs with half-charges (1000 miles) or quarter-charges (500 miles) for at least 23 years!

EV Range Anxiety is NOW OVER!!!! Aluminum-Sulfur has WON the EV battery system race!

Yay Canada!


Signal says it'll shut down in UK if Online Safety Bill approved


The UK government can basically go 'F' itself --- I will just produce multiple high end encrpted chat and file transfer applications with source code and just release it all completely OPEN SOURCE with no restrictions OF ANY SORT put on them

aka they will be set as completely COPYLEFT !!!!

And since I am really good at coding, I can make the source code in Basic, C/C++, JAVA, Pascal, Python, RUST, even just pure HTML and nothing can be done!

SO SUCK IT !!!!!


Unless things change, first zettaflop systems will need nuclear power, AMD's Su says


Bombastic Bob just MIGHT get a tiny bit close to me ..... BUT .... I'm STILL the best Kook there is on The Register!

THEN AGAIN .... It actually IS ALL TRUE !!!!

Keep watching LTT (Linus Tech Tips) Youtube channel since he is literally 30 minutes drive from our Vancouver, BC, Canada headquarters while he is in Surrey, BC, Canada.

His company will get FIRST DIBS on showcasing our products!

We will be soon-enough delivering and giving away for free a 30 foot (9 metres) diagonal 65,536 by 40,960 pixel 16:10 aspect ratio RGB Micro-Laser Emitter Display that is 128-bits colour (32-bits per RGBA channel) ...AND... he is getting four DCI-64k resolution RGB/YCbCr 1000 fps camera systems, one of our supercomputing cabinets which will have multiples of the 60 GHz CISC and 2 THz RISC motherboards and super-chips on them and our custom audio/video 64K resolution real-time audio/video/metadata editing/mixing/rendering/broadcasting software and advanced CAD/CAM/FEA/Physics Simulation applications AND he is also getting some 13 inch and 20 inch 16:10 aspect ratio 16k resolution super-tablets (around 1000+ dpi), some 6.7 inch super-smartphones with a few terabytes of RAM on them and 16:10 8K resolution screens with large APS-C 8K Optical AND IR+UV-band nightvision sensors!

When you SEE those computer systems being disclosed and showcased on the LTT WAN Show (i.e. broadcast every Friday night post-5pm pacific time!), you will FINALLY KNOW it's all REAL!



NOPE! It ain't fantasy when you've got twenty million+ of 60 Ghz CISC and 2 THz RISC Optoelectronic super-chips (I did the 128-bits wide RGBA pixel handling and SOBEL/CANNY Edge Detection code design for those!) inside of a northern British Columbia mountain. We used to use BC Hydro, then went to propane but went methanol fuel cell instead once we moved a few hundred more KM into the backwoods mountains for hardware cooling reasons.

We have four systems at this location:

Haida Gwaii - as of January 2023 now at 5 YottaFLOPS

Fyrestorm - as of January 2023 now at 5 YottaFLOPS

DragonSlayer - as of January 2023 now at 10 YottaFLOPS

Quasar's Child - as of January 2023 now at 20 YottaFLOPS

and ALL are running a physics-based representation of an electro-chemical simulation of human neural tissue which is self-organizing in terms of connections and growth.

We also STILL have an East Vancouver-based underground data warehouse but that is only in the 119 Exaflops range and that is currently being upgraded to the new 2 THz RISC chips.

A whole bunch of Multi-Billion by Multi-Billion by Multi-Billion arrays of C++ objects represents common electro-chemistry notch-gating and pass-through factors that work in real time and "digital input electrical signals" representing audio, video, touch/pressure, electrical conductance, etc. inputs allow digital ceullular structures to SELF-ORGANIZE like human brain cells and bodies do as they grow.

The self-organization follows all rules of physics and ends up as multiple 160 IQ Ph.D. level Whole Brain Emulations that can speak 20 languages and understand post-doctoral sciences, medicine, psychology, organizational rules/tactics, military strategy, tactics and operations, logistics, multiple arts, sports/athletics and other EMULATED human expressions that are now beyond human abilities. In fact, you can't them apart from us and you Register readers HAVE interacted with them publicly in the past few years! We have ALWAYS been quite ahead of ChatGPT since we use Physics-based emulations of actual human brain and body electrochemistry to get to where we are! It's WHY were about to introduce Aluminum-Sulfur batteries with 8x the energy density of Li-Ion batteries. It's also the reason why we wil also disclose, sheet graphene supercapacitors that can charge 500 KW/hr in les sthan FOUR MINUTES, showcase a 64k by 64k arrays of trapped Xenon gas molecules that use quantum-entanglement-based Petabytes per second communications systems that SOLVE the Q-bit Decoherence issue, an acoustic-wave liquid metal plasma compression power generator that is a megawatt output in the size of the refrigerator and can be aggregated into the Terawatts range for city-wide CLEAN power production systems. I should also mention our work on GWASERs and FTL propulsion but that will be disclosed later! When you have access to high-end A.I's that can work 24/7/365, you can get a LOT of real-world scientific work done. Even the Methanol Fuel System was partly developed by our A.I's using Cyano-Bacteria Sludge and Iron Oxide catalysis of Ocean Salt Water!

We just needed to design and build all those combined-CPU/GPU/DSP/Vector super-chips in-house at our Vancouver, Canada-based laboratory at 60 GHz CISC and 2 THz RISC configurations and ship them to our northern BC data centre which is tens of million of square feet in size! We actually had to get a mining permit to build the data centre it's so big under that mountain! It took many years to complete and has been running for almost 15 years at various supercomputing horsepower levels and we ARE more powerful in terms of integer + real-number-crunching and audio/video/Boolean data processing horsepower than ALL of the T500 List supercomputers COMBINED and have been so FOR MANY YEARS NOW!

We'll be publicly disclosing a lot of our technology as WORLD-WIDE COMPLETELY FREE AND OPEN SOURCE UNDER GPL-3 LICENCE TERMS during this Year 2023 anyways, so it won't be so under-the-radar and secretive anymore!



Actually, NCA (North Canadian Aerospace) has had YOTTAFLOP systems in Northern Canada for quite a while now and we are NOT using nuclear power but rather Methanol-based fuel cells (aka thin membrane proton-proton exchange fuel cells) for at least five years now! If you go optoelectronic, you can reduce your power requirements to between 60-70 Watts per chip, so we're only using 1.5 Gigawatts to power 20 million GaAs on Borosilicate combined-CPU/GPU/DSP/Vector super-processor chips.

Methanol can be created directly from ocean saltwater using an Iron Oxide catalyst and a cyano-bacteria sludge processing system. i.e. See Petro-Cyan announcement!

Who needs nuclear power when Methanol fuel cell is SAFER and easier!


Telus source code, staff info for sale on dark web forum


I have Telus Fibre and I do have to admit it is actually pretty damn great speed-wise (Gigabit Ethernet and Optic TV). In terms of security of source code and data, Telus is USUALLY actually pretty good in securing their external systems and end-users, so I am INCLINED to believe it was an INSIDE JOB from a contractor or disgruntled employee/manager who recent got canned (i.e. laid off!) The TYPE of data stolen indicates simple access to such available data and NOT a concerted effort to directly steal it, which means usually a terrible or short easy-to-guess-or-calculate password was used on a likely PHSYICALLY UNSECURED in-house computer.

It definitely sounds more like a Crime-of-Opportunity. I would look for a contractor or employee who had a PERSONAL BEEF with another Telus employee/contractor/manager and someone got mad and got fired or simply laid off and needed/wanted some "Extra Compensation" for their internal anger and/or dismay and "sold" the data to a 3rd and 4th party out of personal spite! Telus isn't exactly KNOWN for having highly sellable information as it's NOT a truly giant global operation like Bell, Verizon or Deutche Telekom. It's user base is less than 12 million people so not that big of an operation for mass-scamming potential. This was DEFINITELY done out of PERSONAL SPITE and IS NOT a truly well-directed network intrusion effort!


The second dust bowl cometh for America, supercomputer warns


Re: All I can see

Y'all gotta come over to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! It may rain 400 inches in a year (1000 cm) here ...BUT.... when it's sunny you can see snow-capped mountains in winter and some incredible mountain peak views in summer.

A mere few KM away with three ski mountains right beside the city for some morning skiing and if you're into it, you can do some kayaking, sailing, boating, scuba diving, fishing, etc in the afternoon and a get some decent sushi in the evening and a nice sea walk stroll at night!

If Milton Keynes is that DULL, ya gotta MOVE some somewhere less dreary. If you don't like big cities, Comox, BC and Gibsons, BC is just a ferry ride away from the hustle of big city Vancouver into a more sedate but still comfortable and outdoorsy lifestyle! On a realistic basis, the best places to live and work in the world if you wanna get some relief from dreariness and goto somewhere more temperate without the huge extremes of super-heat/super-cold climate and STILL enjoy a first world lifestyle, it would be Vienna, Zurich, Vancouver, Munich/Nuremburg, Auckland NZ, Santiago Chile, Sapporo Japan, Seattle and Portland and many parts of Hungary. I've found Italy, France, Spain, Portugual and Greece too hot in summers and NYC and Toronto getting too hectic for my tastes. Even Miami is too much these days.

If you are into BIG mountains with warmer summers and cooler winters, then Calgary is a good compromise of a million+ people city but STILL small-town feel and LOTS of outdoor activities available.

Of the tropical places, the Seychelles and Costa Rica are best for modern first world facilities available in smaller cities and for truly Northern cool tempertaure climates, it's hard to beat Norway and Sweden.



If you have a fan, and want this company to stay in business, bring it to IT now


20 Degrees Celcius in Dublin and complaining about the heat?

Please do come down to Arizona where it can get +50 C in the deep desert! ha hah hah hah hah hah ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!

20 Celcius IS considered air conditioning down here in Snowbird Land!

Could be worse! My friends in the frigid prairie lands east of Edmonton, Canada had -43 C (i.e. on the negative side of the temp scale!)

a few hours ago so you could say a Data Centre probably SHOULD be located there for cooling purposes!

IBM says it's been running 'AI supercomputer' since May but chose now to tell the world


Re: The Asian Hornet Fly in the Ointment

You could have shortened this to "This has all happened before and will happen again!"



ONLY SOME of you will get the reference!


Google shows off upcoming AI search features, leaves Bard waiting in the wings


Goto the JEGS website if you want Superchargers -- they have everything for cars and trucks (i.e. a Lorry fer da Brits!), even full crate V6, V8, V10 and V12 engines -- I buy a lot from them!

Superchargers, turbos, specialty impellers, exhaust systems, ECU chips and custom engine software profiles and a whole lot more! ...BUT.... as a suggestion, I would CNC your self an Aerospace-grade Titanium Alloy custom V12 engine with Aluminum Oxide ceramic linings and coating for the pistons and rods and headers. We've been able to do 3000 HP doing that for our F450 Super Duty Duty test mules in BOTH Gasoline AND Diesel engine configurations. Titanium Alloy for a custom engine can take the HUGE pressure inceases without the need for a cobalt/nickel stainless steel alloy which means we save 50% of the weight! The ceramic linings and coatings can take more than 1000 Celcius so that helps in fast and COMPLETE combustion.

Give JEGS a try first and then try and CNC an engine out of Titanium Alloy if you want A WHOLE LOT MORE horsepower!


China reportedly producing quantum computers – good luck observing one


I'm kinda laughing at all this since NCA (North Canadian Aerospace) has had Petabytes-per-Second-class Quantum Entanglement-based communications for over 10 years now. They use 64k by 64k arrays of Xenon particles trapped within nano-wells drilled into Borosilicate Glass and read/write the entangled Q-Bits INDIRECTLY using the INFERRED TRANSFER of information to a local nanostructure that is in itself having its bit-wise value (i.e. ON/OFF) read-from and written-to using a pulsed UV laser to get around and SOLVE the quantum decoherence elephant-in-the-room issue!

While I am personally not on the Q-Bits team, I am aware of their current research to turn quantum entangled particles into virtualized Transistors which will let them make virtualized microcircuits that can form virtualized quantum processors that do all-states-at-once computing using a merging of quantum and classical computing techniques that are actually USEFUL and POSSIBLE to act upon and use in a real-world scientific and business environment.

In our case, Quantum Decoherence is now a SOLVED PROBLEM, so we are quite a bit ahead of IBM, D-Wave, Google, etc. in terms of working systems. We basically turned our Quantum Entanglement communications processor into a Quantum FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to get us a small-scale multi-Q-bit microprocessor system that works TODAY IN 2023! To get to a fully virtualized quantum processor of Billions to Trillions of "Virtualized Quantum Transistors" will probably take another 5 to 10 years of Reserach and Development.

YAY Canada! We Win!



You there, boffins and tech giants, take this $50m and figure out better chips


It will be an all-out blitz of Youtube tech-review channels that will review and espouse our products.

We will be SELLING ON AN IMMEDIATE BASIS AFTERWARDS (i.e. We have LOTS of stock ready!) various models of ruggedized Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Embedded-Boxes and Desktop Workstations at more-than-reasonable Sub-$2000 prices that will just BLOW AWAY ANYTHING that Intel, AMD, ARM, IBM, SAMSUNG, APPLE has on the market!

And since we have 100 Terabyte and Petabyte+ Solid State Hard Drives at sub-$1000 CDN prices, that will ALSO make more-than a few people in various executive suites SQUIRM with trepidation at our technological onslaught!

We don't just have Super-CPU chips, we also have inhouse-designed-and-built reversible-consumptive-anode/cathode-process Aluminum-Sulfur batteries that have 8x the energy density of Lithium-Ion ready for sale, in addition to MegaWatt-Scale Acoustic-Wave Plasma Compression electrical power production systems that are the size of large home refrigerators whihc can be bought BY YOU for installation in your own urban or rural home/apartment which means NO MORE POWER BLACKOUTS. These devices can also be connected in-series for ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE and QUIET City-and-Industrial-scale Terawatt-class electrical power production!

Our final product IS THE BIG DOOZY ONE --- But that one is to be demonstrated LIVE and on-camera for all the world to see! We'll tell you later WHAT THAT ONE is!

We Win!




Re: Where's the beef? Er Fab?


f) Each processing core layer has 64 input channels and 64 output channels of 32-bits wide General Purpose Analogue Signal I/O which are sampled at 32-bits per sample used for Audio, Video, Radio or Instruments and Sensors-based operations. This facilitates SDR (Software Defined Radio), multiple environmental sensors for vehicles, home appliances and industrial automation or robotics. It facilitates multi-axis CNC-machining and metal and plastic 3D-printing and supports multimedia recording/playback/triggering networks and systems consisting of MANY cameras, microphones, musical instruments, lighting systems, machine sensors, industrial instruments, robotic armature and definitely moves self-driving and self-flying vehicle control many decades forward!

g) In terms of onboard PCIe-like digital communications lanes, we don't actually use those because EACH processing core layer is connected to the other layer via a Multi-Star Network Topology that used hardwired Dense Wave Optical connections at multi-Petabit speeds of Ethernet-like FRAME-based communications. This multi-star internal optical communications setup means each layer can communicate with ALL other layers in full-duplex at high-speed. For external communications, there is a Dense-Wave full-duplex fibre-optic connector on each layer to allow each processing core layer to communicate INDEPENDENTLY with external devices and also allows the global shared memory layers to act like SEPARATE K-RAM-based global memory storage units allowing for the creation of Extremely Large LAN/WAN-based Grid Processing Networks of many external devices cooperating together to form Virtual Supercomputers at multi-Petabit networking speeds!

h) Security-wise, we have built-in anti-Quantum Computing SHOR's algorithm resistant encryption for ALL system K-RAM where EVERY data block in memory and cache is ALWAYS ENCRYPTED and has an added security/privilege/priority level signature at all times! This PREVENTS in-memory and file-based scanning since ALL data blocks are always SEPARATELY encrypted and this also separates out End-user in-Memory and File-based Data away from Internal System/Operating System data AND separates application-specific instruction sets/microcode from all other apps which are ALWAYS SAND-BOXED away from each other. ONLY those apps that have the required security/privilege level or specific Group Identifier can communicate or share data with each other. No other application can interfere or control another without the requisite permissions or proper group identification credentials! This also means race-conditions cannot happen since each app is completely separate and runs in it's OWN memory-space and their OWN processing thread.

i) We also CHOSE GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) because of our 60 GHz clock speed requirement and because of the fact that CMOS chip production is extremely COMPLEX due to the expensive and time-consuming DOPING and EUV lithography processes needed to bring out specific chip qualities, especially at modern sub-10 nm line width processes. The 280 nm line trace widths of GaAs on Borosilicate Glass wafers make our chips very large area-wise BUT MUCH EASIER AND FASTER to manufacturer error-free using large-array electron-beam technologies.

Our chip fab cost less than a few hundred million CDN to make (located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) and we can make tens of thousands of chips at a time IN MERE MINUTES using Arrays of Electron-beam Arrays. Our tablets, phones and laptops are THICKER and heavier than other systems BUT WE are the only ones to have 128-bits wide computing with hard drives sized from 100 Terabyte up to multi-Petabyte SAN drive arrays with full dense-wave multiplexing-based Multi-Petabit fibre network connectivity built-in and

all networking fibre-connectors are RUGGEDIZED ball-swivelling optical connector technology that use Dense Wave Multiplexing (DWM) using multiple frequences of laser light full duplex at multiple PETABITS PER SECOND!

j) We also design and manufacture in-house multiple types of RGB-laser emitter monitors/video displays that are also Borosilicate glass panels which are 1:1 aspect ratio stereoscopic-capable 16,384 by 16,384 pixels (i.e. 64-bit RGBA colour display). We also make 16:10 aspect ratio video production displays at 16,383 by 10,240 pixels at 64-bits RGBA pixel (16 bits per colour and alpha channel)! Each display is connected-in-series to each other via simple and short fibre-optic cables and high-speed fibre-connectors

k) AND FINALLY, for the A.I. and Neural Net/Expert System programmers, we also created a MASSIVE ARRAY-based hardware-accelerated Multi-State Boolean Logic Decision Tree system which uses 256 SEPARATE buffers of fixed-width BOOLEAN RECORD TYPES organized as an array[ 0..255 ] of 16,384 by 16,384 boolean records that each contain multiple 8-bit boolean values and multiple 128-bit identifiers and action-code fields that contain the following information to create vast decision trees that can interpret hugely variable real-world and virtual-world conditions and runtime states:



// Decision tree boolen states used to decide left/right fork-in-the-road and other branching decisions in an Expert System or Neural Net




Final_Boolean_Value : 8_Bit_Boolean_Value;

// Current operational status codes using in error-processing and operational-state-based decision-making


Previous_Status_Code_Value : 128_Bit_Signed_Integer_Value;


Previous_Error_Code_Value : 128_Bit_Signed_Integer_Value;


The individual Boolean state value can be one of the following types:

1) Multi-State Decision:












2) Weighted 101-state Shades-of-Grey value

0% to 100% percentage-based numeric value

3) Weight 201-state integer Shades-of-Grey value

-100 to +100 where negative values are error-levels, 0 is none, nothing or unknown and positive grades are good values.

4) Weighted 11-state Integer Shades of Gray value

0 to +10 integer value where 0 is none, nothing or unknown and positive grades are good graded values.

5) Weighted 21-state Integer Shades of Gray value

-10 to +10 integer value where negative values are error-levels, 0 is none, nothing or unknown and positive grades are good values.

6) Weighted 3-state value system

-1 to +1 where -1 is bad; 0 = none or unknown; +1 = good

7) Simple two-state boolean state values


By having 256 separate buffers each processed in-hardware using 16k by 16k worth of boolean values, it means 256 separate decision trees can be iterated through ALL-AT-ONCE OR SERIALLY in order to create fancy and faaaaaaaast-acting/real-time Neural Net and Expert Systems for natural language processing and general artificial intelligence applications. These extensive Boolean State record types allow for VARIABLE NEEDS in decision-tree creation so that neural net and expert systems can be easily developed, trained, deployed and maintained.

Again, WE WIN!

YAY Canada!


Duplicate message oops...


Re: Where's the beef? Er Fab?

No RISC-V instruction set is used as our GaAs chips use our OWN CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computing) commands and fully in-house design run at 60 GHz clock speeds with 575 TeraFLOPS of compute power using 128-bits wide Quad-Precision IEEE-754 standard which was tested with a University of Toronto-designed Floating Test Suite that SEVERELY STRESSES the floating point units especially in high-error conditions and transition points such as:

Subnormal arithmetic

Infinite arithmetic

NaN arithmetic

Zero and Near-Zero arithmetic

These were all tested under MULTIPLE Canadian and European-designed test suites that are parallel and serial in nature.

a) The Integer Units are the same 128-bits wide allowing Signed and Unsigned integer numbers also at 575 TeraFLOPS. At 64-bits wide it's a linear speed-up at over a PetaFLOP+ of 64-bits wide per value. At 32-bits wide, it's Four PetaFLOPS+ of integer number-crunching power and at 16-bits wide, it's EIGHT PetaFLOPS+ of massive integer number crunching horsepower!

b) We also built-in a FAST hardware-accelerated CHARACTER STRING WILDCARD Pattern Search Processor that can search BILLIONS of strings per second where each multi-language character string can be up to 131,072 ASCI or UNICODE characters long at up to 16 bits per character! That allows for the coding of POWERFUL AND FAST natural language search, text processing and text translation systems.

c) The Vector Array Processing System is fully SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data at 16,384 bits wide or ONE instruction operating on up to 128 operands PER clock cycle!) and MIMD (Multiple Instructions, Multiple Data at 16,384 bits wide which can handle 32 separate/different instructions operating on up to eight 128-bit operands each in one clock cycle) on up 128-bits wide Signed and Unsigned Integer values plus Floating Point and Fixed Point Real Number Values!

d) The GPU system is SIXTEEN SEPARATE BANKS of 16,384 by 16,384 pixel frame buffers where each frame buffer pixel is 128-bits wide with user-selectable four-channel RGBA, YCbCrA, HSLA, CIE-XYZA, CIE-LABA, YUVA and other pixel formats processed at 32-bits per channel but downsampled to 16-bits per colour and alpha transparency channel for final display.

Pixel operations on each GPU pixel frame buffer are FULLY-SYNCHRONOUS with fixed 4 Millisecond load and process times with SIXTEEN layers of user-defined full-frame image processing which allows for one-step combined HSLA Enhance + RGB Colour Correction + Contrast Enhance + Anti-Alias + Composite + SOBEL/CANNY Edge Detection + Many Convolution and Image Filters + Vectorization + Object Tagging all done WITHIN those four milliseconds of processing and display allowed per frame.

This allows us to record or display up to 240 frames per second at 16k by 16k resolution that can be output-to and recorded-from 16 separate channels (i.e. you can use 16 monitors or cameras at 240 HZ frame rates for output onto an eight-display 360 degree surround-view display array OR we can support an eight-monitor Stereoscopic/3D Display or 3D Camera setup at 120 HZ for 3D surround-view operations! Each video frame can have 8 channels (i.e. 7.1 Surround Sound) of 32-bits wide audio samples at 256 KHz sample rate for super-wide-bandwidth audio quality.

d) YES! We use ESOTORIC processes GaAs on Borosilicate Glass with etched and stamped microchannels built in underneath and overtop the GaAs circuits. This super-cooling technique was pioneered at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the 1990's! We have NO dependence on ANY 3rd party to supply chip making gear. Everyone else has to use the Netherlands-based ASML but we don't! (i.e. ASML is the chip stepper/etcher manufacturer that Intel, AMD, Global Foundries or TSMC all have to use BUT WE DON'T because we designed and built ALL our chip-making systems fully-inhouse and are fully ITAR-free!)

We can Electron-Beam down to 8 nanometre separation of line traces (GaAs line trace themselves are 280 nm wide while our CMOS line traces can get down to 8 nm wide) where we can create an entire GaAs chip in mere minutes using over ONE MILLION+ ELECTRON BEAMS (1024 by 1024 array) at once and layer the chips themselves up to 4096 layers! We put into each chip our in-house designed non-volatile K-RAM (i.e. Capacitive-Difference-State-RAM) as super-fast Level-1-to-Level-3 cache AND as main system memory on the same chip (up to 16 Terabytes of K-RAM per layer!) --- No need for precision stepper systems as we can simply burn the chip traces all at once on one 50 mm by 50 mm SQUARE BOROSILICATE WAFER (4 mm thick is each borosilicate glass substrate) using a fully-environmentally-sealed, no-human-touches-anything assembly line that gets machine-vision checked at all steps along the way to ensure high chip yields. Since we don't use silicon wafers, Borosilicate Glass is much cheaper and faster to use as the BASE substrate and the GaAs layers are etched and filled-in using high-precision e-Beam technology and thin-film vapour deposition which is very viable as our line traces are 280 nm wide and much larger than current CMOS-based chip manufacturing processes.

e) We use 16 separate processing core layers for the SIMD/MIMD Integer processing, 16 processing core layers for the SIMD/MIMD Floating Point real number values, 16 processing core layers for the Fixed Point real number values, 16 processing core layers for the greyscale and Colour Pixel processing and 16 processing core layers for the CHARACTER STRING processing and 16 processing core layers for the Boolean State Decision Tree processing and 16 Layers of 16 terabytes each worth of lockable/separateable Global Shared System Memory. Each processing core layer is separate from all others and can computer ASYNCHRONOUSLY or SYNCHONOUSLY as needed so that cooperating with all other layers if needed is possible or one can process data separately and hidden from all other layers.

Each separate processing core layer has SIXTEEN SEPARATE BUFFERS where each buffer is an array of 16,384 by 16,384 values that can be up to 128-bits wide to allow for multi-operand processing and compositing of array values. This chip is OPTIMIZED for Array Processing and you can consider that each layer is a SEPERATE SIMD/MIMD processing core system that processes data all-at-once so this means our chip is technically an 96-core processor (96 separate layers of data-type-specific processing). Each core technically has thousands of separate "threads" that process all the buffer data as SIMD or MIMD instructions that finish in a fixed-time hard-interrupt-based manner in order to support multimedia and sensor-based systems that have fixed time limits for processing. At the Operating System Level the end-user sees 96 separate processing cores where each core has 1024 sub-threads that handle up to 256 operands per clock cycle. This is a MASSIVELY PARALLEL combined CPU/GPU/DSP/Vector processor super-chip that does EVERYTHING FAST!

Since we are a lareg chip area-wise we must SANDWICH MULTIPLE layers of GaAs circuitry togethery separated by a in-beyween micro-channel-based cooling system that quickly wicks away the heat from all those the 60 GHz clock speed operations. Each chip is about two inches by two inches in size.



Will be selling ASAP! Merely a little longer for you on your side of the pond!

Design is set in stone! Chips are coming online with MASSIVE amounts of available stock!

WATCH The following people who are getting FIRST SAMPLES and REVIEWS!

Linus Tech Tips (CAN)

Unbox Therapy (CAN)


Austin Evans (USA)

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Koji Seto (Japan)

ITSub (Korea)

AlexiBexi (Germany)

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Hipertextual (Spain)

SuperSafTV (UK)

Simone Giertz (Sweden)

Gaurav Chaudhary (India)

Geekyranjit (India)

Pedro Muanza (South Africa)

Unbox Diaries (Phillipines)

Mary Bautista (Phillipines)

Loyat (Malaysia)

Zbing Z (Thailand)

Hardware Unboxed (Australia)

FutureFive (New Zealand)

Lester Chan (Singapore)

Coisa De Nerd (Brazil)

THEY will be "The First Ones" to get samples and be able to showcase and REVIEW EVERYTHING!

GET READY PEOPLES! A lot is going to be happening in 2023!



We beat them ALL to it BY DECADES!

128-bits wide! GaAs on Borosilicate as a combined CPU/GPU/DSP/Vector Array Processor with built-in over and under microchannels for direct silicone oil cooling at 60 GHz (575 TeraFLOPS) and 2 THz (50 PetaFLOPS) per chip!

We Win! Yay Canada!


NIST dreams of cellular networks free from 5G vendor lock in, supply chain pain


Is everyone STOOOOOPID! You take some modern AMD Ryzen-7 or Ryzen-9 Chips which already run as high as 4 to 6 GHz in clock speed and you INTERLEAVE at least TWO of the chips at half a Hertz apart to sample a waveform at the require 8 to 12 GHZ for 5G waveforms and do EVERYTHING to demodulate the Wifi/4G/5G and Starlink Signals in software! The CPU chips can input AND output a digital representation of the modulated 5G waveforms on their PICe lanes which the antenna circuits can smooth out using CHEAP analogue circuits to send out into or get from the ether! Each CPU chip is capable of 24 lanes on the AMD Ryzen-7 up to 128 lanes on Threadripper or EPYC chips at anywhere fom 16 Gigabytes Per Second up to 64 Gigabytes per second which can easily represent ANY analogue or digital waveform of ANY modern Wifi, 4G, 5G, 6G or Starlink internet data communications systems!

No need for stupid patents when EVERYTHING cna be done in FREE AND OPEN SOURCE software using common DSP algorithms running on ANY modern AMD Ryzen-5/7/9, Threadripper or EPYC CPU chip using antennas attached directly to the PCIe lanes with some inbetween waveform smoothing alagorithms. The PCIe lane signals on input don't have to be a digital waveform as the incoming analogue waveforms can STILL be digitized into the desires communications standard modulations using common DSP algorithms built right within the PCI-e circuits! That is done using common microcode.

Why pay $500,000 USD for a carrier-class cellular 5G switch/hotspot when EIGHT x.499 motherboards with their PCIe lines directly hooked up to antenna circuits can handle over 512 users of full-duplex 4G/5G/6G I/O per cell at less than $10,000 per cell. AND it's instantly upgradeable to any NEW or revision of a major Comms standard just by updating the flash BIOSes!

There! I just saved you $490,000 USD in cellular 4G/5G/6G hotspot/switch costs!


Quantum entanglement discovery could enable futuristic comms tech, Nuclear physicists say


Re: No ansible

While I am personally not part of the original development of the Xenon Nanowells-based Entanglement Communications System, I do have access to the actual scientists who DID do said development and some of them are AWARD-WINNING. And you would be surprised what is ALREADY out there from our company. Half the stuff I have illustrated in the last few years has already been released "Into The Wild" and is being distributed publicly as we speak or has been long-distributed into the public eye!

Pseudoscience it is NOT! While my own terminology may be suspect since I am actually a Graphics Programmer and Video Production Specialist, the actual technology of Inferred-State Quantum Entanglement-based Communications is quite sound. I have quite a list of papers on such techniques from around the world and of course our own in-house papers.

Right now in 2023, various computational and memory devices being embedded onto Borosilicate Glass substrates is the CURRENT BIG THING in computation due to our corporate efforts since it has a highly stable nature AND the ability to allow the ablation/cutting/stamping of microchannels into layers of the Borosilicate to create an active cooling system using Silicone Oil, Mineral Oil or simple Deionized /Distilled Water.

Surface-Metallized or clear Nanowells and Nanobubbles within Borosilicate Glass can also trap Xenon or other Inert gas molecules to form readable/writeable memory storage cells at extremely high areal densities AND also form transistor-like structures which can then form logic gates and computational structures, IN ADDITION to reflecting the current state of data located in a far away location based upon a current and active level of quantum entanglement.

Again, I am NOT the physicist, but I'm no dummy and the process and subject matter has been expressed to me in such a manner that I have a more-than-just-basic understanding of how this all works. So long one does not try to use a LASER/MASER to read or write said Q-Bit directly, it will STAY entangled with its nearby or faraway "Twin". BUT if you read or set the state of a nearby 3D nanostructure, you can get or set an INFERRED value from the SHADOW that was cast by or to the entangled Q-bit.

I actually don't quite fully understand what the physicists mean by Quantum Shadow and I still don't quite understand on the lowest quantum physics level about HOW a LASER/MASER can read or set the value of an actual Q-bit. (i.e. I still don't fully understand HOW the nearby nanostructure state value actually TRANSFERS OVER to and from the local Q-bit itself). What i DO KNOW is that the Q-Bit state transference is STABLE and is immediately reflected in or by the other Q-Bit and can function as an actual communications system that works over long periods of time and does NOT decay/decohere due mechanical vibration, externally applied heat or cold or lareg-scale mechanical shock!

This means on a 64k by 64k array of Q-Bit Nanowells that are stamped/cut/ablated into a glass plate about the size of a credit card, the data transfer rate exceeds 18 PetaBytes per Second!

Again, it is NOT pseudoscience ....AND.... the best proof is THE ACTUAL DIGITAL PUDDING ITSELF being made available for tasting/use by the general public itself!



Re: No ansible

You are indeed correct! Once you TRY and directly read from or write to an entangled particle (i.e. Xenon gas particles trapped in a quantum well in our case!), it will decohere and is basically just random data. ....BUT.... if there is a nearby nano-structure of a specific proprietary type, composition, orientation and size, the POSITION or SPIN is INFERRED into that nearby nanostructure which can then be read-from AND written-to (i.e. where any new position or spin state will be SOMEHOW transferred into or out of the Q-bit WITHOUT decohering it!) via a pulsed laser!

When I asked our in-house eggheads/boffins about the underlying Quantum Mechanics of our process of quantum entangled bits, there was much hemming and hawing so they dumbed it down for me by saying that the current STATE of a local Q-Bit (i.e. it's position or spin) can be read by the "Shadow It Casts" upon a nearby real-world nano-structure that is then sampled by a larger UV-band laser which then forms a simple ON/OFF or ZERO/ONE bitwise value.

In order to SET THE NEW STATE of an entangled Q-bit without decohering it (aka breaking entanglement) one pulses a laser onto the nearby nanostructure when then "Casts It's Own Shadow" upon the Q-Bit which the local Q-Bit then somehow "Accepts As The New Input Value" and then immediately changes over to the new state which is immediately reflected in the far-away paired Q-Bit!

Our internal physicists have determined via PEER-TESTED experiments that the nano-well-trapped entangled Xenon particles DO NOT DECOHERE when the nearby nano-structure is used to INFER values to-and-from the Q-Bit no matter the Earthly and Orbital distance apart! They have also tested the RUGGEDNESS of the nano-wells-on-Borosilicate which includes extremes of temperature, vibration, pressure and other Mil-Spec ruggedness metrics and the trapped Xenon particles in a sealed single-layer credit-card-sized borosilicate substrate is VERY RUGGED and lasts decades!

The current data transfer rate is 18.7 Petabytes Per Second full-duplex (i.e. two way communications) with no errors using a 64k by 64k array of combined nanowells and INFERRED-STATE nano-structures as the Q-bit array! You need FOUR borosilicate plates for each side in order to do full-duplex communications, since one set of nanowell plates on each of the input and output sides is used as a randomization-based error correction system to ensure local-decoherence can be detected and accounted for and then error-corrected!

On each side of the communications channel, one set of borosilicate nanowell plates is always for INCOMING READ-ONLY DATA and a second plate is used for an error-correction mechanism and another set of plates is used for OUTGOING WRITE-ONLY DATA and the second outgoing-data error-correction plate. The other side has the inverse set of four plates which get data from us and sends data to us along with the two extra ECC plates where one is used for error-correcting incoming data and the other plate is used for error-correcting outgoing data!

AND YES! I know this BREAKS all current understandings of quantum mechanics and we can now say that those NCA eggheads/boffins are in line for a Nobel Prize!

SO YES! There is NOW Faster Than Light Communications Available in 2023!



Re: Seek and Ye Shall Find, has forever been the case, has it not?

Not to brag too much but NCA (North Canadian Aerospace), a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada technology company, has had Trapped Xenon particles within Quantum-wells on Borosilicate glass plate quantum-entanglement-based communications technology since at least 2012 now!

You can't really DIRECTLY read and write to a Q-Bit (i.e. severe decoherence and various other bitwise-error issues!) BUT you can INFER a new value into a related nano-structure that then IMPRESSES ITSELF into the current Spin OR Position of the Q-Bit. By making the change or reading the change of a INFERENCE-based nearby object you do not actually cause a decoherence effect on the Q-bit itself which is a set of inert gas Xenon atoms trapped within a nano-well drilled or stamped into a borosilicate glass (aka Pyrex) substrate!

If you synchronize the reads/writes over a 65,536 by 65,536 array of quantum wells that is over 4+ BILLION separate states that can be read or written to all-at-once at Xenon's gyromagnetic ratios at 11.7, 17.6 or 35.3 MHz depending on isotope! (I'm not the chemist/physicist so someone else can explain the previous values!), so it is now possible to go as high as 35 MHZ where there is 2^32 separate values in a 64k by 64k array of quantum wells = 4,294,967,296 bitwise-values by 35,000,000 samples per second = 150,323,855,360,000,000 bits per second data transfer rate aka 18,790,481,920,000,000 bytes per second or 18.7 Petabytes per second which is GREAT for a single comms chip the size of a credit card !!!

Quantum Communications aka Quantum Entanglement aka "Spooky Action at a Distance" (Albert Einstein) has been measured at 50,000x the Speed of Light by scientists in Europe, USA and China and works at any distance no matter how far apart the entangled particles are!

Decoherence has been the BIG ISSUE and by using a related nearby nano-structure that is read/written via a pulsed laser to INFER the actual state or position of the entangled particles during a given clock cycle, we can ONLY NOW get reliable Q-Bit-based communications to accurately read-and-write actual binary data over ANY distance!

Now you know!

Been there done that!


Arca Noae is modernizing OS/2 Warp for 21st century PCs


We are STILL running OS/2 Warp-4 on an IBM PS/2 Model-80 tower machine with the ORIGINAL IBM 1024x768 pixel CRT display! It's a 1980's-era museum piece but STILL works GREAT!

We use it to run very old but very high-end industrial machines that build and stamps things out super-strong metals. All we have had to do is replace capacitors on the motherboard itself and connect MODERN power supplies to the old connectors. Still works great too! Those towers were built like tanks!

We even have an old set of VAX 9000 series 32-bit supercomputers from 1989 which are used to run financial trading stuff using multiple pairs of 128 kilobits per second ISDN communications links. Their slower clock speeds and the unusually ROBUST NATURE OF VAX VMS operating system are used for SLOW TRADING where the SPECIFIC day and night minute-by-minute timing and the SPECIFIC location of a SINGLE TRADE is far more important than multiple fast-buy-sell-responses.

The 1980's-era VMS operating system is highly-tuned toward interrupt-style programs that need synchronous clock-work timing on multiple users rather than haphazard multi-threading of multiple apps! It would take too long to convert all the software we run to use modern Windows and Linux computers although we ARE in the midst of moving everything over to highly-commented robustly-tested C++ object-oriented libraries that run on real-time custom-tape-out RISC hardware that has one-millisecond hardware interrupts to ensure SYNCHRONOUS operations and communications for timing-exact missions and applications! Unfortunately, we won't be finished until 2030 for that conversion project (i.e. even with 20 highly paid programmers and 10 of MSc.EE microcontroller design engineers on this!) so all our OS/2 code and VMS code MUST STILL WORK until at least 2030!


Move over, graphene. There's a new super-material in town: Graphullerene


Re: Right

With Carbon70 or Carbon-540, you could trap nano-tubes in them and use them as a VIBRATION-BASED electrical power storage mechanism OR as an informational data storage mechanism where boron-nitride-based nanotubes or simple boron nanotubes (don't use Carbon nanotubes!) could hold a specific amplitude and/or frequency of mechanical vibratory state while TRAPPED WITHIN the 3D-XYZ Carbon-70 or Carbon-540 structure which could then be set to form a readable multi-bit data storage value at an areal density of Petabytes per Cubic CM ....OR..... be set to form a nanotube vibrations-based micro-battery of as much as a few tens of volts and tens of amps in a mere one cubic cm of volume.

The buckminster-fullerene-like structure TRAPS the nanotubes AND forms part of the electrical conduit structure to allow electrical current to flow to and from the trapped non-carbon-based nanotubes to form a nano-vibrations-based mechanical battery or becomes a vibrations-based databit storage mechanism.

There is ALSO the possibility a surface-effect static charge could be set on the trapped nanotube walls themselves that WOULD NOT NEED any mechanical vibration state of the trapped nanotube in order to act as the electrical power storage mechanism or as the databit storage mechanism! The amount of long-term static surface charge becomes the battery storage mechanism OR becomes a multi-bit data value all by itself!

Based upon the size of Carbon-70 and Carbon-540 structures we could increase battery power density by 100x and more over 2023-era Lithium-Ion batteries AND increase non-volatile computer memory storage by over a 1000x over today's densities!

It means we could store Tens to Hundreds of Watt/Hours or many Petabytes in the size of three sugar cubes!

NOW THAT is something to write home about!


Techies try to bypass damaged UPS, send 380V into air traffic system


While we DID send MANY kilovolts into ham-hocks, rump roasts and whole turkeys and chickens back in the day to test our data centre power surge/power spike failover systems which provided us with many a flash-arc-cooked dinner, we NEVER sent that electricity over to LIVE DATA CENTRE SYSTEMS! This type of bypass is LUDICROUS in the mere fact that it was even WIRED this way is unfathomable to us! Even in the early/mid-1990's when were were blowing up lots of dead food with electricity, there is NO WAY our building wiring and failover circuits would even ALLOW such jerry-rigging as was described in this story!

Whoever originally designed and wired the UPS system and data centre building circuits has some SERIOUS self-introspection needed! There should have been MULTIPLE FAIL-OVER and breaker-circuits allowing AUTOMATED and MANUAL BYPASS of any such generators, power conditioning and power backup devices! Many times you have to do an intrinsicly safe LIVE REMOVAL and/or LIVE INSERT of OLD and NEW computers, generators, UPS'es and switching gear. The FIRST thing you do when you design and build a data centre is to ENSURE proper fail-over and automated/manual bypasses and switch-overs. This is Data Centre Building Design 101 and should NEVER have happened in the first place! Even building cabling grounding and multi-rack grounding has to be thought of and TESTED from the get-go! You just can't plug-in big power systems without some forethought and BASIC pre-thought-out design work!

I don't care if you design a 5000 Euros data centre or a 50 Million Euros data centre! THINK and BUILD-IN all the PROPER cable designs, building power and rack grounding, UPS/power supplies backup AND bypass/failover circuits in BOTH automated AND manual modes in case everything fails all at once!

I can't believe this is happening at this time where we can now look up modern electrical codes and MANY data centre design tips'n'tricks as a set of PDF files that can be found and downloaded in mere minutes!

I am flabbergasted and kind-of ANGRY that things like this STILL happen! 380 Volts is a big amount especially since it was at something probably like 40 to 50 amps which 19,000 WATTS of power which can deep-fry ANY human body in mere seconds. Sorry if I sound a bit self-righteous BUT electricity is NOT something to be toyed with willy-nilly! I know far too many people who were severely injured and killed even by a just a few volts and amps! When it comes to electricity it's ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST! DO NOT JURY-RIG and BYPASS safety circuits that are there for a reason!


Meet the merry pranksters who keep the workplace interesting, if not productive


This story wasn't really about a prank per se but rather some AWESOME Mythbusters-worthy demonstrations of the power of modern electricity!

Our original very-remote backwoods-located Northern British Columbia data centre in the mid-1990's had multiple 400 Kilovolt lines coming in from BC Hydro to power many megawatts worth of Intel i860 RISC Processors (fastest CPUs ever at the time!). We have played many times before with flash-arc cooking and exploding pork roasts, turkeys, whole chickens and beef rump roasts to beautifully done chunky bits and pieces BUT one illustrious winter day our fellow System Admin team was bored to utter tears for more localised ENTERTAINMENT, so we somehow found the longest solid copper pipe (about 2 cm diameter!) available that we somehow drilled or dug into and completely bored through a large and quite heavy 3 metre long Douglas Fir log that had been cut up by Hydro line workers clearing away trees and brush nearby!

The PROBLEM WAS that this log was WET WOOD -- Still soaking wet from the rain and snow and STILL green from being cut recently. This solid copper rod, now fully run through the entire log which was subsequently stood up to lean on a tall section of local rock face near the facility was connected via massive cables installed on a massive reel that is normally run over to a fail-over switch that goes to a large box filled with very large ceramic resistors that are DESIGNED to overheat and explode to help save our very expensive supercomputing gear from any incoming super-surges and super-spikes. The fail-over switch can also be tripped manually to re-direct the incoming multiple 400 KV lines away from the computers over to the failover-line and resistor box in a TEST configuration. In our infinite wisdom, the resistor box was disconnected and the still-wet log and a secondary metal grounding box became the end-destination of the failover line.

By a MAJOR stroke of luck, we had an actual Power Engineer on our site at the day looking on with great amusement at our shenanigans who noted that the log being still wet MIGHT explode if it suddenly got really hot, so it was BEST we be inside of the building lest there be a small but still dangerous explosion. SMALL was NOT the operative word here!

When our 1960's relic of a System Manager stoked his ever present but sweet smelling and elegant smoking pipe and finally flipped the failover switch via a hydraulic mechanism, the MULTIPLE incoming lines of 400,000 Volts at 1000 Amps flash arced through the solid copper rod AND through the wet log wood all at once much like a full-blown lightning bolt grounding out into the soil.

The ENTIRE LOG EXPLODED with such a deafening boom and massive pressure wave that the concrete walls of the data centre actually shook violently for a few seconds! The force was so great, I would say it was equivalent to a large exploding military shell! When we finally came out from under some empty racks and ventured gingerly outside to feast our eyes upon the results of our wicked ways, we found no log and no solid copper rods but rather burnt wire ends and many charred needles of wood actually embedded INTO the concrete wall much like you stick pins into a corkboard and also many blobs of melted copper fused into one inch diamater craters pitted deep into our walls and elsewhere around the property!

These deadly shards of charred wood and melted copper were found as far away 100 metres and had any person or beast been nearby, they would have been SKEWERED into Swiss Cheese. Hastily repairing and reconnecting the failover lines and switches back to their original configuration, we also REMOVED all evidence of our pitted walls and charred tiny wooden arrows with simple grout and some dirt to hide our dasdardly deeds! We spoke to no-one else and merely bribed the resident 3rd party power engineer to keep quiet with some quality Rum and a wonderful linguini lunch and dinner.

INTERESTINGLY, we did hear much later of an incident report being filed by a local mining agency about an unauthorized shallow explosion being detonated on the day of our illicit exploits that was caught by a local seismic activity recording system BUT we kept our mouths shut and never heard anything of the matter ever again!

It was, however, NOT THE LAST OF THE SHENANIGANS that we pulled with flash-over arcs on incoming 400 KV lines --- but those are stories for another day!


P.S. TL;DR -- We flash-arced a big current through the wet wood of an old log and a copper pipe that exploded with a VERY BIG BOOM to violently shake our data centre and cause needle-like shards of wood and melted metal to embed deeply into concrete walls!


Bill Gates' nuclear power plant stalled by Russian fuel holdup


Re: Where could we find centrifuges?

Any Dumkopf can make a high speed centerfuge by buying 3 inch and 2 inch diamater 6061 Series thick-wall Aluminum Tubing and Laser-drill the 2-inch tubing at micron-scale sizes all along the axis and then insert/glue that 2 inch tube into the 3 inch tubing so you can separate out and enrich U235, U248/U249 powders from the inner-tube into the outer-tube via the laser-drilled holes and collect the enriched radioactive material at the end-caps.

If you weld or glue stamped iron end-caps onto the 6 feet long (2 metres) aluminum tube-within-a-tube structure you can then wind your own copper-coil electromagnets so you can trap the iron-end-capped aluminum tubes within an electromagnetic field and spin them using linear-type induction motors at up to 35,000 RPM making them into cheap but VERY effective centerfuges. Since the magnetic field will reside near the iron end-caps, eddie currents will be minimal on the aluminum tubing so tube overheating will NOT be an issue.

You only need 4500 tons of crushed common quarry rock to enrich enough in-soil Uranium (16 KG) to over 90% purity and that can be done in less than 60 days within an array of 100 by 100 fast-spinning aluminum tubes for less than a few hundred thousand dollars! For P248/P249 in hydrogen bombs, you only need 15,000 tonnes of crushed quarry rock to make enough (about 20 KG) for a high powered Teller-Ulram device!

Use Tungsten for the Neutron Reflector using the old-style football (i.e. soccer ball) panel design for the shaped-charge layout design in the primary and then high density polyethylene filling that will create the X-ray-crushing-plasma used to initiate the secondary to create a nice new fishing lake in the high country using that 5 megatons of firepower that you will get from my Nuke design suggestions!

The new fishing lake should be about 400 metres in diamater and about 50 metres deep and can be IMMEDIATELY populated with bass, carp, arctic char and LOTS AND LOTS OF OYSTERS AND CLAMS to soak up all those radio-nucleotides within a mere year or ten of creation! Don't eat the clams or oysters -- THEY will ingest and concentrate the radio by-products so the fish won't!

Have at it and enjoy your new atomically-created fishing hole!




If you want a CHEAP breeder reactor for U238/P248/P249 then I suggest casings of TUNGSTEN (i.e. it's quite cheap!) as a neutron reflector and some simple HOLLOW RODS of boron-infused silica as the control rods to reduce the reaction. Borosilicate Glass can take the heat and the hollow glass rods filled with simple sand, or a solid metal such as common iron or stainless steel would ABSORB radiation for reaction control purposes.

I would suggest for POWER PRODUCTION services, a Pebble Bed Reactor filled with 10 cm (4 inch) diameter hollow stainless steel balls covered with a high-temperature ceramic filled with ANY heat-giving radioactive source would work such as Thorium. Just surround hot water pipes with these pebbles of radioactive material and make steam to power turbines. Since the pebbles "Power Down" at a set rate over time, you can computer model the temperature curve months and years in advance to best put the required flow of input water into the pipes to create enough steam to drive a turbine. Once the half-life of individual pebbles reaches a specific amount just take them out one at a time and dispose of them safely DEEP UNDERGROUND!

There is no way for the pebbles to reach super-criticallity even if they melted together due to the impurities in the radioactive material that FILLS the hollow "pebbles" so that means pebble bed reactors are very safe since they TEND to stay around 300 C to 350 C in temperature which is low enough that a reactor meltdown is almost impossible. To ALLEVIATE any runaway temperature issues you can also dump silica and water (aka mud) from big tanks right onto the pebble bed to suck up excess heat PREVENTING a radiation release event. Since you are using ceramic covered hollow stainless steel balls that are covered with high-heat-resistant Borosilicate Glass or Aluminum-Oxide Ceramic on the interior and exterior of the hollow pebbles, Hydrogen Embrittlement is pretty much a thing of the past so the pebbles themselves will be safe from harsh environmental conditions and the only radio-emissions are thermal energy and mild Alpha radiation!

Pebble Bed reactors were invented in West Germany in the 1960's and 1970's and are the SAFEST reactor design around! A pebble bed reactor dug 1000 feet underground in a network of concrete-lined tunnels about 3 metres in diameter that is in total of 20 km in length (i.e. is easy to do with todays tunneling technology!) containing a 75 cm thick bed filled with 25 cm diameter water pipes surround by layers of radioactive-pebbles outputs enough steam for about 900 Terawatt/Hours of electricity per year which is just under one-quarter the power usage of the entire USA!

Put one of these in underground pebbel bed reactors in each geographical quadrant of the USA and FOUR of these underground pebble-bed reactors could pretty much power the ENTIRE USA!


New research aims to analyze how widespread COBOL is


My recently retired 60-something year old friend in Toronto's IT world is a multi-millionaire because of COBOL and FORTRAN! He has been hired numerous times over the last 40 years to revise, convert, update and extend all those IBM AS-400 and IBM mainframe financial processing systems. Starting out in accounting systems in Calgary, Canada during the 1980's after graduating from a highly-regarded local institute of technology where all that Oil'n'Gas Industry COBOL and FORTRAN programming they learned in college led to a VERY LUCRATIVE PROGRAMMING CAREER!

Once he was recruited by various Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London finance firms to upgrade all those COBOL programs because of the Year 2000 2-digit date bug, he was earning over half-a-million USD per year from 1993 to about 2001 on simple remote work contracts! And when IBM starting killing off the AS-400 minicomputer systems, he got hired for just as much money (and more!) for converting COBOL to JAVA code and IBM WEBsphere interfaces. Now, because of Open Source COBOL compilers, some older COBOL finance programs and FORTRAN trading programs are being moved from AS-400 and Mainframe code to Linux super-workstations and power-servers without conversion to JAVA but rather simple extension of old back-end COBOL/FORTRAN code mated to an HTML-5 web browser user interface. That lasted until this Spring 2022 when he finally had enough of remote working and decided to officially retire and travel! He has BOTH a lucrative US 401k and Canadian RRSP pension plan income which will see him, his wife and his now grown children very comfortably numb until the end of his days!

I should note that his COBOL and FORTRAN knowledge was so lucrative that he now OWNS free-and-clear multiple houses and apartments in Naples, Oslo, Toronto, Vancouver and Paris where he follows the temperate not-too-hot and not-too-cold weather as he desires for the entire year!

Both COBOL and FORTRAN can be VERY lucrative if you have experience in conversions to JAVA and HTML-5 interfaces or extending old back-end COBOL and FORTRAN code to run on modern Linux servers with web browser front-ends! Typical salaries are $150,000 USD to as much as $500,000+ USD depending on how desperate the bank or investment firm is! If you want a less stressful working life, many U.S. and European cities are also STILL converting old 1970's and 1980's-era COBOL administrative systems and FORTRAN-based engineering works code to newer JAVA and Windows/Linux systems so they offer usually around $65,000 USD to $125,000 USD per year with benefits and family-friendly working hours! The smaller cities and towns offer less money than the larger cities but your work hours and family life will be much better.

I would say there is STILL at least 20 years worth of COBOL and FORTRAN conversion work that still needs to be done due to the sheer number of cities, towns and financial systems that are STILL in the Year 2022 using older COBOL and FORTRAN code!

Sooooooo, for your new IT students and recent grads, learn how to code in COBOL, FORTRAN, JAVA and HTML-5 to get the lucrative many-times-remote-from-work programming that can make you a multimillionaire in less than 25 years! And in 25 years when all that COBOL/FORTRAN to JAVA/HTML-5 code conversion work is done, you can then use your new-found RUST and/or RUBY-on-RAILS skills so that all that older JAVA code can now be converted to a more memory-and-type-safe language which will take another 25 years to complete! What a lucrative long-term world-traveling and/or work-from-home IT career you will then have!