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Jodie Who-ttaker? The Doctor is in


Flaws in this pudding

1. two words: sonic tampon

2. waiting for someone to discover Doctor is bigger on the inside than she is on the outside.

3. angry Daleks switch to chanting 'menstruate, menstruate!'

4. Cybermen claim "once you've had Cyber you'll never go back!"

5. The Master will insist "Let's have a drink and let me show you why they call me the Master".

6. pink Police Box with begonias very conspicuous

7. Doctor's secret weapon: "you may as well give up now, I have PMS!"

Samsung stalls Bixby launch because it am English not so good


Not just phones; in future all meatbags talk to robots good

Self-driving car: Where to go, fleshpile?

Me: You stupid machine! Learn to speak proper English! Go to hell!

Self-driving car: Set course to concrete pillar. Set speed to 666 KPH. Lock doors; disconnect usermic. Engaging throttle.


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