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Equifax CEO falls on his sword weeks after credit biz admits mega-breach


Falling on sword... More like Quitting when the going gets tough.

Reading about CEO's stepping down when their company has a problem to me equates to someone saying F*** it and quitting when there is hard work ahead. The only message it says is that the company will be in more disarray.

Zero accidents, all of your data – what The Reg learnt at Bosch's autonomous car bash


So Bosch is going to pay my insurance bill?

If Bosch wants to collect data and have control over the car & keep "tech-savvy" owners from turning features on themselves then they should be responsible for any liability/single vehicle accident insurance costs.

Viking storms storage monastery wielding 50TB SAS SSD


Re: Nice

I really can't see these bigger drives lowering the cost of the smaller drives since it's essentially more of the same chips packed into the device. The only thing that will lower SSD costs is higher volume NAND manufacturing.


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