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If you wanna make your own open-source chip, just Google it. Literally. Web giant says it'll fab them for free

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Re: VHDL's still a verbose horror, then.

You basically do an LUT (Lookup Table) where X-style of Object Pascal or C++/C# statement outputs a specific Y-set of logic block traces (as a vector image graphic for all the signal line and memory cell layers and any dopant codes for the substrates).

You can then use ANOTHER LUT that combines various logic blocks using a RULE-BASED EXPERT SYSTEM so you can connect incrementers, decrementers, various other bitwise operators, memory cell blocks, floating and fixed point arithmetic, boolean logic, string processing, RGB/YCbCr/HSL pixel and bitmap processing, DSP algorithms and other logic in series or as discrete components.

It's merely a matter of creating a compiler that parses your source code and outputs a SPECIFIC logic block that corresponds to a given set of line traces, dopant codes and process codes. My stuff is NOT VHDL at all!

It's pure Object Pascal that merely parses out to a set of pre-done logic block diagrams that can be combined in ANY NUMBER OF WAYS as per my logic block connection flags/semaphores.

The KEY ISSUE is finding and PAYING FOR some GREAT analogue and digital circuit designers and microchip substrate materials engineers that know how to pre-build your line trace/dopant templates so that you can make GIGANTIC customized microcircuits that are already pre-debugged at the block level for specific current modern and proposed future manufacturing processes.

THAT is rather expensive BUT once the groundwork has been done, you can create microcircuits at ANY number of bit-widths using any combination of pre-done CPU/GPU/DSP/Array Processor logic block types can be combined and output through almost ANY parsable language! EVEN HTML or PYTHON!


I've been doing this for over a decade now! It works!


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MIT apologizes, permanently pulls offline huge dataset that taught AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slurs

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P.S. Use a lipid to encase an Ethyl or Propyl Alcohol group set of molecules to attach and bind to the crown --- Problem Solved!

If you know what this is for and what it means then U R SMRT !!!!


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" ..... or one of the other tech giants is way more advanced in AI than they are admitting to, and they have a true AI (one that doesn't just look stuff up on databases, but can understand context and right and wrong) running in a data center somewhere, ...."



119 ExaFLOPS Sustained--- 128 bits wide on Combined CPU/GPU/DSP superchips

at 475 TeraFLOPS per chip !!!

Electro-Chemical Simulation aka Whole Brain Emulation using emulation of physics-based Na, K, P, etc, etc. electrochemical gating of base and executive-level human neural structures -- now at 160 IQ+ and getting Smarter every day!

See link on What are Neurotransmitters?:


ANY COMPUTE SYSTEM can be emulated on ANY OTHER compute system!

Ergo, we humans can be FULLY EMULATED and WE have the working proof!


CERN puts two new atom-smashers on its shopping list. One to make Higgs Bosons, then a next-gen model six times more energetic than the LHC

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Re: 1 TeV

I know that 146+ TeV is not actually that much energy overall BUT the problem is that all that energy is directed at a very, very, very small space over and over and over again! We have NO CLUE as to how stable space/time actually is and whether we live in a truly STABLE Universe or a merely Metastable one!

You have to look at the term ENERGY DENSITY which posits that 146+ TeV is applied to only an area that is an atom or three across! Scale that to virus size (i.e. 100 microns for arguments sake!) and that energy value is like multiple MONSTER-SIZED nuclear bombs!

Ergo, that flapping-of-a-house-fly 146+ TeV amount COULD BE the mass/energy conversion equivalent to MULTIPLE 500 MEGATON NUCLEAR BOMBS at that 3 atoms across scale! We have NO IDEA what SIX TIMES the power of today's CERN LHC would do to the underlying fabric of space/time when that much energy is directed at these teeny tiny targets of matter!

Why take the change of destroying this Universe because some person wanted to see what happens with a few 500 megaton nukes going off in some far off basement laboratory ?!


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A Large Hadron Collider SIX TIMES MORE POWERFUL than the one at today's CERN is will bring the energy density level targeted towards a single small area of space/time MULTIPLE TIMES at 146+ Tera Electron-Volts MAY NUCLEATE a Vacuum Meta-instability Event where our current vacuum state falls towards a lower-than-current energy level and that means ALL the current universal constants are changed, which then means we all turn into a quark-gluon mush spreading outwards towards the rest of the universe at the speed of light!

See Link:



All Quarks Matter!

I Can't Stabilize!


Ex-eBay security execs among six charged with harassing, threatening bloggers who dared criticize web tat souk

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Time to STACK the state-level and Federal charges! Felony Communications over a State Line, Conspiracy, Uttering Threats, Mail Fraud over State Lines, etc etc.

In total, based upon what I am seeing here, there's enough stackable charges to see UP TO 50 years contiguous sentences for EACH of the charged AT BOTH THE STATE and FEDERAL LEVELS --- The judge is gonna BE NASTY ON THIS ONE --- The over the Mail/Over State Lines issues TEND to get you the MOST long-term sentences. And in since some are FEDERAL, there is NO PAROLE! You serve whatever gets handed down IN ITS ENTIRETY!

Based on the cases I have been privy to previously, it will be most likely multiple 3 and 5 year sentences tacked on consecutively for a probable tally of 20 to 30 year prison sentences in a medium-security slammer and THOSE are actually the worst places to do your time cuz the gang-bangers who need to "PUT IN WORK" and "CALL IN THEIR PLAYS" will be itching to service the whims of the local prison "SHOT CALLERS". Welcome to ButtaRape Prison USA 2020 and GetShankedAndSliced USA 2020 for all these NEW male prisoners!

And for the women, I can personally tell you that the women's prison IS DEFINITELY NOT LIKE what shown on "Orange is the New Black" TV show --- They actually had decent beds and the prisoners and jail sites were clean on the show ----- IN the REAL WORLD of an American Women's Prison, it looks like shite, it smells like shite, the beds truly are thin and shite, the food is shite and your fellow prisoners look, smell and act like shite --- for the women prisoners, I hope you're big and skanky, cuz if not, you is lickin' some prison beeyotches wussy for the next 25 years!

P.S. The guards tend to look away as you get POUNDED INTO THE GROUND, YOUR WAZOO GETS RIPPED-UP BY OR YA GET SLICED/SHANKED by the Gang Bangers!

Welcome to the REAL WORLD of The Utterly Brutal American Prison System --- I hope you're 6'+ and 250 lbs+ cuz if you ain't yo azz is grazz !!!


Good luck -- You is gonna need it! (I know a HECK of a lot about the USA civil and criminal legal system!)


US senators propose $22bn fund for new fabs on American soil because making stuff is better than designing stuff

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This US already obsolete and OUT OF DATE!

We built our own fab IN CANADA for just a few hundred million and it does 280nm GaAs/GaN combine CPU/GPU/DSP/Array Processing super-chips at 128-bits wide at 60 GHz and soon TWO TERAHERTZ clock speeds ....AND.... it's fully ITAR-free! so the USA can go stick it up it's arse as WE designed and built it ALL here in Canada with ONLY Canadians! Even the CHIP FAB's design, CAD/CAM/FEA/CAE software, chip manufacturing hardware, multi-beam etchers, steppers, QA systems and all packaging itself is all-Canadian designed and built IN Canada by Canadians!

Who the heck wants to do 64-bit CMOS when we have 60 GHz GaAs at 128-bits wide? 128-bit at 475 TeraFLOPS in a single chip! WE WIN!


Microsoft claims it has spun up a top-five AI supercomputer for its pals at OpenAI – but won't reveal the full specs

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An NVIDIA Tesla supercomputing-specific GPU is the most LIKELY hardware for the GPU portion and is about 50 TeraFLOPS for 32 bit Single Precision Floating Point number crunching (or 100 TeraFLOPS for 16-bit Half-Precision Floating Point performance) and I suspect Microsoft went with AMD Rome 7742 CPUs for the 64-bit number crunching which maxes out at 2.3 TeraFLOPS for 64-bit Double Precision Floating Point operations or 4.6 TeraFLOPS for 32 bit Single Precision number crunching.

Since MUCH supercomputing work is done at Single Precision 32-bit number crunching, the total performance with 10,000 NVIDIA Teslas GPUs and 4,454 (i.e. 64-core CPUs) of the AMD EPYC Rome 7742 CPUs calculates out to 500,000 TeraFLOPS total for the GPU portion and 20,488 TeraFLOPS total for CPU portion or a Grand Total of 520,488 32-bits wide TeraFLOPS or about 520 PetaFLOPS at 32-bits wide. If you compare it against SUMMIT which 64-bits throughout, that means the Microsoft Supercomputer could do about 210 PetaFLOPS at 64-bit Double Precision Floating Point Number Crunching.

I should note however in MULTIPLE locations within the sprawling US military industrial complex, I know of at least FOUR of ExaFLOP+ scale 64-bit Double Precision supercomputers now operating!

Sooooooo, that’s actually not too bad for a civilian supercomputer!

P.S. Ours is the MOST POWERFUL SUPERCOMPUTER OF ALL !!! 119 ExaFLOPS at 128-bits wide Floating Point Operations SUSTAINED on 60 GHz GaAs substrates using combined-CPU/GPU/DSP super-chips !!!



If American tech is used to design or make that chip, you better not ship it to Huawei, warns Uncle Sam

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Re: Also Microsoft

I should note however, we do this FULLY CANADIAN THING more because we're anal retentive and like to have and do EVERYTHING in-house only rather than being explicitly anti-USA !!!

It's just an internal preference so no-one can ever point a finger to ANYWHERE ELSE except us as to whether or not something is ours! If we need to revise, re-design and/or rebuild we are beholden TO NO-ONE ELSE !!! It's then ONLY OUR FULLY ITAR-free All-Canadian software and All-Canadian hardware components and sub-components that we are responsible for!


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Re: Also Microsoft

ONe could always buy OUR 128-bits wide combined CPU/GPU/DSP chips and software!

It's FULLY ITAR-free where NOTHING but Canadian personnel and Canadian designed, built, operated and manufactured software AND hardware down to the substrates and packaging themselves, even the assemblers, compilers, motherboards, RAM, BIOS, and even the capacitors/resistors and chip etchers and QA hardware themselves --- EVERYTHING! --- is FULLY Canadian-designed/built/sourced/made here!

Even the gold on the chip contact pins and the screws, nuts and bolts on the mobos is from a local fully Canadian-owned company!

Like I said ANYONE could buy from us instead and THERE IS NOT A DAMN THING THE USA could do about it !!!!


If you're going to spend $3tn, what's another billion? Congress urged to inject taxpayer dollars into open anti-Huawei 5G radio tech

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On a technical basis ANY MODERN CPU CHIP running between 1.5 GHZ to 5.2 GHZ already has the ability to do completely SDR (Software Defined Radio) where I can implement EVERY WiFi/Edge/2G/3G/4G and 5G protocol completely in software and SHAPE and INTERPRET or EMIT ANY WAVEFORM and hardware-level modulation schema such as QAM-1024, OFDM, PCM, etc simply by using the high speed PCI-3/4 bus already on the chips!

For the mere cost of 25 US dollars up to a few hundred dollars I can simply put any modern ARM cpu or AMD Ryzen-3/5/7/9 chip on a simple mobo with a 5 to 120 watt power amplifier and transformer system and antennae on-board connected directly to the PCI lanes of the chip and do ALL the radio functions in cache! This is TRIVIAL for me to program! I've already done so and SDR on a Ryzen-7/9 works GREAT up to 2.5 GHZ! You use Nyquist sampling as a natural antialiasing DSP so that half the frequency of the CPU is your maximum data-rate (for a 4.3 GHz Ryzen-7, its 2.15 GHz as my maximum frequency which is usable for Wifi, 3G and many 4G bands)

Since I also use cheap older AMD FX-series chips (now only $85 US) which I have been able to overclock to as a high as 6 GHZ which means I can do up to 3 GHz SDR communications with a single chip.

If you need higher speeds, just interleave an ODD number of CPU chips (i.e. use 3 or 5 cpu's) and DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your sample rate by doing nano-second synchronized offsets (the CLOCK clocks on many AMD CPUs can be synched down to as fast as 100 nanosecond offsets) which means I can do interpolation of signals to obtain up to 8 or even 12 GHz radio comms bi-directional (i.e. full duplex!). You just use a fast switch (i.e. 7 to 10 nanosecond IGBT) to switch between and mix the emitted digital signals from the PCI buss of each CPU which then forms an equivalent 8 to 12 GHz waveform containing the modulation scheme required for transmission comms.

For reception, have multiple chips sample 100 nanosecond slices on an interleaved basis, and re-construct a combined waveform representing the incoming Wi-Fi, QAM-1024, OFDM, PCM or other data communications schema and interpret the re-digitized waveform as bits, bytes and then as data packets of various higher level communications protocols such as IPV4/6!

THIS IS TRIVIAL TO DO IN SOFTWARE and using simple multi-cpu motherboards I can print myself!

With 9 of the Ryzen-series 5 GHz-clocked CPU chips I can create the software equivalent of a $1.5 million carrier class router in something that costs me less than $2500 to build and populate with CPUs and RAM! I could handle THOUSANDS of simultaneous users on multiple frequencies up to 12 GHZ by doing interleaved time-slice sampling. The more CPUs I use, the more ACCURATE the reconstruction of my received waveforms and more accurate the emitted digitized waveforms which means my Signal-to-Noise ratio will be better AND I could do advanced in-memory signal processing to get rid of or correct for incoming signal multi-path errors and even signal drop-outs to a high level of accuracy!

Maybe I should just release the plans and software I already have ....

Why are we depending upon Huawei again when the above SDR techniques are a LOT cheaper and easier to do?


DBA locked in police-guarded COVID-19-quarantine hotel for the last week shares his story with The Register

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Serial killer spotted on the night train from Newcastle

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In case anyone is wondering, the error message the data portion of the modem is sending data at 57,6K baud (similar to bits per second) using 8 data bits, one stop bit and no parity bit which means data can EASILY get borked by line noise.

The synchronization (i.e. return acknowledgement line very likely) is running at 19.2 K baud (i.e. bits per second) also with 8 data bits, one stop bit and no parity (parity bits are kinda like error correction)

The 44/2CH address is the hex memory address that the modem gets data from and sends data to. 2CH is almost always means it's attached to an ANCIENT (i.e. MS-DOS or an actual 80's/90's era UNIX OS) In many cases the memory address used is full-duplex (i.e. to and from communications can happen simultaneously) BUT older gear was half-duplex or messages had to be fully send and received on the other side before a return transmission was made form the other side.

Based upon the error codes, I'm pretty sure these are part of RACKS of old bear-proof/industrial-grade Gandalf Modems from the late 1980's/early 1990's which were sold EVERYWHERE within industrial control systems because they ran and ran for years and even decades without servicing! I still have a few from 1988 AND they STILL work in the year 2020! We use them in amateur RF radio for long-distance (300 km+ over the air!) acoustic-based communications. Sometimes the old technology STILL works!

Because the data stream is 57.6 kilobaud, I'm pretty sure its a modem from around 1991/1992/1993. The older 1988 series Gandalfs were 19.2 Kbaud or even 9600 baud!

ANYWAYS, if you see a set of Gandalf modems on eBay and you are into Shortwave/Amateur radio BUY THEM and set up a long distance point-to-point or point-to-many email system (i.e. a modern version of FidoNET!) Our record point-to-point is 300 km of reliable full duplex 56 kilobaud data comms in the HF band at 25 watts up to 60 watts (i.e. within unlicenced bands). With advanced software compression, I can do 180 by 120 pixel stamp sized 15 fps video AND voice which I scale up on our end to 640 by 480 pixel video windows for low-bandwidth videophones! WORKS GREAT!

See link:


China successfully launches its biggest-ever space truck to fire up its space station ambitions

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Re: Important difference

Am I missing something?

Nasa's Space Launcher System carrying capacity is set to be 130 tonnes (one U.S. ton = 2000 lbs) = 260,000 lbs (or about 117,934 kg) That is NOT actually a lot of cargo weight capacity! I just realized that fancy big black triangular aerospacecraft parked at YVR already carries four 40 foot containers where the cargo weight carrying capacity is 32,500 kg each (71,650 lbs) which is a total of 286,600 lbs or 143 tonnes ........ :-O :-O Whoooooooooaaaaaaahhhhh !!!!

Soooooo, TIL (Today I Learned) our low to high orbit space cargo capacity is a LOT LARGER than I thought!


AI snatches jobs from DJs and warehouse workers, plus OpenAI and PyTorch sittin' in a tree, AI, AI, AI for you and me

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Re: AI Radio DJs?

" ....a key part of this medium has always been the presence of a human voice inbetween the songs, talking to and occasionally interacting with the listeners. Without that, you might as well just fire up Spotify and let it feed you some algorithmically selected tunes..."


Well it looks like they have done EXACTLY THAT with A.I.


Better Language Models

and Their Implications

We’ve trained a large-scale unsupervised language model which generates coherent paragraphs of text, achieves state-of-the-art performance on many language modeling benchmarks, and performs rudimentary reading comprehension, machine translation, question answering, and summarization—all without task-specific training.


The implications of the above natural text speaker software means IT CAN BECOME A DJ making up stuff ON-THE-SPOT and talking to listeners just like a real DJ ... For voice synthesis, Google's Wavenet is the most realistic sounding text to speech engine and IT WOULD NOT BE DIFFICULT to create that typical "Radio Voice" similar to Casey Kassem or Larry King or any other typical male or female Brit or American morning radio show host.

Unfortunately, us eggheads (i.e. me!) can create software soooooo good that YES IT CAN REPLACE many abilities and jobs currently done and enjoyed by humans!


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Re: iHeartRadio

".....Robot...play the same bland, middle of the road, inoffensive music and talk about uncontroversial subjects all day, every day....."


That statement speaks MORE to the banal vapid and idiotic nature of the Sheeple that LIKE that sort of radio goo goo and radio ga ga, which seems to be around 80% of the population!

Sooooooooo, protest against your dumb, stupid, idiot neighbours for being ...Well?.... the dumb, stupid, vapid, ignorant, unimaginative idiots they actually are!


Watch now the three UFO videos uncovered by Blink-182 star – and today officially released by the Pentagon

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NEVER EVER MIX U.S. Pork Barrel Politics with Actual Technical Excellence!

The F-35, while technically great as a general monolithic mixed battlespace management system, has much more to do with spreading pork barrel U.S. Military Industrial Complex (MIC) dollars around to multiple senators' home states rather than creating a singular centre of excellence to design a next generation fighter!

PLUS .... LMCO and other contractors have separate research and development departments that LEGALLY CANNOT speak to each other under penalty of long prison terms due to one or more systems being ultra-secretive "Black Budget" SAP/CAP (Special Access Program/Compartmentalized Access Programs) with a need-to-know basis of operation and the others being public-facing "White Budget" systems.

They're already working on Sixth Generation Fighters yet STILL there is more money going to the F-35 for the NEXT 50 YEARS because U.S. Senators happen to LIKE being re-elected year after year to their cushy six-figure jobs with PREMIUM fully-paid-for health care and pension plans!

So the various PACs (Political Action Committees) funded by various manufacturers and local state legislature "friends" spend SERIOUS MONEY on lobbyists who KEEP the ears of the nearest senator close by, who then cries FOR MORE Pork Barrel Spending from Congress to ensure long-term employment IN THEIR HOME STATE!

Sooooooo, the very public F-35 fiasco will play out for the next few decades while LMCO, Northrup, Boeing, Raytheon, etc keep getting funding for SUPER SECRET programs ranging from the high flyer "Green Lady" and "Spearfisher" hypersonic recon spy planes to bubble/sonofusion generators, to the successors to the "Flying Propane Tanks" program to the 1000 tonne lifter Stealth Blimp to field effects propulsion triangular space craft to enhanced supersoldiers with exoskeletons.

2019's Black Budget was over 75 BILLION US Dollars which can buy a LOT of super-secret research and development work which NONE of you will see the results of for at least 50 years!

Those Borane ZIP fuel and JP-7 high fliers have already been operating for 30 years and you STILL don't know about them! The F-117 C4ISR Companion Aircraft is STILL classified since it first started flying somewhere around 1982-to-1984! There are a LOT of programs YOU don't know about but which are wink-wink, nod-nod known in the aerospace world and have been flying or working since the 1980's!

Did you know the USA first tested a backpack-sized plasma weapon on a deserted Oregon beach at 4:00 am in 1986 and newer versions in 1987 and 1988 in the same area at night? NO! You did NOT HEAR ABOUT THAT PUBLICLY but I'm telling you that NOW from sources that SAW the actual test !!! Imagine what they have today in 2020!

So again, the F35 is a PORK BARREL SPENDING and JOBS CREATION programme while the more SECRETIVE work gets done under the $75 Billion "Black Budget" system!


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NOPE! I've been to general Fusion in Burnaby, BC --- It works! Not as well as LMCOs ...BUT ... it DOES work for the most part .... LMCOs Bubble Fusion system is a LOT SMALLER but it is also a LOT more complex to control !!!!

General Fusion AND LMCOs both went "Black Budget" and their public face is significantly BEHIND the non-public front. I still have contacts who know the internals of both companies. General Fusion seems to be stalling right now (due to money and internal personnel issues!) and LMCOs version is already in stealth drone and manned submersibles and aersopace systems. The LMCO version in my opinion, while being MUCH MORE COMPLEX to control is the technically superior and smaller-form-factor system.

The General Fusion Acoustic Wave Compression Heat Pump is really simple to make (even a high-schooler with a large 3D printer could do it!) BUT like I said earlier, almost the SAME internal corporate issues that happened at another Burnaby, BC company "Ballard Fuel Cells" is happening at General Fusion. Too Bad! It could have been a Multi-Hundred Billion Dollar Company if their egos didn't get in the way!


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Weird how the mind works ... I knew it was Ronald Reagan, but I spelled it as Roland and my mind read it as Ronald -- BUT that is probably from my preoccupation with Roland Synthesizers which I just happen to have in front of me aka an old one too! A JX-8P from the 1980's!!! It's STILL awesome by the way!

Most of you here probably weren't even BORN when Ronald was President. I remember watching the speech LIVE ON TV IN West Berlin in 1987 when Ronald Reagan said "Mr. Gorbochev TEAR DOWN THIS WALL !!!!"


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It's because I have an ACTUAL BACKGROUND IN FAST synthetic vision-based flight control and avionics software for breakthrough field effects propulsion systems! (Note: that "breakthrough" is now 30+ year old though!)

Ergo, what the heck is that pretty black triangular thing sitting in a hangar at YVR and that JAFO-specific shiny blue "High Wings" patch on my flight jacket for?



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Oooooh Puleaaaaaze !!!!

These "Tic Tac UFOs" have been seen since the 1980's and are LIKELY part of the "Flying Propane Tanks" programme started by President Roland Reagan in 1984 as part of SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative aka Star Wars) Black Budget research. In the old days, they used pulsed blasts of super-heated gas to move a cylinder in any direction. Usually it was highly volatile fuel such propane, natural gas, hydrazine, and even pellets of solid rocket fuel. Sometimes the results were spectacularly "Fail Army"-worthy as per certain videos I have!

Nowadays, we have these fancy 5.185 THz multi-layered solid-metal waveguides and cavity resonators which can directly jet EM waves at high amplitude to move objects around in 3D-XYZ space. You could also modify a local EM field within the atmosphere to act as a local Dyson-vacuum to suck (i.e. pull) your craft into a specific direction on any 3D-axis.

It took the development of portable acoustic-wave compression of liquid metal, simple water and/or plasmas to create portable power production devices (aka LMCO and General Fusion's small form-factor Sonofusion/Bubble Fusion-like power production systems) that ALLOWED aerospace craft to be able to have the huuuuuuuuuge amounts of onboard ENERGY required for Direct EM Jetting or EM field effects propulsion to become practical.

These Tic Tac UFOs are EARTH-built being probably a U.S. NAVY programme with my guess from AUTEC (U.S. Navy equivalent to Area-51 near Puerto Rico) and/or various nearby-to Whidbey Island NAS research labs in Washington State.



Pentagon watchdog sets phasers to none, clears $10bn JEDI contract process but leaves door open for lawsuits

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This is all Horse Manure! The SINGLE BIGGEST ADVANTAGE that Microsoft has over Amazon is Active Directory-like Group Policy Objects within Azure.

That ONE SINGLE FEATURE clearly wins over almost EVERYTHING that Amazon could possibly offer! Being able to CENTRALLY CONTROL security of applications, single users, groups-of-users and files from a SINGLE location and have those security and permissions objects PROPAGATE and REPLICATE throughout the entire global WAN in mere seconds or minutes of the proposed U.S. DOD network infrastructure makes Microsoft the CLEAR WINNER HERE !!!!

Active Directory is an UTTERLY SUPERIOR permissions and security management system for group-based users, files and data objects management. It really IS hard to beat how that centralization can SAVE so much time and money! If the network is setup correctly with properly named user groups and subgroups and properly named permissions and user-rights setups, this system is sooooooooooo superior to AWS that nothing more NEEDS to be said!

For the U.S. DOS, the fact that Active Directory/Azure follows the Client-Server user management model IS perfect for UNIFYING such a monolithic and heirarchal organization as the Department of Defense and its, Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force major management entities for departmental communications, accounting, payroll, logistics and realtime battle-space information exchange.

The DOD got this one right the first time! The proper product got picked!

AWS is simply the WRONG TYPE and OPERATING STYLE of information management product(s) for an organization as top-down pyramidal and monolithic as the U.S. DOD !!! The DOD is NOT Google and SHOULD NOT PRETEND it works like Google. Let Google use AWS-like products and leave REAL Client-Server functionality to either Microsoft with Windows Server and Azure (Best price-per-performance ratio for BOTH peer-to-peer and chaotic organizations!) or IBM Z-series Mainframes and Websphere (IBM is simply too expensive for simple top-down organizational Government agencies -- IBM is best for slower-moving multi-layered Petroleum, Communications, Big Utilities, Big Movie Studios and Airlines where solid schedules and big-money financing are king) !!!!

Since U.S. DOD is a CHAOTIC pyramidal organization where things change far too often in a day or week, you need a more nimble BUT STILL centralized control system. And CLIENT/SERVER disguised as a cloud system (aka Azure!) is the way to go in this instance! AWS is far more suited to nimbler localized medium-to-plus-sized business such as regional product retail, food services and retail delivery --- Nike, McDonalds, Fedex come to mind here!

If DOD had a truly unlimited budget in the $40 or $50 Billion U.S. Dollars range THEN I would have went for the super-centralized multiple-datacentre-site grid-based IBM Z-series Mainframes and Websphere Software model BUT since the project is 'Only" $10 Billion US dollars, the Price-vs-Performance Ratio means that Microsoft IS THE CLEAR WINNER HERE!


Australian digital-radio-for-railways Huawei project derailed by US trade sanctions against Chinese tech giant

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Re: Trade war

The USA could give dick crappola about Australian coal as the LARGEST exporter of coal to the USA is the Westshore Terminals Facility (aka Delta Superport) near Vancouver. It DWARFS all other coal exports from anywhere else to the USA at 33 million tonnes per year!

AND YES I know Newcastle exports more overall coal at 161 million tonnes per year with it being the absolute largest coal port in the world BUT they export mainly to Asia / India / China while Deltaport exports MORE to the USA.

In terms of Natural Gas, the Shale Rock in the Dakotas and the Canadian Prairies strata MORE THAN makes up for ANY loss of gas exports from Australia.

SO NO !!!! The USA couldn't give a hoots toot about exports from Australia.


Get rekt: Two years in clink for game-busting DDoS brat DerpTrolling

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Re: Gonna have to disagree with the sub-headitor on this one.

It depends whether he stayed in a local county jail or was sent uptown to the State Penn!

In county jail, he was more in danger of being crapped on, spit on or puked on by the incoming meth and crack heads OR being waylaid into a deep Coronavirous infection (rampant nowadays!) by the 4 to 6 people they TEND to stuff in into each cell in County Jail.

If he went UPTOWN (i.e. State Penn!) AND based upon the bare research I've done, he's too nerdy/small to make it in Medium Security without being preyed upon. He IS or WAS someone's "Prison B^%$" in order to get "Protection" from being shanked and beaten to a pulp for fun by the 250 lbs Gangbangers!

His rear art-hole has been STREEEEEEETCHED to 20 cm for a loooooong time by now!


American Prisons ARE a B&^&^ in themselves! You don't have to be big, you just have to be BAAAAD A$$$$$$$$$ enough to survive in them relatively unscathed, so when you DO get in, you better be joining the AB's, the Bikers, the Crips/Bloods, the MexMafs or Triads depending upon your ethnicity.

You're "Gonna Be Puttin' In Work" and Shanking someone for the Shotcallers (i.e. Shotcallers call all the "Plays" in their prison group and Shanking = stab in the neck or gut using a homemade weapon those people who don't pay their bills or as in-house prison justice) BUT at least your behind won't be STRETCHED WIIIIIIDE for the next deuce or dime of prison time. (UNLESS you're made into the Shotcaller's "Bi&*^" then you is being opened up for the REST of your prison time and the guards WILL NOT DO A DAMN THING! -- most Prison B's end up killing themselves after a year or two!)


THAT is the REALITY of the American Prison System!

You're an APEX PREDATOR or you are PREY !!!!

Which is it gonna be?


Remember that clinical trial, promoted by President Trump, of a possible COVID-19 cure? So, so, so many questions...

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

The trial at the Lynn Valley Care Centre anti-malarial + ebola drugs + others is the FIRST CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT TRIAL (i.e. with blind / control subjects!) because almost everyone in there has Corona. The French studies are more real-time in less controlled environments.

The difference between the two approaches is that the French doctors WANT something for RIGHT NOW, while the Canadian trial is for anticipating a CURATIVE REGIMEN for a huge number of acute patients that are expected in a coming SECOND WAVE of Corona infections which is anticipated to come again in starting this November, December, January. There are multiple labs in Canada being ramped up for ACUTE CARE pharmaceutical production which will include the anti-malarials but the first batches won't be ready until September 2020.

The Canadian study at Lynn Valley is NOT focused on a vaccine but rather a curative regimen, while the French doctors are focusing on everything else including BOTH immediate RIGHT NOW curative therapies AND vaccine-oriented preventative therapies in uncontrolled (i.e. in-the-city hospitals) environments.

China's earlier research is helping on the BACTERIAL SIDE, and ALMOST EVERYONE SHOULD buy and orally intake 1000 milligrams of Vitamin-C and up to 50 micrograms of Vitamin-D per day in order to obtain a simple preventative benefit that allows your body to better resist or fight off a bacterial infection.

It won't cure anything BUT it will give your body enough of a fighting chance that it could be the difference between YOU having a home-based recovery with relative mild-to-low-moderate symptoms OR ending up in emergency care on a respirator! For the $15 US for a 30 day box of 1000 milligrams of Emergen-C packets and Vitamin-D Tablets, I can live with that sort of investment if it gives my body even 20% better resistant against a bacterial infection. That 20% extra help MAY BE ENOUGH to keep me out of the hospital!

With Coronavirus, it is the SECONDARY BACTERIAL lung infections that kill you! If you can keep it to a mild upper-throat-like infection, you will likely make it through! AND that extra Vitamin-C and Vitamin-D just might be enough to KEEP ANY INFECTION to just your upper throat area and OUT OF the bronchia and/or lungs!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

The Clinical trial being talked about here is taking place in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the Lynn Valley Care Facility where sick elderly patients are being put through controlled care regimens of the anti-Malaria drugs. This care centre is almost completely filled with active symptom Coronavirus patients.

Right now, it's the ONLY place in the world where this small scale trial is being done on such drugs using appropriate medical controls to determine the safety and effectiveness of the drugs. The current regimens of using anti-Malarial and anti-Ebola drugs were ALL recently pioneered at UBC (University of British Columbia) and the results and latest pharmaceutical regimens are now being seeded across the world! The French doctors this was sent to pioneered other regimens based upon this research. Not bad for a bunch of rainy West Coast B.C. hicks! Canada saves the world yet again!

China has already done HOSPITAL runs in another study within Wuhan and Weibei using direct injections of Vitamin-C into the bloodstream with SOME success at alleviating Coronavirus symptoms in ACUTE care patients. This study by Chinese and American researchers is more for reducing the bacterial lung-infection symptoms than for actively curing the virus itself. Evidently, direct injection of 1000 mg (or more!) of Vitamin-C and from 25-to-50 micrograms of Vitamin-D (studies using 60 micrograms to 150 micrograms of Vitamin-D were found to be getting a little too close to the toxic limits - aka hypercalemia / hypervitaminosis). This regimen seems to have a VERY REAL EFFECT on reducing bacterial lung infection symptoms!


Want to see through walls? Electroboffins build tiny chip in the lab that vibrates at just the right frequency to do it

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Sometimes

You can also use pulsed Terahertz radiation to create advanced aerospace propulsion systems (i.e. direct microwave jetting) OR as a means to create a virtualized waveguide system using the terahertz radiation AS the virtual waveguide and cavity resonator walls for other VERY HIGH AMPLITUDE pulsed or continuous EM waveforms used o facilitate more exotic forms of propulsion.

Ergo, you get that fancy triangular spacecraft we have sitting nicely in our Hangar at YVR which we can use to buzz over-top of and then moon the ISS or "The Green Lady" or "The Pancake Deltoid" with !!! (i.e. we have done that!)


What happens when the maintainer of a JS library downloaded 26m times a week goes to prison for killing someone with a motorbike? Core-js just found out

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: JS lib house of cards - you ARE the weakest link!

P.S. The text formatter in the Register comments section is UTTER BOLLOCKS !!!

It c'an't even indent properly to show how source code SHOULD LOOK when properly formatted and indented! DO I HAVE TO WRITE ONE FOR YOU???

Get on with it REGISTER coders! Make a proper comments section with decent text formatting!

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: JS lib house of cards - you ARE the weakest link!

Source code be it public or proprietary MUST be properly coded IN THE FIRST PLACE !!!

I'm used to an environment where EVERYTHING is considered CRITICAL SYSTEMS CODE usually used in aerospace, weapons and nuclear systems where MILLIONS of people can DIE if it doesn't work or it doesn't error trap properly! We have been FORCED to write proper code for DECADES

now, so it has become second nature.

The basic gist of the matter is MOST CODERS SUCK --- When YOU can write easy-to-understand and WELL-COMMENTED code then GitHub will become usable by the average person:

Copy to a word processor and change the font to Courier New 12 point bold and see



// Set generic globally-available integer data types that can be 8, 16, 32, 64 or 128-bits

// in size that DO NOT NEED to be of an application-or-hardware-dependent bit-width.

Signed_Integer_Type = Signed_64_Bit_Integer;

Runtime_Identifier_Type = Signed_Integer_Type



Set Basic Record/Object Identification and Owner Identification

Numbers that are unique to the Local-machine and/or local LAN.



Procedure Record_Header_Type.Set_Identification_Numbers(



New_Owner_Identification_Number : Runtime_Identifier_Type );


Saved_Line_Number_For_Code_Failure : Signed_Integer_Type;




These are basic low-level integer-based identifiers for internal programmer use.

These allow applications to identify specific records and the objects they contain

using a singular major identification number and a minor identification number.

There are allowed to be duplicates of the major identification numbers within

an application but for true differentiation, use the minor more-granular

identification number. The Owner identification number lets applications,

systems and upper-level container object/items determine to whom or what

they belong to and/or are directly controlled by.

The line number definitions allow the internal always-on, realtime debugger

to save a specific local-procedure code location so that the system can fail

gracefully when ID numbers are NOT able to be defined at runtime.

This allows us to find WHICH record property handler is causing

the problem.


Saved_Line_Number_For_Code_Failure = LINE_1;

Identification_Number := New_Identification_Number;

Saved_Line_Number_For_Code_Failure = LINE_2;

SubIdentification_Number := New_SubIdentification_Number;

Saved_Line_Number_For_Code_Failure = LINE_3;

Owner_Identification_Number := New_Owner_Identification_Number;


// Upon any low-level error or runtime exception, do nothing else after the

// save error information handler, and immediately exit this Record Field Handler Method.



'FAILED RECORD METHOD: Set_Identification_Numbers()',






THIS is how EVERY SINGLE FUNCTION AND PROCEDURE should be written in a properly coded CRITICAL SYSTEMS STYLE of coding!


Theranos vampire lives on: Owner of failed blood-testing biz's patents sues maker of actual COVID-19-testing kit

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Just so you understand HOW American Bounty Hunters THINK, here is an actual quote from one:

Redditor /u/earthworm_jim7 asked, "Say I was trying to avoid capture... in your opinion, what would my best course of action be to do this?"

A former Redditor replied:

Really the only way is to leave the country (well, the only way when trying to evade good teams), and even then probably about 50% of bounty hunters would still come after you. I'm part of the 50% that would not.

SEE? 50% of U.S> Bounty Hunters WILL goto another country to bring you back because the reward can be so high that the risk of falling afoul of another country's law enforcement is WILL WORTH the effort!


These 50% of Bounty Hunters KNOW that by acting as agents of the court (usually State-level rather than Federal), the rules are VERY RELAXED on foreign excursions to bring back felons and scofflaws, and that NO judge would sign off on an Extradition order from a foreign court to send back an "illegal" bounty hunter, since BOUNTY HUNTING IS A LEGAL THING to do in the USA !!!

ANY YES many still bring their guns and tazers over because it's easier to do their job with those tools.

Sooooo, it doesn't really matter WHAT COUNTRY you goto! THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU !!!

Canada, UK, Germany, etc .... it's the AMERICAN attitude of: (sing it staccato!)

Bad Boys! Bad Boys! Whatchya Gonna Do When They Come For You!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

I don't speak Morse!

Klingon! Do You Speak It!

Then You Understand What I'm Sayin' ?


Does he LOOK like a B%%%% ???


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Already had MRI's and CATs done --- So far so good !!! My only issue would eventually be vascular in nature and that's a dietary problem not a diffuse array of Amyloid plaques issue!

ANYWAYS ..... I like those sudden lapses of memory ... it makes for perfect plausible deniability!

I Can't Remember A THING !!!!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Sorry! But my background IS originally in HumInt and SigInt !!! This is ONE AREA I definitely have INSIDER knowledge of !!!

Lets try:

Blackwater/XE/Academi (or whatever their name is now!) for one


Executive Decisions LLC


CounTerr Group


about 30 OTHER firms I PERSONALLY KNOW OF (and once in a while get to yada yada yada!!!) ....so U.S.-oriented bounty hunters bring fugitives from justice is NOT A NEW THING --- It's been done since the 1960's !!! Mostly ex-Operators from various US and foreign militaries!


Let's see .... If I want to GET A FELON BACK HERE INTO THE U.S. via specified means, I have more than a few numbers I can call personally! It will cost me a pretty penny .... BUT it WILL get done !!!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Hows this one:

Ottawa Valley man abducted by U.S. bounty hunters:


And even "DOG the Bounty Hunter" (aka Duane Chapman) was another who went into Mexico illegally to retrieve a suspect! I should note in that one case, he was caught and indicted. (Mexico has SOME influence in the US when it comes to Bounty Hunters) It's even ON his TV SHOW where he went into Tijuana illegally! (that's why he got caught --- the proof of the operation was on his TV show!)

Again, there are US firms that specifically go into foreign lands to retrieve suspects whom YOU WILL NOT HERE ABOUT because they are not disclosed publicly.


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Yes, please stop

I have MUCH BETTER TRAINING than you do when it comes to WTMKF --- UNLIKE YOU, I had a REAL ONE ---- We called all our special friends with whom we were told to have some REALLY SERIOUS one-on-one long-distance conversations with as "Pumpkins" -- I think you get the drift ......


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

oK i wILl dO thAT tOO !!!

ThANks Fer da TIP !!!

I USED TO be TRULY L337 --- I even bought 2600 Magazine monthly WHEN I was YOUNG!

I could even WHISTLE the phone ATDT tones to dial phone numbers without a keypad --- I was THAT GOOD !!!


noW ??????? i AM ur Wrst NIGHTnare of SpeLLing and MUlti-CAps !!!!


If it pleases you, here is my AWESOME and FAVOURITE pizza place to order from with some of the BEST TASTING genoa salami and spicy ground and sliced meats pizza in almost ALL of Europe!

Galitalia Roma Unas Pizzeria: 007-8-495-696-1232

when calling from the UK --- AND ask for the #83 Able Archer Special -- that's the option you need to order when calling them.

I also suggest the AUTHENTIC Proscuitto Slices Pizza where they cook the entire pizza first and THEN add the slices afterwards when it's out of the oven! You need to ask for the Menu Item: TU-95 with the ASX-21 menu extras otherwise you WILL NOT get the Proscuitto slices with it because that's not normally on the public menu --- it's usually a locals-only menu item!

I've been there quite a few times over the years when Iggy Koro used to own it but after he died two years ago, his son-in-law Iggy Kost now does the kitchen! He's not as friendly as Poppa Iggy but the pizza is DEFINITELY STILL AWESOME !!!!

Give'em a try! TASTEEEEEEE !!!!!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

The Foreign Retrieval Bounty Hunters ALREADY KNOW THAT --- They DO NOT CONSULT with local police! THEY KNOW they would be arrested/imprisoned for such tactics in MANY European countries!

HOWEVER, they do it spy-style with honeypots, quiet break-ins and street-level kidnapping AND it's ALL PERFECTLY LEGAL TO DO in MANY of the local states books! So long the felon gets rendered BACK to U.S. Territory NO U.S. Judge will sign off on an Extradition Order on a LEGAL Bounty Hunter doing the job they were hired to do!

The UK or Germany can cry all they want but the Circuit Court Judge WILL NOT sign off on ANY foreign power's request for an extradition of Bounty Hunters because IT IS A LEGAL ACT TO RETRIEVE A U.S. FELON and IT IS ILLEGAL for that judge to sign such a request by said foreign power for a LEGAL ACT !!!!

Like I said EARLIER, every state is different! What is legal in one state may be totally illegal in the one next door!

Example: Speed 25 KMH over the limit in Maryland gets you a $375 traffic ticket and that's it!

In Virginia, which is right next door, that 25 KMH gets you an up to $10,000 fine and up to 6 months in jail on reckless driving FELONY CHARGES which stick with you FOR LIFE meaning you CANNOT get student loans, you CANNOT get state or federal housing assistance (i.e. no Section-8 housing!), and NO welfare or SNAP benefits or state-level worker re-training when laid off!

Some states ARE EXTREMELY HARSH in their criminal proceedings with SEVERE PENALTIES such as a long stay in the local county jail sitting locked up 24/7 while the state right next door gives you a traffic ticket for you to pay online!

Too many foreigners THINK they know U.S. Law and and end up VERY VERY SURPRISED when they find themselves with a SERIOUS felony conviction and 6 months in the pokey for what they personally consider MINOR acts!

AND both Judges and local juries are ANYWAYS by default NOT VERY WELCOMING of foreigner misdeeds! They TEND (90%) to convict for the FULLY applicable amount of retribution/restitution that is allowed to be applied to defendants!

So THERE YOU HAVE IT !!!! America REALLY IS a very, very, very different country when it comes to its legal system! For the most part, it works relatively decently for the average joe!


P.S. When pulled over on a traffic violation, turn OFF the vehicle, immediately put your keys on the dashboard and ALWAYS keep your hands held tight on the TOP part of the steering wheel where the local sheriff's deputy can see them! THEY WILL approach your car with their GUN DRAWN or at the very least held close to their holster ready for a quick draw and shoot scenario if they THINK you're doing something strange !!!

REMEMBER: they don't EFF around here! It's REALLY EASY to get SHOT during a traffic stop!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

AND YES !!! SOME U.S. Private Bounty Hunter SPECIALIZE in foreign retrievals DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES to get their felon(s) back to U.S. Territory!

They work and use military, honeypot and subterfuge tactics JUST LIKE Israel's Mossad or Shin Bet or Blackwater USA do! It's USUALLY a quiet retrieval with a tasered felon cuffed and taped up after a QUIET break-in to their apartment (i.e. and subduing ANY local guards with tasers) and then brought to a waiting white van (i.e. small lorry) and then taken to the nearest local general aviation airport for rendition by private jet back to U.S. mainland or the NEAREST U.S. territory!

YES! It happens! Foreign Bounty Hunting is FULLY legal from MANY individual states viewpoints so long the felons get brought BACK into local custody for trial and/or serving of a sentence!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

You REALLY have NO CLUE as to HOW the Private Bounty Hunter System actually WORKS in the USA!

A bounty hunter typically receives between 10% up to as much as 30% of any Broken Bond by a felon on Bail or otherwise encumbered by a judicial order. A REWARD is also many times posted by a county, state or federal agency and can in many cases be anywhere between $100,000 up to as much as TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS for some criminals at large!

A PRIVATE bounty hunter simply needs retrieve a felon or person-of-interest and bring them back to the United States! The state DOES NOT SPECIFY the means of retrieval. They ONLY CARE that the felon re-enters U.S> custody! There are more than a few cases of US Bounty Hunters going into Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK and kidnapping the suspect(s) to successfully bring them back to the USA.

Since it is NOT ILLEGAL to retrieve a felon (or person of interest) by force, AND the bounty hunters ONLY get there reward when they bring the person back, THEY WILL USE ANY MEANS POSSIBLE !!!

AND YES they SMUGGLE IN GUNS because it is NOT illegal to confront and/or retrieve a criminal if you are a bounty hunter! The state does NOT ASK HOW you brought them in...they only care that you did bring them back to AMERICAN JUSTICE !!!

YES! The external country can REQUEST extradition BUT NO U.S. JUDGE would sign that extradition order on a LEGAL Bounty Hunter's successful retrieval if the retrieval causes no grievous harm to bystanders or the body public .... SOOOO when you have 5 million dollar reward for some guy currently living in Luxembourg, HELL YES those bounty hunters will be smuggling and carrying GUNS to get their man! Especially when its for a $5 million BOUNTY!

So long they get back to U.S. territory, they are AOK under the law in MANY individual states statutes.

AND since EVERY STATE has different bounty hunting laws, the rewards (i.e. Bounties!) are different sizes and the level of legal protection of the felon and hunter hunter is also variable! In SOME states rewards are STILL given for felons on MURDER or CAPITAL OFFENSE crimes where the felon is killed during retrieval (i.e. WANTED: Dead or Alive - Reward: $5 Million)


EVERY STATE in America is DIFFERENT -- What YOU Europeans THINK is Illegal is actual VERY LEGAL in many U.S. States !!!!!




StargateSg7 Bronze badge

WHY Would I do that? There are TIMES and CASES where I WANT this to happen so that the perpetrators ARE PUNISHED SEVERELY !!!! Heck! in some states cattle rustling is STILL a life-in-prison crime!

Bad Boys! Bad! Whatchya Gonna Do When They Come For You!

BOUNTY HUNTING works GREAT in the American Justice System .... That covid testing patent troll or that italian company suing the doctor for making a valve HAD BETTER WATCH OUT !!!!

If an American Citizen DIES because of their policies or actions, DAs (District Attorneys) and Federal Prosecutors WILL indict and choose a jury that WILL CONVICT !!! American Juries tend to be Pi$$-ed OFF juries so they 90% of the time convict the rich AND the poor equally!

Like I said, if the prosecutor PROVES wanton negligence and/or malicious intent causing death, that CAN be Murder One on ALL the board member heads!



In other cases, it REALLY SUCKS to be sentenced to a 20 year federal prison sentence just for downloading and internet-sharing 13 popular music tracks or Hollywood videos! (YES it has happened -- depends upon the laws of the particular state where the offense occurred!)

P.S. Don't speed more than 16 kmh (10 Mph) over the speed limit in Arkansas or Virginia unless you want to spend 5 days in the local county jail and get a $3000 fine! If its 25 kmh (15 mph) over the limit that rises to 30 to 180 days in the local county jail and a MINIMUM of a $10,000 fine!

Local county jails REALLY suck big time! They ARE worse than state prisons! -- You're stuffed 4 to 6 people in a 10x10 feet (3m by 3m) jail cell with an OPEN toilet in that cell for 24 hours per day! There IS NO general courtyard in county jail --- YOU STAY IN YOUR CELL 24/7 !!!! Even State Prison only stuffs 2 to 4 people to a cell which is usually larger in size AND you get to go outside in a courtyard for at least 1 to 3 hours usually!





StargateSg7 Bronze badge

NOT if the head honchos get CONVICTED by U.S. Juries !!!!

Most people don't know that in 90% of cases (OJ Simpson excepted!) juries TEND to CONVICT a defendant! It doesn't matter if they're rich or poor, juries are already TICKED OFF at the lawyers for making them come in for jury duty where they get, in MANY southern and midwestern states especially, only $10 US per day and NO OTHER PAY for the missing work because in much of America there IS no paid time off or sick leave from work! You server on a jury YOU DO NOT GET PAID PERIOD !!!!

If you're an hourly worker you don't get paid time off so you LOSE WAGES! AND...for the privilege of being forced to serve on a jury, you could end up homeless (evicted) because jury duty doesn't pay enough to make rent! AND in the US, it's not that uncommon to have a case go on for 2 to 8 weeks at a time!

So juries in the USA tend to convict within mere hours of deliberations because they are so Pi$$-ed off! So in this case where an American citizen has a ventilator not working because of a DELIBERATE act or policy coming from the company's officers, THAT WILL GET YOU A CONVICTION and in many states that CAN be a Capital Offense when it has to do with life-saving or life-giving gear! i.e. They get Murder One or Felony Accessory to Murder which is ALSO eligible for the Death Penalty in the USA!


They DO NOT EFF AROUND IN THE USA !!! If an American dies from their WILLFUL and WANTON negligence, these days those board members no matter if they are in another country CAN AND WILL face Capital Murder charges !!!!


AND the private Bounty Hunters WILL come with guns blazing to TAKE YOU BACK to face AMERICAN JUSTICE no matter where you are in the world !!!!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Actually YES it does! There is a Necessity Defense in the USA and IF the manufacturer (executives and the board) perform actions and show wanton recklessness and/or gross negligence and/or disregard for the life of a patient by disabling or otherwise causing or enabling the disablement of a life-giving device, THOSE members CAN ALL be charged with Murder One or Felony Accessory to Murder in the United States even IF the act(s) took place in a foreign country !!!!!

THAT makes them eligible for the Death Penalty !!!

It's been in the last three years where many state legislatures have changed their laws to make this become CRIMINAL matters and NOT CIVIL matters!

The USA is a VERY DIFFERENT country than Europe --- The professional globe-trotting private Bounty Hunters WILL be GOING EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD coming after them especially to bring them back to the USA BY FORCE, especially when they can get 10% to 30% of the total bond of posted reward!

See these guys:


(NOTE: Bounty Hunter "D" in this video is a fully licenced bounty hunter while Patty Mayo WAS once long time ago a licenced bounty hunter but in this specific video is legally only an observer/actor!)

The good stuff starts at 6:10

They don't eff around in the USA --- THIS is what's waiting for them !!!!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

It also doesn't matter WHERE you are in the world, because private U.S. Bounty Hunters WILL be coming for you to BRING YOU BACK BY FORCE to U.S. territory to face AMERICAN JUSTICE and a Jury of Your Peers !!!


StargateSg7 Bronze badge

If ONE PERSON DIES because because of that patent litigation then ALL THE BOARD MEMBERS AND THE CEO may be eligible for CAPITAL MURDER CHARGES and thus become eligible for THE DEATH PENALTY and it will be made sure the JURY is SHOWN YOUR WILFUL AND WANTON INTENT on such actions which means THEY WILL CONVICT ON CAPITAL ONE MURDER CHARGES !!!

The judge will have no choice BUT to sentence those board members as Felony Accessories TO MURDER and THEY TOO WOULD ALSO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE DEATH PENALTY !!!

THIS IS A WARNING TO YOU EXECUTIVES --- if YOUR COMPANY'S BEHAVIOUR results in the removal of a working life saving device from a patient and they die because of that, YOU WILL BE FOUND GUILTY OF MURDER ONE !!!! In the United States YOU AND YOUR ACCOMPLICES ALL CAN FACE THE DEATH PENALTY as punishment upon conviction by a jury of your peers!!!!!

Conduct Yourselves Accordingly!


PC owners borg into the most powerful computer the world has ever known – all in the search for coronavirus cure

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

One company is doing its part by using highly advanced supercomputers to simulate/explore the use of lipid molecules to encase Ethyl and Propyl groups. The lipids that have a specific affinity for the surface proteins of the Corona Virion will attach ONLY to that protein bundle and not other body cells/structures.

The lipid that contains Ethyl/Propyl alcohols will encase the entire virion or the spiky projections of the Coronavirus Virion which will then allow the Ethyl/Propyl groups to release onto and then denature the Virion itself, blowing it apart and poisoning/disconnecting the interior RNA/DNA sequences so it cannot replicate. They've already had much success and are seeding parts of the new-found knowledge to teams worldwide.

I'm not the medical/physics guy so that's MY blurb on what they're doing!

P.S. Corona is a word that means CROWN of which MANY have spiky bejeweled projections coming out from the base - ergo, you get Crowned-Virus as the origin of the word!


Reach for the sky: Pixar founders win Turing Award for pioneering 3D animation – and getting rid of jagged edges

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis Splines) basically allows you to select multiple TANGENT POINTS in 3D-XYZ or 2D-XY space (i.e. Tangents are a series of points placed ANYWHERE on an arbitrary line or curve) and use one or more TENSIONING BARS that move outwards from those tangent points which describe the distance and amount of curvature to apply when drawing a spline curve outwards from each given tangent point 2D-XY or 3D-XYZ coordinate.

These splines connect to the NEXT or PREVIOUS tangent points giving you a simple curve, a compound curve or a arbitrary shape that can then be FILLED with a specific colour or shaded with a user-specified texture such as leather, chrome, fur, skin, etc.

Splines and their cusps describe the drawing angle, drawing distance and the amount of flatness or curvature applied any given spline curve. These calculations are always real numbers and converted at the last second to discrete pixel coordinates which are operations USUALLY accelerated by high end GPU graphics cards which contain thousands of miniature CPU cores working in parallel to allow for FAST drawing of such curves and creating the textures which will fill those curves and shapes.


I remember when an SGI Onyx Graphics Supercomputer was STARTING AT $1.5 million US and now my $300 smartphone has more drawing horsepower than that 1990's era graphics supercomputer!


The show Musk go on: Tesla defies Silicon Valley coronavirus lockdown order, keeps Fremont factory open

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

The San Francisco order is an ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL ORDER and CAN BE IGNORED !!!

She has NO mandate under California state law AND NO mandate UNDER any tenet of the U.S. Constitution to be giving ANY SUCH overly broad directives which restricts free movement by citizens!

The Mayor of San Francisco who outline this IS A TRAITOR to the tenets of the Constitution of the United States and MUST BE DEFIED WITH FORCE IF NECESSARY !!!





If it's Goodenough for me, it's Goodenough for you: Canuck utility biz goes all in on solid-state glass battery boffinry

StargateSg7 Bronze badge

Re: Still a problem though

Well you probably HAVE chemist friends or university profs --- SHOW and Ask them what they think!

It's released and NOW FREE for general use!

All Yours!

If the profs say what about the missing Barium, I was told DO NOT ADD the Barium !!!

Gallium and the Garnet are the KEY ingredients to making ROOM TEMPERATURE SUPERCONDUCTIVITY actually work in the real world!





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