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Apple iPad 3 Sim-only contracts compared

Pete Burgess

bit pissed that the data tethering announced only appears to be on Verizon is the US, hopefully it'll be enabled in a future software update...

Apple uncloaks top 10 tools of iOS 5

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@Greg J Preece

"They're still needed for a lot of computing tasks - for example, activating a tablet that can only be managed via a bloated piece of media software..."

You must have dozed off during the PC Free section...!

Pete Burgess

Was it just me?

Or did Steve Jobs seem incredibly thin, and seem to be struggling a little to walk? His speech seemed to wobble a little too I think. He seemed really ill....

UK IT job outfit punts 491 private email addys

Pete Burgess

my arse!

Technical error with the database my arse!

Extreme pr0n suspect has his internet access suspended

Pete Burgess

could it be

that those are the dates he downloaded said images, and that they are/were still in his possession after the law came into effect? It would make more sense.

Wrath of Spielberg smites Welsh uni leaflet

Pete Burgess

I can kinda see his point here

Let the flames against me commence, but I can kind of see his point here. By including his image on the leaflet could suggest that he endorses the course, which is quite a good reason for a C&D response, IMHO...

ITU plots third dimension

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If you've not had a TV for 20 years, how do you know the programmes are crap??

Never trust a bald hairdresser....

Microsoft unveils 'lightweight' Office for Web

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Safari? Really?

I've just followed the link from the article and clicked on "Get Started" just to have a nose... and am presented with a nice message:

"To use Microsoft Office Live, your computer must meet one of the following requirements:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7, running on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Vista. You can download Internet Explorer from the Windows Internet Explorer page.

Mozilla Firefox running on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X 10.2.x and later. You can download Firefox from the Firefox download page."

Could just be that it's in beta, but if they are claiming Safari compatibility, then you'd have thought the beta would also work.... ho hum.

Harvey Keitel to experience Life on Mars

Pete Burgess
Paris Hilton

@ Ron Eve

And this is going to be no exception. I've seen the first pilot, with Colm Meaney playing the Gene Genie, and it was actually quite close to the original, but TPTB didn't like the "confusion of the situation" and ordered another pilot with whole new cast and new script, with the blessing of the original creators apparently. It seems that there is a good chance that Sam actually does go back in time in the US version from what I can gather. I guess the ABC execs didn't get that the confusion was one of the central plot-points...

Paris, cos she's often confused and needs to video everything as a reminder...

Microsoft's Photosynth falls out of cloud

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Just tried it

and to be honest, it's a bit shit...

Apple preps patch for 'problematic 3G' iPhone?

Pete Burgess

just so long as...

iTunes doesn't for some reason think my iPhone is an iPod like it did last time and totally fook it up!!

Depp for Dark Knight follow-up

Pete Burgess
Dead Vulture

Well if you listen to The Sun...

... you're asking for trouble!

According to David Goyer, and let's face it, he co-wrote TDK, so must know a little about what he's saying, "Batman has been published for 70 years. In the first movie, we used Ra's Al Ghul and the Scarecrow, who had not been in the movies before, and had not been in the '60s TV show before.

"There are dozens if not hundreds of other characters that fit that bill. Everyone says it's got to be the Penguin or Catwoman [in the next film]... well I completely disagree."

credit to digitalspy for the quote.

Cannibal's legal objection hamstrings German horror film

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"Reports have emerged that in prison he has become a vegetarian" - I laughed out loud at this, it's really not the sort of stuff you can make up! Thanks for cheering me up on a Thursday morning!

Icahn writes another bloody letter

Pete Burgess


That's why there's a handy "related article" link at the bottom of every page... so you can find out who he is!

2010: the 5TB 3.5in HDD cometh

Pete Burgess

@AC "I'm an anonymous scientist so there!"

From Oxford University (and they know a thing or two)...


[Etymology: Lat: ‘two’] Symbol bn. Often used to mean a huge number, but specifically defined traditionally as:

North America = 1 000 million = (1 000)2 thousand, = 10(3×2)+3 = 109.

UK = 1 000 000 million = (million)2, = 106×2 = 1012.The index value 2 following the bracket in each is the respective etymological factor. The billion is clearly ambiguous and confusing in the intercontinental context, so should be avoided. However, the escalation of so many countable entities, from money to humans, makes such large terms of growing appropriateness.

I'm in UK, therefore 1 billion = 1 million million. I refuse to be yanked!

Pete Burgess

@AC @ jim kirk

Let me guess, you're a yank right? Jim is right, 1 billion = 1 million million on these fair shores! At least it did when I went to school

O2 starts 3G iPhone stampede - and runs away

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Same here. I went on about 9.40am and ordered the 16Gb £30pm iPhone with no problems at all... got an order number and everything...

HP in talks to buy EDS

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According to Yahoo Business News, the deal is done. $25 per share, unanimously agreed by both boards. Deal to be closed later this year...

Guess I can get cheap PCs now at least!

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

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Happy birthday El-Reg! now... how about letting me have Danielle's number??

Information Commissioner: Phorm must be opt-in only

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I was under the impression that Phorm still profiled you even if you do opt out, it just discards that profiling and doesn't send it back to your browser...

Surely this means that even an opt out doesn't satisfy the DPA?

Or have I made this up?

Skull & Cross Bones as that is all that will be left of Phorm...

Fixing the UK's DAB disaster

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like others have pointed out... that graph shows year on year sales growth, so even if it got to 0%, doesn't that just mean that they are selling the same number of radios this month as they did in the same month last year? They only need worry if the figure shows negative, i.e. a sales decline...?

Perhaps a comment from Steve Green to answer these points is warranted?

Thumbs down because of the attempted deception...

Microsoft officially 425 years behind the times

Pete Burgess

"27 years worth of overdue appointment reminders"

I'm sorry, that made me laugh so hard!

Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires

Pete Burgess


At least that's my opinion after sleeping on it. It all just seems a little too nice, clean and clinical for my liking...

He publishes his bank details in the paper, and of all the potential dodgy dealings, there is one single solitary payment to a harmless charity...? With all the cash he has, you'd have thought something more inspired would have been done, and certainly by more people. Bare in mind, this is someone who buys supercars, so there should be the potential to make a handsome amount

The bank claims the DPA is preventing them "assisting with enquiries". Surely, the only way this could be true would be if the transaction was NOT fraudulent and WAS actually the account holder making the transaction, in which case it would apply...

I'd be interested to know if he has reported it to police... which doesn't seem to have been mentioned. If it hasn't, then I think it must be a stunt.

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Respect is due

The man put his money where his mouth is, quite literally in this case. How many MPs would do the same?

He stands by and backs up what he believes in. Nice one. Even if it was rather a tosser thing to do.

Oh, and "can't trace the source due to data protection act".. what utter bollocks.

Simon Pegg to play Scotty

Pete Burgess

Early days?

Shouldn't Kirk not be in it then? first captain was Robert April, followed by Christopher Pike (who Spock served with) and only then was Kirk at the helm...

Apple sued over i-Bricks

Pete Burgess

About time...

I wondered how long it would take this lawsuit to come along, and quite honestly, it's about time. Apple have basically it seems, deliberately and maliciously caused harm to these devices. Isn't that unlawful damage? Vandalism on a corporate scale?

If Apple had allowed the networks to subsidise the cost of the phone, then this would be a different matter. You can't have it both ways though Apple.. you can't have your apple pie and eat it...

Google sued for 'crimes against humanity'

Pete Burgess

Great story!

Please keep this one updated, I'd love to know how this idiot reacts when the judgment goes against him, indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if google sued him for frivolous litigation, now THAT would be funny!

Movie pirate forced to ditch Linux

Pete Burgess

who gave you?

"...and relatively unemployable with the two felonies that they gave me,..."

I was kind of under the impression that *you* did this to yourself by uploading films rather than them giving them to you... Guess it's easier to blame someone else though

Boeing touts feeble Hummer-mounted raygun

Pete Burgess


can't lasers just be defeated with a mirror? reflect it back to source.. it's basically just light after all isn't it?