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Bob the Builder slapped with CGI rendering

Jeff S

1 episode

So you've been watching the first episode over and over ? Only the pilot, afaik, was done the traditional way. Immediately after that they moved to CGI, one of the reasons being that they can get an episode out very quickly so that it's still topical.

Samsung Omnia II

Jeff S

Opera can fill the entire display

Eh, you can see the entire webpage on the screen, Opera has various display options including hiding all the navigation keys and running in full screen mode,.

2009's Top Win Mo Smartphones

Jeff S

It's the little touches

Agree with the above, having moved from a Blackberry to the Samsung Omnia Pro I previously mentioned the differences are a world apart, such as the ones you mentioned where the screen is locked and switched off when you put the handset to your ear, the synching etc and I much prefer the WM 6.5 OS overlaid with Samsung UI than the Blackberry. Maybe it hasn't been mentioned because at the moment it's still a hard to get handset ?

Jeff S

@IT specialist

As a 'specialist' you're making alot of assumptions there, and you know what 'assume' makes. Most, if not all, WM phones have some form of skin sitting on them added by the manufacturer and I've been getting along perfectly fine without a stylus on any WM phones I've used. I don't think it's an issue unless you have particularly pudgy fingers.

There's alot of apps out there for windows, if you're read many of the WM6.5 articles throughout the net most comment on the fact that the amount of apps out there is growing at a decent rate, hardly reflects your claim that the platform is being fled from. Bear in mind that the Windows Apps store is not the definitive place to get apps, it's not a closed shop like the Apple Apps store where a developer must market their apps.

Jeff S

Samsung OmniPro B7610 ?

No Omnia Pro B7610 ? I know it's only just been released so probably not reviewed yet but I think it will be up there with the best.

COBOL thwarts California's Governator

Jeff S
Dead Vulture

Cobol is far from dead,

Anyone working in the financial services industry will know how widespread the use of Cobol is. From my experience the majority of the worlds large insurers all run on a Cobol system. Those that have progressed from black and green onto fancy web front ends are stiull running their business processing on a cobol based system. And it's not going to change anytime soon.

As has been said, why change it when they work well ? Cobol systems structured well and to some form of standard should be easily readable and maintainable. I'm guessing this payroll system aint one of those.

Blu-ray Xbox 360 to be sold at a loss?

Jeff S

who cares ?

I'm loyal to neither company, between myself and 2 brothers we've owned a console from every company bar Sega since we were knee high to a grass hopper. Of the current generation we have 2 Wiis, a 360 and Playstation 3 between us. The Playstation 3 is used least, it has a lack of decent games and the online service is miles behind Xbox Live even if you do have to pay an annual fee, which is by no means extortionate has someone has claimed. The games that are out there are not up to the 360s standards, maybe that will change, who knows ? We don't care about HD DVD or Bluray as we use our consoles for gaming, we have dedicated systems for our home entertainment. Having said that, we don't own one HD DVD or Bluray film either so our decision on what to buy had nothing to do with the now ended format wars.

People, get real and just enjoy your console for jaysus sake.The Wii is the only one my wife will join in with and my 360 is for when she's away on business. But alas my brothers PS3 is a dust gather at the moment eeclipsed by his Wii too, and that's not fanboism. For whose drooling at the thoughts of the next GT game, demo is disappointing, try Froza and you probably won't be bothered with GT anymore ;-)

Lenovo ThinkPad T61

Jeff S
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I likey

I replaced my development laptop, a T41, with a T61 a couple of weeks ago and I'm pleastantly surprised with it. The keyboard is a joy to use compared to that on the T41 so much so that I don't use a full size keyboard anymore when in the office, and I'm glad to have my Windows key back !

Malaysia honours piracy-busting mutts

Jeff S

Re:post above

I also recall from reading many of the stories about them that people have indeed been charged due to seizures, a bounty has been put on their heads which I doubt would be the case if they weren't put to some good use while over there.


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